Chapter 626 Intimidating the Corrupt Path (Teaser)

These newcomers were Corrupt experts. Their cultivation bases were all in the Xiantian realm, and they quickly surrounded Long Chen and the others.

“A misunderstanding. I didn’t harm anyone from your Corrupt path.”

Staring straight at them, Long Chen pointed at that old man’s head, and he immediately died. “I’m not good at harming people, but when it comes to killing people, I’m quite the expert.” Long Chen patted his hands, seeming extremely relaxed as if he hadn’t just killed a human but simply crushed an ant.

Originally, Long Chen would disdain killing such a minor figure. But the Bloodfiend Vermillion Fruit was too important, and he didn’t want others to learn about it.

Seeing that even being surrounded by them, Long Chen still dared kill that member of the Corrupt path, these Corrupt experts all felt like they had been slapped in the face.

“Kill them all!”

The Corrupt experts roared, attacking.

Blood and flesh flew; red mist filled the air. Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Yue Zifeng attacked at the same time.

Before the Corrupt experts could do a single thing, they were all kill...

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