Chapter 623 Pow Pow to the Face

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s mining region was extremely large. Their territory stretched ten thousand miles, and there were a total of seven mines.

There was a large building in this area. This building only took up less than a hectare of space, but when compared to the rest of the barren land, this building appeared exceptionally grand.

“Who’s there?”

As soon as Long Chen’s group reached this place, over ten Meridian Opening experts blocked their path.

“The supermonastery sent me here.” Long Chen showed the badge in his hand.

“Sent you here? What a nice way to put it. You were ordered here to serve a penal sentence, weren’t you?” One person received the badge disdainfully.

“Are you looking to die?” Gu Yang icily glared at that person.

“Haha, correct. Just how many people here do you think are looking to live? Do you see that building there? Go report your arrival!”

That person handed the badge back to Long Chen, pointing to a small building in the distance. His tone was extremely disrespectful.


“Let it go.”

Gu Yang’s expression sank, and he was just about to give this person a lesson when Long Chen stopped him, bringing them away.

“Boss, why didn’t you let me give him a lesson?” complained Gu Yang.

“It’s not like you’re his family elder. What would you teach him for? Do you really think he’ll mend his ways and become a new person?” laughed Long Chen.

“But he was disrespectful to you.”

The entire Dragonblood Legion felt the same. Long Chen was a hero to them. People could be disrespectful to them, but they couldn’t be disrespectful to him.

“Why would he need to respect me? He hasn’t eaten mine, he hasn’t drunk mine. I haven’t given him anything. Why would any of them respect me?” asked Long Chen.


“Don’t think that just because you’re standing on a higher level that others have to respect you. If you have that kind of heart, you’ll sooner or later become like those arrogant idiots from the ancient families.

“The path of cultivation is vast like a sea. Our current accomplishments are nothing more than a drop in that sea. Our accomplishments are still completely insignificant. As for that person, he was merely acting in accordance with his character. He doesn’t have a good opinion of us, but he doesn’t have a bad opinion of us.

“If you decide to give him a beating simply because you don’t like his tone, then let me give you a warning: you’ll quickly become an arrogant idiot,” said Long Chen solemnly.

Everyone was startled, because they realized that they truly had felt like they had changed. They were not their old selves. They had all gotten stronger, and strong people should be respected.

They had forgotten how when they were weak, those arrogant fellows like Yin Wushang, Yin Wushuang, Han Tianyu, and the like had caused them to feel extremely irritated inside. Long Chen’s words were like an alarm bell.

“Boss, we were wrong,” apologized Gu Yang.

“There’s no right or wrong for this kind of thing. All I hope is that everyone can maintain their original hearts. Don’t change that because of external pressure.

“We don’t bully the weak, but we don’t submit to the strong. Even if we have to die, we’ll die with our spines straight. So remember, think before you attack. Don’t talk about something as laughable as teaching someone a lesson.

“We’re not scholars or anything. What responsibility do we have to teach others? Either don’t attack, or force your opponent to the point of death. Don’t talk about any other nonsense. In our world, we only attack our enemies,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen was extremely disgusted with these kinds of senseless provocations. He didn’t hope for people like that to appear in the Dragonblood Legion.

“Stop! Where are you from?”

When they arrived in front of the small building, they saw a man reclining in his seat, his feet on the table in front of him.

“The Xuantian Supermonastery,” replied Long Chen. He hadn’t expected that the registrar would be a late Xiantian expert.

That person icily stared at him and then asked, “Name?”

“Long Chen.”

The Xiantian expert coldly shouted, “Do you think I’m blind? Are all of you Long Chen?”

This sudden change caused every member of the Dragonblood Legion to frown. This didn’t seem very welcoming. It seemed they really were being treated as criminals.

“No, it’s not your eyes that are blind, but your ears that are deaf.” Long Chen suddenly laughed.

“What nonsense-”

Pow! Pow!

Before he could say anymore, Long Chen slapped him across the face, and then feeling like that wasn’t enough, he also slapped him again with the back of his palm.

Long Chen held back his strength. If he didn’t, one slap would cause this person’s head to explode. And yet, even when controlling his strength, the person’s jaw shattered and he screamed. Then being kicked in the stomach by Long Chen, he vomited a mouthful of blood.

The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were all completely startled. What was their boss doing? Was he preparing to rebel?

Long Chen threw the Xiantian expert to the ground and placed his foot on his stomach, sneering. “Do you still want to say anything?”

“You… are… courting...pfft!”

The Xiantian expert wasn’t able to spit out his last word because Long Chen increased his strength, causing him to vomit blood.

“You wanted to say that I’m courting death? I don’t know whether or not I’m courting death, but I do know you are very close to death. Do you think I’m an idiot? Is it possible you didn’t get the slightest news that I was to be exiled here? Since you knew, and you intentionally wanted to pick a quarrel with me, I really have to admire your courage. I, Long Chen, very much admire experts. But first, I need to confirm whether or not you’re really an expert. So sorry, but please bear with me.”

Long Chen pushed down with his foot seven times with different forces, causing that Xiantian expert to release a heart-rending cry.

“Hey, singing so off-key isn’t in line with an expert’s mannerism.” Long Chen shook his head.


Suddenly, a cold cry rang out, and a middle-aged man in white robes appeared before Long Chen with a gloomy expression.

This person’s face was pockmarked, and his skin was dark, looking like sesame seeds sprinkled over a bun. However, his dark skin made it so that unless you looked closely, you wouldn’t be able to see those pockmarks. Perhaps his parents had known he would have such a face and so they intentionally made him with darker skin?

Half-step Sea Expansion? Hehe, he should be the one in charge.


Long Chen didn’t stop pushing down on the Xiantian expert with his foot. Under Long Chen’s foot, that man ‘sang’ in high spirits, but his singing was a bit mournful, sounding like scraping iron.

“How brazen, Long Chen! Do you think this place is the supermonastery!?” shouted the half-step Sea Expansion expert.

“Hehe, as expected, you knew I would come. To put on this act when I reported my arrival, were you trying to intimidate me? If my guess isn’t wrong, you must be someone from the Zhou family.” Long Chen slowly released his foot. That person’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he blissfully fainted.

Long Chen had applied his force extremely insidiously. He had first broken a portion of his nervous system, making it so until he let him, no matter how much pain he was in, he would be unable to faint.

“Long Chen, you were sent here to atone for your sins. It’d be best for you to be aware of your status-”


The pockmarked man was sent flying by a slap in the face. Let alone in a situation where he didn’t expect Long Chen would attack him, even if he was fully prepared, at this distance, he wouldn’t stand a chance of dodging.

Who was the god of face-slapping? Everyone in the Xuantian Supermonastery would point to Long Chen. There was not a single person in the supermonastery who wasn’t aware of that fact.

His attack was clean, efficient, fast, and there was no sign at all before he struck. There wasn’t even the slightest killing intent. Countless people had fallen to this technique of his.



The pockmarked man only barely steadied himself and was just about to release his aura when Long Chen’s hand tightly clenched his neck.

“Do you know? Crushing you isn’t more difficult than crushing an ant.” Long Chen indifferently looked at the pockmarked man.

“Bastard, release the district chief!”

Suddenly, countless experts appeared from within the building. There were actually thousands of people, their hands carrying large crossbows that were pointed at Long Chen and the others.

Those crossbows all had spirit stones embedded in them, and they were extremely powerful. If they were caught off-guard, even a Xiantian expert would die. And with this many people, even half-step Sea Expansion experts would be killed.

These were the weapons the Xuantian Supermonastery used to protect their mines, an extremely strong deterrence for enemies. In fact, their enemies had been repelled several times by this defense.

And yet, Long Chen slapped the pockmarked man twice more. Acting as if he hadn’t heard, he asked, “What did you say?”

“Bastard, quickly release the district chief! Otherwise, we’ll immediately kill you all!” raged a late Xiantian elder, pointing his crossbow at him.

The Dragonblood warriors were emotionlessly looking back at them, not even deigning to look at their crossbows. In fact, there seemed to be faint ridicule on their faces.

Who did they think they were trying to trick? As soon as they released this hostage, wouldn’t they be turned into fish caught in a net?

“What did you say at the beginning?” asked Long Chen.

“At the beginning? I said to release the district chief!”

“Before that.”

“Bastard?” The elder was a bit confused.

“Yes, that’s the word.”

Pow, pow, pow…

Long Chen slapped the pockmarked man sixteen times in a row. His head now looked like a pig’s head.


The elder was just about to rage when he saw Long Chen raise his hand again, and he swallowed the rest of his word.

All the experts were now stupefied. This was too unreasonable. The chaos region wasn’t lacking in experts, but there had never been such a person.

A grand half-step Sea Expansion expert was caught in the grasp of a mere youngster, and this youngster was continuously slapping him in the face while ignoring them.

“What do you want to release-!”

Pow, pow…

Long Chen raised his hand and slapped him in the face four more times.

“You…! I didn’t even curse anyone! Why would you hit him?!” raged the elder.

“Oh, so sorry. It was a habit,” apologized Long Chen extremely sincerely. This apology almost made the elder explode from rage.

Long Chen ignored them and looked at the pockmarked man. He icily asked, “Are you from the Zhou family?”

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