Chapter 624 Chaos City

After asking this, Long Chen loosened his grip slightly so that he could respond but could not release any power.

“Long Chen, how dare you treat me like this! You-!”


Long Chen raised his hand and gave him another bout of slaps to the face. He continued, “Are you from the Zhou family?”

“Long Chen-!”


Long Chen continued with his slaps. This time there were sixteen slaps, but instead of taking the time to blink between slaps, he increased the speed. It seemed Long Chen’s technique was rapidly advancing.

“Your answer was beside the point. Let me ask you again, are you from the Zhou family?”



“Do you think I’d believe you? I’ll ask again, are you from the Zhou family?”


With his throat in Long Chen’s grasp, the pockmarked man didn’t have the slightest ability to resist. His life was in Long Chen’s hands, and he had no choice but to speak the truth.


Another burst of slaps came and Long Chen sneered, “Good, good. Then I wasn’t wrong to slap you.”

Now, whether it was the Dragonblood warriors or the experts guarding the mines, everyone was stupefied. What game was he playing?

No matter what the reply was, he would give him a burst of slaps. These guards all looked at Long Chen with bewilderment.

“Long Chen, what do you want?” The pockmarked man’s face was so swollen that he could barely see out of one eye. His lips looked like a foot, and his voice was extremely unclear.

“It’s not what I want, but what your Zhou family wants. As soon as I came, you wanted to intimidate me. Later, was the plan to make things hard for me in every single aspect of life here? It seems you’re counting your chickens before they’re hatched. Regretfully, I don’t like being bullied. When you talk to me in the future, it’d be best for you to be more obedient.”

After saying that, he threw him to the ground. The pockmarked man immediately got up and retreated.

Thousands of crossbows now pointed at Long Chen and the others. The mechanisms had already been activated, and they could shoot at any moment.

Long Chen clasped his hands behind his back, indifferently looking at them. He wasn’t afraid of these crossbows as he had the strength to completely block them. What he wanted was to test something.

The pockmarked man’s face had been practically turned into a pig’s head. He felt like it wasn’t even his own face. This humiliation caused his fury to soar, and his killing intent surged out.

Although he had known Long Chen was strong, he hadn’t thought Long Chen would have reached this level. He wasn’t able to resist at all. He had heard that Long Chen was able to easily kill half-step Sea Expansion experts, but he hadn’t seen the photographic jades of his fights, so he had scoffed at that news.

How could a brat who hadn’t even reached his twenties be so amazing? He had originally been thinking of challenging Long Chen to a fight.

Now, that confidence of his was shattered. He didn’t have the slightest thought of challenging Long Chen to a fight again.

But with over a thousand of these special crossbows pointed at Long Chen, as long as he gave the order, he was confident that Long Chen would be killed.

And yet, he suppressed that urge, instead pointing at Long Chen. “Long Chen, I, Zhou Kun, will remember this matter! I’ll settle our debts when I have a chance.”

Then, in front of everyone’s shocked gazes, he turned and left like a coward.

As for Long Chen, upon seeing this, he narrowed his eyes. As expected, this matter isn’t so simple. This whole chaos region is one big trap.

“Hey, who’s supposed to receive us? Get us our residences. Also, I’m tired from travel and want to rest. Prepare a bath,” shouted Guo Ran.

Surprisingly, someone really did walk out. He was in his thirties and only at Meridian Opening. From his gaze, he seemed like an astute person. He was in charge of receiving Long Chen and the others. Although this particular mining site only took up a hectare of space, the living conditions were still alright.

This person found a large building just for Long Chen and the others. It was enough for the entire Dragonblood Legion. They finally had a chance to settle down.


A delicate teacup was viciously thrown to the ground which caused it to shatter. The pockmarked man was currently venting.

“Long Chen, you little bastard, I’ll definitely make you die a tragic death!” Zhou Kun’s voice was full of hate.

“Third uncle, calm down. Now that Long Chen has come here, there’s no way he’ll walk out alive,” comforted the late Xiantian elder who had talked to Long Chen.

When outsiders were present, he would call this person district chief. That was the position of the person in charge of this entire mining site. But when no one else was present, he would call him according to his seniority in the family. In those terms, he had to call Zhou Kun third uncle even though he was actually older than him.


Zhou Kun immediately slapped the person in the face and cursed, “This was all your plan! You said to intimidate Long Chen at the beginning! But that’s completely unnecessary!”

The elder stumbled back, raging inside. Fuck, it was clearly your idea. All I did was agree with you and give you some ideas. Now that you’ve failed, you release your anger on me? Fuck, I really am unlucky!

“Go tell them that Long Chen has arrived! It’s time to start setting things up. This time, Long Chen has to die here!” Zhou Kun felt much more refreshed after slapping the elder.


The elder disappeared from Zhou Kun’s room. Looking at the fragments of the teacup, Zhou Kun smiled sinisterly. “Long Chen, I want to see just how many more days you can be so at ease.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, the district chief wanted me to tell you that starting today, you and your subordinates are in charge of defending this mining site. Everything’s already set up, so I’ll hand things over to you,” said the person in charge of receiving them.

“Go back and tell that person that we’re travel-weary and exhausted. We need to rest for a few months first. We can discuss other things at that time,” said Long Chen lazily.

This person almost stumbled to the ground. They would be only here for three months, but he wanted to rest for a few months? Why did it seem like he had come here for vacation?


“This matter has nothing to do with you. I feel like you’re a smart person, so do your best not to get involved with this matter. Just repeat what I said word for word,” warned Long Chen.

“Alright, then I’ll go report your words exactly. I wish you a good rest.” That person respectfully left.

Long Chen’s expression became disdainful. After force failed, they sent someone to try and persuade him gently. But in the end, he didn’t care. He didn’t submit to force or persuasion.

“Long Chen, is this really alright?” asked Meng Qi. It seemed Long Chen had been a bit too forceful this time.

“What’s not alright? They set up a trap, and they wanted us to jump in. Could it be that we have to be polite to them? I’m not in the habit of being half-beaten by an opponent and then turning so that they can beat the other half of me. Let me tell you, no matter what attitude we have, they will still continue with their trap, a trap designed to kill me. So why should I have to be polite?” Long Chen shrugged a bit helplessly.

“Sister Meng Qi, don’t try to persuade Long Chen. His thoughts are all evil. It’s precisely that phrase: evil people will naturally be handled by evil people. Only people eviler than those guys can handle them. As for Long Chen, it seems like he was sent down by the heavens specifically to handle these evil people. Just let him do what he wants. We can just watch the show.” Tang Wan-er laughed.

“Can I treat your words as praise?” asked Long Chen.

“Up to you.” Tang Wan-er laughed, shrugging.

“You two really are interesting. Long Chen, if you clearly knew it was a trap and still jumped in, aren’t you being a fool?” asked Meng Qi.

“Hehe, in this world, there is an iron law: opportunity and danger coexist. The greater the danger, the greater the possible gains. We can’t just focus on the danger. A problem has appeared with the Dragonblood Legion, and they need to go through life and death battles to completely solidify their mental states. Only then can they build a flawless foundation.

“If we relied merely on time to stabilize those foundations, then it would take at least a year. Only then would I dare allow you all to attack the Xiantian realm. In truth, even if we waited one year, that speed would still be shocking. But time waits for no one. We have to take advantage of every second to increase our strength. That will increase the chance of our survival. Otherwise, we won’t have the confidence to face our future enemies.

“I brought everyone into a trap in order to completely solidify everyone’s cultivation bases. That’s the most obvious benefit. And even if it was just for that, we didn’t jump into this trap for nothing. Of course, in this world, there are also many unexpected things, both good and bad. But if you don’t have the courage to take a risk, how could you have any major accomplishments?” said Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er sighed, “Sometimes I really can’t understand why those fellows from the Dragonblood Legion can so blindly trust you. They didn’t even ask where we were going this time before following. In fact, they only learned your goal once they arrived here.”

“This is a kind of feeling between men. It’s completely different from the feelings between a man and a woman. Between brothers, the only thing required is a single gaze. These brothers are all willing to follow me even into death. With their lives placed in the hands of their brothers, they’re too lazy to bother with asking so much. All they need to know is that by following their big bro Long, they’ll definitely have meat to eat.” Long Chen laughed.

Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi exchanged a glance. They both saw the helplessness in the other’s gaze. Men really were strange creatures. The trust between men was hard for them to understand.

“Alright, I trust that everyone has already settled down. Time to go for a stroll!” Long Chen stood up.

“Where are we going?”

“Of course, we’re going to Chaos City. I know there’s an extremely fun place there.” Long Chen smiled. But a cold light shone in his eyes, one filled with killing intent.

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