Chapter 606 Killing the Yin Family’s Patriarch

The Yin family’s patriarch was in the midst of chasing Long Chen. He was extremely anxious as he had already used several of his limited attacks to try and kill Long Chen. Now, he only had two more chances.

If he still wasn’t able to kill Long Chen, then not only would the spirit of the Jade Sea Gold Bell fall into a slumber, but he himself might also be killed by Long Chen.

Just now, he had seen cracks appear on Long Chen’s body, but they had miraculously healed instantly. That made him feel some terror at his power. So with these last two attacks, he had to kill Long Chen in one hit.

What he didn’t know was that Long Chen had already run out of energy. All the trees in the primal chaos space had withered. If he was struck once more, he would definitely die.

The thing that made him the most vexed was the fact that there was endless energy within the green dragon image in his divine ring, but he was unable to use it. It was like he was a beggar that was starving to death as he sat on a mountain of gold.

The Yin family’s patriarch’s hesitation had ended up helping Long Chen survive. Otherwise, with one more attack, Long Chen would immediately be exposed.

Just as Long Chen thought he was doomed, he heard Mo Nian’s grandiose chanting, and he was filled with delight.

As the patriarch and Long Chen had been fleeing and chasing while calculating against the other with all their might, they had been totally oblivious to a monstrous existence approaching them.

When the patriarch saw the Mo Mountain Seal, he immediately turned pale with terror.

That was especially so when he saw Mo Yi forming hand seals to attack. His soul practically fled in fear.

But Mo Yi’s large arrow was like a god’s arrow, and there was no way for him to dodge.

Clenching his teeth, the patriarch slammed his hands on the Jade Sea Gold Bell, instantly activating all of its energy to form a huge shield around him.


The Jade Sea Gold Bell actually broke with a single attack. The patriarch vomited blood wildly as he fell to the ground.


A blood-red saber had long since been waiting for him on the ground. It pierced through his body until he landed on the hilt. Long Chen icily looked at the Yin family’s patriarch.

The patriarch seemed to have lost all his bones as he lay there limply. The attack from the Mo Mountain Seal had not only broken the Jade Sea Gold Bell, but it had also sent the patriarch halfway to his grave. His bones had been turned to powder, and his meridians had been broken. He was already a cripple.

“Long Chen… just wait… even in death… I will turn into a ghost… I won’t… let… you… off…”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

A powerful force surged through Long Chen’s saber, directly turning the Yin family’s patriarch into a bloody mist.

Seeing that the Yin family’s patriarch had been killed, all the Mo family’s experts felt a chill. Just what kind of monster was Long Chen?

“Hahaha, Long Chen, you’re still alive! You’re lucky your brother made it on time and saved you… hey, what’s wrong?” Mo Nian had rushed over—immensely pleased with himself—when Long Chen suddenly sat on the ground, his face pale as paper.

“This is from overdrafting his strength. The burden placed on his physical body surpassed his body’s limits. It’s nothing too big. In fact, it’s a good thing. Once he recovers, his strength will rise another level,” said Mo Yi. He was filled with shock as he looked at Long Chen.

Although Long Chen had put away his divine ring, the dragon image in his divine ring had still made Mo Yi feel shocked. It had made him feel a reverence that came from the depths of his soul.

At the same time, he realized why the Yin family’s ancestral land had been turned into an immense basin. It had all been done by Long Chen.

Even with the patriarch personally taking action, they had been unable to subdue Long Chen. In fact, he had summoned the Jade Sea Gold Bell but still had allowed Long Chen to flee for tens of thousands of miles. It could be seen just how powerful Long Chen had been back then.

Long Chen was definitely not human. He had to be a monster. For a single human to destroy an entire ancient family, that was definitely heaven-defying.

“Gate master, this is the Yin family’s patriarch’s spatial ring, as well as the fragments of the Jade Sea Gold Bell.” An expert from the Mo family ran over and handed two rings to Mo Yi.

Originally, the Jade Sea Gold Bell could not be stored in a spatial ring. But now that it had been destroyed, its fragments could be stored.

“Long Chen, these are your battle spoils,” smiled Mo Yi, handing them to Long Chen.

Long Chen was supported by Mo Nian and stood up. He felt like his whole body might fall apart at any moment. He shook his head. “This is all your work. Otherwise, I would have long since died. How could I want any battle spoils? How about you just give me the fragments of the Jade Sea Gold Bell. Perhaps I might have some use for them.”

Long Chen really was unable to accept both rings. He only took the one with the fragments.

“The Jade Sea Gold Bell was a Treasure item. But after its destruction, along with the passing of its spirit, it’s just a bunch of scrap metal. It can be remelted and refined into some precious materials, but it’s pretty much useless to you. You don’t have the ability to refine such high grade materials.” Mo Yi frowned, wanting to switch with Long Chen.

It had to be known that the Yin family’s patriarch was the leader of an entire ancient family. His spatial ring most likely contained almost half of the Yin family’s total wealth.

“Don’t be as unreasonable as me. Fighting over something like this is foolish.” Long Chen bitterly smiled.

“Alright, being called unreasonable by a little fellow like you really is a first for me. If this brat Mo Nian dared do so, this old man would slap him so hard into a wall that he couldn’t even be extracted,” said Mo Yi.

“Fuck, why do you have to pull me into this?” raged Mo Nian.

Mo Yunshan and the others laughed. The Mo family’s temperament was just like this.

“Come, let’s go back to the Yin family’s ancestral land and see what he can dig up,” said Mo Yi.

“Uh… why bother? The people have already been killed, and the enmity has already been avenged. There’s no need to rob their graves,” said Long Chen. It seemed Mo Yi was even more ruthless than him.

“What graves? The Yin family definitely has an underground storagehouse. It shouldn’t have been destroyed.”

If Mo Yi didn’t see how weak Long Chen currently was, he would definitely have to give him a beating. How could he, the leader of a grand sect, possibly do something as morally wrong as robbing graves?

Two hours later, they really did find a treasury beneath the Yin family’s ancestral land. There were layers of restrictions that had to be removed.

“Hahaha, not bad. The resources we lost to activate the Mo Mountain Seal can all be compensated, and there should still be quite the profit afterward.” When Mo Yi entered the treasury, he couldn’t help but laugh. He handed this matter to Mo Yunshan and left with Long Chen, not allowing anyone else to approach them.

Long Chen didn’t know why Mo Yi would do something so out of character. When had something so serious happened?

Mo Yi and Long Chen entered Mo Gate. Mo Yi found a private room for them and then said, “This time, Mo Gate will be moving locations. Do you want to come with us?”

“Why are you moving?” Long Chen was startled.

“Because the battle this time has revealed the existence of the Mo Mountain Seal. In truth, our Mo Gate was once an ancient family. Due to being pushed aside and entrapped by others inside the Ancient Family Alliance, we withdrew from the alliance. But there are still people who covet our Mo Mountain Seal, and they sent those brats to test us,” said Mo Yi.

Hearing this, Long Chen felt incredibly apologetic. Previously, Mo Yi had already told him how he had unleashed the divine might of the Mo Mountain Seal to eradicate his enemies in the Scorched Earth Forest. Long Chen knew it was because of him that the Mo family had exposed the existence of the Mo Mountain Seal.

“Child, you don’t need to think too much. The Mo Mountain Seal would have been exposed sooner or later.

“If someone should be thanking the other, it should be my Mo family that thanks to you. Mo Nian finally found his own path. That’s our Mo family’s greatest gain and it’s because of you. Mo Nian is the only hope of my Mo family rising.

“I’m planning on bringing Mo Nian back to the Mo clan’s ancestral land to see if he can obtain our ancestral inheritance. If he succeeds, then in less than three years, our Mo family will properly settle our accounts with those bastards that pushed us out in the first place.

“We’re going to immediately leave Qing Prefecture. So I need to know if you want to leave with us. The current you is in a dangerous position, and that’s not favorable for your cultivation. Staying with us should be the smartest choice for you,” said Mo Yi gravely.

Right now, Long Chen was being stared at from all angles. Countless people would guess he had received a heaven-defying opportunity in the Jiuli secret realm for him to have his current power.

The Yin family was a good example. They had been willing to commit all sorts of crimes to target him. This time, Long Chen had been saved by Mo Gate, but who would save him the next time?

Could he live in seclusion? Long Chen bitterly smiled. He knew that Mo Yi’s suggestion was the smartest choice for him, but his intuition told him he wasn’t able to do that. He might be able to live in seclusion, but what about the others?

He wasn’t just one person. He still had that many brothers, many beauties, and now even his father, his mother, and his little sister. He couldn’t leave them.

“Sorry. I can’t leave,” said Long Chen.

Mo Yi sighed, seeming to have long since expected this answer.

He knew Long Chen wouldn’t give up those people, but he also couldn’t wait while Long Chen gathered them all because the Mo Mountain Seal had already been exposed. Back when the Mo clan left the Ancient Family Alliance, they had split into dozens of different branches.

Their enemies hadn’t been sure which branch had the Mo Mountain Seal. But now that it had been exposed, once their enemies received the news, they would immediately rush over. So they had to leave right now.

The Mo family’s enemies were so strong that they were beyond Long Chen’s imagination. That was why Mo Yi had patiently waited for this day. Now that Mo Nian had begun to rise, the Mo family was not going to continue waiting.

“Since you don’t want to leave with us, let me tell you a few things. Listen closely.

“In a bit, I will activate the Mo Mountain Seal again and smash it into the Yin family’s ancestral land, leaving behind the aura of the Mo Mountain Seal.

“As for you, you never managed to reach this place. That teleportation talisman was too old and had become defective. Halfway through, it ejected you from the spatial channel. Do you understand?”

Long Chen nodded. Mo Yi was planning on bearing the consequences for the destruction of the Yin family himself. Long Chen was incredibly grateful.

“Good. Then let’s talk about that saber you have. Are you aware that your blood-red saber is also a Treasure weapon and an extremely terrifying one at that?”

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