Chapter 614 Cursing in the Nose

The scholarly, middle-aged man’s words were very courteous, but Long Chen saw rancor hidden deep in his eyes. He was the typical model of a human scum that liked to act as a scholar. He was clearly a cultivator, so why did he have to dress himself up as a weak scholar?

“Please go ahead,” said Long Chen bluntly.

“What relationship do you have with Mo Gate?” asked the middle-aged man.

“I am close brothers with Mo Gate’s junior gate master. I’ve eaten and lived with him. As a person, he is extremely generous, treating me to food, drink, and prostitutes. He’s very loyal,” spouted Long Chen.

Shui Wuhen was speechless. Although this wasn’t exactly taboo for cultivators, saying that he went to see prostitutes was still extremely awkward.

“Haha, then how much do you understand about Mo Gate?” asked the middle-aged man. However, this time a formless spiritual energy crept toward Long Chen.

He was trying to tell whether or not Long Chen was lying by sensing his spiritual fluctuations.

Long Chen sneered inside. Wasn’t this fake scholar embarrassed to show off such insignificant Spiritual Strength? Acting as if he didn’t realize he was probing him, Long Chen replied, “I actually know quite a bit about Mo Gate. His family has many members. Some are men, some are women, some are seniors, and some are children.”

The middle-aged man’s expression sank, and he icily said, “Long Chen, I am representing the Ancient Family Alliance right now. It’d be best for you to be more serious.”

“What does who you represent have to do with me? Just why would I have to be more serious? Do you think your ancient families are so amazing? Fuck, you idiots kidnapped my father, my mother, and even my little sister who is just a child. With the destruction of the Yin family, even my family has disappeared. Fuck your mother, are ancient families so amazing? Could it be that ancient families are simply allowed to bully us, ordinary cultivators? You represent the ancient families? Good, I’ve long since been stifling a stomach of complaints. Today, if you don’t give me an explanation, then don’t even think about leaving here alive.”

Blooddrinker suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s hand. Endless pressure tightly locked down the middle-aged man. Long Chen’s eyes were scarlet, and endless killing intent erupted from him, making him look like a berserk devil king.

Although his parents and sister were safe, this matter’s cause was entirely because of the Yin family. They had broken his family’s peaceful life. Just mentioning an ancient family gave Long Chen rage.

You want to interrogate me? Good, then I’ll properly settle our bill today. Long Chen had an urge to immediately crush this faker into pulp.

The instant Long Chen’s aura erupted, Shui Wuhen and Zhou Qingyi were both startled. Even they, true Sea Expansion experts, felt intimidated.

That wasn’t because of his cultivation base aura, but because of the endless killing intent in his aura.

That killing intent had practically become solid. Even they felt a chill from it. They had no idea how Long Chen had come to possess such a terrifying killing intent.

What they weren’t aware of was that this was the result of Long Chen personally exterminating the entire Yin family. Having killed three Sea Expansion experts from the Yin family, he had ended up infected by boundless resentment, which had caused his killing intent to surge to a level that could even shock them.

As for the middle-aged man who was locked down by this killing intent, he was as pale as paper. He was horrified to find that he couldn’t even muster the courage to lift a single finger. In fact, he didn’t even dare bat an eye.

That was because he was afraid that just that slight action would cause his aura to fluctuate, which would cause Long Chen to strike like lightning, and his head would tumble from his shoulders.

The sword-bearing man couldn’t help but feel that he had been lucky. Long Chen was truly too terrifying. It was a good thing he hadn’t used force just now.

“Long Chen, calm down. He came to investigate, not to find a quarrel. Don’t misunderstand,” said Shui Wuhen. But she had no choice but to admire him. This sudden hostility had been done perfectly, and the other side was completely intimidated.

“That’s right, I only came to investigate. I need to find out the whole story; I’m not intentionally targeting you. I simply have to give an explanation to the ancient families and to the outside world. Don’t worry, if the Yin family really kidnapped your parents, they would have broken the rules of the cultivation world. Our ancient families won’t allow such scum to be counted amongst ourselves. We’ll definitely give you justice,” said the middle-aged man hastily.

“Justice? You know what justice is? Do you arrogant fellows give a damn about others? In Qing Prefecture, Yin Wushang’s threats against me had long since been recorded by countless people. I don’t believe you didn’t see them. You clearly know that I’m the victim, but you still came here to interrogate me. Furthermore, my parents and sister have already disappeared along with the destruction of the Yin family. Just what justice are you going to give me?” raged Long Chen, his eyes scarlet.


The middle-aged man was at a complete loss. He had seen those photographic jades, and he had heard the threats Yin Wushang had used against Long Chen. But his true goal in coming here wasn’t really to investigate that. So he had simply ignored it.

But Long Chen’s burst of fury caused him to be speechless. He even regretted coming to the Xuantian Supermonastery. If he had known it would turn out like this, he wouldn’t have rushed over.

“Long Chen, calm down. You have to clearly distinguish just who is the true source of the injustice,” shouted Shui Wuhen.

However, inside, she was laughing. Previously, she had asked Long Chen about his family, and he hadn’t wanted to trick her about that. In order to avoid making her feel unwell, he had told her that his family was safe.

So Shui Wuhen knew that Long Chen was just faking. But Long Chen’s acting was just too realistic, and even she almost believed it. Knowing that she had to work together with Long Chen at this point, she played the role of a strict superior. Only like this would the middle-aged man be intimidated enough for them to have a proper conversation.

Otherwise, with his status, he would often say thorny words that were irritating to hear.

“Right, right. I just came here to investigate which will help you address the injustice,” said the middle-aged man.

Long Chen took a deep breath and suppressed his fury. In truth, he really was furious. He loathed these arrogant fellows the most.

Although this fellow liked to dress himself up as a refined scholar, it was impossible for him to conceal his contempt for others.

Only now did Long Chen put away his saber, allowing the middle-aged man to sigh with relief. Long Chen had been too terrifying just now. He seemed like a berserk madman.

“Sorry, due to the disappearance of his family and with the fact that no one knows if they’re alive or not, Long Chen’s fury has caused his words to be rude. Please don’t be offended,” apologized Shui Wuhen.

“Ah, no, no, this just proves Long Chen cares deeply about his family. Such a righteous hero is truly rare.” The middle-aged man laughed.

Following this, the middle-aged man sat down and began to ask Long Chen a few things. But this time, he was much more polite.

Long Chen had long since had a story prepared. He didn’t hesitate with his replies. He told him ‘everything’.

The main thing was that Mo Yi had helped Long Chen come up with a story before leaving. After thinking over it many times, he had adjusted any flaws. What was spouted out of Long Chen’s mouth were the best, most seamless lies he had ever told.

Furthermore, the middle-aged man had been in the wrong just before this, and now seeing Long Chen cooperate and answer so smoothly, he felt that Long Chen was truly a magnanimous soul. It was normal for him to be furious and aggrieved.

After his questions, he felt that he had determined the whole sequence of events. During the teleportation process, there had been a problem, and Long Chen had been teleported somewhere other than the Yin family.

This kind of situation wasn’t unprecedented. Many forceful teleportation talismans had circulated down from ancient times. After how much time had passed, it was more than possible for slight flaws to appear in them. Just the slightest flaw could affect a teleportation talisman’s effect, so this wasn’t all too rare.

Furthermore, the middle-aged man had already sent a team to investigate in Phoenix Cry. He trusted they would conclude the truth very quickly.

After asking his questions, he even said he would muster a team to help Long Chen look for his family.

But Long Chen had merely curled his lips. He obviously didn’t believe such pompous words. As for the middle-aged man, he was merely speaking some empty words. Of course, he wouldn’t really send people looking. Being exposed like this, he felt extremely awkward. However, all of his questions had been asked now. The elder who hadn’t said anything this entire time finally opened his mouth.

“This old man is Huo Li, the administrator for the Pill Tower within the Su, Lin, and Yi Prefectures.”

“Huo? Is Huo Wufang one of your people?” asked Long Chen.

“In terms of seniority, I would be his uncle.”

“Huo Wufang’s uncle? Hehe, I trust Huo Wufang is still alive, right?” sneered Long Chen.

“Correct, he really is alive. But each day, he feels the pain of thousands of ants devouring his marrow. It is truly a life worse than death,” said Huo Li.

“Not bad, it really is just as I thought. I knew a cowardly, greedy person like him wouldn’t have the courage to end his own life,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“You… you’ve tormented him for this long. After this long, no matter what sins you think Wufang committed, he has paid the price. That should be enough for you. I hope you can give us the antidote, and then our Huo family will owe you a favor. How’s that?” Huo Li suppressed his fury at being talked to in this manner.

As the administrator for three prefectures, even sect leaders in this region would have to be respectful toward him. But Long Chen, a junior, dared talk to him like this. That immediately caused his fury to soar.

He was different from the other two who had come. He represented the Pill Tower. Their medicinal pills were the lifeline of all sects. No one dared to offend them.

But for Huo Wufang, he had no choice but to curb his arrogance. They had run out of options, because without the antidote, there was no way for them to heal Huo Wufang. They could only watch all day as he cried out miserably, living a life worse than death.

Now, the Huo family had finally decided their dignity wasn’t worth it, and Huo Li, an extremely prestigious figure, had come to the Xuantian Supermonastery to subserviently ask Long Chen for the antidote. That was already an admission of defeat and a great humiliation to the Huo family.

“Monastery head, can I decide this matter myself?” Long Chen looked toward Shui Wuhen.

Shui Wuhen looked from Long Chen to Huo Li and couldn’t help but sigh. “You can decide. No matter what choice you make, the supermonastery will support you.”

Long Chen nodded and turned back to Huo Li, pointing at his nose and cursing, “Fuck the hell off.”

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