Chapter 599 Continuous Self-Mutilation

With Long Chen charging straight at Yin Wushang, a dozen of the Yin family’s Xiantian experts immediately appeared in front of him.

Yin Wushang had only just used his Heavenly Dao runes to paste his limbs back onto his body. No matter how heaven-defying a Celestial was, it would take them a certain amount of time to fully heal from such an injury.


Long Chen seemed like a furious lion, his saber shining with blood-red runes as he killed his way through them.

His saber cut through those people’s weapons as easily as cutting through corn. The dozen of them were instantly blown into a bloody mist.

When that blood dyed his saber, Blooddrinker let out a loud cry as if its spirit was awakening. Long Chen sensed a powerful thirst of blood from it.

But right now, he had no time to sense the change in Blooddrinker. He was focused completely on catching Yin Wushang. Only once he caught him could he keep his parents alive.

“Protect the junior master!”

The Yin family’s experts were all startled by how terrifying Long Chen was, and they all gathered to attack him. They refused to allow him to get near Yin Wushang.

“Those who block me will die!”

Long Chen’s eyes were scarlet, and his bloodthirsty saber swept through those in front of him.

Blood and flesh flew everywhere. Long Chen was not paying attention, but while he killed those Xiantian experts, Blooddrinker was undergoing a transformation.

Energy not visible to the naked eye was being drawn out of the blood and absorbed by it. As it absorbed that energy, its blood-red color became even more brilliant.

“The saber in his hand is strange! Don’t take it head-”

A person was about to warn everyone not to block his saber head-on when he was directly cut in two by Long Chen’s saber.

Blooddrinker’s color was becoming brighter and brighter, and it was so sharp that it cut through their weapons like they were just mud. Xiantian weapons were no stronger than paper in front of it.

In just a few breaths’ time, over fifty of the Yin family’s experts were killed by Long Chen. They were not able to stop him at all.

“All of you get out of my way! Long Chen, again!”

Yin Wushang suddenly shouted. He had already recovered, and the sword in his hand let out a loud cry as it slashed toward Long Chen.

BANG! Heaven and earth trembled intensely as Long Chen’s saber met Yin Wushang’s sword.

“What?!” All the Yin family’s experts’ expressions changed. They were unable to believe their eyes. A large nick had been slashed into Yin Wushang’s sword.

“But that’s an Enchanted weapon… How is that possible?”

Yin Wushang’s sword was known as an Enchanted weapon. These so-called Enchanted items were used by Sea Expansion experts. They were so named due to the magical inscriptions carved onto them.

Although Yin Wushang was unable to use an Enchanted weapon’s true strength, such weapons were still made of incredibly sturdy material. The fact that his weapon was so heavily damaged now was appalling to the Yin family.

“Heaven and Earth are Boundless! Ancestral Blood Ignition!”

Yin Wushang instantly aged a great deal, his skin becoming like old tree bark. He seemed like he had immediately become a sixty-year-old senior.

The power of his Blood Qi rapidly declined, but at the same time, his strength multiplied explosively. All his energy poured into his weapon.


Heaven and earth trembled. Powerful qi waves blew back all the Yin family’s experts, and they vomited blood from the force.

“Heavens, this Yin Wushang has really gone too far. He actually ignited his ancestral blood, ruining his bloodline energy. He’s gone crazy.”

The distant spectators were all shocked. This was extremely harmful to himself.

The instant Yin Wushang ignited his ancestral blood, Long Chen felt like a mountain had crashed down on him. He frowned and his full strength erupted.

The primal chaos bead rapidly circulated. The FengFu, Alioth, and Life Fate Stars’ energy poured into it without reserve.


The entire battlefield sank due to their power. Everyone was appalled. Even after Yin Wushang had used this self-mutilating technique, he was still sent flying by Long Chen.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!” Yin Wushang was vomiting blood, but he still roared, unable to accept this reality.

“Protect the-”

The Yin family’s experts hastily tried to move forward, but Long Chen didn’t even give them a chance to speak. His saber slashed out in all directions.

Dozens of the Yin family’s experts didn’t even have time to block with their weapons before being killed by Long Chen.

Three stars revolved in Long Chen’s eyes, and the three-colored divine ring behind him was constantly revolving. He seemed like a devil king who had descended upon the world to slaughter, filled with an imposingness that said he would kill whoever stood in front of him. This scene caused the remaining experts from the Yin family to tremble.

These elite Xiantian experts were cut down like cabbages in front of Long Chen. He killed them with a wave of his hand, as easily as slaughtering pigs.

Only now did Yin Wushang recover from his shock. But then seeing this scene in front of him, he once more descended into madness.

Seeing Long Chen was completely unrivaled, arrogantly looking down on all, seeming like he could slaughter even gods, Yin Wushang roared.

“I’m the unrivaled one! No one can surpass me, Yin Wushang!”

A crazy expression appeared on Yin Wushang’s face, and he took out a blood-colored medicinal pill.

“Junior master, don’t!”

One Yin family’s expert let out horrified cries. Had their junior master gone crazy?!”


That man had tried to stop Yin Wushang, but he had been too late. Yin Wushang had already swallowed the pill. A violent aura erupted from him, and the Yin family’s experts who were too close were directly blown to bits by his aura.


“That seems to be the Soul Devouring Blood Explosion Pill. Yin Wushang has definitely gone crazy.”

“This pill can let Yin Wushang’s strength multiply for a short time. But forcibly overdrawing his strength like this is consuming his life energy.”

“Correct. Igniting his ancestral blood wasn’t too bad. As a Celestial, he would most likely be able to cultivate his own bloodline energy. It would just require wasting a certain amount of time. But now that he has swallowed the Soul Devouring Blood Explosion Pill, his soul energy, physical energy, and bloodline energy will drop forever. Even if he kills Long Chen, Yin Wushang will probably be crippled.”

The distant spectators were all prestigious people. Quite a few of them were old fellows that were extremely experienced. They couldn't help but shake their heads at Yin Wushang’s actions. He really had gone crazy.

“AHHH!” After swallowing the Soul Devouring Blood Explosion Pill, Yin Wushang became like a mad lion, raising his head and roaring. The space around him twisted as if he was burning the entire world, and his aura was terrifying to the peak.

“Long Chen!!!” Yin Wushang’s eyes seemed to spurt flames, and his killing intent locked onto Long Chen.

Long Chen killed the last person in front of him. He then rested Blooddrinker on his shoulder, icily looking at Yin Wushang.

“You really are an idiot. I, Long Chen, never provoked you. It was you who forced me to this point step by step. Today, you even shamelessly kidnapped my family in the secular world. Do you know? You’ve really angered me,” said Long Chen.

“Angered you? What qualifications do you have to be angry? You are just an ant! You should never have resisted! Resisting is your wrong! Resisting means you should die!

“If you hadn’t resisted at the beginning and had just obediently been killed, why would I have had to kidnap Mu Xue and kill those ants?!

“If you hadn’t resisted, why would I have to waste the energy to find your parents? These are all your mistakes! Now not only will you die, but your entire family will also die. This is the price an ant needs to pay for resisting!” roared Yin Wushang crazily.

“You fucker!” Long Chen wasn’t able to hold back any longer. His saber ferociously slashed at Yin Wushang. Such idiots could only be killed.

“Die you fucking ant!”


The two of them seemed to have become madmen. There was no technique in their attacks. All they did was attack with their most vicious, full-strength blows.

Saber and sword images filled the air as their killing intent soared into the sky. The ground was covered with growing cracks that spread throughout the battlefield. Even the Mo and Lin families’ experts were forced to move further away.

“Long Chen, I’m the junior master of an ancient family, a grand Celestial who can look down on everyone else. You are just an ant who crawled out of the secular world. What do you have that could possibly compete with me?! I am a Celestial! The entire heavens are mine!”

Yin Wushang became more and more furious as he fought. Just attacking was no longer able to express his anger, and he constantly roared crazily.

“A Celestial? That’s just because the dogshit eyes of the heavens were blind. If you weren’t a Celestial, if you didn’t have the support of the Heavenly Daos, I could kill you as easily as killing a chicken. But even if you have the support of the Heavenly Daos, so what? I, Long Chen, will sooner or later cut down these blindass heavens!”


Finally, Yin Wushang was no longer able to endure. Blocking one of Long Chen’s attacks, he was sent flying, vomiting blood.

“The effect of Yin Wushang’s Soul Devouring Blood Explosion Pill has reached its limit. His strength is starting to fade. He’s lost.”

The spectators were all startled by this. Long Chen was truly heaven-defying. Even after repeatedly using self-mutilating attacks, Yin Wushang had still lost.

“Long Chen’s aura is also starting to decline. He should have also reached his limit. It really was a fierce battle of giants.” Some of the experts sighed emotionally. It had been many years since they had even heard of such people.

But now, of these two peerless heavenly geniuses, one had to fall.


Yin Wushang just barely blocked Long Chen’s next attack. As a result, he tumbled back miserably, vomiting even more blood.

“Wushang, don’t keep fighting out of spite. Move on to the backup plan!”

Suddenly, a figure appeared in the air and crushed a talisman. A pillar of light instantly enveloped Long Chen.

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