Chapter 613 Exploding Temperament

There were three newcomers who were sitting in the Xuantian Palace. One was a muscular man with a broadsword on his back. One was a middle-aged man wearing embroidered robes. And the last was an elderly man.

The muscular man was extremely large. Even sitting down, his height was almost the same as an ordinary person standing up. He released an explosive aura.

The middle-aged man appeared to be in his thirties. He had three whiskers, and he carried a folding fan in his hand. He looked just like a scholar.

As for the elder, he was clad in violet robes with a nine-story tower embroidered onto it. Boundless pressure came from him.

Shui Wuhen and Zhou Qingyi were also present. They were currently talking to the middle-aged man, as the muscular man and the elder refused to say a word. They simply sat there with their eyes closed.

“Monastery head Shui, when will Long Chen arrive? I’ve already waited for an hour. He’s just a junior, so why must he put on such airs?” Suddenly, the muscular man broke his silence. His voice was similar to his figure, rough and coarse, sounding like the beating of a loud drum.

“I’m sorry, but I was unaware you would be coming. Long Chen went out for a trip, but I’ve already sent disciples to alert him. He should quickly return.” Shui Wuhen smiled.

Although this sword-bearing muscular man and the middle-aged scholar were only half-step Sea Expansion experts, Shui Wuhen had no choice but to be courteous to them.

That was because their backgrounds were far too intimidating. The sword-bearing man was actually from a sect as famous as the Xuantian Dao Sect: the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect.

His appearance made Shui Wuhen slightly worried. The Heaven Splitting Divine Sect was not present in this region. Could it be that news that Long Chen had cultivated the first form of Split the Heavens had reached their ears?

Did Long Chen’s intense battles in Qing Prefecture expose him? But that still didn’t make sense. If it was from that, the timing didn’t match up. It would be impossible for someone to arrive this quickly.

As for the middle-aged man, his background was equally shocking. He came from the Ancient Family Alliance. Although the Xuantian Dao Sect and the Ancient Family Alliance were not enemies or friends, she still had to be courteous.

The fact that someone from the Ancient Family Alliance would come was well within her expectations. The destruction of the Yin family was a major matter.

However, the fact that the Pill Tower had also sent someone made her a bit bewildered. The Pill Tower supposedly did not care about worldly matters. Why would they come here?

Now wasn’t the time for her to say those things. However, the fact that three great powers had sent representatives at the same time was rather thought-provoking.

“Hmph, it couldn’t be that you sent him running, right?” asked the sword-bearing man icily.

“Sir, are you suspecting me?” Shui Wuhen’s expression sank. This was too much.

When it came to cultivation base and even including his status, this sword-bearing man was only a half-step Sea Expansion expert. He did not have the qualifications to be arrogant in front of her, a true Sea Expansion expert.

That was especially true since Shui Wuhen was a monastery head who represented the Xuantian Dao Sect. His words seemed to be a provocation.

The sword-bearing man snorted but didn’t say anymore. As for Zhou Qingyi, a slight smile appeared on her face, one delighting in Shui Wuhen’s misfortune.

“Reporting to the monastery head, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen has arrived!”

Long Chen walked in. The instant he appeared, three gazes locked onto him.

Long Chen stared back and his heart shook. He felt a strong sense of danger from these people. Although they were only half-step Sea Expansion experts, they were extremely strong. They were much stronger than Wang Yishan or Luo Yingxiong.

“You are Long Chen?”

The sword-bearing man suddenly stood up. He was a whole head taller than Long Chen, and he icily looked down at him.

Shui Wuhen frowned. The man was too stupid, and it seemed he didn’t know any manners. However, this wasn’t a good time for her to say anything. She just glanced at Long Chen, indicating he should be careful.

As soon as Long Chen saw this sword-bearing man, he could guess his origin. He possessed the aura of Split the Heavens, so he should have come from the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect.

“Correct.” Long Chen nodded.

“Where did you obtain the first form of Split the Heavens?” asked the sword-bearing man icily.

Long Chen frowned, a bit irritated. This mannerism made it seem like he was interrogating a criminal. 

Suddenly, Shui Wuhen gave him a meaningful glance, and Long Chen took a deep breath, suppressing his anger. “Back in the Phoenix Cry Empire, I found it in a pile of discarded Battle Skills in the capital’s Battle Skill Pavilion.”

“Do you have any proof?”

“The capital had people overseeing everything. You can go ask. Back then, I used a medicinal pill to bribe one of them to obtain the beast hide.”

In any case, his parents had already left Phoenix Cry. Long Chen no longer had any misgivings. Furthermore, he was speaking the truth, so he wasn’t afraid of any investigation.

With the rules of the cultivation world, cultivators were not allowed to make things hard on the secular world’s people. This sword-bearing man wouldn’t dare do anything to the Phoenix Cry Empire.

“Fine, I’ll remember these words. I’ll investigate myself, and if you lied to me, you’ll definitely regret it,” said the sword-bearing man, pointing at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s gaze turned cold, and killing intent appeared within his eyes. Being pointed at like this was extremely rude, but Long Chen still endured it.

“Then let me ask you, was my Divine Sect’s disciple killed by you?”


 “You brazen brute, you dared to kill a disciple from my sect?! You-”


A large hand ruthlessly slapped across the man’s face. The immense force directly sent him flying, and he crashed through the wall, smashed through a set of stairs and destroyed a huge stone lion before coming to a stop.

“Shut the fuck up! I’ve restrained myself for so long. If you want to force me anymore, I’ll directly hack you to death.”

Killing intent erupted from Long Chen. This bastard was completely intolerable. Even before learning about the whole truth, he immediately began to curse him.

Long Chen’s sudden attack caused everyone to jump in shock, especially the middle-aged man and the elder from the Pill Tower. Long Chen’s temperament was too explosive, and he had exploded without the slightest sign.

“Bastard, you’re looking to die!”

The sword-bearing man roared furiously and charged out. His sword was now in his hand, and he was pointing it at Long Chen, just about to attack.

“If you dare take another step, I’ll make your blood dye this place red. If you don’t believe me, you can try it. I, Long Chen, never make empty threats.” Long Chen stood with his hands clasped behind his back, icily glaring at the man.

Long Chen was truly furious. If this man dared attack, Long Chen would bring out his full strength to kill him. Who cared about his sect? Such idiots should just be directly killed.

As for the sword-bearing man, he had just exploded into fury when he felt an unprecedented terror from looking into Long Chen’s eyes. He felt like he wasn’t facing a person but a terrifying monster instead. As long as he took another step, his life would disappear.

This was a kind of intuition. As an expert, he was extremely sensitive to danger. His scalp turned numb.

“Friend from the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect, put down your sword. Long Chen recently killed a Meridian Opening Celestial, so you aren’t his match,” advised the middle-aged man.

“What? You’ve killed a Celestial?” The sword-bearing man’s expression changed completely.

“It seems sir rushed over too quickly and isn’t aware of the entire story. How about you sit down and we can calmly discuss this,” advised the middle-aged man.

The sword-bearing man’s expression was exceedingly ugly. This slap in the face was too vicious, and even his facial bones had broken. Just how was he supposed to brush off the anger at having such a clear handprint on his face?

But in the end, he knew that since Long Chen could kill a Meridian Opening Celestial, he wasn’t a match for him.

And yet, retreating like this was an immense blow to his prestige, so he stubbornly said, “To kill one of our disciples is to become enemies with my Heaven Splitting Divine Sect.”

“What nonsense. It was your disciple who got greedy for my treasures. I had clearly already given him the beast hide to prove my innocence, but he still placed his sights on my treasures, wanting to kill me and take them for himself. That was the only reason I killed him. Do you have a mental illness? I can’t kill him, but he can kill me?” cursed Long Chen.

“You’re the one spouting nonsense! It was someone from your Xuantian Dao Sect that alerted my Heaven Splitting Divine Sect that someone secretly learned our Split the Heavens divine ability. To cover that up, you despicably killed one of our disciples. That’s the only reason I spent several months rushing over here to investigate,” raged the sword-bearing man.

“Someone from the Xuantian Dao Sect?”

Long Chen suddenly turned around to glare at Zhou Qingyi with killing intent. Shui Wuhen’s expression was also dark as she looked at Zhou Qingyi, clenching her fists tightly.

“You… what are you looking at me for?! He said someone from the Xuantian Dao Sect, not someone from my Zhou family. Don’t accuse the wrong person.” Zhou Qingyi’s voice was lacking confidence, but she still forced herself to be calm.

“Zhou Qingyi, you are playing with fire. If you continue to play, I hope you won’t regret it when I exterminate your Zhou family,” said Long Chen icily.

This Zhou family really was too despicable. They had actually alerted the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect on their own, wanting to borrow their blade to kill him.

Unfortunately, the dragon expert had told him that its strength could only be used once. It had sealed the remaining energy inside the dragon scale.

If Long Chen wanted to use the Green Dragon Possession again, he needed to refine the essence blood first. During this time, the dragon expert was unable to give him any help.

Long Chen was unable to bring out the Green Dragon Possession right now; otherwise, he would have directly killed this hateful bitch. Unfortunately, without that skill, he was not a match for a Sea Expansion expert.

Long Chen suddenly threw a photographic jade at the sword-bearing man. “This is a recording of my conversation with your sect’s disciple. You’ll understand once you see it.”

Within the Jiuli secret realm, Long Chen had kept a photographic jade activated the entire time. Now it finally had a use. Once the sword-bearing man looked through it, he found it really was as Long Chen said. He didn’t know what to say. He was both embarrassed as well as infuriated, as that slap in his face was something he couldn’t do anything about anymore.

Seeing that the sword-bearing man had nothing more to say, the middle-aged man smiled. “Mister Long Chen, I have a few things I want to ask you about.” 

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