Chapter 626 Intimidating the Corrupt Path

These newcomers were Corrupt experts. Their cultivation bases were all in the Xiantian realm, and they quickly surrounded Long Chen and the others.

“A misunderstanding. I didn’t harm anyone from your Corrupt path.”

Staring straight at them, Long Chen pointed at that old man’s head, and he immediately died. “I’m not good at harming people, but when it comes to killing people, I’m quite the expert.” Long Chen patted his hands, seeming extremely relaxed as if he hadn’t just killed a human but simply crushed an ant.

Originally, Long Chen would disdain killing such a minor figure. But the Bloodfiend Vermillion Fruit was too important, and he didn’t want others to learn about it.

Seeing that even being surrounded by them, Long Chen still dared kill that member of the Corrupt path, these Corrupt experts all felt like they had been slapped in the face.

“Kill them all!”

The Corrupt experts roared, attacking.

Blood and flesh flew; red mist filled the air. Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Yue Zifeng attacked at the same time.

Before the Corrupt experts could do a single thing, they were all killed.

Yue Zifeng: “I got seven.”

Gu Yang: “I got five.”

Song Mingyuan: “I got one.”

Li Qi: “Fuck, you guys are too fast! I didn’t even get one.”

Yue Zifeng was truly worthy of being a sword cultivator. His killing power was the greatest. Sword cultivators’ attacks were just too fast.

As for Gu Yang, he had a spear, and taking advantage of that length, he had managed to get five.

Song Mingyuan’s luck was not bad, and someone had been charging straight at him. But Li Qi had been too slow. Before he could kill his target, Gu Yang’s spear had turned him into a bloody mist.

“Not bad.” Long Chen nodded.

To be able to get Long Chen to nod in praise, Gu Yang and the others were delighted. Even Yue Zifeng was affected. Just who was Long Chen? He was practically a demon. Rather than calling him a genius, it would be more accurate to call him a monster. To win his praise was an immense glory.

“Hehe, that’s only because I didn’t attack. If I had, I would have destroyed them all with a wave of my hand,” bragged Guo Ran.

“Tch, if you had attacked, you would have impacted us. In the Jiuli secret realm, enemies didn’t manage to injure me, but you almost got me killed,” retorted Gu Yang.

“Hehe, it was just an accident. Now I’ve already changed my methods. I won’t accidentally injure anyone anymore.” Guo Ran laughed with a bit of embarrassment.

“Alright, get the battle spoils. We still have stuff to do. Hehe, today, our luck really is good. What a good start.”

After saying that, they gathered those people’s weapons and spatial rings. As Xiantian experts, they were quite wealthy.

This battle caused quite a few waves. However, this was just the entrance to Chaos City. Before the inner parts of the city could even receive any news, Long Chen and the others had already killed everyone. Then, instead of running, they brazenly swaggered their way into the city.

“Who are those people? How are they so terrifying?”

“Tch, so what if they’re terrifying? Within Chaos City, there are countless Corrupt experts. They’re just sending themselves to their deaths.”

“Hehe, there are always those ignorant fools who think themselves so powerful who come here to die. Do they really think that little power was enough to make them unrivaled?”

It was unknown just how many Righteous experts were just watching them from the shadows. Most of them thought they were just looking to die.

“Boss, let me kill those idiots. They really are fucking stupid. As members of the same Righteous path, they’re talking about us like that.” Guo Ran’s expression was dark. These people were too hateful.

Previously, that person from the Righteous path had been killed, but they had acted completely indifferent. Now, Long Chen and them had killed the Corrupt experts, and they even sneered at them.

“The same Righteous path as us? They count as part of the Righteous path? You’re speaking too highly about them. They’re just a bunch of trash.

“As for the Righteous path, most of it is filled with this kind of trash, cowards who are afraid of the strong but bully the weak, lowlifes who can forget any morality for profit. Inner strife is their speciality, but when it comes to true life and death battles, they only know how to flee and hide.

“As they hide in terror, they watch others fight, hoping for as many of them to die as possible. That way, they’ll seem so wise.

“Righteous path? Hehe? What is righteous? What is corrupt? Where is the line between them?

“That’s all just nonsense. At the very least, the Corrupt path has a firm belief. As for the Righteous path, they don’t believe in anything. In truth, they’re much more frightening than the Corrupt path.

“So remember, we aren’t a part of the Righteous path, nor are we a part of the Corrupt path. There is no one else who is our companion. The only ones we can rely on are ourselves and the brothers around us,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen had long since seen through the Righteous path. In front of profit, they were willing to commit any crimes. Human morals? That was nonsense. The Righteous path was even greedier than the Corrupt path.

That was because they had no beliefs to limit them. They had no bottom line. For their goals, they were willing to do anything.

For example, back in the Jiuli secret realm, when Long Chen had chased after Yin Luo, there were quite a few Corrupt experts who they had run into, and they had been willing to sacrifice themselves in order to slow him down and give Yin Luo a chance to escape.

As for Long Chen, he had seen many Righteous experts watching from a distance. They had even taken out photographic jades, wanting to record the moment of his death. Not one of them had come to help. That was the terror of having no beliefs at all.

The more indifferent a person became, the more selfish they would become, and the more evil an evil person would become. As for the originally good people, either they were killed by these evil people, or, in order to survive, they also became evil themselves. That was the Righteous path. The current Righteous path was a complete mess.

When it came to total power, the Righteous path should have been able to completely dominate the Corrupt path. And yet, each time they had battles, it was the Righteous path that lost.

“Fuck, how are there so many idiots?” raged Gu Yang.

“It’s not that they’re idiots, but that their parents are idiots because that was how their parents taught them. Their ancestors truly passed on the best lessons,” laughed Long Chen.

“Hehe, there are people to welcome us ahead.”

After walking for a while, they suddenly saw a mass of people. There had to be hundreds of them. These people were all Xiantian experts, and the two people at the front had even reached half-step Sea Expansion. However, they were both extremely old, and even their beards had turned white.

Currently, Long Chen and the others had almost arrived at the center of Chaos City. There were countless Righteous experts who were present now.

But they didn’t stand with Long Chen, instead just watching from their own territory. It seemed they were extremely specialized at being spectators.

“Haha, wow, for so many of you to come receive us, you really are too courteous!” laughed Long Chen. That attitude made it seem like they weren’t even enemies, but friends.

“Long… Long Chen?!”

One of the elders at the front suddenly recognized him, and his voice quivered.

Now that he said that, all the Corrupt experts’ expressions changed. Chaos City was mostly isolated from the rest of the world. But there was no one in the Corrupt path who didn’t know Long Chen’s name. He was the first person to still be alive even after being number one of their must-kill list for over half a year.

The Corrupt path was different from the Righteous path. Most of the Corrupt experts who came here had come for tempering, while the Righteous experts here were mostly criminals being punished.

So they had much more news than the Righteous path. The Righteous path only got news of the outside world once every few years.

As for Long Chen, his sudden rise had only occurred in the last two years. So the Righteous experts hadn’t even heard of him. The Righteous experts were all dumbfounded. Just what kind of god was Long Chen? Just his name was able to cause such a reaction from the Corrupt experts. Just which side was the Corrupt path?

“Ah, how unexpected. I didn’t expect to run into old friends here. How rare. You know, I’m used to using my saber to greet my friends. Today, the weather’s not bad. Should we greet each other?” asked Long Chen lightly.

The two half-step Sea Expansion experts looked at each other, their hearts cold. They had personally seen the photographic jade of Long Chen’s fight with Yin Wushang.

Celestials were the favorites of heaven and earth. In the Meridian Opening realm, they could dominate the Xiantian realm. Half-step Sea Expansion experts were like weeds in front of them.

They were only ordinary half-step Sea Expansion experts. If they really fought with Long Chen here, none of them would live to tell the tale.

No matter how many rabbits you gathered, they wouldn’t be able to bite a tiger to death. This wasn’t a case where numbers would allow them to crush their opponents.

“We’re leaving!”

The two elder spat out those words before leaving just like that, causing all the Righteous experts to be dumbfounded.

Two half-step Sea Expansion experts and over three hundred Xiantian experts were running? What happened to their dignity? What happened to their viciousness? Weren’t Corrupt experts known to be fearless?

“What, you’re leaving just like this? Hey, wait a moment. Let’s discuss this!” called Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s spear was resting on his shoulder. He had long since been prepared for a battle. His aura rose to his peak, and he already felt like his blood was heating up. He wanted a true battle to stimulate him.

But these opponents had just turned and left. He almost spat out blood.

The Corrupt experts ignored Gu Yang. They quickly disappeared.

“Boss, what’s going on? This doesn’t seem to be the style of the Corrupt path,” asked Guo Ran.

Considering how vicious the Corrupt path was, then even if they had to die, they probably wouldn’t have acted so cowardly. Even if they couldn’t kill Long Chen, they could still focus on the people by his side. Even if they had to all die, they would still do as much damage as possible. That was the style of the Corrupt path.

“They’re really too courteous. They should be preparing a ‘gift’. It’s fine, they’ll come back sooner or later. Let’s go, we still have stuff to do.”

They continued walking forward, arriving at the end of the road. If the previous area was just a slum, then this was the truly flourishing part.

There were many splendid buildings here that were built neatly. There were even some luxurious decorations. Long Chen looked at one of those buildings.

“Let’s go eat first. Then we’ll make some inquiries.”

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