Chapter 622 Entering the Region

The chaos region was located to the far east. The Eastern Wasteland was already known as a barren land, but the chaos region was indescribably desolate.

There was not a blade of grass growing within millions of miles. It was not a desert, nor was the ground rock. It was a vast, earthen land. But there was nothing that grew out of this soil.

Tens of thousands of years ago, there had been someone to notice mineral deposits here. This barren land, which no one had shown any interest in before, immediately became a land of gold.

Countless sects flocked over from both the Righteous and Corrupt paths. The first thing to do here was to fight for territory.

As a result, a huge war had erupted. Rivers of blood had flowed from both sides. Oftentimes, when the Righteous path fought such large scale wars with the Corrupt path, when they lost a certain number of people, the Righteous path would give up and retreat.

But with the thick profits in front of them, the Righteous path erupted with unprecedented strength, and that immense war greatly harmed the core strength of the two paths.

In the end, both parties had no choice but to temporarily put a halt to their battles. They took up their own territories, each side mining their own ores.

Both sides had each minded their own business, forming a temporary ceasefire. But although the battle between the Righteous and Corrupt paths had ended, a civil war had then erupted within the Righteous path. That was because those individual powers all hoped to get more territories and profit.

Because they had participated in the immense war with the Corrupt path, they had lost many of their experts. They needed more profit to make up for it. As a result, who had helped the most and who had helped the least had become a matter of controversial discussion.

For a huge existence like the Xuantian Dao Sect, they naturally had to have a larger territory than others. But the other large powers also wanted to obtain a larger territory. In the end, no one yielded to anyone, and a battle began again.

The Xuantian Dao Sect had also tried to mediate, but it had little effect. Although it appeared like they had laid down their arms in public, the various powers began to stab each other in the back.

If they didn’t overstep their territories to mine ore, they secretly played dirty tricks, intentionally collapsing other powers’ mines. The situation grew more and more disorderly until the Corrupt path finally joined in. The war broke out again.

In the end, everyone had no choice but to turn this place into a kind of training ground. Everyone agreed that no one was permitted to send Sea Expansion experts or above. The ore they could extract would be based on the strength of the disciples they sent over.

As a result, countless experts were sent over to the chaos region each year. They not only protected their own mines, but they also often looked for opportunities to pull some sinister tricks.

Over time, the chaos region became a completely lawless place. Everyone here had to live in worry. It was worse than living in a prison.

Within the chaos region, there was a simple and crude city that was simply named Chaos City. This was the only city in the vicinity.

Members of both the Righteous and Corrupt paths would go there to eat and drink. Chaos City’s most prosperous businesses were its brothel and casino.

Any people who were sent here, no matter what side they were on, were all people who had made mistakes and were being penalized. There were also a few fugitives who didn’t like being constrained.

As long as you dared risk your life here, it was extremely easy to make a profit. Any miner could make as much as an ordinary sect’s core disciple.

So despite this place being extremely disorderly, despite the fact that you could lose your life at any moment, there were still countless criminals who gathered here.


A transportation formation lit up, and Long Chen’s group appeared on the fringes of the chaos region. They saw an endless, barren land before them.

“Boss, this is a bit too desolate.” Guo Ran looked around. The ground was covered with dust, and an aura of decay filled the air.

“This place is just the border. There’s no way to use a transportation formation into the core of the chaos region.” Long Chen laughed.

“Why not?”

“Because this place is just too chaotic. It’s possible for a slaughter to erupt at any moment. There’s no way to maintain a transportation formation here.” 

“Tch, you stupid brats, hurry up and get off. No one can use the transportation formation while you stand on it.”

Just as Long Chen was examining his surroundings, a dozen Xiantian experts appeared beside the formation. The one angrily yelling at them was a man with a blade scar on his face.

These people in charge of the transportation formation were on the side of the Righteous path. They didn’t belong to any sect. Their members rotated through to protect the formation. That way, it was less likely for anyone to destroy it.

Long Chen smiled coldly. He walked out of the formation first. Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er followed behind him. This transportation formation had been large enough for all the Dragonblood Legion to arrive in one go.

“Oh, these two girls really are beautiful. Little girl, how about you come with me-”

A Xiantian expert looked at Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er lewdly, but he only got half his words out before Long Chen pointed his finger at him. A bolt of lightning turned him into a bloody mist.

That Xiantian expert’s death startled all the other guards. They had already sensed that these people’s cultivation bases were only in the Meridian Opening realm. That was the only reason that person had dared to take some liberties. They hadn’t expected that a sentence from him would send him directly to the gates of the Yama King.

“Who are you people?” Another Xiantian expert cautiously shouted, raising his weapon.

“It’s not important who we are. Let me just tell you a simple principle: a loose tongue can cause a great deal of trouble,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Bastard, you really are arrogant. Die!”

Who knew whether it was because this person was given a boost in confidence from the weapon in his hand, but he actually stabbed his spear at Long Chen.

He was clearly attacking with his full power. The void trembled around this spear. There was no choice but to admit that this person was truly strong.

Long Chen didn’t even move. That person’s head flew into the air, his expression bewildered. He didn’t even know who killed him.

The sound of a sword returning to its sheath rang out.

“Yue Zifeng, you’re getting faster and faster.”

Long Chen nodded toward Yue Zifeng. His comprehension of the Sword Dao grew every day, and his attacks struck incredibly quickly and silently without any sign. 

“You… who are you people?”

Now the other Xiantian experts were all turned into wooden blocks. They had actually been planning on teaching these youngsters a lesson previously.

“Remember, a loose tongue can cause a great deal of trouble.”

Long Chen indifferently replied before bringing his people away. But then after just taking a few steps, he suddenly paused and turned to look at the person who had spoken.

That person immediately stiffened, feeling like he was being stared at by a death god. In that instant, he felt like his heart had stopped beating.

The sword in his hand fell to the ground.

“Where is the Xuantian Dao Sect’s mining site?”

“It’s… it’s… it’s…”

That person could only stutter. He found that his own tongue was no longer listening to him. In the end, he finally managed to spit out some directions.

When Long Chen and the others finally left, that person couldn’t stay standing anymore and fell to the ground. He was drenched in sweat, looking as if he had just come out of a pool.

“What a terrifying gaze.”

Looking in the direction Long Chen had gone, that person was still filled with terror.

“Brother Qiang, was he that terrifying?” The others didn’t understand.

“He didn’t stare at you. Otherwise, you would have immediately pissed yourself. Fuck, I’m leaving the chaos region. I’m going to find somewhere to pass the rest of my days in peace.”

After saying that, the person walked onto the transportation formation in front of the others’ bizarre gazes and then disappeared.

Long Chen led his group according to that person’s directions. After another thousand miles, they would reach the true mining region.

As expected, after going over a small mountain, they saw some sparse, mud buildings. There would be one or two every few hundred miles. Within those buildings was a tunnel entrance, which was presumably an entrance to the mine.

Before coming here, Long Chen had inquired about this place. Apparently, there was plenty of black gold ore. Black gold was an important material in refining Xiantian weapons.

If it was just the black gold ore, it wouldn’t be able to draw over so many experts. The main thing was that black gold ore was something that had another precious material occasionally born with it. 

That kind of material was called Phoenix Blood Black Gold. That was a material to forge Treasure items. That was the real reason why the Righteous and Corrupt paths would fight so fiercely.

Xiantian weapons were for Xiantian experts. Above Xiantian weapons were Enchanted weapons used by Sea Expansion experts. The special formations carved on top of them made them much stronger. Back then, the Yin family’s patriarch had used a dragon-headed staff that was an Enchanted weapon.

As for Treasure items, they were also sometimes called magical weapons, or even Daoist weapons. Their power was truly amazing. The Jade Sea Gold Bell was one example.

However, it had been extremely heavily damaged before, or Long Chen would have been killed under its power.

Treasure items were something only experts above the Sea Expansion could truly use. So it was naturally impossible for people to stay calm in front of the allure of such a thing.

However, after mining for these many years, everyone was dejected. In less than a hundred more years, all the ore would be extracted. But that legendary Phoenix Blood Black Gold had yet to appear.

So in the past few years, this ‘treasure land’ had lost its allure. Since the Phoenix Blood Black Gold had yet to appear in all these years, it could only be said that there was simply none of it present. Otherwise, they would have found signs of it long ago.

According to legend, in the immortal era, there were divine phoenixes in the world, existences so powerful that a single flap of their wings could destroy stars. When one of them died, their essence blood would seep into the ground.

And if the ground happened to have a black gold mine, then it could form Phoenix Blood Black Gold. However, even after all these years, there wasn’t the slightest sign of it. The result was already obvious.

So now, this chaos region was of little value to the various powers. As a result, this place had become a prison for disciples who had committed crimes.

Long Chen saw quite a few experts on the way. They were lying down, soaking in the light of the setting sun. Apparently, despite their relaxed position, they were on duty. This kind of duty did look very comfortable.

But when those people saw Long Chen and the others, they smiled sinisterly. It was like they were seeing the younger versions of themselves, back when they had also been so naive.

Long Chen ignored those people. Eventually, he finally reached a large building. This was the Xuantian Dao Sect’s mining region.

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