Chapter 625 Bloodfiend Vermillion Fruit

Chaos City was located at the edge of the chaos region. This was the only city here. When Long Chen brought Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and Yue Zifeng here, they all sucked in a cold gasp of air.

“What a desolate city.”

This city was several hundred miles wide. But it didn’t have city walls or even a city gate. The buildings were all built in a disordered fashion, looking like an ant nest.

There was a long road a mile wide at the center that split the city in two. There were some people walking on the road extremely vigilantly.

Suddenly, a ray of light flew out accompanied by a miserable shriek. A corpse was tossed out of a window, landing on the road.

This person who had been killed was surprisingly a Xiantian expert. He had died just like that.

“Hmph, if you don’t have money, then don’t waste my time. That’s just courting death.” An elder walked out of the building where this corpse had come from.

This person had tattoos on his face that made his face seem like he was a fiend. It gave off an extremely sinister feeling.

Long Chen and the others had only just walked into the city when they saw that scene. Guo Ran and the others’ hearts tensed.

“Corrupt expert.”

Just from those tattoos, it was obvious what side this person was on. Only the Corrupt path liked to tattoo such fiendish images on themselves.

“You brats, what are you looking at? Are you looking to die?” shouted the elder furiously upon seeing Long Chen and the others staring at him.

“Hey, old ghost, do you have anything good there?” Long Chen ignored the elder’s tone.

“Old ghost? Brat, I feel like you’ve grown tired of life.” A cold light shone in the elder’s eyes. He had already decided to kill these brats.

This was Chaos City, and there were no rules to speak of. Whoever’s fist was stronger had the qualifications to speak.

There were both Righteous and Corrupt experts in this city. The road was actually the boundary. One side of it belonged to the Corrupt path, while the other belonged to the Righteous path. While there were often fights between both sides, there was also business.

Just now, their business had turned sour, and the Corrupt expert had directly killed a member of the Righteous path. That was an extremely common occurrence, and not one expert from the Righteous path stood up to display their indignation. They all just coldly watched from their region.

Long Chen and the others were only at the Meridian Opening realm and had no experts accompanying them. In these people’s eyes, they were just sheep for the slaughter. They probably wouldn’t be able to survive even half a day here.

“Old ghost might be a bit too impolite. Let me switch appellations. Old bastard, do you have anything good there?” asked Long Chen extremely courteously.


The Corrupt elder was finally unable to bear it anymore and charged forward, his fist smashing toward them. He was a mid Xiantian expert, and he wasn’t holding back at all. Moreover, all of them were within the range of his fist. It seemed he wanted to kill them all with this one attack.

“Who wants it?” asked Long Chen.


Gu Yang took a step forward.


The Corrupt elder was sent flying by Gu Yang’s fist, and he slammed into the room behind him. The entire building exploded.

Long Chen nodded. The Dragonblood Legion’s men had all cultivated in the Mountain Crushing Body Tempering Art. That was a high Heaven class cultivation technique. It made their physical bodies extremely powerful.

As for Gu Yang, he had always been a brute-strength kind of fighter. This Mountain Crushing Body Tempering Art had practically been made for him. Now he was so powerful; he could even fight across realms.

“Bastard, receive one of my attacks!” The Corrupt elder raged, completely releasing his aura. A terrifying Blood Qi slowly condensed in the air.

“Don’t waste time,” said Long Chen lightly.

Gu Yang flashed into action. He arrived right in front of the Corrupt elder, his fist smashing down. He struck incredibly quickly, reaching him before the elder even managed to fully release his aura.

CRACK! The Corrupt elder’s arms shattered from the impact, and he vomited blood. Gu Yang picked him up and carried him over to Long Chen.

The distant Righteous experts, who were spectating, were all dumbfounded. This tyrannical Corrupt elder had actually been easily defeated by Gu Yang.

But their shocked expressions only lasted for a moment before they smiled sinisterly. They knew these youngsters had provoked a calamity. There would be a good play to watch today.

Long Chen smiled at the pale Corrupt elder. “You really are picky. You don’t like being called old ghost or old bastard. Just what should I call you? Old fogey? Old stick? Old bitch?”

“You better-” The elder was just about to say that Long Chen better wait for him and that people would quickly come to put them in their place. But then, Gu Yang’s hand on his throat tightened, and he was unable to say another word.

“I better what? Oh, you want me to appraise your wares? Ah, alright. I’ll help you out.” Long Chen smiled and took the elder’s spatial ring. “Yup, some of these are just trash. A few trash weapons, a pile of trash pills, tch, there are even some trash cultivation techniques. What is there to appraise about these things? Oh! You actually have three Pure Bitter Earth Roots? That’s not bad, not bad. Wow, and even two Snowy Spirit Fruits? Excellent, excellent.”

Long Chen was pleasantly surprised to see he really did have some treasures. That Pure Bitter Earth Root was a very rare medicinal ingredient. It might not be too valuable to others, but it was an immense treasure to Long Chen.

Long Chen had Qilin Fruit. With that, he could refine pills to increase the quality of a person’s Spirit Root. Originally, the Dragonblood Legion’s members had mostly had bronze grade spirit roots. But now, they had all advanced to silver grade Spirit Roots.

As for Gu Yang and the others, as well as some various talented fellows, they had gold grade Spirit Roots now. This was why everyone’s cultivation bases could rise so quickly.

This Pure Bitter Earth Root could be combined with the Qilin Fruit to refine an even stronger Spirit Ascension Pill. In other words, everyone’s Spirit Roots could be upgraded again. This old man had really helped them out.

As for the Snowy Spirit Fruit, that was Long Chen talking nonsense. In truth, it was a Bloodfiend Vermillion Fruit. Its value might even surpass a Qilin Fruit, because only bloodfiend land could grow such fruit.

This so-called bloodfiend land referred to the ground that was nourished by the fresh blood of experts year-round. Only at such a place could the Bloodfiend Vermillion Fruit grow.

Furthermore, forming a bloodfiend land didn’t require just one or two years. It required thousands of years, maybe even tens of thousands of years.

It was extremely difficult to create that bloodfiend land. The first requirement was that powerful experts had to bleed and die on the land. Only then would their resentment soak into the ground.

But that still wasn’t enough. Otherwise, according to that theory, the Jiuli secret realm would have formed plenty of bloodfiend lands.

Bloodfiend land required you to continuously nourish it with fresh blood. You had to continue with that for thousands of years. Only then was there a chance for it to give birth to a Bloodfiend Vermillion Fruit.

But a chance was only a chance. What if the fruit didn’t appear? Then you could only give up. If it didn’t show up within thousands of years, then it would never show up. In other words, you would have wasted thousands of years for nothing. It was said that this fruit had almost gone extinct.

It was one of the most precious treasures to Corrupt experts. It was something they could use to advance to the Sea Expansion realm.

With this elder’s status, he didn’t have the qualifications to own such a treasure. But he had run into a heaven-defying opportunity, obtaining a life ring in an ancient tomb that had contained these two fruits.

He had been preparing to leave one for his own use, and then wait until he had reached the Sea Expansion realm to sell the other one. After all, it was a treasure that countless people would go crazy for.

However, he was already three hundred years old, and he had only reached the mid Xiantian realm. His chance of reaching the half-step Sea Expansion realm was almost zero.

So he had come to Chaos City to see if he could exchange it for something he needed. But even after all these years, he hadn’t found anything to his liking. As time passed, he became more and more tyrannical.

So whether someone came to buy or sell, if they weren’t from the Corrupt path, then as soon as his temperament took a turn for the worse, he would kill them.

Only inexperienced people would ever go to his place. In truth, the person he had killed just now should also blame the Righteous experts. Not one of them had warned him. They had all just watched.

This Bloodfiend Vermillion Fruit contained boundless blood essence. It posed a fanatical attraction to half-step Sea Expansion experts.

However, other than that blood essence, it also contained endless resentment. To members of the Righteous path, this fruit was nothing more than poison.

But just who was Long Chen? With his Pill Sovereign memories, such a small matter was unable to cause him any difficulties. Even if he didn’t make any more gains today, he had already made a huge profit.

Long Chen couldn’t help praising himself. Even he had begun to believe his own lies. He had directly called the Bloodfiend Vermillion Fruit the Snowy Spirit Fruit[1] and done it so naturally.

“Old thing, it’s rare for you to be so filial. I’ll accept this treasure; however, I don’t like owing favors to anyone. I won’t just take someone’s things for nothing. Ah, fine, I’ve intensively researched fortune-telling for over thirty years now. Due to your filial tribute, I will tell your fortune.”

Long Chen carefully looked at the elder’s face and then said, “Your gaze is fierce, and your face contains anger. Those are ill portents. You should fear running into a bloody calamity.”

Guo Ran and the others almost coughed up blood. This fellow’s arms had already been broken; what did he need to fear? He had already run into a bloody calamity.

“However, you don’t need to worry. The hair on your head is white, but your beard is black. This is a sign of long life. You should be able to live until you’re dead.” Long Chen counted on his fingers with extreme confidence.

PFFT! The elder vomited a mouthful of blood. He couldn’t speak, and his fury had erupted beyond his control. He felt like he might go crazy.

How could he not tell that Long Chen was referring to the Bloodfiend Vermillion Fruit when he said the Snowy Spirit Fruit? For him to so shamelessly take it and then even boast that he would tell the elder’s fortune for him, the elder was fuming. He had never seen such a shameless person in all his years.

“You brazen brats, how dare you injure someone from my Corrupt path! I feel like you’ve grown tired of life.” Suddenly, a furious shout rang out and dozens of figures surrounded Long Chen and the others.

[1] Snow and blood sound similar in chinese.

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