Chapter 601 The Ones to Die Will Be You

Being enveloped by that light, Long Chen felt as if he was an insect frozen in ice. No matter what he tried, he was unable to shake this strange force.

This could no longer be described as just force. It was practically a kind of law, and it was impossible to break free of it with force.

Space twisted, and Long Chen felt as if his whole body was about to be torn apart. When it stopped twisting, Long Chen saw he had appeared in a huge plaza.

“He’s here! Activate the grand formation! We can’t let him escape.”

A shout suddenly rang out, and the space around him raged. A barrier of light covered the entire sky, blocking any possible escape paths.

Long Chen was still dizzy. After undergoing that spatial twisting, he was sluggish. When he finally clearly saw his surroundings, he found he was completely surrounded by layers of enemies.

Seeing those people’s robes, Long Chen’s heart sank. He knew he had fallen into desperate straits. This was definitely the Yin family’s ancestral land.

Space twisted, and another figure appeared beside Long Chen. Without waiting for that figure to fully materialize, Long Chen’s palm had already stretched out.

That person was sent flying like a spinning top. Although he hadn’t clearly seen his face, Long Chen recognized this aura. It was Yin Wushang.

Taking advantage of when he still hadn’t recovered from the teleportation, Long Chen instantly grabbed Yin Wushang’s throat and placed his saber against his neck.

Whether it was forceful or voluntary, such a teleportation would cause the space to twist, making a person’s soul dizzy. So just like this, Yin Wushang was caught by Long Chen.

With one of his hands clenching Yin Wushang’s throat and the other pressing his saber next to Yin Wushang’s body, Long Chen caused a burst of startled cries to rumble from the entire plaza.

“Bastard, you really are looking to die! Release the junior master!”

The Yin family’s experts had long since made their preparations. Seeing Long Chen arrive, they immediately activated their grand formation, first sealing off any way for him to run.

But Yin Wushang was too impatient. He should have first waited a while before coming. That way, Long Chen would already be fighting with the Yin family’s experts and wouldn’t have an opportunity to catch him.

“Long Chen, hehe, you won’t be able to get away!” Even after being cut by Long Chen’s saber, Yin Wushang seemed to not sense any pain. He laughed sinisterly, just like a bloodthirsty madman.

Due to the pill he had consumed and how he had ignited his ancestral blood, Yin Wushang had aged a great deal. He was practically a withered old man now; however, his eyes were still filled with a chilling rancor.

“So what if I can’t get away? To be able to drag down a Celestial with me in death is also worth it,” sneered Long Chen.

“You want to kill me? Haha, it seems you don’t have that ability. Yin Qing, bring out the gift I prepared for Long Chen,” shouted Yin Wushang.

A path opened amongst the Yin family’s experts. When three figures appeared before Long Chen, he couldn’t help but tremble, and killing intent filled him.

There was one man, one woman, and one girl. This middle-aged man was his father, Long Tianxiao, while the woman was his mother.

Within his mother’s embrace was a little girl who only appeared to be two years old. This little girl looked like a beautiful doll carved out of porcelain. But her beautiful eyes were filled with terror, and she tightly hugged her mother.


Seeing Long Chen, his mother let out a choked sob. After two years apart, her son had grown taller, and his face had become more resolute. He had become a true man. But seeing him covered with blood and his pale face, tears streamed down her face.

As for the little girl, seeing these tears, she hastily wiped them away and asked, “Mom, why are you crying? Did that evil woman hit you again?”

“AHHHH! Yin Wushang!!!”

The veins on Long Chen’s forehead bulged. His saber stabbed into Yin Wushang’s back over and over again, hitting bones. He wished he could tear Yin Wushang apart right now.

“Hahaha, pft! Long Chen, my gift isn't bad, right? Pfft!” Yin Wushang cackled madly, constantly coughing up blood.

“Long Chen, release my Yin family’s junior master,” roared Yin Qing upon seeing him torture Yin Wushang. She was standing beside his parents.

“Long Chen, ignore us! At this point, you have to think of a way to run and get revenge for us- AH!” Long Tianxiao felt a burst of pain from his shoulder as his arm was forcibly torn off, blood dyeing his body.



Mrs. Long and the little girl let out startled screams. But Long Tianxiao gave them a glare, not letting any more words to slip out of their mouths.

“Long Chen, you are our pride. There’s no one in this world that can live forever. Don’t do anything stupid-”

Once again, Long Tianxiao only got half of his words out before Yin Qing tore off his other arm. “Idiot, shut up!”

“Yin Qing, you fucking bitch! If I don’t tear you to pieces, then I, Long Chen, swear I’m not human!” Long Chen’s eyes almost popped out of his head. Seeing his father’s torn off arms made him feel like his own heart was tearing apart.

Yin Qing disdainfully sneered, “You want to kill me? How about I first kill your sister instead; I want to see whether or not you’ll release the junior master.”

“No!” Yin Qing forcibly took away the girl from Mrs. Long’s embrace. She tried to fight, but she was pressed down by the person behind her, and in her panic, she directly fainted.

Yin Qing held the girl by her throat. The girl’s eyes were filled with terror, but she didn’t say a word.

“Hehe, little girl, are you afraid?” Yin Qing was holding her throat, but she was being very careful. She allowed her to speak, not choking her to death.

“I’m not afraid. Daddy said I have to be a brave person like my big brother. My big brother is a true hero. Even if you kill us, my big brother will definitely get revenge for us.” Despite clearly being filled with terror, this little girl still clenched her teeth and spat out these words. Her voice was tender, but it was filled with confidence toward this big brother of hers.

She wasn’t aware that this big brother was standing not far from her. All she knew was that she had a big brother. She didn’t even know what his name was.

“Release her!”

Long Chen’s voice had become hoarse. His anger had reached its peak, but he was powerless. He was filled with pain.

He knew the smart choice was to ignore his parents and sister. He was powerless to save them. The only one he might be able to save was himself.

Even if he released the hostage in his hand, that wouldn’t change his family’s fate. Doing so would be extremely foolish.

Long Chen ran countless hypothetical scenarios in his head. Even if he used up every single one of his trump cards, he still wouldn’t be able to resolve his current predicament. He felt fury, he felt stifled, and he felt like he was on the verge of going crazy.

“No, I think I won’t release her. Instead, I’ll kill her first, then kill your mother, and then kill your father. Don’t you think yourself to be very strong? I want to see what kind of expression will you have when the people closest to you die one by one? I’m very interested, hahaha…” sneered Yin Qing. She suddenly increased her strength, making it so the little girl was unable to breathe.

The girl instinctively tried to tear away, but she was too weak. All her struggling was to no avail. It was just a deathbed struggle.

“You win.”

Long Chen closed his eyes in pain. Blooddrinker fell to the ground.

He hated himself for being powerless. He hated himself for being stupid. He was unable to just watch as his sister died right in front of him. He was unable to do that.

“Long Chen, how could you be so stupid?! You…” roared Long Tianxiao.

“Shut up!”

Yin Qing furiously punched Long Tianxiao in the abdomen, causing him to vomit blood and making it so he couldn’t say another word.

Seeing his father’s disappointed and pained gaze, Long Chen was filled with regret. Sorry father. Your son is no hero. All he is, is a stupid idiot, an incompetent coward.


Yin Wushang raised his head and laughed. Seeing that Long Chen had given up, his voice was filled with delight at getting revenge.

He viciously slammed his fist into Long Chen’s stomach. That immense force caused Long Chen to vomit a mouthful of blood and take several steps back.

Countless runes appeared around Yin Wushang, and his wounds instantly healed. He sent a kick toward Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you ant, where’s your resistance now?! How is it?! In the end, aren’t you still like a dead dog in front of me?!”


“What happened to all your abilities from before?!”


“Why aren’t you fighting back?!”


Yin Wushang was like a madman, crazily beating Long Chen. Long Chen continuously vomited blood, but he didn’t resist.

“Wushang, that’s about enough. It’s time to get down to business. We need his secrets.” An ancient voice suddenly rang out in the air.

“I know. Don’t worry, I won’t beat him to death. I just want to release my resentment before the soulsearch.”


Yin Wushang punched Long Chen in the face, breaking his nose. Long Chen’s vision darkened as if he had fallen into endless darkness.

He could no longer feel any pain. As for the voices outside, they became more and more distant. He seemed to hear a tender voice calling big brother, but it wasn’t clear. It was too distant.

“I’m going to die like this…? How infuriating…” Long Chen was filled with endless hate, but he was unable to release it. Hating himself didn’t have any use.

“Are you very angry?” Suddenly, a voice rang out in his mind.

“Yes. I’m angry enough to destroy this entire world.” Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to ask where this voice was coming from.

“Then we can make a deal. I’ll lend my strength to you, allowing you to save your family, and you will owe me a favor. In the future, you will repay me with your life. Are you willing?”

“Willing!” Long Chen didn’t even hesitate.

“You won’t regret it?”

“I won’t regret it!”

“Alright then. I trust you. Release your anger as you please.” A certain object in his body began to shine with a brilliant light.

It was unknown how much time Yin Wushang had just spent beating him. Long Chen was lying on the ground, looking like a lump. Only now did Yin Wushang stop, suddenly taking out a sharp needle.

That was something that could completely absorb a person’s soul. In the future, they could go through the memories of that soul as they pleased. It was much more effective than a soulsearch.


Yin Wushang wanted to stab the needle over the space between Long Chen’s eyebrows. Once this needle pierced into it, there would no longer be a Long Chen in this world.

Suddenly, Long Chen, who had appeared like a corpse just now, extended a hand and caught the needle. His eyes slowly opened, and endless killing intent surfaced within his eyes.

“The one to die will be you!”

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