Chapter 605 Jade Sea Gold Bell (Teaser)

Long Chen crawled up from the ground. His hair was a mess, and his body was covered in blood. His robes had been completely destroyed, and even his pants were mostly gone. There was only a single strip that waved in the wind, appearing extremely carefree.

“A single attack broke the majority of my bones. How terrifying. If it hadn’t been for the primal chaos bead, then even with the Green Dragon Possession, I’d have still died.”

Long Chen was shocked inside. At the same time, he thanked his foresight in having planted countless large trees in the primal chaos space. A vast amount of life energy instantly healed him. 

Celestials had their Heavenly Dao Recovery. That was already completely monstrous, but the primal chaos bead wasn’t at all inferior.

Their Heavenly Dao Recovery required a few seconds to heal. But Long Chen’s recovery was almost instantaneous.

Furthermore, other than attacks from Celestials who were supported by the Heavenly Daos, any other injuries healed easily. 

That terrifying attack only took a tenth...

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