Chapter 610 Emotionally Moved

Seeing that familiar figure, the entire supermonastery was startled. That person had actually returned alive.

“Long Chen…”

A burst of fragrance blew over as a figure threw herself into Long Chen’s embrace, sobbing. A pair of fists beat his back.

“You scoundrel… we all thought… you…”

Tang Wan-er was constantly sobbing, not even able to form her words. She just tightly embraced Long Chen as if she was afraid he would run off as soon as she let go.

Seeing Tang Wan-er cry in his embrace, Long Chen felt a burst of pain in his heart. Although Tang Wan-er was normally fierce, her emotions toward him were completely sincere.

“You thought I had died? Didn’t I already say I would become a completely new and improved scoundrel? A scoundrel like me won’t die.” Long Chen laughed.

“You scoundrel, you damn scoundrel, you’re laughing?! You just don’t know, when we heard you were teleported to the Yin family, we felt like… the sky was collapsing.”

The Xuantian Supermonastery had first received the photographic jade of Long Chen killing Yin Wushang’s clone. Only later did they receive the photographic jade of Long Chen fighting Yin Wushang’s true body, and only then did they learn that Long Chen had been teleported to the Yin family’s ancestral land.

For this matter, Shui Wuhen had immediately rushed over to the Yin family’s ancestral land. But at that time, it had already been completely destroyed.

Back then, there had also been countless other experts examining the remains. Their deduction was that Long Chen had been killed by the Yin family, and the Mo family had come too late. That was why they had furiously destroyed the Yin family despite the consequences.

Exterminating an ancient family came with grievous consequences. The Mo family had provoked a disaster for themselves. They had hastily fled, not daring to show their tails.

This conclusion was extremely reasonable. If Long Chen had still been alive at that time, then no matter how stupid the Yin family was, they wouldn’t have fought to the end under the threat of the Mo Mountain Seal. 

They would have simply handed Long Chen over, and then the Mo family wouldn’t have destroyed the Yin family. That was because once the Yin family was destroyed, Mo Gate would no longer have a place to call home. Exterminating an ancient family would bring on the wrath of the Ancient Family Alliance. No matter how powerful the Mo family was, they wouldn’t be able to defend against such a powerful existence. They could only run.

Considering the consequences of destroying an ancient family, if Long Chen had been alive, how could the Mo family do something so crazy without care for the consequences?

So Shui Wuhen’s heart had immediately sunk. When she had returned to the supermonastery, she hadn’t said a single word to the Dragonblood Legion.

But just from her face, all their hearts had turned cold. It was just as Tang Wan-er said. The sky really was falling.

During the past few days, Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi had been crying the entire time. They were unable to accept this result. Now that Long Chen had returned, Tang Wan-er could only grab onto him and sob.

“Long Chen… I’m glad you could return… really, really glad…” Meng Qi also appeared in front of Long Chen.

However, her fairy-like face was covered with tears, and her voice was also choked with sobs.

“Sorry, I’ve caused you to worry.”

Long Chen reached out a hand and pulled Meng Qi into his embrace as well. Holding two tear-stained beauties in his embrace, smelling their fragrance, feeling their bodies quivering against his, Long Chen was filled with regret.

“Alright, there are too many people, and it’s not appropriate. Let’s wait until there’s no one around before we get affectionate.” Long Chen leaned down and whispered into their ears with a voice only they could hear.

Meng Qi immediately turned red and escaped from Long Chen’s embrace. As for Tang Wan-er, she immediately turned hostile, giving Long Chen a kick.

“Haha, no way, you really turn hostile faster than the flipping of a page.” Long Chen laughed, dodging Tang Wan-er’s kick.

Seeing Long Chen teasing the two women, Zhou Qingyi’s expression was cold. She hadn’t expected Long Chen to actually survive.

“Long Chen, what a hardy life you have. Congratulations, congratulations.” Zhou Qingyi’s facial muscles didn’t twitch, and her voice was full of hostility.

Long Chen turned to her and indifferently said, “Sorry I disappointed you. In this world, good people don’t die easily, and bad people don’t die easily either. Only those people who like to play with schemes and stab other people in the back are easily done for. Assistant monastery head Zhou, let me bless you with a long life. I’m sure you’ll have a lifespan of a hundred years.”

Zhou Qingyi’s expression sank. She had long since surpassed a hundred years of age. Saying she would have a lifespan of a hundred years was cursing her to have already died.

“Assistant monastery head Zhou, I’m sure you’ll have a lifespan of a hundred years.” At this moment, Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Yue Zifeng, and Li Qi joined in.

Zhou Qingyi turned ashen. Shui Wuhen’s expression was calm, but she was incredibly refreshed inside. 

Long Chen’s return caused the entire supermonastery to become excited. All the disciples treated Long Chen as an idol. For Zhou Qingyi to provoke Long Chen now, she really had been looking to be crapped on.

“Alright, to celebrate Long Chen’s escape from calamity, the supermonastery will hold a three-day feast! As for the matter of you ringing the wrong bell, I’ll wave it off. But if you do it again, you’ll immediately be expelled from the supermonastery! Everyone can disperse.” After saying that, Shui Wuhen ordered the grand formation be taken down, and then left just like that.

The disciples guarding the entrance went wild with joy. Their huge error had actually been forgiven so easily.

Zhou Qingyi’s expression was dark, and it was unknown what she was thinking, but she also left. The Dragonblood warriors surged forward.

“Alright, this isn’t the place to talk. Let’s go back.”

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er held Long Chen’s arms, with the Dragonblood warriors following behind them. In front of countless people’s fervent gazes, they returned to the Dragonblood Legion’s encampment.

This was a private territory the supermonastery had given to the first monastery. That was all set up by Shui Wuhen. For the Dragonblood Legion’s protection, she had set up a private space where outsiders were not allowed to disturb them.

From Tang Wan-er, Long Chen learned that after Long Chen had led Yin Wushang away, they had been sneak attacked several times by the Corrupt path on their journey.

However, those attacks hadn’t been very powerful. The Dragonblood Legion had slaughtered out a path for everyone to return to the supermonastery.

Only a few disciples died beneath the blades of the Corrupt path. The Corrupt path’s sudden attack this time had truly been large in scope. Over ten of the monasteries around the first monastery had been completely destroyed.

Furthermore, the path the first monastery’s disciples had fled seemed to have been in the Corrupt path’s calculations, as they had run into several ambushes.

“Where’s Elder Tu Fang?” asked Long Chen.

Everyone became silent, a mournful expression appearing on their faces. Long Chen’s heart sank. Elder Tu Fang had actually fallen.

Although Elder Tu Fang’s cultivation base hadn’t been high, he had been an incredibly righteous person. He was completely impartial, and he had won the respect of all the disciples.

His death filled their hearts with grief. Their sect leader Ling Yunzi had left. Elder Tu Fang had died. They had only been in the first monastery for a flash before it was destroyed. That kind of feeling was truly uncomfortable.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long, the monastery head wants to see you.” A disciple suddenly ran over with a report.

Long Chen had everyone rest for now, and he left by himself to Shui Wuhen’s room. As soon as he entered, Shui Wuhen grabbed his collar.

“You little brat, I really should give you a beating.” Shui Wuhen glared ferociously at Long Chen. But after saying that, her heart softened and she rebuked, “Do you know just how the past few days have felt for us?”

“Hehe, junior brother was wrong to make big sister worry.” Seeing a grand sect leader talk like this to him, Long Chen truly felt like Shui Wuhen treated him as a brother. His heart warmed and he hastily smiled.

“Hehe? You’re still laughing? If you had agreed to join the supermonastery back then, wouldn’t you have been able to avoid all of this? Now, not only did you almost lose your life, but you’ve also implicated the Mo family. You, sigh... Just what am I supposed to say to you? You really are a troublemaker,” sighed Shui Wuhen.

Long Chen couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless. The Mo family had had to leave. Mo Yi had already said that even if it hadn’t been for the Lin and Yin families, they would still have left in the near future.

Ever since Mo Nian had merged with those Heavenly Dao seeds and become a Celestial, they had been planning on bringing Mo Nian away to their ancestral land and making Mo Nian continue their inheritance.

That inheritance was something only a Celestial had the qualifications to receive. And Mo Nian was not an ordinary Celestial. He had merged with two Heavenly Dao seeds, which had caused a mutation. The Mo family had already been getting impatient.

Long Chen’s matter had just been an opportunity for them. Before the Mo family left, they had wanted to go out with a bang. Otherwise, that wouldn’t be in accordance with Mo Yi’s style.

But Long Chen could only keep quiet about that information. So in front of Shui Wuhen’s rebukes, Long Chen could only smile, causing her to have an urge to rage.

“Speak, what exactly happened? How did you escape the Yin family? Did the Mo family save you?” asked Shui Wuhen.

“When did I go to the Yin family? I was wrapped around by some mysterious energy, and then there was a sudden spatial fluctuation which teleported me up in the sky. When I fell on the ground, I almost turned into a pancake. I had to spend several days recuperating, and then when I went to a nearby city, I heard that the Yin family had been destroyed. I hesitated for a while and then decided it was best to first return to the supermonastery. The outside world is too dangerous. So this loafer has finally returned.” Long Chen laughed.

Hearing this, Shui Wuhen couldn’t help but sigh. “If it’s as you say, then there won’t be any problems, and I’m much more relieved. Otherwise, I would have had to send you away.”

“What? Why?”

“You really need to ask? Do you not realize how much trouble you caused this time? An ancient family’s destruction will involve the Ancient Family Alliance. If they investigate, this matter will become much more serious. Why do you think Mo Gate had to flee? If you were saved by Mo Gate, then the Ancient Family Alliance would place their sights on you and force you to tell them Mo Gate’s whereabouts. That was the most thorny problem,” sighed Shui Wuhen. “In any case, just remember, no matter how they ask you, you know nothing about Mo Gate’s current situation. Understand?”


“Good. Then you can go rest. Go comfort those two little beauties of yours. They cried so much these past few days that even my heart broke.”

“If the little beauties need comforting, then does the big beauty also need it?”

“You little rascal! You dare tease me like this? You must be looking for a beating.”

“No, but don’t you think putting it like this makes you seem much younger?”

Long Chen laughed, and as a result, he was directly thrown out of Shui Wuhen’s room.

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