Chapter 615 Completely Unexpected

Long Chen’s words caused everyone to be dumbfounded. Even Shui Wuhen, who had already known that Long Chen would definitely refuse the Huo family’s proposal, had never imagined Long Chen would be this fierce.

“You… you little brute, what did you say?!” Huo Li could no longer hold back his fury.

“Old brute, I told you to fuck the hell off. Now you’ve heard it clearly, right?” sneered Long Chen.

“Monastery head Shui, is this how your Xuantian Supermonastery raises its disciples?!” raged Huo Li. Even cursing back at a junior was a loss of status for him, so he had no choice but to turn to Shui Wuhen, trying to force her into restraining Long Chen.

Shui Wuhen lightly replied, “Administrator Huo, previously, I’ve already stated that Long Chen has the authority to make his own decisions. As for you, you came to talk to Long Chen. Thus, I, Shui Wuhen, won’t interfere.”

“You! Fine!” Huo Li turned back and asked, “Long Chen, are you going to give me the antidote or not?”

“No.” Long Chen answered extremely directly.

The middle-aged man and the sword-bearing man were both shocked. Just what kind of divinity was Long Chen for him to be able to make a poison that even the Pill Tower was helpless to cure? It had to be known that the Pill Tower was filled with alchemists.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s firm attitude also startled them. He was giving no leeway at all. He was setting himself up as an enemy of the Pill Tower.

Even a small Meridian Opening brat dared challenge the Pill Tower? That was truly crazy. Did he not care about his life?

“You… you better think this through. A youngster should think things through before acting. Don’t regret it.” The threat within Huo Yi’s words was obvious.

“Regret? Why would I regret it? Now that my family is no longer present, I am just one loner. What would I be afraid of? You want to threaten me? Could it be that you didn’t take your medication before coming out? Do you think I’m someone easily threatened? If you have the ability, then come try and kill me in one strike. But let me tell you, if you aren’t able to kill me in that one blow, hehe… It just so happens that I am someone who dares to do anything.” Long Chen’s sinister laugh raised goosebumps.

“Hmph, you’re too arrogant, practically unreasonable. I came here to reconcile our differences, but you don’t know how to appreciate my kindness,” sneered Huo Li. He had never seen such an obstinate person.

“Reconcile our differences? Kindness? Alright, if you want to reconcile, that’s fine. If you can revive the brothers and sisters that died in the Jiuli secret realm because of Huo Wufang, then we can reconcile. Can you do that?” asked Long Chen coldly.

“That enmity is with the Yin family. It has nothing to do with my Huo family,” said Huo Li.

“Bullshit. If it hadn’t been for Huo Wufang, would I have become everyone’s target? If it hadn’t been for him, how could Lu Fang-er have died so miserably in the secret realm? Now you want to shift the blame and reconcile with me? You want the antidote to save that scum? You must be dreaming,” raged Long Chen.

Thinking of Lu Fang-er’s death, Long Chen felt a needle-like pain in his heart. A young maiden in her prime had forever disappeared from the world. Even now, Long Chen was unable to accept that fact.

In fact, he didn’t even dare think about it any further. Each time he thought of it, the pain would fill him and then his hatred would soar. Long Chen’s eyes were currently scarlet, and he was on the verge of attacking Huo Li.

“You… you really are unreasonable! You also killed so many people. According to your reasoning, wouldn’t you deserve ten thousand deaths?” demanded Huo Li. 

“You must be mentally ill. I was the victim the entire time. They all wanted to take my life. Am I not allowed to retaliate?” sneered Long Chen.

“I’ll ask you one last time. Are you giving it or not?” Huo Li stood up, glaring at Long Chen.

“Even if you ask a hundred times, it’ll be the same. I refuse.” Long Chen icily glared back.

“Good! Then just wait, I’ll be taking your words as a provocation to the Pill Tower. I’ll return Huo Wufang’s pain a hundredfold to you!”

Long Chen’s saber once more appeared in his hand, and he suddenly slashed it at Huo Li. There had been no warning at all, and by the time anyone reacted, that saber was already about to reach Huo Li.

They let out startled cries. None of them had expected Long Chen to be so brazen as to actually kill someone here.

“Flame Spirit Shield!”

“Green Jade Flame Surge!”

Huo Li hastily created two Pill Flame defenses. But Long Chen’s saber still blew through them, reaching his chest.

However, after going through two defenses, the force of his saber had weakened. Furthermore, Huo Li immediately retreated, so he managed to avoid being cut in two.

A long line of blood appeared on his chest now.

“You want to return the pain a hundredfold to me? Do you believe me when I say I won’t let you walk out of this room?” Long Chen pointed his saber at a horrified Huo Li, killing intent surging out of him.

“Hahahaha, good! I, Huo Li, will remember this attack!”

Looking at the injury on his chest, Huo Li was incredibly furious. But now he understood that Long Chen was a madman. Threatening him was just courting death. After saying his final words, Huo Li immediately left.

“Why bother? The Pill Tower’s strength is not something you can imagine. Long Chen, why must you force them to this point?” sighed the middle-aged man.

“Senior must not know. Back in the Jiuli secret realm, I restrained myself in front of Huo Wufang several times. But he always forced me to strike back. In the end, he even used his status to order the Righteous and Corrupt paths to attack me, causing my brothers to die and my beauties to fall. If it were you, what would you do?” asked Long Chen.

The middle-aged man was startled. Looking at the grievance in Long Chen’s eyes, it seemed the situation between him and the Pill Tower was much more complicated than he had thought.

“But this won’t be favorable to your future.”

“My life is just a life. It is not so valuable that I would sacrifice my values for it. I’m not afraid to tell you the truth: if the Yin family wasn’t destroyed by Mo Gate, then when my cultivation base reached that level, I would have definitely eradicated the Yin family myself. Even if I had to become enemies with the entire Ancient Family Alliance, I would not hesitate. The worst case is that I lose this little life of mine,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Although that middle-aged man seemed to be expressing kind intentions, Long Chen knew he was just trying to worm his way closer to him, trying to be friendly in order to get any valuable clues.

Long Chen had seen many of these sanctimonious fellows. He trusted that with Mo Yi’s character, his enemies were no good people.

“There is a time to repay gratitude and enmity. In any case, my mission is already complete. I have to turn in my report. Monastery head Shui, brother Guan, junior brother Long Chen, I’ll take my leave.”

The middle-aged man left as soon as he said goodbye. Now the only one remaining was that sword-bearing man.

He also rose to leave, but then after hesitating, he said, “Long Chen, I have a few things I want to discuss with you alone.”

Long Chen was startled. It seemed there wouldn’t be any good words between them. Shui Wuhen was also startled, but she then nodded, arranging a private room for them.

“Does sir have any teachings?”

Within that private room, Long Chen and the sword-bearing man were sitting, looking at each other. But the sword-bearing man didn’t say anything for a long time. Long Chen was the one to break the silence.

“Long Chen, you are the manliest man I’ve ever met.” Unexpectedly, this sword-bearing man gave Long Chen a thumbs-up.

“Senior overpraises me.” Long Chen had no idea what this sword-bearing man was intending. All he could say were some token words of modesty.

“Today, I’ve learned what being domineering truly means. Even in front of an enormous existence that you can’t possibly challenge, you still must be incomparably domineering. I, Guan Mian, have never seen such a thing before,” praised the sword-bearing man. “In truth, I only came here because my sect told me a disciple had been killed and wanted me to investigate. But I believe you. That disciple was greedy, and that’s why he deserved to be killed. This matter can’t be blamed on you. However, the matter of you learning the first form of Split the Heavens is serious. The Heaven Splitting Divine Sect will not allow it.”

Seeing Long Chen frown, this Guan Mian continued, “But this matter has already surpassed what I am qualified to handle. I need to report this matter. As for how the higher-ups will handle it, it’ll be up to your luck. However, you shouldn’t be too worried. With your character, I think it’s very likely that the sect will actually praise you. There is still room for negotiation. But that’s just my guess. As for the final result, I don’t dare guarantee anything. So when the time comes, whether I have to take back the Battle Skill from you, or bring you to join the sect, will be decided by your luck.”

Long Chen was completely flabbergasted. There was actually such a thing?

“The reason I asked to speak to you alone is because I am prepared to transmit the second form of Split the Heavens to you,” said Guan Mian extremely seriously.

“What?!” Long Chen stood up. He had never imagined that this hostile enemy from a few minutes ago would actually take the initiative to teach him his secret technique.

“You don’t need to be surprised. If the higher-ups like you, they will naturally bring you to join the sect. If they don’t like you, they will send experts to kill you. So, me passing on the second form to you won’t change anything.

“But I feel like, with your strength, the chance of them wanting to kill you is very low. Furthermore, I truly admire your domineeringness. There are many people in this era who like to act domineering, but when they are truly faced with death, they all become cowards.

“I actually always thought that my domineeringness was something I was born with. I always thought I was very domineering. But when you pointed your saber at me, I felt fear and reverence. At that moment, I realized that I was afraid of death.

“So now I realize my domineeringness is also a kind of act. That saber of yours allowed me to see many things that I couldn’t see before. My mental realm has advanced by quite a bit.

“Just treat it as me taking advantage of my position for a private matter. Transmitting the second form of Split the Heavens will be my repayment to you for this enlightenment. I, Guan Mian, don’t like owing favors.”

Hearing all this, Long Chen couldn’t help feeling ashamed. The first impression was truly the strongest. Long Chen had thought this person would be the same kind of despicable, petty person as the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s disciple he had killed. That was why he had almost immediately cursed him. Now he felt extremely embarrassed.


“Don’t call me senior, as I am not fit to be called that by you. I will transmit the second form of Split the Heavens to you now, and then I’ll have to rush back to send this report. This trip takes very long, and I don’t have time to waste. Listen closely to the mnemonic…”

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