Chapter 610 Emotionally Moved (Teaser)

Seeing that familiar figure, the entire supermonastery was startled. That person had actually returned alive.

“Long Chen…”

A burst of fragrance blew over as a figure threw herself into Long Chen’s embrace, sobbing. A pair of fists beat his back.

“You scoundrel… we all thought… you…”

Tang Wan-er was constantly sobbing, not even able to form her words. She just tightly embraced Long Chen as if she was afraid he would run off as soon as she let go.

Seeing Tang Wan-er cry in his embrace, Long Chen felt a burst of pain in his heart. Although Tang Wan-er was normally fierce, her emotions toward him were completely sincere.

“You thought I had died? Didn’t I already say I would become a completely new and improved scoundrel? A scoundrel like me won’t die.” Long Chen laughed.

“You scoundrel, you damn scoundrel, you’re laughing?! You just don’t know, when we heard you were teleported to the Yin family, we felt like… the sky was collapsing.”

The Xuantian Supermonastery had first received the photographic jade of Long Chen killing Yin Wushang’s clone. Only later did they receive the photographic jade of Long Chen fighting Yin Wushang’s true body, and only then did they...

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