Chapter 604 Soul Devouring Strike

Each time the Yin family’s patriarch had threatened him, Long Chen had cut off another part of Yin Wushang’s body. Now Long Chen icily looked at the Yin family’s patriarch while holding the only remaining part of Yin Wushang that was still attached to his body, his head.

However, as Yin Wushang was a Celestial, even though the only remaining part of him was his head, he still wouldn’t die immediately.

“Long Chen, calm down a bit. We can discuss this.” The patriarch forcibly suppressed his fury.


Yin Wushang suddenly let out a mournful cry. Long Chen had placed his finger on his forehead and was boring into his soul with a spiritual awl.

Having advanced to Meridian Opening, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was stronger than ever. Although he wasn’t a specialized soul cultivator, having been in contact with Meng Qi for so long, he had learned quite a few soul arts.

Because he didn’t have time to train in them, they were slightly lacking when it came to using them against opponents. But when it came to tormenting people, they were more than enough.

“Bastard… I’ve already admitted defeat! Quickly stop!” raged the patriarch.

He had lived for countless years. But this was his first time speaking so subserviently, and it was toward a little brat to top it off. The most infuriating thing to him was that Long Chen was still ignoring him, continuing to torment Yin Wushang.

“Your admission of defeat has nothing to do with me,” replied Long Chen icily. He increased his Spiritual Strength.


Yin Wushang’s mournful cry continued to resound throughout the world. He felt like millions of needles were stabbing into his soul. That kind of pain was enough to make him want to die.

But the pain of the soul was unrelated to the physical body. No matter how much he longed to, he was unable to pass out. He suddenly felt that death was an incredibly happy thing.

“Bastard, stop! What do you want?!” The Yin family’s patriarch was on the verge of exploding.

The Yin family’s millions of members had all been killed now. Their sole scion was Yin Wushang.

As for the patriarch, he was too old. Although his cultivation base had reached the peak of Sea Expansion, his essence qi had already declined. There was no way he could birth more progeny.

But Yin Wushang was in the springtime of his youth. As long as he found a few hundred wives for him, then several thousand years from now, the Yin family’s bloodline could be revived.

It could be said Yin Wushang was the sole hope of the Yin family now. So the patriarch had no choice but to suppress his hatred of Long Chen.

“What do I want? Shouldn’t I be the one asking you? You arrogant idiots, did you think yourselves as gods? I had nothing to do with your Yin family, but you forced me to this point. Now you want to ask me what I want?

“From Yin Wushuang to Han Tianyu and then to Yin Wushang, everything is because of your Yin family. First, you caused so many of my brothers to die in the Jiuli secret realm.

“Then in the Xuantian Monastery, you actually chased me down for thousands of miles, and then you even harmed those brothers of the Muxue Mercenary Unit.

“Now you’ve even placed your sights on my family. This is all because of your own greed. You vainly wanted my secrets.

“Don’t you feel embarrassed to ask me this now? Let me ask you, if you were me, what would you want?” Long Chen’s voice was extremely calm, but that calm contained endless grievance and it was much more frightening than a roar.

The patriarch’s heart sank. He was aware of Long Chen’s matters; however, Long Chen was just a small cultivator without any background. He had never placed him in his eyes.

When Yin Wushang had expressed his interest in Long Chen’s secrets, he had simply smiled slightly. In fact, he had encouraged him, saying that if he wanted to take action, he had to show the domineering side of the Yin family.

As a result, Yin Wushang’s actions had drawn a killing god to the Yin family. Of the Yin family, the only ones remaining were Yin Wushang and the patriarch. And from Long Chen’s attitude, it seemed Yin Wushang’s death was certain.

“Bastard, if you dare kill Wushang, I’ll exterminate your whole family!” roared the patriarch.

Long Chen didn’t reply to him. It was Yin Wushang’s miserable shriek that delivered him Long Chen’s answer. A ball of flames had appeared in Long Chen’s hand, roasting Yin Wushang.

That was the Earth Flame. After that full-strength attack just now, it had only just recovered this little bit of power, so now it wasn’t too strong nor was it too weak. It was just perfect to allow Yin Wushang to enjoy the feeling of being burned.

Furthermore, Yin Wushang’s soul was also being burned within the Earth Flame, truly pushing his suffering to the peak.

“Release Wushang!”

The patriarch roared and charged at Long Chen. His staff smashed down ferociously on him.

Long Chen didn’t dodge, nor did he block. He simply threw over Yin Wushang’s head.


The patriarch hastily pulled back his force. The reversal of his spiritual qi caused him to cough up a mouthful of blood.

“Long Chen!!!”

The patriarch roared furiously, seeming like an angry lion. His eyes practically spat flames.

“Are you angry? Haha, so even you know how to be angry. When you killed others, did you once bother with their anger? When you killed others, you simply felt yourselves to be a high and aloof ancient family, treating other humans simply as ants. A bout of fury from you caused rivers of blood to flow. Hehe, today, I’ll let you idiots know that in this world, there is no one that has absolute power. It was you people that pushed things to this point. I’ll take the place of these blind heavens to put you in your place.”

Long Chen’s expression was fierce, and with a furious roar, Yin Wushang’s head exploded; his soul erased.

In that instant, runes erupted into the air from Yin Wushang’s headless corpse. Those were his Heavenly Dao runes. Now that their master had died, these runes tried to return to heaven and earth.


Long Chen slashed his saber down on them. “You blind things, you want to be recycled and given to another idiot?”

His saber released a powerful fluctuation that completely destroyed all those Heavenly Daos runes.

Once they were destroyed, they were like snow on a hot day, quickly dissipating. As they faded from the air, they appeared in the primal chaos space, merging into that small tree.

Long Chen wasn’t able to pay attention to those small details. He was focused completely on the patriarch, as he sensed he was about to go berserk.

The patriarch was clenching his teeth, his eyes scarlet and his whole body quivering as if he was having a seizure. But his aura was climbing to a terrifying level.


He was like a crazy Magical Beast, his staff unleashing a fierce tempest of attacks.

Long Chen could only raise his saber to take them head-on. Powerful explosions rocked the world, and the ground seemed to turn liquid, constantly deforming from their exchanges.

Yin Wushang’s death had made the patriarch go completely insane because the Yin family’s inheritance was truly severed. Although there might be some more members of the Yin family in the outside world, those were not part of the main bloodline, and they were unable to continue their bloodline. The Yin family’s chances of surviving had been completely erased.

Long Chen’s saber released a bloody light as it fiercely defended against the patriarch’s full strength attacks. The wings on the patriarch’s back trembled, releasing berserk runes that possessed a heaven-shaking power. Each attack was incredibly powerful.

If Long Chen had been relying on his own strength, he wouldn’t be able to receive a single attack. He would have been directly smashed to smithereens. That was the terrifying power of Sea Expansion experts.

But the illusory green dragon behind Long Chen was giving him endless power. He was able to draw out as much power from this practically bottomless source as he wanted.

Unfortunately, Long Chen was unable to use much of this power. It was like he was using a cup to draw out the water of a huge sea. Compared to the green dragon, Long Chen’s own power was truly not worth anything.

However, this power still allowed Long Chen to fight against the Yin family’s patriarch without showing any signs of losing. That made him incomparably shocked.

He was currently adapting to using this terrifying strength. Even once this power faded, Long Chen’s physical body would still have strengthened a great deal.

“Die!” The patriarch roared, his staff releasing a blinding light as it smashed down on Long Chen. This attack was stronger than any of his previous blows.

Long Chen was startled as this attack had come out of nowhere. But he sensed that it posed a fatal danger to him.

What Long Chen didn’t know was that after entering the Sea Expansion realm, cultivators entered a different kind of level. Their techniques would no longer be called techniques, but called magical arts.

These so-called magical arts used the laws of heaven and earth. Compared to Battle Skills, there was an immense difference.

But these kinds of magical arts required a profound comprehension of the laws of the world. Furthermore, most terrifying of all, if magical arts were used even slightly wrong, it would cause a powerful backlash. The backlash of the world’s laws would cause a person’s body to explode.

When Long Chen had been fighting those two Sea Expansion experts previously, they didn’t dare use any magical arts because they were unable to control them properly, and they didn’t dare take that risk.

But by the time they thought that taking that risk would be worth it, it was already too late. Long Chen’s saber had killed them too fast. Most likely, the two of them were so furious at having been killed by Long Chen that they would die another time from rage.

The Yin family’s patriarch was able to rely on his core energy to control the laws of the world to unleash this heaven-shaking attack.

“Soul Devouring Strike!”

His staff lit up with countless runes, causing the void to turn turbulent, and it smashed down.

Long Chen’s heart sank. This attack was too terrifying, and he had never run into something like this. Tightly clenching Blooddrinker, he poured his energy into it.

“Split the Heavens!”


A world-shaking explosion rang out. Long Chen felt as if he had been smashed by a heavenly staff, and he vomited a mouthful of blood as he crashed into the ground.

A bottomless hole appeared on the ground. The earth rippled from the aftershock, and the ancestral land of the Yin family became a basin.


The Yin family’s patriarch also vomited a mouthful of blood, his expression pale. Due to his fury, he hadn’t controlled his strength perfectly, and he had received a heavy backlash.

But he ignored his injury and immediately went to see what had happened with Long Chen. When he saw him, his pupils shrank.

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