Chapter 620 Sent to Serve a Penal Sentence

“This is… Heavenly Dao energy?” Long Chen was shocked. He had actually been locked down by Heavenly Dao energy.

“Brat, receive my attack!”

A cry rang out as Tang Wan-er’s palm descended on him. This exquisite palm sealed any of Long Chen’s retreat paths.

Long Chen saw countless runes circulating around Tang Wan-er. She appeared just like a goddess who had sealed all of heaven and earth.

“Haha, it really worked!”

Long Chen was filled with delight. Although he had felt that devouring a Heavenly Dao Fruit would be able to allow someone to become a Celestial, he had still been in disbelief. This was too miraculous.

Seeing Tang Wan-er fiercely charging at him, how could Long Chen not understand what was going on? She was clearly trying to give him an intimidating display of her power.

“Hehe, little girl, you want to intimidate me? You’re still far too lacking!”

Long Chen didn’t dodge. Instead, he reached out his two hands directly at Tang Wan-er’s chest.

“AHH! Rogue!”

Tang Wan-er had never imagined that Long Chen would use such an immoral trick. In her panic, she hastily changed her attack, defending against those evil claws.

But in the instant she changed her attack, Long Chen also changed his. His arms stretched around Tang Wan-er, and he pulled her into his embrace, giving her a kiss on the head.

“Hehe, I knew you like me, but don’t you think running into my embrace like this is a bit too obvious?”

“You… shameless! You… scoundrel! Only a ghost would like you! Let me go!”

Tang Wan-er was unable to escape from Long Chen’s grasp. Her heart pounded. In truth, she didn’t dislike this feeling at all.

But Long Chen’s words made her blush and get angry. She struggled with all her might, but she was unable to escape. In her panic, she actually bit Long Chen on the neck.

Long Chen’s physical body was too powerful though. He wasn’t afraid of being bitten by her. In fact, he put on an extremely refreshed expression.

“Ah, don’t stop, keep kissing me. Yes, that’s right, just like that…”

“Cough, maybe the two of you should stop before you go too far. Acting like this in broad daylight, aren’t you embarrassed?”

Meng Qi and Little Snow were standing in the distance. Seeing the two of them fighting, Meng Qi shook her head helplessly.

“Scoundrel, hurry up and let me go!”

Tang Wan-er was as red as an apple. Escaping from his grasp, she viciously glared at him, looking like an extremely fierce but also extremely cute tigress.

“Wan-er, you can’t beat him. Each time, you’re the one to lose out.” Meng Qi came up and wrapped her arms around the furious Tang Wan-er, smiling.

“This scoundrel used an absolutely immoral move! Otherwise, I would definitely have put him in his place!” raged an unconvinced Tang Wan-er.

“If you want to put me in my place, just ask. Come, let’s continue where we let off. I definitely won’t resist.” Long Chen pointed to the mark on his neck, a naughty smile on his face. That was what had been left behind by her bite.

Even Meng Qi turned red and she rebuked, “Long Chen, you’re becoming more and more like a rogue. What wicked things have you been up to in the last few days?”

Heavens, what are these accusations?!

“Let’s not talk like that. After losing one fight, we can compete in other areas.” Long Chen laughed.

“Alright, don’t fight anymore. Wan-er only left her seclusion yesterday, and she has already condensed her own Heavenly Dao runes, making her a true Celestial,” explained Meng Qi.

The fact that Tang Wan-er had become a Celestial was great for all of them. She would be the greatest safeguard of the legion’s lives.

“However, Wan-er, you were too impatient. You still haven’t managed to summon your manifestation to support you. A Celestial’s strongest point is their manifestation. That manifestation increases the power of their attacks while weakening the attacks of their enemies. It’s extremely shameless. That’s also why Celestials are called unrivaled existences. It’s because the heavens help them to cheat. Putting it another way, it's the most shameless, most contemptible kind of ability.” Long Chen thought of his first fight with Yin Wushang and almost exploded in rage. That technique had truly been shameless.

But now, his cultivation base had grown, and he had the Three Star Battle Armor. A first rank Celestial’s strength was unable to suppress him anymore.

The only reason he had a chance to resist was because of the divine ring countering the effect of the Cry of the Heavenly Daos. Otherwise, without it, when Long Chen ran into a Celestial, he would have to run as far away as possible.

“Thank you, Long Chen,” said Tang Wan-er gratefully.

Long Chen had obtained such a heaven-defying Heavenly Dao Fruit, but instead of consuming it himself, he had given it to her. That made her incredibly grateful.

“Didn’t you already thank me just now?” Long Chen pointed to the mark on his neck.

Seeing that, Tang Wan-er’s gratefulness vanished like a wisp of smoke. She viciously glared at Long Chen, wanting to take a bite out of him.

“Long Chen, talk normally. If you continue like this, I’ll also get angry.” Meng Qi gently rapped Long Chen. How was it that he couldn’t say three words without turning into a scoundrel?

“Fine, I was wrong. Let me express my apologies to you, beautiful ladies. Let’s discuss what a Celestial is.” Long Chen put away his naughty smile and said, “In truth, I also don’t understand much about Celestials. It seems the supermonastery doesn’t have many descriptions about them.

“The majority of Celestials awaken naturally on their own. However, there are also some that awaken through inheritances, for example, Mo Nian. After he obtained that inheritance, that power formed his own core runes. Those runes have a connection to the energy of heaven and earth.

“When he activates those core runes, the energy of the world will echo alongside his energy. Heaven and earth’s energy will surge toward him, forming a sea of runes. Within that sea of runes, he is the ruler. It can be treated as a domain in which he has an absolute superiority.

“Wan-er, your runes can already fly out of your body. Did you not sense the energy of the world supporting you?”

“I did. But those core runes you’re talking about have merged with my original wind runes.”


Tang Wan-er stretched out her hand, and a three-inch wind blade appeared. There was a rune inside the wind blade, but the rune was extremely odd. It was completely different from Tang Wan-er’s old runes.

“My wind runes have merged with the Heavenly Dao runes. Moreover, these new runes possess a terrifying strength.” The wind blade in Tang Wan-er’s hand spun faster and faster, in the end forming a wheel that cut through the void.

Because it was spinning so fast, it looked like it was still. But the space around it was constantly twisting. Long Chen also felt his scalp turn numb. It seemed this small wind blade could easily cut through his skin.

“Damn, what a change…” Long Chen gulped. Tang Wan-er’s wind blade was too terrifying. And this was only just after she had refined the Heavenly Dao Fruit. She still wasn’t accustomed to her strength yet.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before an even more terrifying Celestial than Yin Wushang appeared by Long Chen’s side.

“Hehe, sister Wan-er, are you tense anywhere? Do you want me to massage you?” Long Chen smiled, a fawning expression on his face.

“Why does looking at your smile give me goosebumps?” Tang Wan-er looked at Long Chen vigilantly.

“Him? He’s afraid that once you get stronger, you’ll bully him the way he bullied you.” Meng Qi laughed.

Long Chen hastily said, “Not at all! Wan-er, haven’t you noticed that you’re even more beautiful than yesterday?”

“What empty flattery.” Tang Wan-er naturally wouldn’t be duped.

Long Chen couldn’t help feeling a bit awkward. It seemed even admitting defeat and apologizing wasn’t good enough now. He had to find a way to increase his own strength, as he really was not interested in being bullied by her.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, the monastery head has summoned you.”

Just as Long Chen was chatting with Tang Wan-er, a disciple ran up to give him a report.

“Oh?” Long Chen was surprised.

“What happened?” Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi both looked at Long Chen curiously.

“Didn’t the monastery head just announce that she was going into seclusion? Why would she suddenly summon me? Perhaps this matter is a bit fishy. Wait here, I’ll go.”

Long Chen went directly toward the Xuantian Palace. When he arrived, he found that the atmosphere was a bit strange.

That was because all the Xuantian Supermonastery’s subordinate monastery’s sect leaders were present, and all of them looked at him strangely. Some of them seemed to be wearing delighted smiles at his misfortune.

Long Chen also saw rage and a bit of helplessness in Shui Wuhen’s eyes when he entered. That gave him a bad feeling. Furthermore, Zhou Qingyi was smiling. But that smile seemed to be one delighting in revenge.

“Assistant monastery head Zhou, your smile really is brilliant. The fact that you didn’t go prostitute yourself is really a shame.” Even if Long Chen was an idiot, he would be able to tell nothing good was happening today. He immediately taunted Zhou Qingyi upon seeing her sinister smile.

As expected, Long Chen’s insult landed like a slap on her face. She immediately flew into a rage. “Long Chen, it seems you want to be punished for not respecting your elders!”

“With your kind of moral conduct, you count as an elder? Don’t flatter yourself. Are you not aware of what kind of person you are? Do you not remember your own immoral acts? But it’s fine if you don’t remember them, because others will help you to. When the time comes, they’ll properly settle their debts with you,” said Long Chen coldly.

This idiot woman had actually taken action to block Shui Wuhen when he had been chased down by Yin Wushang. In the end, Shui Wuhen had been unable to help him at all.

But Long Chen was no saint. He remembered this enmity. This was no different from personally trying to kill him.


“You? What you? I didn’t come here to listen to your crap, nor did I come to see you prostitute yourself. I came because the monastery head summoned me, so you should stop your shit and stop blindly wasting my time.” Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to continue looking at this idiot woman, and he turned toward Shui Wuhen.

Shui Wuhen’s expression was apologetic as she said, “Long Chen, starting from today, you must spend three months defending our territory in the chaos region as a penal sentence.”

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