Chapter 599 Continuous Self-Mutilation (Teaser)

With Long Chen charging straight at Yin Wushang, a dozen of the Yin family’s Xiantian experts immediately appeared in front of him.

Yin Wushang had only just used his Heavenly Dao runes to paste his limbs back onto his body. No matter how heaven-defying a Celestial was, it would take them a certain amount of time to fully heal from such an injury.


Long Chen seemed like a furious lion, his saber shining with blood-red runes as he killed his way through them.

His saber cut through those people’s weapons as easily as cutting through corn. The dozen of them were instantly blown into a bloody mist.

When that blood dyed his saber, Blooddrinker let out a loud cry as if its spirit was awakening. Long Chen sensed a powerful thirst of blood from it.

But right now, he had no time to sense the change in Blooddrinker. He was focused completely on catching Yin Wushang. Only once he caught him could he keep his parents alive.

“Protect the junior master!”

The Yin family’s experts were all startled by how terrifying Long Chen was,...

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