Chapter 627 Calling on Somebody

This was the only restaurant in Chaos City and one of the three tallest buildings in the city. It had nine floors and was three hundred meters wide. There was no way it could compare to the Immortal Intoxication Building.

But in this desolate place, it appeared exceptionally grand and luxurious. A refined and courteous attendant brought Long Chen and the others to the top floor.

Currently, it was just a few hours from the night. It wasn’t really dinnertime yet, and so this entire floor was empty.

“Your restaurant doesn’t seem very popular. How do you manage to stay in business?” asked Guo Ran.

“This is the only restaurant in Chaos City. The people who come here mostly only come to entertain guests. So we don’t have that many customers normally.” The attendant smiled.

“Bring us a feast and some wine.” Long Chen found a table beside the window from which they could overlook Chaos City.

“Here we have three kinds of preset feasts. Which one did you want?”

“Choose the best one.” Long Chen waved his hand.

“Very well.”

The attendant was pleasantly surprised. These people didn’t have high cultivation bases, but they spent money so extravagantly.

The highest class preset meal here cost eighteen middle grade spirit stones. As the attendant for them, he would get three thousand ordinary spirit stones for this.

A short while later, many delicacies were placed on the table. It went without saying that this restaurant’s owner truly did know what quality was. These dishes were all extremely sumptuous.

Other than the fine food, there were also three large jugs of excellent wine. But because they still had things to do, they didn’t drink that much.

After eating, Long  Chen suddenly asked the attendant, “How long have you lived in Chaos City?”

“Eighteen years,” he replied cautiously.

“For a mid Meridian Opening cultivator to still be alive after eighteen years in Chaos City is quite amazing,” said Long Chen.

“This little one normally only stays in the restaurant. If I ever went outside, I’d have long since died,” laughed the attendant.

“Then since you’ve been here for so long, you should know many things that other people don’t, right? I’ll give you an opportunity. If you manage to grab onto it, you won’t need to be a waiter in this restaurant. I’ll give you enough wealth for you to find somewhere to pass the rest of your life in peace.

“With your talent, it would be very difficult to reach the Xiantian realm. But I can let you achieve that dream,” said Long Chen lightly.

“Guest… you… you’re joking.”

“Whether I’m joking or not is something you can decide for yourself. If you feel like it’s a joke, then it’s a joke. If you feel like it’s serious, then it’s serious.”

Long Chen smiled and threw a ring over to that person. This was the spatial ring of one of the Corrupt experts. Long Chen had already gone through and found nothing he needed. There was merely one Xiantian weapon, some pills, cultivation techniques, and a pile of spirit stones. In total, they were only worth a few hundred middle grade spirit stones.

To Long Chen, that was nothing. But for this attendant, it was an enormous wealth.

“If your answers satisfy me, I will also give you a Heaven Advancing Pill.” Long Chen tossed out another huge blow.

The attendant gulped down his saliva. Long Chen could hear his heart pounding.

The attendant placed the ring on the table and carefully asked, “What do you want to know?”

Long Chen’s words were clear: he would only get a reward if his answers satisfied Long Chen. That ring was not his yet.

Long Chen smiled. He liked dealing with smart people. “I want to know many things. I want to know everything you know about Chaos City. But don’t worry, even if you don’t know what I want to know, I will still give you a reward.”

Money was always the greatest motivation. The attendant told Long Chen everything he knew.

Other than the Righteous and Corrupt paths, Chaos City had two other powers present. One of those was the master of the restaurant. But the restaurant’s master was extremely mysterious. In his eighteen years here, he hadn’t seen him once. His guess was that this restaurant was just a minor business for him, and he wasn’t personally in charge of it.

However, this restaurant’s master was a bit frightening. Neither the Righteous or Corrupt paths dared make any trouble here.

There was no way for a small attendant to learn about the master’s background. As for the other power, it was the boss of the brothel and gambling house.

Since ancient times, gambling houses had never been far from brothels. The boss of these two businesses was also extremely powerful. The majority of his customers were from the Corrupt path.

But even these normally fierce Corrupt experts would become extremely obedient in the brothel and gambling house. Even if someone did cause a disturbance, it would be on a very small scale.

The attendant had personally seen someone from the gambling house kill someone from the Corrupt path who had caused trouble. But the Corrupt experts had simply taken away that person’s corpse without saying a word.

The attendant also told Long Chen an extremely important secret: the boss of the brothel and gambling house was a half-step Sea Expansion expert.

This boss had once entertained some guests here. It was unknown whether he had drunk too much, but he had said that the power behind him was the Pill Tower’s Huo family.

Hearing that, Long Chen was truly startled. The Pill Tower’s Huo family actually had a connection here?

But then thinking about it, he thought it was more likely this person was just intentionally trying to intimidate others. Most likely, he had exaggerated his relationship with the Pill Tower in order to protect his business.

From their current position in the restaurant, they could see two very luxurious buildings. They were a brothel and a gambling house.

There was no nameplate declaring what to call them. But in Chaos City, there was no one who didn’t know those two buildings.

Some runaways and even some minor workers often liked to drink themselves into a stupor there. The main thing was that those were the safest places in Chaos City.

Within the chaos region, it was possible for people to lose their lives at any moment. But with the mines here, people could make a great deal of money.

A portion of the people would go there in an attempt to get more money, getting more cultivation resources for themselves.

The majority of these people only had average talent. Most of them were just waiting to die here, and so when they got their salaries, they came here to wildly spend their money, entering a drunken state to gamble and enjoy other pleasures. The attendant said that the gambling house and brothel made a shocking amount of money.

After this, Long Chen felt like he really had gained quite a bit from this meal. He asked, “Then let me ask you one last question. If you can answer, I’ll immediately give you what I promised.”

“Please ask.”

“The Bloodkill Hall’s stronghold should also be in Chaos City, correct? Where is it?” This was Long Chen’s main goal in coming here.

Long Chen had investigated the Bloodkill Hall before. He knew that they had a stronghold to accept missions here.

The Bloodkill Hall’s organization was mysterious, and most of its strongholds were completely hidden. No one knew where they were. But there was one known stronghold in Chaos City. That was because the situation here was special. 

After being attacked by the Bloodkill Hall for so many times, Long Chen had grown tired. He was not someone who would be beaten and not fight back. This time, he was preparing to give the Bloodkill Hall a ruthless blow. If they came out to play, then they sooner or later would have to pay a price.

Looking in the direction the attendant pointed, Long Chen saw a strange building. It looked like a skull that had been half buried. It was an extremely bright white color and easy to recognize.

“Umm… How about I pay for this meal?” Seeing the immense amount of wealth in the ring as well as the Heaven Advancing Pill, the attendant was incomparably grateful. He quickly offered to pay.

“It’s fine. You deserve that. What you should be thinking about right now is how you’re going to get out of the chaos region alive. Try to be a bit more low-key.” Long Chen threw out eighteen spirit stones and left the restaurant.

Guo Ran whispered, “Boss, why didn’t you let sister-in-law Wan-er come with us this time? It would be nice to have such a powerful helper.”

“Killing people like this isn’t suitable for them. Even though they’re willing to do it, they don’t like it. What, are you getting afraid?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s not fear, but more that I feel like the Bloodkill Hall is difficult to deal with. The slightest slip can cause big problems,” said Guo Ran.

“You’re very correct. As specialized assassins, the Bloodkill Hall’s people are all proficient in killing people in a way that’s impossible to guard against. But you should all remember, the reason an expert can become an expert isn’t just because they’re strong. They also require a strong heart. That heart can be conceited or arrogant, but it can’t be unsure. Your actual strength surpasses your imagination. So no matter what kind of enemies you face, you have to have confidence. You can’t let the pressure get to you just because they’re assassins. The point of a battle is to kill your enemies. You are also killers, so what do you need to be afraid of? You’ve probably killed more people than they ever have,” said Long Chen.

“Boss, that does sound a bit reasonable. But then, boss, is the real reason you didn’t bring sister-in-law Wan-er because you’re afraid of being outshone by her? The other brothers have also asked which one of you is stronger,” asked Guo Ran.

Others weren’t aware that Tang Wan-er had become a Celestial, but the Dragonblood Legion’s captains had been told by Long Chen.

“You really care about a lot of nonsense. If you have that much energy, then focus more on how you’re going to kill your enemies,” said Long Chen.

“Hehe, I understand, I understand.” Guo Ran nodded.

“Tch, what do you understand?” Long Chen was speechless. This little fellow really never thought about proper things.

“Hehe, we’ve arrived. You guys guard the door and keep watch over all sides. Kill any rabbits that slip away. As for Guo Ran, if you don’t have to, then don’t attack. I’ll go in first.”

Long Chen stepped into the entrance of the Bloodkill Hall’s stronghold. That entrance seemed like the mouth of a skull, appearing incredibly sinister. But today, it was welcoming the arrival of a true killing god.

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