Chapter 607 Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art

“Let me see your saber,” said Mo Yi.

Long Chen hastily handed over Blooddrinker. A trace of warmth appeared in Mo Yi’s eyes. This was true trust.

Mo Yi gently rubbed this saber. The saber was red as blood as if it had been made out of blood. It was filled with the aura of slaughter.

Mo Yi’s hand suddenly trembled. A cut appeared on the finger he had used to rub the blade.

“Hehe, it really is an amazing weapon. It actually refuses to allow others to touch it,” laughed Mo Yi. He handed Blooddrinker back to Long Chen. “This saber’s spirit is still sleeping. The power it has offered you is its most instinctual power, as it’s unable to connect with you. You have to think of a way to nourish it. If you can awaken the spirit one day, you’ll be able to release its full power.”

Long Chen’s heart pounded wildly as he looked at Blooddrinker. This was a gift from the barbarian race expert, but it had also been entrusted to him. He hadn’t expected it to be so terrifying.

Up to now, the only feeling Blooddrinker had expressed to Long Chen was an urge to slaughter. It seemed it was possible to nourish it with the blood of experts.

Previously, Long Chen had felt a slight mental connection with Blooddrinker. But now it had disappeared. Could it be that after killing those Sea Expansion experts, Blooddrinker had reached a saturation point and needed to rest?

“Long Chen, you should keep the strength of this saber hidden in the future. Don’t use it normally. As soon as this saber clashes with another Treasure item, it will instantly expose its power. So be careful. If you don’t need to use it, don’t. Such a treasure would make countless people greedy. The open spear is easy to dodge, but the hidden arrow is hard to defend against. Do your best not to reveal it. Be cautious, and then be even more cautious,” warned Mo Yi.

“Thank you for your teachings,” said Long Chen.

“Alright, time’s about up. Say your goodbyes to Mo Nian. Perhaps it’ll be many years before you ever see each other again.

Seeing the huge city disappear into the sky, Long Chen felt a sense of loss, as well as a slight sense of helplessness.

This was cultivation, this was life. Everyone had their own troubles. Even an existence as powerful as the Mo family, even with that powerful killing tool, the Mo Mountain Seal, they still had to flee miserably. It really made a person sigh with emotion.

Back when he left Phoenix Cry, he had become a true cultivator. Long Chen had felt extremely satisfied with himself back then. As a Blood Condensation expert, he had swept through his enemies in Phoenix Cry. Just how impressive was that?

But now, he had already reached Meridian Opening. As his cultivation base grew, his enemies also grew stronger. He still felt like he was not the master of his own fate. In fact, he no longer felt the slightest sense of safety. Stronger. He had to get stronger.

“Senior, are you still there?”

Once Long Chen left the Yin family’s ancestral land and had traveled for a few hours, he felt it was safe enough to slow down. He yelled into his soul.

“I am.”

“This time, it’s all thanks to your help. You saved my family and also saved my life. No matter what you want, I definitely won’t hesitate,” said Long Chen.

“Even if I want you to exterminate heaven and earth, becoming enemies with gods, you’d still be willing?” This was just a spiritual fluctuation. There was no emotion in the voice.

“I’d be willing.”

That voice was silent for a moment before saying, “I’ve kept watch on you for a long time. Originally, your life and death had nothing to do with me. But today, you’ve made me feel slightly moved: you are an idiot.”


“An idiot like you really hasn’t appeared in a long time. You’re an idiot who cares about emotions and relationships. So I helped you out this time. However, it comes with a price.”

“As long as I, Long Chen, can accomplish it, I definitely won’t even frown.”

“The current you is still too weak, much, much, too weak. Close your eyes.”

“If I close my eyes, I’ll crash into a tree.” Long Chen hesitated.

“Can’t you stop for a moment? It won’t take too long.”

Long Chen stopped and closed his eyes.

“Alright, now open your eyes.”

When Long Chen opened his eyes, he found that he was within the boundless cosmos. Endless stars twinkled around him, and he couldn’t help being indescribably shocked.

“This is my viewpoint. Do you see that star field up ahead?”

“That lump of paste with countless sesame seeds?” asked Long Chen.

“That’s where you are. You are within one of those sesame seeds.”


Long Chen’s heart pounded fervently. The world he was in was actually so small. Just what kind of figure was the master of this voice?

“I’m showing you this so you know the difference between us. Your current strength is unable to help me. You have to quickly become stronger and break through the restrictions of your world. At that time, you might have the qualifications to help me.”

“That… will probably take a very long time.” Long Chen gulped.

“How long is a very long time?”

“Probably several decades, or perhaps even a few centuries?”

What kind of joke was this? His own world was just a sesame seed. The master of this voice was definitely a terrifying existence.

Thinking of how strong he’d have to become to help such an existence, Long Chen didn’t have the slightest confidence. He even wanted to say that it would take him a few centuries, but he hadn’t been able to say such a thing.

“Decades? Centuries? Those are time units of your world. Where I am, time is measured by star cycles, the time it takes for a star to be born and then destroyed.

“I’ve been here, watching the stars before me die, be reborn, and then die again, for I don’t even know how long. Your units mean nothing to me.

“Furthermore, I only helped you out randomly. I don’t have any high hopes. You can just treat it as me being bored. After all, we have a destiny together, or my reverse scale wouldn’t have landed in your hands.”

“What? This reverse scale is yours?”

“Correct. That is the result of my first molting when I was born. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to even sense you.”

“Your first molting… when you were born?! You are a true dragon?” Long Chen's voice shuddered slightly. This world truly did possess the existence known as the true dragon.

“When I was born, all my scales were green, so the outer world called me a green dragon. But we’re only called green dragons for our childhood.

“So the energy you could use was merely the power I had in my childhood. But your cultivation technique is very strange, and it was actually able to fix my green dragon strength in place. It only allows you to use a portion of that energy. Perhaps it is trying to protect you.

“But this will not allow you to draw out more of the green dragon’s power. Otherwise, just now, you would have been able to kill your opponent instantly. However, at the same time, your body wouldn’t be able to bear that much power and would explode.”

Hearing that, Long Chen’s heart pounded. The green dragon, which in human terms was just a baby, already possessed such power.

Just what kind of existence was the dragon race? Long Chen was confident in his powerful physical body, but compared to dragons, he had to admit defeat even to a newborn. That was a great blow to his self-confidence.

“For you to put it like this, I really feel like I’m a piece of trash,” sighed Long Chen.

“Your physical body really is trash. But your cultivation technique is very special. It’s actually able to keep a certain amount of control over my green dragon strength. Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to completely change your fate.

“There’s not much time left. The energy I sent down this time is about to fade. I will transmit a cultivation technique of my dragon race to you. If you really are heaven-defying enough, perhaps you can cultivate in it.

“But if you aren’t able to cultivate in it, then just act as if I never appeared, because that means you will never be able to help me.” After the voice finished speaking, a large flood of information poured into Long Chen’s head.

Long Chen felt like his head was about to split. He collapsed on the ground, clenching his head. The pain lasted for an incense stick’s worth of time before receding. He was completely pale and covered with sweat.

“The pain of the soul really is indescribable. It’s ten thousand times the pain of the physical body,” sighed Long Chen. He finally experienced just how painful spiritual pain was.

Only after resting for a while did Long Chen flip through his memories to find a large amount of information in the form of a cultivation technique.

“Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art.”

Long Chen carefully studied it. Using dragon blood to temper the physical body was extremely dangerous.

There were two requirements to train in this technique. One was that you had the essence blood of a dragon, and the other was that you had one thousand catties of strength.

The dragon race expert had told Long Chen that his reverse scale only had a single drop of essence blood for Long Chen to use. Furthermore, this essence blood contained his spiritual memory, and it wouldn’t fight back when Long Chen refined it.

As for the thousand catties of strength, that meant that the physical body could endure one thousand catties of force. This was something Long Chen had long since achieved. One catty was thirty pounds, so one thousand catties was just thirty thousand pounds. That was too easy for Long Chen.

But he kept feeling like something was wrong. If he could so easily refine the green dragon essence blood, how was it that he had been unable to use even one ten thousandth of the green dragon’s strength?

“What the fuck, I almost got killed!”

Long Chen suddenly clapped his own leg. The cultivation technique the dragon race expert had given him had been transmitted with immortal characters. But being afraid that Long Chen wouldn’t understand it all, the dragon had also added in its own notations.

One of those notations said that the catty referred to in this cultivation technique was not the current catty, but the immortal era’s catty. And the immortal era’s catty was equivalent to… three hundred thousand pounds.

Thinking of that, Long Chen became covered in a cold sweat. Three hundred thousand pounds a catty… so then one thousand catties would be three hundred million pounds!

With his current strength, although he hadn’t tested it, he estimated it should be around twenty million pounds. Twenty million and three hundred million… the difference was truly immense.

If Long Chen had just foolishly absorbed the green dragon essence blood, then it would be strange if he didn’t immediately explode.

Such a death would really be too stupid. But today, Long Chen had seen a vaster sky for himself, and he was filled with expectations.

“I can only set this matter aside for now. Without stepping into the Xiantian realm, refining the green dragon essence blood is just impossible. I should first go see my parents.”

Long Chen switched directions, rushing in the direction the dragon race expert had shown him. That was where it had transported Little Snow.

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