Chapter 602 Sweeping Through an Ancient Family

“Haha, we’ll be the ones to die? What a joke! Yin Qing, kill that girl for me,” said Yin Wushang.

“Hehe, alright. I also want to find out how that will feel.” Yin Qing looked at the girl in her hands, just about to drop her on the ground.

But her expression suddenly changed as she realized she was unable to move. It wasn’t just her. Yin Wushang’s expression also changed. The tens of thousands of experts from the Yin family all became shocked as they realized some kind of strange energy made it so they couldn’t even blink.

Long Chen slowly rose from the ground. He walked in front of Yin Qing and gently took the girl away. At this time, the girl had already fainted. Seeing a red handprint deeply imprinted on her neck, he felt a burst of pain.

“Long Chen?” Long Tianxiao also had no idea what was happening.

“Dad, your child was unfilial to implicate you. I’ll send you away right now.” Long Chen placed a hand on Mrs. Long, and a gentle stream of spiritual qi woke her instantly.

“Mom, look after dad and sister. I’ll have Little Snow bring you away.”

He didn’t give her a chance to reply. This restrictive power had a time limit, and Long Chen had no time to explain. Summoning Little Snow and giving Long Tianxiao a healing pill, he told Little Snow, “I’ll send you out of here. Bring my parents to a city, and I’ll quickly join up with you.”

A scale appeared in Long Chen’s hand. It released a green light that wrapped around Little Snow and the others. The light then pierced toward the sky.

This light tore straight through the grand formation, leaving behind a hole in the barrier. Little Snow and the others disappeared.

“Bastard, die!” At this moment, that mysterious energy faded and all of them immediately regained their freedom. Yin Wushang was the first to attack Long Chen with a steel awl.

Long Chen stretched out his hand, and Blooddrinker flew into his grasp.

Clenching Blooddrinker, Long Chen felt his whole body overflowing with energy, as well as endless killing intent.

“Die!” Long Chen slashed down his saber. Yin Wushang’s awl was cut in two; Yin Wushang himself was cut in two; the entire plaza that was dozens of miles long was also cut in two.

A whole line of experts—whether they were at Meridian Opening or Xiantian—was turned into a bloody mist. The Yin family’s experts were all horrified.

After cutting Yin Wushang in two, he was about to continue attacking him as he knew he could heal with the Heavenly Dao Recovery. But then he saw a figure hiding in the crowd.

“Yin Qing!”

Clenching his teeth, Long Chen directly ignored Yin Wushang and raised his saber.

“Split the Heavens!”


A terrifying Saber Qi filled all of heaven and earth. As it slashed down, a large, runic hand suddenly appeared and smashed Long Chen’s Saber Qi apart.

“Sea Expansion expert.”

A cold smile appeared on Long Chen’s face. Two elderly figures appeared in front of him.

“As expected, you really do have some shocking secrets. Hehe, excellent, those will be my Yin family’s soon.” One of them laughed.

“Hand over your secrets!” The other elder was also incomparably excited. A large hand slammed down toward Long Chen.

“Divine ring!”

“Three Star Battle Armor!”

“Green Dragon Possession!”

A three-colored divine ring appeared behind Long Chen, and three stars revolved in his eyes. His aura was instantly pushed to the peak.

But that still wasn’t all. At this moment, the dragon scale in Long Chen’s body disappeared. Heaven and earth rumbled, and a dragon cry seemed to resound throughout the world. Within the divine ring, the image of a green dragon appeared.

When that green dragon appeared, it formed a resonance with heaven and earth. An unprecedented aura soared out of Long Chen.


The Yin family’s grand formation was directly blown apart by this aura.


The two Sea Expansion experts were completely appalled. The current Long Chen seemed like a completely different person. His aura had become fierce and violent, an aura that wasn’t even human. It seemed more like a monster’s.

“Release your anger as much as you please.” That voice once more rang out in Long Chen’s mind.


Long Chen’s furious roar shook the land. Blooddrinker seemed to come alive as it was nourished with some kind of energy, and a huge saber-image slashed down on the two Sea Expansion experts.

“Void Shield!”


The two of them were both shocked. Long Chen’s attack actually made them feel a sense of danger.

The thing that made them furious was that this was the Yin family’s ancestral land. They didn’t dare attack with their full strength, or that would completely destroy the Yin family. They could only defend.


The immense saber-image viciously slashed down, and both of their defenses were actually blown away instantly. A terrifying energy wreaked havoc in the Yin family’s plaza. The surrounding experts didn’t even have time to run before being blown to bits.

Seeing all of these experts being blown apart, the two of them were incredibly distressed. It had to be known that this was the core strength of the Yin family.

Although a portion of them had realized the situation had changed and had fled in advance, allowing them to save their lives, over half of them had tried to flee too late and were killed.

Those lucky survivors continued to flee. They had never imagined that the person they had brought over—the one whom they had thought would be a god of wealth—would suddenly become a god of death. This was completely out of their expectations.

If this continued, not only would they not obtain Long Chen’s secrets, but the entire Yin family would also be destroyed. As for Yin Qing, she was now completely terrified, and she was fleeing in the crowd, trying to keep herself concealed.

The current Long Chen gave her a feeling like a blade was pressed against her throat, one that might take her life at any moment.

As she was fleeing, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her, a blood-colored saber resting on his shoulder. Yin Qing screamed in terror and instantly turned still. She knew she should be running, but in that instant, she felt like her body was no longer listening to her, and she could only tremble.

Long Chen’s hand tightly clenched her throat, and he raised her into the air as if she were just a chicken.

Endless terror appeared in Yin Qing’s eyes. She looked up at the two Sea Expansion experts, hoping they would save her.

Unfortunately, she saw that they didn’t even look at her. They were ordering people to run as fast as they could, and it seemed they had also told Yin Wushang to go into the patriarch’s secluded room to ask for help.

Suddenly, a blazing flame enveloped Yin Qing. That wasn’t the Earth Flame, but his Pill Flame. If it was the Earth Flame, then Yin Qing would be instantly burned to ashes. Long Chen didn’t do so, as that was unable to resolve the hatred in his heart.


Yin Qing’s miserable shriek rang out. Long Chen’s Pill Flame was not just burning her body but also her soul. That kind of pain was indescribable.

Her shriek reverberated throughout the sky, but the two Sea Expansion experts still didn’t even look at her. They both hoped Yin Qing could hold on for a bit longer. Using her life to exchange for a bit more time for everyone else to get away was worth it.

Regretfully, Yin Qing’s Spiritual Strength wasn’t so powerful. She only lasted for a few breaths before her soul completely burned to nothing.

Long Chen waved his hand, blowing away her ashes off his body. At the same time, a certain image on his right arm lit up.

A flame sphere appeared in his hand. At first, that sphere was only the size of a fist, but as the flame tattoo on Long Chen’s arm dimmed, that sphere grew larger and larger.

Long Chen slowly floated into the air. The blue flame in his hand had reached a diameter of a mile. That was his limit.

This was his first time drawing out all the energy of the Earth Flame. He hadn’t kept the slightest bit back.

Previously, he had had to hold back to avoid being killed by the explosion. But with the Green Dragon Possession, he no longer had to fear that.

This level of strength was unable to menace Sea Expansion experts. However, Long Chen’s target was not them. It was those people running away.

“Alright. Go incinerate all those sinners.”

Long Chen waved his hand, and that huge flame sphere shot down like a meteorite.

The two Sea Expansion experts’ expressions changed. They recognized this to be Long Chen’s terrifying Earth Flame. Although this was not the complete body of the Earth Flame, with how much of its power having been compressed, its explosive strength was enough to raze the entire Yin family.

The two of them hastily formed hand seals, and the void rumbled as countless runes surged forth, wrapping around the flame sphere.

Those runes tightly bound the flame sphere, wanting to erase its energy. However, that was not possible.


Following Long Chen’s cold shout, the runes wrapping around the flame sphere became still and then burst apart.

“The power of idiots really is limitless.” Long Chen smiled mockingly. Flames exploded in every direction. The Sea Expansion experts’ runes had become oil to the fire, increasing the power of the Earth Flame.

“AHH! No!”

The two Sea Expansion experts turned pale. Endless flames wrapped with runes filled everything within thousands of miles. Not only was the Yin family’s ancestral land gone from this world, but even the surrounding mountains had been turned to ashes.


The two of them roared furiously and took out their weapons, charging at Long Chen.

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