Chapter 616 Stimulation

“What did that person from the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect discuss with you? How come he seemed so beaming when he left?”

Within Shui Wuhen’s private room, Shui Wuhen was still puzzled. Long Chen had clearly viciously slapped that person in the face, but that person hadn’t been the slightest bit angry when he had left.

“Even I don’t really believe it. He actually imparted the second form of Split the Heavens to me,” said Long Chen with a strange smile.

“Did you slap him into an imbecile?” asked Shui Wuhen, shocked. After being slapped, he actually taught the person who had slapped him? Wasn’t that something only someone mentally ill would do?

“It really is embarrassing. Maybe my temperament is a bit too explosive. I shouldn’t have treated him like that,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen rarely felt guilty about beating someone, but this time he really was a bit ashamed. He told Shui Wuhen what had happened.

“As expected, the legends are true. The Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s disciples are all fellows that can’t be judged according to reason. There’s something wrong with their brains,” sighed Shui Wuhen. “According to rumors, because of their cultivation technique, their temperaments are extremely explosive, and they are extremely arrogant. Even if they have kind words for you, they won’t say them in a kind way.

“So the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect, from top to bottom, uses only their fists to talk. Even when they teach their disciples, they beat their lessons into them. They definitely won’t use their mouths.

“The Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s members are all treated as madmen that no one wants to provoke. But although they are madmen, they have the strength to be called experts.

“That’s why he would actually transmit the second form of Split the Heavens once you slapped him. As expected, they really are a group of weirdos.”

Thinking of Long Chen’s vicious slap, Shui Wuhen laughed uncontrollably. This person’s actions really were incomprehensible.

Perhaps only the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect could have raised such a person. If it was anyone else, they probably wouldn’t act like this even if they were beaten to death.

“If you laugh like this, you’ll make me blush,” said Long Chen.

“What would you blush for? If you weren’t currently so strong, he wouldn’t even have glanced at you before capturing you and bringing you to stand trial in the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect.” Shui Wuhen shook her head.

“But what intentions did he have by giving me the second form of Split the Heavens?” Long Chen still didn’t understand. Was it that he had been infected by his domineeringness? Long Chen felt that to be a bit ridiculous.

“You’re overthinking it. The heads of those people aren’t filled with brains, just muscle. They rarely speak in a roundabout manner. Since he transmitted the second form of Split the Heavens to you, you can train in it at ease. This might actually be a good sign. As an ordinary cultivator, you were actually able to defeat a Celestial. That grand style is definitely in accordance with the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s liking. Perhaps they really won’t bother you about having their secret technique,” said Shui Wuhen.

“But I’m a disciple of the Xuantian Dao Sect…”

“That’s fine. So what if you are a disciple of the Dao Sect? You can still train in other people’s Battle Skills. As long as it’s not the abilities from the Corrupt path, no one will care.

“Furthermore, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s core techniques can only be cultivated in once you break out of the Houtian realms. It can be said that the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples are comparatively weaker before then. But once they break through, they’ll have the qualifications to train in the Xuantian Catalog. Then you’ll all leap in power.

“Right now, you are in a kind of suppressed state. The more ruthlessly you are suppressed, the greater your springback will be. You should focus on reaching the Xiantian realm now. Only once you reach the Xiantian realm will you be able to see a wider sky. All that you see right now is just the tip of an iceberg. This world is much larger than you can imagine.” Shui Wuhen looked at Long Chen with expectations.

“Sister, by refusing to submit to the Huo family this time, did I bring you trouble?” asked Long Chen.

According to reason, with Long Chen’s relationship with Shui Wuhen, if he had taken a step back, then Shui Wuhen would have it much easier. After all, she was the monastery head, and there were many things under her care.

Considering that the Pill Tower provided the Xuantian Supermonastery with all its medicinal pills, they were a troublesome opponent. Last time, Shui Wuhen had already said that the Pill Tower was beginning to reduce the medicinal pills they would sell to the supermonastery.

Now that Huo Yi had been cursed so viciously by Long Chen, perhaps the Pill Tower would truly make things hard on her.

“Haha, it’s fine. The only thing they can do is come up with a bunch of excuses as to why they can’t offer medicinal pills to the supermonastery anymore. Furthermore, the Huo family is just one of the three families in charge of the Pill Tower. There are two others, so the Huo family can’t control everything.

“Furthermore, our Xuantian Dao Sect is much stronger than you think. The Huo family doesn’t dare offend the Xuantian Dao Sect. Cutting off our medicinal pills is just them acting like temperamental children. After a few years, everyone will be fine. They won’t dare continue forever.

“I’ll apply to have more medicinal pills sent to us from the higher ups. That’ll be enough for us to continue for these years. The Huo family won’t dare force us to the point of despair, because they are afraid of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s displeasure. With the Pill Valley above them, the Huo family can’t be so arrogant. So you don’t need to be worried. I know that girl’s death was a large blow to you. I understand you,” said Shui Wuhen.

“Many thanks, sister.”

“There’s no need to thank me. If you really place this sister in your eyes, then try to save me so much worry. In all my years, you’re the only person who has made me worry this much.” Shui Wuhen glared at Long Chen.

Long Chen couldn’t help feeling awkward and he hastily changed the subject. “Sister, do you have more detailed information about the Bloodkill Hall?”

“The Bloodkill Hall? Oh, that’s right, I heard the Bloodkill Hall once more tried to assassinate you in Qing Prefecture. I heard you were injured?” asked Shui Wuhen.

“Yes. These fellows are too loathsome. Now, I don’t mind taking the trouble to give them a vicious beating. If I didn’t give them a vicious counter-strike, it wouldn’t be my style,” said Long Chen. Those fellows were too annoying. After being entangled with them for so long, Long Chen had become completely infuriated, especially when they had used a little girl to try and assassinate him. He would give these idiots a beating they would remember.

“The Bloodkill Hall is truly troublesome. Let alone you, even the Xuantian Dao Sect can’t do anything to them,” sighed Shui Wuhen.

“What? Seriously?” asked an incredulous Long Chen.

“You’re still underestimating the Bloodkill Hall. You just think they’re some ordinary assassins. In truth, that’s not the case. Their organization is extremely large, and they have a profound foundation. Furthermore, they are not part of the Righteous path, nor are they part of the Corrupt path. They will sell lives to whoever gives them money.

“Most importantly, they have countless strongholds. Their assassins are split into bronze, silver, gold, and dark gold ranks. I’ve also heard there are violet gold assassins. According to legend, the Bloodkill Assassin’s violet gold assassins are all experts on the level of Celestials. In other words, they are capable of assassinating Celestials,” said Shui Wuhen.

“Celestial assassins? Are they stupid? If they’re Celestials, why do they do such shameful acts?” Long Chen was a bit speechless.

“They don’t consider assassination to be a shameful act. In fact, they consider it a supreme and grand art. They never assassinate targets weaker than them, because that would be a humiliation to their art. What they seek is the stimulation in trying to defeat stronger opponents than them. So that’s why the ones who try to assassinate you will not be of a higher realm than you. Assassinations within the same realm is their limit,” said Shui Wuhen.

“Stimulation? Hehe, I also like to be stimulated. Next time, I’ll stimulate them to death.” Long Chen laughed sinisterly. They were looking for stimulation? They should have told him sooner.

“Long Chen, the assassins you ran into in Qing Prefecture should have been only gold rank assassins. They are actually quite powerful and can easily kill Xiantian experts. But in front of you, they were obviously too weak. If my guess isn’t wrong, the next time they target you, they’ll send dark gold assassins,” warned Shui Wuhen.

“Why don’t they just directly send violet gold assassins?” asked Long Chen.

“Because you aren’t a Celestial. They won’t send someone stronger than you to assassinate you. Then it wouldn’t be an assassination. They want to defeat those stronger than them. If you are able to survive the assassination of the dark gold assassins, the Bloodkill Hall will declare the mission to kill you has ended in failure and the matter will end there. So be careful, because there are precedents of dark gold assassins managing to kill Celestials. Don’t be careless,” warned Shui Wuhen.

“Don’t worry, I don’t like joking with my own life,” said Long Chen.

The final wave? They think they can just say they give up? But what about my anger at being targeted like this? Do they think things will end just because they want them to?

After leaving Shui Wuhen’s room, Long Chen went to find Guo Ran.

“I have a few things that I forgot to give you last time. Look. Can you use these things?” Long Chen handed Guo Ran a golden fragment. Although it was only the size of a plate, its weight was shocking. It had to weigh tens of thousands of pounds.

“This… my heavens, isn’t this Treasure class material?!” Guo Ran’s eyes almost popped out.

“You recognize it?” Long Chen was surprised.

“Boss, really? You are talking to a future crafting god! If I couldn’t even recognize some material, I really would have worked all this time for nothing. However, I won’t hide the truth from you. This is something I’ve only seen in the supermonastery’s forging secret records. It’s my first time actually seeing it in person. Boss, did you steal this or snatch it? Do you have more?” Guo Ran’s eyes shone.

Long Chen was speechless. This little fellow really understood him. He handed him a ring. “Look for yourself.”

“Heavens, boss, I really love you to death!”

Guo Ran cried out excitedly and went to hug Long Chen. As a result, he was pushed to the side by Long Chen. “Can you refine this or not?”

“Yes, I definitely can! My forging table is a treasure from the immortal era, and it can definitely refine it. But…”

“But what?”

Guo Ran awkwardly said, “The forging table might be amazing, and it can refine this, but it requires fifth tier forging flame. That requires using up middle grade spirit stones and a truly frightening amount…”

Long Chen smiled slightly. “Don’t worry, any problems that can be resolved with money aren’t problems. It just so happens that I made some big business recently!”

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