Chapter 603 The Yin Family’s Patriarch

The Yin family’s two Sea Expansion experts erupted with killing intent. They no longer had any misgivings, and they completely released their auras.

There truly was nothing to have misgivings about anymore. The entire Yin family had been destroyed, and the dead could not be more dead. The two of them felt their hairs standing on end from rage.


The two of their swords emitted a cold light. The wings on their backs trembled, and they shot straight toward Long Chen.

“One move.”

Killing intent still burned in Long Chen’s eyes. Even after killing all those people, his hatred still hadn’t lessened.

Yin Wushang was a piece of trash, a human dreg. However, such a person was able to receive the blessing of the Heavenly Daos. Just that reason alone was enough for Long Chen to have an urge to completely destroy this world.

Seeing the two of them coming at him, the green dragon image from the divine ring released a vast energy that poured throughout his body. 

In that instant, he felt like a volcano had erupted within him.

“Split the Heavens!”

All that energy, all his spiritual qi, instantly passed through nine acupuncture points.


A monstrous saber-image pierced straight through the void, appearing like a crescent moon—a bloody crescent moon. Heaven and earth rumbled intensely as if the entire world was being split in two by this attack.


The two Sea Expansion experts attacked with their full strength. However, they were still blown to pieces by this one attack.


Long Chen suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. He was horrified to see that his meridians had become covered in fine cracks.

“Your physical body is too weak and unable to endure the green dragon power, not even one ten thousandth.” That voice rang out in Long Chen’s head again.

At that critical moment, this voice had taught Long Chen how to use this Green Dragon Possession, allowing him to summon the green dragon’s power for himself.

The voice’s master had also helped Long Chen solidify space, allowing him to send his family away safely.

Now hearing this voice explain what had happened, Long Chen was horrified. Within the same realm, his physical body was unrivaled. If Yin Wushang didn’t have the Cry of the Heavenly Daos to protect himself, Long Chen could kill him with a single punch.

But even such a physical body was called too weak now. That was a large blow to Long Chen. His physical body was his strongest point, and it was also the thing he had the most confidence in.

“What… What is going on here?!?!”

Suddenly, a furious roar rang out. A white-haired elder stood on the ground, looking at the scene around him with disbelief.

Behind him was the terrified Yin Wushang. There was a large cave behind them.

When Long Chen had first started his slaughter, Yin Wushang had been ordered by the two Sea Expansion experts to go ask the patriarch to come out.

Their patriarch had already reached the peak of Sea Expansion. A few days ago, he had made some comprehensions and felt the bottleneck loosen slightly, so he had gone into seclusion to attack a higher realm.

Before entering seclusion, he had said that unless the Yin family had reached a life or death point, they were not to disturb him.

His special secluded room was located underground, and it was protected by a powerful formation. Despite the heaven-toppling changes that had occurred on the surface, he hadn’t felt the slightest fluctuation during his seclusion.

Back then, the two Sea Expansion experts had already realized that this matter was too large to handle on their own. Even if they could kill Long Chen, the Yin family’s ancestral land would be destroyed.

So their only hope of avoiding that had been for their patriarch to suppress Long Chen.

If all their junior generation of disciples were killed, leaving behind just their old, withered selves, then the Yin family’s inheritance would still be severed.

When Yin Wushang had barged into the patriarch’s seclusion room, the patriarch had been at a critical moment. He almost became berserk upon being interrupted, coming incredibly close to killing Yin Wushang in his rage.

But then when he heard the Yin family was on the verge of being exterminated, he had hastily rushed aboveground with Yin Wushang. Unfortunately, at that time, everything had already ended.

The patriarch saw everything within thousands of miles had been destroyed. The thing that made his heart turn cold was that he could no longer sense the bloodline energy of his Yin family. In other words, within thousands of miles, there were no longer any living Yin family disciples.

He suddenly released a furious roar. He even thought he was dreaming. But since he had started cultivating, it had been several thousand years since he had had a dream.

“Long Chen!”

Yin Wushang saw the distant Long Chen and became filled with terror. Long Chen had already become his nightmare.

“Speak, what happened? Who did this? If you don’t tell me, this old man will flay your skin and burn your soul for an eternity!” roared the patriarch upon seeing Long Chen.

“As expected, from top to bottom, you’re all a bunch of trash. That pompous, arrogant manner of yours really is nauseating. These people were all killed by me, so if you want revenge, come at me.”

Long Chen pointed his saber at the Yin family’s patriarch, overflowing with battle intent. The reason his hate had yet to lessen was because he had yet to personally kill Yin Wushang.

Seeing that he was still alive, seeing his target right there, his killing intent erupted.

“Brat, you can die!”

The patriarch roared and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already right next to Long Chen, reaching out to grab his throat.


Long Chen had long since been prepared. He once more entered his strongest combat state, already having summoned the Green Dragon Possession. Long Chen felt no fear toward the Yin family’s patriarch, and his saber slashed down.

“Hmph, this little bit-”

The patriarch only had time to get half of his words out before Long Chen’s saber slashed down on his rune-covered hand. This palm attack, which he had absolute confidence in, was cut in two. Even his arm was almost slashed apart.

The sharp pain made him hastily retreat in shock. Looking at the blood pouring out of his hand and then looking at Long Chen’s saber, both greed and shock appeared on his face.

“A Treasure weapon. You actually have a Treasure item?!”

“Trash really is trash. As soon as you see a treasure, you get greedy, even forgetting your enmity of having all your progeny killed. The fact that trash like you could live in this world really means the heavens are blind,” sneered Long Chen. At the same time, he absorbed the energy of the green dragon image in his divine ring and slashed out with Split the Heavens.

Long Chen knew this old monster was many times stronger than those two Sea Expansion experts from before. He couldn’t hold back at all.

This power was not his own. He could only borrow it temporarily. However, being able to borrow such strength to fight would be greatly beneficial to him in the future, giving him increased control over his own power.

The Yin family’s patriarch took out a staff with a dragon head at the top. This staff was extremely heavy, as thick as a thigh, and longer than three meters. It collided with Long Chen’s saber.

Both Long Chen and the Yin family’s patriarch were blown back dozens of meters. The patriarch looked at the nick that had been cut into his staff.

“Hehe, as expected, it really is a Treasure weapon. Your life and your weapon will all be mine!”

The wings behind this elder suddenly shook, and he charged at Long Chen.


Long Chen’s saber continuously collided with the patriarch’s staff. Continuous explosions echoed out, and the powerful shockwaves made Yin Wushang tightly cover his ears. Blood slowly dripped from them.

Previously, he hadn’t had any defenses up and his eardrums had been broken by the shockwaves. Now he couldn’t hear anything. All he saw was a sky full of dust.

Long Chen exchanged hundreds of blows with the patriarch. The Yin family’s patriarch was just too strong. He had practically absorbed all the energy within thousands of miles for his own use, and Long Chen was powerless to do anything to him in the short term.

Seeing his staff smashing toward him, Long Chen directly stabbed his saber at the patriarch’s chest, not defending against his staff at all.

The patriarch was startled. He naturally wouldn’t be willing to lose his life to kill Long Chen, and he hastily blocked.

But then he realized that this attack was a fake. Long Chen’s saber was already slashing toward his waist. 

“Hmph, childish!”

The patriarch sneered and swept out his staff. This attack was completely ordinary and was unable to menace him.


But when their weapons collided, the patriarch was shocked to sense some powerful strength turn his arm numb, and he was blown back.

“Wushang, careful!”

His expression suddenly changed as he found out that Long Chen was heading directly toward Yin Wushang. Right now, Yin Wushang was just foolishly staring at the dust in the air, unaware that a death god was approaching him.

Although the patriarch gave him a timely warning, Yin Wushang’s eardrums had already been broken, and he hadn’t healed them yet. Unable to hear anything, the only thing he could sense was the intense fluctuations in the air.

But the shockwaves from the intense battle just now were still reverberating throughout the world. The patriarch’s warning was covered by those shockwaves.

Yin Wushang suddenly felt a burst of pain from his chest as a saber pierced through him, lifting him into the air.

“Long… Long Chen!”

Yin Wushang was filled with terror. This death god was once more standing in front of him, causing him to quiver.

Long Chen pulled out his saber and clenched Yin Wushang’s throat. He icily said to the patriarch, “Do you want to come over and try it?”

“Long Chen, if you dare-!”


Yin Wushang’s arm separated from his body.



Yin Wushang’s other arm left his body.

“You’re courting death-!”


Yin Wushang’s legs both fell.

“Long Chen!”

Yin Wushang’s limbs separated from the rest of his body. Holding Yin Wushang’s head, he icily looked at the Yin family’s patriarch.

“Please, continue threatening.”

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