Chapter 609 Aftermath

Qingzhou City’s Mo family had disappeared, leaving behind only a huge hole. This ruler, which had dominated Qing Prefecture for countless years, had vanished into thin air.

Furthermore, there was a deep abyss in front of the Scorched Earth Forest. The souls of countless experts were buried within that abyss. Even two Sea Expansion experts had died there.

All of this caused huge waves in Qing Prefecture. No one knew what they should do now.

Originally, everyone had been waiting for news. But even after three days, the Mo family still hadn’t returned. After seven days, a shocking piece of news arrived: the Yin family’s ancestral land had been completely razed, and all their people had been killed.

That news didn’t just shake Qing Prefecture. Even the surrounding prefectures became chaotic. An enormous existence with an inheritance stretching back countless years had been exterminated just like that?

Just as people were debating the veracity of this news, an enormous carriage appeared in the air above Qingzhou City.

This carriage was pulled by four Celestial Horses. Celestial Horses were legendary Magical Beasts that reached the Xiantian realm when they matured. Their flying speed was incredibly fast, and this was the first time the people of Qingzhou City had seen such Magical Beasts.

These four three-hundred-meter horses released a terrifying pressure, and when their wings flapped, all of heaven and earth rumbled. The cultivators in the city were all pale, not daring to move.

A group of people came down from the carriage. They examined the Scorched Earth Desert as well as the Mo family’s old territory and then returned to the carriage, flying in the direction of the Yin family.

Once they left, people had only just had a chance to sigh with relief when the void trembled, and a huge eagle appeared. Its wingspan was over a mile long, and it was truly capable of shrouding the sun.

It circled around Qingzhou City once and then just left. No one even got a chance to see who was standing on the eagle’s back.

More and more experts came to Qingzhou City one after another. It was unknown what cultivation base those people had, but they all had flying Xiantian Magical Beasts that shocked the city’s cultivators.

However, these people had no interest in Qing Prefecture. After looking over the battlefield, they directly left in the direction of the Yin family.

Long Chen was riding on Little Snow’s back. They were galloping as fast as lightning across the land. Sitting in transportation formations would have saved them two days of time.

But Little Snow had stayed in the spiritual space for too long. This time, Little Snow was incomparably excited.

Although Little Snow had never complained, Long Chen felt deeply ashamed. Little Snow was his companion, not his tool. He needed his own freedom. Long Chen had been too selfish.

So this time, Long Chen was willing to sacrifice these two days for Little Snow to race around as much as he pleased and release some of his emotions.

Little Snow was currently at the late fifth rank. His speed was truly shocking. The sound of space being ripped apart rang out wherever he went. Even Long Chen felt pleasure in this high speed run, and his mood improved a great deal.

They ran into two powerful Xiantian Magical Beasts on their way, but Long Chen didn’t even need to raise a finger. Little Snow spat out a single wind blade to kill each one of those mid Xiantian Magical Beasts.

Those instant kills filled Long Chen with pride. Little Snow’s strength had already surpassed the scope of the Magical Beast world. He had originally just been a third rank Magical Beast but had broken through to the fifth rank and was even able to instantly kill across his realm. This was the terror of mutated Magical Beasts.

But Long Chen was also extremely worried. Meng Qi had told him that mutated Magical Beasts were not allowed by the Heavenly Daos. Little Snow would find it more and more difficult as he advanced.

If Little Snow’s cultivation base simply stopped at the fifth rank, there would be no danger. But Little Snow’s cultivation speed didn’t show the slightest sign of slowing down even after reaching the fifth rank. In fact, it seemed to be quickening.

The sixth rank was equivalent to the human Xiantian realm. That was one of the large barriers. It was also one of the major barriers that existed after every three realms within the martial path.

Qi Condensation, Blood Condensation, and then Tendon Transformation were the first three. Tendon Transformation was a large barrier and very difficult to reach. But once you reached it, your strength would explosively grow.

That was also why Long Chen had been able to dominate Blood Condensation experts back in Phoenix Cry, but when he had fought the Tendon Transformation Marquis Yin for the first time, he had been forced to miserably flee.

In the same way—of Bone Forging, Meridian Opening, and Xiantian—the Xiantian realm was a major barrier and extremely so.

This was the most important process for transforming from Houtian to Xiantian. There was a qualitative difference.

Most importantly, no matter who it was, no matter how untalented they were, they would have to undergo the baptism of heavenly tribulation.

As a mutated Magical Beast, the heavens had sent down tribulation for Little Snow even when he had only advanced to the fifth rank. Although that heavenly tribulation hadn’t been as terrifying as Long Chen’s, the destructive aura had clearly been trying to kill him. It was no baptism.

Once Little Snow reached the sixth rank, his heavenly tribulation would definitely be incredibly terrifying. Little Snow’s strength lay in his offense, not his defense. If it hadn’t been for Long Chen, Little Snow would have already died to his last heavenly tribulation.

Furthermore, Long Chen had no confidence in being able to block Little Snow’s tribulation. That was why he had Little Snow suppress his cultivation base.

However, that hadn’t been the slightest bit effective. No matter how they tried, Little Snow’s cultivation base refused to be suppressed. In just a few months, Little Snow would reach the Xiantian realm.

“No matter what, I will be there to help you block it.”

Riding on Little Snow’s back, looking at the scenery flying by them, Long Chen was suddenly filled with a grand feeling. Wasn’t it just heavenly tribulation? If the two of them were both expelled by the Heavenly Daos, then they would properly play with these damn heavens.

Along with Mo Nian, Mu Xue and the others had also gone. They were forcibly taken away by Mo Yi. One reason was for their benefit, and the other reason was for Long Chen’s benefit. He didn’t want to see them being used against him again.

Mo Yi promised that he would release Mu Xue and the others after three years. Mo Gate would groom them with its full strength. That was definitely thousands of times better than being mercenaries.

Although he expressed his good intentions, Mo Yi had also expressed that Mu Xue had no choice. Whether or not she agreed, she had to do this.

It was a good thing Mu Xue was also an extremely reasonable person. She empathized with Mo Yi and Long Chen’s plights, and she expressed that she was extremely excited to receive such a great opportunity. But Long Chen knew she didn’t care about this grooming.

Otherwise, with Mu Xue’s talent, she could join any sect and receive much better grooming than as a mercenary. The Muxue Mercenary Unit cared more about their freedom than anything else. Mu Xue’s happy and excited act was just to comfort Long Chen.

Long Chen had no choice but to sigh. People were really unable to act as they pleased. Sometimes having emotions caused more pain than being emotionless. Sometimes, being emotionless allowed a person to be much more carefree.

Finally, Long Chen saw distant mountains with mist surrounding them. He had arrived at the Xuantian Supermonastery.

“Who’s there? Stop! This place is- Elder Long Chen!” The dozen disciples guarding the entrance had just been about to interrogate Long Chen when they recognized him.

“Greetings, Elder Long Chen!” The disciples all hastily bowed, filled with reverence and worship.

Three days ago, the monastery head had gathered everyone and shown them a certain scene.

There were two parts. The first part was the battle where Long Chen had killed Yin Wushang’s clone, and the second part was where Long Chen had defeated Yin Wushang’s true body.

Seeing how powerful Long Chen was, all the disciples and Elders had felt their blood boiling.

At the same time, they also felt a great deal of glory. Being a member of the Xuantian Supermonastery just like Long Chen made them feel extremely proud.

For an ordinary cultivator to defeat a Celestial of the same realm, just how shocking was that?

“Elder Long Chen, you’re still alive! Great!”

Back when Long Chen had been forcibly teleported by the Yin family’s expert, there were only a few people who thought Long Chen would be able to escape alive.

Later, when news that the Yin family had been destroyed spread, many guessed that Long Chen had already died, which was why Mo Gate had released their fury on the Yin family.

Now seeing Long Chen alive in front of them, these disciples were incredibly moved.

One of the disciples hastily raised a hammer and smashed it into the bell by his side. The sound of the bell rang throughout the entire supermonastery.

“Are you crazy?! That’s the alarm bell! I’m not an attacker!” Long Chen jumped in fright. Had he somehow become an enemy of the supermonastery?

“Fuck, I hit the wrong one!” That disciple was filled with regret.

There were two bells. Their sounds were completely different. One was used for receiving important guests, alerting the supermonastery’s experts to come out and greet them for courtesy. 

But the other was the alarm bell. That bell was already slightly rusted, because it seemed this bell had never been rung up until now.

Seeing that Long Chen had returned, that disciple had been incredibly excited, and this huge of a matter was something he had to alert the whole supermonastery about. That would lift the entire mood of the supermonastery.

As a result though, he had mixed up the positions of the two bells, directly ringing the alarm bell.

Now, the entire supermonastery was thrown into chaos. The void trembled, and countless runes appeared in the sky. A translucent barrier appeared over the entire supermonastery.

Long Chen also heard countless startled cries, as experts surged out in a huge army.

“Who dares barge into my Xuantian Supermonastery?!”

A cold cry rang out. Long Chen helplessly sighed as he recognized that to be Shui Wuhen’s voice.

“I’m doomed, absolutely doomed. I’m going to be expelled from the supermonastery.” The disciple that had rung the bell almost cried. He had truly caused a huge disaster.

Even the grand formation had been activated. That cost an ocean’s worth of spirit stones. Thinking of that, he had an urge to just directly kill himself.

As for the other disciples, they were also ashen. Considering this gross error, it would not be odd for them to be expelled as well.

“Long Chen… you’re still alive!”

Shui Wuhen appeared in the sky with her wings. When she saw Long Chen, even with her calm nature, her voice quivered slightly.

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