Chapter 605 Jade Sea Gold Bell

Long Chen crawled up from the ground. His hair was a mess, and his body was covered in blood. His robes had been completely destroyed, and even his pants were mostly gone. There was only a single strip that waved in the wind, appearing extremely carefree.

“A single attack broke the majority of my bones. How terrifying. If it hadn’t been for the primal chaos bead, then even with the Green Dragon Possession, I’d have still died.”

Long Chen was shocked inside. At the same time, he thanked his foresight in having planted countless large trees in the primal chaos space. A vast amount of life energy instantly healed him. 

Celestials had their Heavenly Dao Recovery. That was already completely monstrous, but the primal chaos bead wasn’t at all inferior.

Their Heavenly Dao Recovery required a few seconds to heal. But Long Chen’s recovery was almost instantaneous.

Furthermore, other than attacks from Celestials who were supported by the Heavenly Daos, any other injuries healed easily. 

That terrifying attack only took a tenth of the primal chaos space’s life energy. This gave Long Chen a large boost in confidence.

“Old fogey, I’ll reunite you with your family.”

Long Chen raised Blooddrinker, shooting forward at the still shocked patriarch.

The Yin family’s patriarch blocked Long Chen’s saber, but then he vomited three mouthfuls of blood due to the backlash from the natural laws.

However, Long Chen was still as strong as before. The difference between them immediately widened.


He felt like he was going crazy. Long Chen was just a rookie. In terms of age, the two couldn’t even be compared.

But now that he had even taken the risk of a backlash to use his strongest attack, Long Chen still wasn’t injured at all. He looked at him like he was a ghost.

“Old ghost, get going!”

After sending the patriarch flying back, Long Chen raised his left hand and shot out a lightning arrow.

The patriarch was caught off-guard, not expecting Long Chen to have long-range attacks like this. Furthermore, his attack was too fast, reaching him in an instant. He hastily dodged to the side.

The sound of bones breaking rang out. The lightning had shattered his shoulder, causing his left arm to leave the rest of his body. But he had managed to save his head.

The patriarch let out a mournful shriek. It had already been countless years since he had received a physical injury.


When Long Chen had sent out that lightning arrow, he hadn’t had any expectations of it killing him. So at the same time as he had shot it out, he had also sprung into action, appearing like a phantom on the patriarch’s right, his saber slashing down.

His timing and angle could only be described as perfect. He didn’t give the patriarch any time to counterattack.

This attack definitely could kill the patriarch. But Long Chen’s heart suddenly pounded, and his scalp turned numb. A sensation of death filled him.

Although he didn’t know what was going on, Long Chen immediately gave up on attacking, releasing countless saber-images before him to form a defense.

Suddenly, the void trembled intensely, and a bell appeared out of nowhere, smashing into Long Chen.


Long Chen shot down like a meteorite, smashing into the ground. He cut a ditch dozens of miles long before coming to stop.

He hacked up a mouthful of blood along with broken pieces of his organs. He felt like his whole body was about to collapse.

Quickly healing, he looked up to see that a three-meter-tall golden bell had appeared in the air.

Runes completely covered this large existence, and its golden light shone brilliantly. Its appearance caused even the void to shudder.

“To kill a Meridian Opening brat, I actually have to use our ancestral Jade Sea Gold Bell. How laughable.” The patriarch stood atop the bell with a self-mocking expression. “This Jade Sea Gold Bell is a Treasure item left behind by my Yin family’s ancestors. However, because it was injured, its spirit has to be constantly nourished. It was in a critical period just now, yet I had no choice but to summon it because of you. Long Chen, you’ve wasted tens of thousands of years of my Yin family’s work. Just how should I thank you?”

The Yin family’s patriarch stood above the bell, staring down at Long Chen with his scarlet eyes, looking just like a Magical Beast staring at its prey.

“How should you thank me? If you really want to, you can smash your head against that bell, kill yourself, and then give that bell to me.” Long Chen slowly stood up, putting on a new set of robes.

That was because after the previous attack, the only thing remaining on Long Chen’s body was some underpants. Fighting bare skin might be able to reduce air resistance, but Long Chen really wasn’t accustomed to fighting like that.

“Give it to you? Haha, I’ll give it to you right now!”

The patriarch suddenly laughed crazily. It was unknown what secret technique he used, but the arm Long Chen had severed regrew, and forming a hand seal, the Jade Sea Gold Bell rumbled.

The runes carved into the bell began to shine, their light merging together and turning into a ray of golden light that shot at Long Chen.

That light was blinding and glaring. It had a diameter of three hundred meters and brought with it an annihilative aura. It was incredibly fast, and its size made it so Long Chen had no chance of dodging.

Long Chen blocked with his full strength, but he was still sent flying by its terrifying power. However, Long Chen hadn’t just foolishly taken it head-on, instead using his full strength to divert the attack slightly.

As a result, he wildly vomited blood and his body almost fell apart. Wherever the light passed, the land was destroyed. An endless canyon formed in the ground.

“Too monstrous. There’s simply no way to beat him.”

Long Chen sucked in a cold breath of air. It was fortunate he hadn’t just taken it head-on, as just the outer strength had injured him so heavily. Taking it head-on would have been definite death.

That Jade Sea Gold Bell’s power was practically apocalyptic. Long Chen had never seen such a terrifying weapon.

“Time to slip away.”

Long Chen made the wisest decision. Such strength had already surpassed the scope of his understanding, and continuing to fight was just stupid. Activating the Netherworld Ghost Steps, he was like a phantom as he sped away.

Long Chen was truly not a greedy person. He decided this battle could end like this. Even though he hadn’t cut down the Yin family’s patriarch, he didn’t feel any regret. Once he cultivated some more, he would go find him again.

“You want to run? Keep dreaming!”

The patriarch roared and formed a hand seal. The Jade Sea Gold Bell shook and then flew toward Long Chen quickly, catching up in an instant.

Under the control of the patriarch, another ray of golden light shot out of the bell.

This time, Long Chen was prepared. As soon as that golden light began to gather, he began accumulating energy. The instant the bell’s aura locked him down, he slashed out his saber, breaking the lock and dodging to the side.

The golden light missed and it caused the patriarch to fly into a rage.

He had no idea how Long Chen could break out of the lock of the Jade Sea Gold Bell. Let alone a Meridian Opening rookie, even a Sea Expansion expert wouldn’t be able to do so.

The thing that made him the most furious was that the Jade Sea Gold Bell had been heavily injured after a huge battle in the past. It wasn’t able to release that many attacks in its current state. At most, it would be able to release ten more attacks before the item-spirit ran out of energy and would have to enter a slumber.

After tens of thousands of years of hard work from the Yin family, after exhausting endless resources, the item-spirit had been extremely close to suppressing its injury. Then it would be able to absorb spiritual qi to fully heal.

But during that time, it couldn’t be used without ruining all that work. That was why the patriarch hadn’t used the bell when Yin Wushang had still been alive.

Once Yin Wushang was killed, the Yin family’s inheritance was completely severed, and the patriarch descended into madness. No longer caring about any consequences, he directly activated the Jade Sea Gold Bell.

But even after three attacks, he was unable to kill Long Chen. The previous two attacks had clearly been extremely close to killing Long Chen, but he had somehow instantly healed. The patriarch was so furious; he felt like he was going to explode.

He didn’t know that Long Chen was grumbling inside. Over half the life energy in the primal chaos space had been used up. Long Chen could heal only five more times.

Despite having dodged this attack, he was still sent flying by the shockwave. Most sinister of all, the Yin family’s patriarch had directly used a second attack.

In midair, despite doing his best, Long Chen was at most able to avoid the core of the attack. But struck by the outer edge, Long Chen wildly vomited blood.

This time, his injuries were even more severe. He hastily healed with the primal chaos space and rushed away.

A large, black city arrived at the Yin family’s ancestral land. Seeing the huge basin, Mo Yi was filled with disbelief.

“Grandfather, are you sure this is the Yin family’s ancestral land?” asked Mo Nian.

“The earth is still fresh, and the aura of a battle has yet to scatter. Oh? There are fluctuations in that direction. Let’s hurry.” Mo Yi hastily sent the Mo Mountain Seal flying in a certain direction.

Tens of thousands of miles away, they saw a scene that made their jaws drop. Long Chen was fleeing in a miserable state, while the Yin family’s patriarch was standing atop the Jade Sea Gold bell as he crazily attacked.

“Long Chen… is still alive… This brat’s life really is hardy!” Mo Nian was delighted and he loudly shouted, “Long Chen, don’t be afraid! Your brother has come to save you! Ten years I wandered with my bow, my arrows causing heaven and earth to shake. The nine heavens, the ten lands, and all the universe will revolve around me. Only I, Mo Nian, will- aiya!”

Before he could finish, Mo Nian was kicked to the side by Mo Yi. Mo Yi’s aura completely erupted, and he formed a hand seal.

“Mo Mountain Heaven Collapsing Arrow!”

Countless runes lit up on the Mo Mountain Seal, and a huge black arrow shot straight at the Jade Sea Gold Bell.

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