Chapter 600 Mo Mountain Seal

The person who had appeared out of nowhere was the Yin family’s Sea Expansion elder. The instant he crushed the talisman in his hand, a pillar of light enveloped Long Chen and he became unable to move. That pillar of light contained a bizarre spatial strength.

“You really are looking to die!”

A furious roar rang out, and an arrow pierced out of the void at the elder. This arrow seemed like a meteorite containing boundless force. The elder’s expression changed, and he hastily slashed out with his sword.

He managed to destroy the arrow, but he was also sent flying. Mo Yi’s bow quickly shot another arrow toward Long Chen.

Others might not be aware, but Mo Yi could tell this was a forceful teleportation talisman and an extremely high grade one.

Within that pillar of light, Long Chen was quickly wrapped around by spatial energy. An invisible spatial channel formed, wanting to send him away.

These kinds of talismans had almost disappeared from the world. The technique to create them had already been lost. This talisman was definitely a priceless treasure the Yin family had hidden for countless years. They truly treated Long Chen as something they had to obtain.

Having lost their Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees, they had essentially lost all their income. These trees could not be planted through their seeds. They had to be slowly grafted from roots, and the success rate was less than one in ten thousand.

With no further income, the Yin family had placed their sights on the Mo family’s businesses as well as Long Chen’s secrets.

Originally, the plan was for Yin Wushang to personally defeat and capture Long Chen. That was the best-case scenario.

But the Yin family had thought that even if they captured Long Chen, the Mo family wouldn’t just watch. They would crazily attack in order to save him. So they had already prepared this teleportation talisman.

Yin Wushang was actually also holding a teleportation talisman. Once he captured Long Chen, he was to immediately activate that talisman, making it so the Mo family was helpless.

But the Yin family had never dreamed that Yin Wushang would actually fail to defeat Long Chen even after going all-out and using self-mutilating techniques to temporarily increase his strength. If this had continued, he would have been killed.

The Yin family’s elder had been helpless about it. The only thing he could do was waste this incredibly precious forceful teleportation talisman on a Meridian Opening rookie like Long Chen.

It was precisely because Mo Yi saw through this that he was incomparably furious, wanting to shatter the teleportation with his arrow.

But this teleportation talisman contained boundless spatial strength, and when his arrow pierced through the light, it merely caused the talisman to tremble for a moment.

Space twisted, and the light faded along with Long Chen. The Mo family’s experts’ hearts sank.

“Long Chen, just wait! I’ll definitely tear you apart piece by piece!” Yin Wushang also crushed an ancient talisman, disappearing as well.

Whether it was the experts from the Mo family or those distant spectators, everyone was shocked. Long Chen was doomed.

That forceful teleportation talisman had definitely brought him to the ancestral land of the Yin family. Let alone Long Chen, even Mo Yi would be like a chicken in a cage once they activated their grand formation.

Yin Wushang’s twisted expression as he teleported away gave all of them a chill. Perhaps even death would be an extremely luxurious thing to Long Chen now.

“AHHH!! I’ll kill all of you bastards!!”

Seeing Long Chen be forcibly taken away, and thinking of Long Chen’s miserable fate upon being sent into the hands of the Yin family, Mo Nian immediately went crazy.

He no longer held back in the slightest. The runes around him went berserk; his eyes were scarlet and his killing intent filled the air. A sky full of arrows crazily shot down on his enemies.

The Lin and Yin families’ experts at the front collapsed. Mo Nian was releasing an unprecedented power. He wanted to kill all of these people and then go save Long Chen.

But that was impossible. These people were experts. Seeing how terrifying Mo Nian’s attacks were, after dozens of them died, they quickly entered a defensive state, managing to block his attacks.

“Nian-er, calm down!” shouted Mo Yi, grabbing Mo Nian’s shoulder, stopping his furious barrage.

“How am I supposed to calm down?! Long Chen was sent to the Yin family! With Yin Wushang’s character, he’ll definitely make him live a life worse than death. You want me to calm down?!” raged Mo Nian.


Mo Yi slapped Mo Nian across the face, causing him to stagger back. “How did my Mo family end up having an imbecile like you? Without thinking through everything, you want to blindly charge in? Do you think that’s effective?

“That would just vainly waste your chance to save him. Your stupidity would not only have harmed your friend, but it would have ended up causing yourself to suffer for nothing.

“For now, just keep your damn mouth shut. Save your energy for when we go save Long Chen.”

At this point, the chaotic battle had already ended. During their clash, over forty of the Mo family’s experts had fallen. But on the other side, over five hundred of their people had been killed. This was an extremely alarming casualty proportion.

However, this was not favorable for the Mo family. If this continued, both sides would suffer heavy casualties.

Even if the Mo family won, it would definitely be an extremely miserable battle. Furthermore, there were still two Sea Expansion experts on the other side.

Once all their subordinates were killed, they would no longer have any misgivings. It was very likely that they would run amok and slaughter the members of the Mo family.

“Mo Yi, disband Mo Gate and hand over the Mo Mountain Seal. I can spare your life if you do so,” said Lin Chengdian.

The Mo family’s members were startled. They had no idea what this Mo Mountain Seal was.

“You want the Mo Mountain Seal? Alright, you can have it.”

Mo Yi smiled coldly and formed a hand seal in front of him.


The ground suddenly shook intensely as if something was trying to dig its way out.

“Heavens, what is that?!”

Suddenly, someone let out a shocked cry. Looking in the direction of Qingzhou City, everyone saw an immense object flying over.

“It’s a whole city?!”

“Heavens, isn’t that Mo Gate?!”

That huge object was actually a huge city. From a distance, it looked just like a huge stamp seal.

It was completely square at the bottom, while at the top were the buildings of Mo Gate. Thinking of how all of Mo Gate had been one immense seal, people were terrified.

The huge city released a powerful pressure that caused the Lin and Yin families’ experts to turn pale.

“This… this…”

“This is the Mo Mountain Seal. It’s also what your master wanted. Unfortunately, you didn’t even know what the Mo Mountain Seal was before sending yourselves to your deaths. Truly laughable,” sneered Mo Yi.

At this time, the Mo Mountain Seal had already appeared above Mo Yi’s head. A cold light shone in his eyes.

“I have no time to say goodbye. Just die!”

Countless runes lit up from the bottom of the Mo Mountain Seal, forming millions of black arrows that shot straight toward Lin Chengdian and the bald elder.


Lin Chengdian’s expression completely changed, and he fled without even thinking about it. He finally realized he had been used.

“Too late,” sneered Mo Yi. Countless black lights shot out like bolts of lightning, engulfing his enemies.


Wherever the black lights went, miserable screams would rise and fall. Those experts were instantly killed, filling the sky with blood. Even the ground beneath them disappeared to be replaced with a bottomless abyss.

Two Sea Expansion experts and over one thousand Xiantian experts were killed just like this in one move. The spectators all felt a chill as they looked from the Mo Mountain Seal in the air to the bottomless pit on the ground.

The Mo family was too terrifying. Just what origin did they have to have such a terrifying treasure? They could kill Sea Expansion experts without wasting the slightest energy.

Mo Nian was also dumbfounded. Even he hadn’t known his family had been hiding such a powerful treasure. It was no wonder his grandfather was so confident.

The Mo Mountain Seal landed on the ground, directly crushing a hole in the ground. Mo Gate was on the ground level again.

“Everyone get in the city. We’re going to the Yin family’s ancestral land to save Long Chen.” Mo Yi waved his hand.

“Grandfather, wouldn’t using transportation formations be faster?” asked Mo Nian.

The Mo Mountain Seal was too enormous, and it didn’t seem like it could travel quickly. It wasn’t as if they could take their time right now.

“Fool, do you take the Yin family to be idiots? Before starting this battle, they definitely broke all the transportation formations already. We won’t be able to repair them fast enough.

“Furthermore, without the Mo Mountain Seal, what would we do by going over there? To watch as Long Chen is killed? And then be killed with him?

“When can you grow a brain? The Yin family is an ancient family, and they also have powerful treasures. Without the Mo Mountain Seal, we would just be sending ourselves to our deaths.”


“There are no buts. Remember, if martial might can solve a problem, then definitely don’t use smarts. But when martial might is unable to resolve things, you have to stay cool-headed.

“Long Chen has already entered desperate straits. If he dies, you have to be able to accept it. What you’ll need to do is work hard on your cultivation to get strong enough to exterminate the Yin family as revenge for Long Chen.

“You can’t just charge in like an idiot. At that time, you’ll definitely die, and when you see Long Chen in the other world, he’ll definitely curse you for being stupid.

“The two of you will be dead, but your enemies will still be living happily. Tell me, is that idiotic or not?”

After he finished scolding Mo Nian, Mo Yi controlled the Mo Mountain Seal. It began flying to the west, quickly disappearing across the horizon.

At this time, countless people surged out like the tide, going over to the bottomless abyss. They wanted to personally experience the terror of that attack.

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