Chapter 608 Returning From a Long Journey (Teaser)

After rushing for over a day, Long Chen finally found the tracks that Little Snow had left behind. This was where Little Snow had been teleported.

This was already extremely far from the Yin family’s ancestral land. Following the tracks Little Snow had left behind for over a day, he finally arrived at a small city. 

Long Chen found his family in an inn. Within the entire inn, the only guests were the Long family.

That was because as soon as Little Snow had come, the other guests had all fled in terror. This place was just a small city, and the population didn’t exceed a hundred thousand. Even the Tendon Transformation realm was considered extremely powerful while Bone Forging experts were peerless. How could they have ever seen a fifth rank Magical Beast?

When Long Tianxiao had arrived on Little Snow’s back, even the manager of the inn had been prepared to run. Little Snow’s aura was just too terrifying.

He directly told Long Tianxiao that he could pick whatever room he wanted. If Long Tianxiao hadn’t comforted him, the manager would have long since fled.

Seeing Long...

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