Chapter 598 Great Battle Begins

A blood-colored ray pierced through the void, slicing Yin Wushang’s body in two. His blood filled the air, and time seemed to slow down.

Whether it was the experts from the Mo family, the Lin family, the Yin family, or even those distant spectators, everyone was dumbfounded. They felt as if their hearts were no longer beating, as this scene was too shocking.

The image of Yin Wushang’s body slowly splitting in two in midair was deeply imprinted in their minds.

“He was killed just like that?”

No one could believe it. From the start of the battle, not even an incense stick’s worth of time had passed. His true body had been killed just like that?

Long Chen’s previous battle with Yin Wushang had already shaken all of Qing Prefecture, and countless experts had gathered here and investigated what had happened from the start.

Within the secret realm, Yin Wushuang had framed Long Chen, and later it was Long Chen who had managed to forcibly reverse the scales. That had brought on the ire of the Yin family. The small details of what the Yin family had done in retaliation had all been found out now.

In Long Chen’s first battle with Yin Wushang, although there was no proof, it was apparent from the words the two of them had spoken to each other that Long Chen had been much weaker than Yin Wushang. It was only by taking advantage of his carelessness that Long Chen had managed to injure him and flee.

Less than a month after that first battle, they’d had an even more shocking fight. In the end, Long Chen had managed to kill Yin Wushang’s clone.

Although he had managed to kill the clone, everyone could tell that Long Chen had used his full strength to just barely bring about that result.

As for this third battle, Yin Wushang’s true body had come. Originally, they had all thought that Long Chen would find it difficult to escape from Yin Wushang’s clutches.

But now, that true body had lasted less than an incense stick’s worth of time before being defeated.

No one doubted how powerful Yin Wushang was. The strength he had released caused all those Xiantian experts to be terrified. For him to be defeated so quickly, the only thing that could be said was that Long Chen was too abnormal. Just what kind of growth rate was this?

Thinking of how arrogantly Yin Wushang had challenged him, asking him if he ‘dared to battle him’, it was completely laughable and practically an insult to himself.

“Heavenly Dao Reco-” Countless runes wrapped around Yin Wushang, and the two parts of him instantly merged back.

But in that instant, Long Chen’s saber slashed out four consecutive times, severing all his limbs. He then reached out his hand to grab his throat.

He couldn’t kill him right now. He had to use Yin Wushang as a hostage to find out the location of his parents.

“Fuck off!”

Suddenly, a suffocating force attacked him, causing Long Chen’s scalp to turn numb. A sensation of death filled him, and he hastily retreated.

A ray of light fell right beside Long Chen, cutting a long gorge in the ground.

That gorge was only the width of a palm, but it was so deep that it was impossible to see the bottom. It was like a sharp blade had cut it.

If Long Chen hadn’t retreated so quickly, this ray of light would have slashed down on him. Even with his physical body, he still would have been cut in two.

The person who had attacked was the bald elder from the Yin family. Runes covered his hands, making his hands as sharp as blades.

“You shameless old bastard!”

A furious roar rang out as Mo Yi suddenly charged out like a phantom, his fist instantly reaching the bald man.

Mo Yi was infuriated. He hadn’t expected this baldie to be so shameless, ignoring his status as a Sea Expansion expert to sneak attack a junior.

Countless runes lit up over Mo Yi’s body. He seemed like a furious battle god, his fist causing the void to rumble.

“Old fellow, do you really think I’m afraid of you?” sneered the bald elder.


Space violently shook, and it was like the entire world was being fried. Some people directly vomited blood from the spatial vibrations.

“Scram!” Mo Yi roared, and the bald elder’s expression suddenly changed. He felt a mountain-toppling force attack him, and the ground beneath his feet exploded as he was knocked into the air.

A pair of huge, black wings suddenly appeared on Mo Yi’s back, looking just like real wings.

Those wings were actually created by countless black runes. As soon as they appeared, Mo Yi’s aura erupted. 

Runic wings were a specific mark of the Sea Expansion realm. Once you entered the Sea Expansion realm, you could nourish your own core runes.

Such runes could be transmitted to your descendants through your bloodline, so it was another kind of bloodline energy and an exceptionally strong one.

Once Sea Expansion experts called out their runic wings, they could release their greatest strength, drawing on the power of heaven and earth.

Although the Xiantian realm was also said to be capable of connecting with the power of heaven and earth, there was a qualitative difference between the two. Xiantian experts were amateurs at using the energy of heaven and earth, while Sea Expansion experts were masters.

It could be said that the Xiantian realm was just a starting point for a person to adapt to heaven and earth’s energy. But the Sea Expansion realm was the point at which a person could use that energy as they pleased.

The wings behind Mo Yi’s body shook, and he was like a bolt of black lightning as he flew into the air, once more punching that elder.

The bald elder’s expression changed, and he furiously roared, a pair of wings also appearing on his back as he punched out.


The void erupted as a terrifying force spread in all directions, a blinding light dazzling people’s eyes.

A terrifying pressure spread and the experts on the ground were all blown away by terrifying astral winds.

Long Chen did his best to resist, but he was still blown back several miles before stabilizing.

“This is the power of the Sea Expansion realm? Truly powerful.” Long Chen was amazed. This was his first time truly seeing Sea Expansion experts fighting. The strength contained in just the wave of their hands could destroy mountains.

That exchange had occurred in the air just now. If it had occurred on the ground, then perhaps everyone would have been buried by the ground from the aftershock.

“Mo Yi, curb your arrogance.”

Seeing that the bald elder was repeatedly forced back by Mo Yi’s ferocious attacks, Lin Chengdian couldn’t help being horrified. Mo Yi was much more terrifying than in his youth, making Lin Chengdian decide to also join the battle.

“Hmph, a group of shameless things, trash that only knows how to bully the weak. Do you think that I, Mo Yi, am afraid of you?”

Mo Yi’s furious roar shook the heavens, and his white hair danced in the air. Light shone from his eyes as his aura continued to climb, battle intent soaring off him. How was he an old man? He seemed more like a bloodthirsty battle god that had finally been revived.


Even fighting one against two, Mo Yi’s punch managed to send the two of them flying. The void rumbled intensely, and runes filled the air. It was incredibly horrifying.

When Sea Expansion experts released their full power, that power could crush mountains and overturn seas. The three of them continued to fly higher into the sky, creating more distance from the ground.

Obviously, both sides were worried that their aftershocks could kill their own people. The three of them flew high into the sky, appearing like three black dots continuously colliding.

Although they were now incredibly far up, each time they collided, a terrifying pressure would crash onto the ground, making it hard for the people to breathe.

This was the gap between realms. Sea Expansion experts had already completely comprehended how to use natural energy. With their core runes absorbing that energy to use as their own, that power was practically apocalyptic.

That was also why Meridian Opening Celestials could dominate the Xiantian realm but were unable to jump across the chasm known as the Sea Expansion realm.

Just like Celestials, Sea Expansion experts could also control heaven and earth’s energy. Although it wouldn’t be as monstrous as the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, a rank one Celestial was unable to suppress the power of a Sea Expansion expert’s core runes.

If you were to compare a Celestial to a dagger, then a Sea Expansion expert could be likened to a forest. Although the dagger was sharp, its range was too short. 

A single dagger could not possibly cut down a huge forest in a short amount of time. But a forest’s trees could gather together, using quantity to suppress quality, crushing that dagger.

Once those three were far away from the rest of them, Mo Yunshan waved his hand.

“Kill them all!”

The Mo family’s experts all released their auras. Countless pillars of light soared into the sky, and bows appeared in their hands.

“Attack! Kill these degenerates from the Mo family!”

The experts from the other side also roared furiously, charging forward. Killing intent soared into the sky.

Arrows exploded, weapons clashed, and bloodthirsty roars rang out. This was a truly world-shaking battle. All these Xiantian experts had released their full strength, doing their best to slaughter their enemies. Dust filled the air, and a rain of blood dyed the ground red.

“All of you can die. Arrows Rend the Nine Heavens!”

Mo Nian suddenly summoned the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, causing heaven and earth to change color. Thousands of arrows poured out of his bow.

Those were not true arrows but created from spiritual energy. This was one of the Mo family’s strongest Battle Skills. Mo Yi had only taught it to Mo Nian after he had advanced to Meridian Opening and became a Celestial.

These arrows flew into the midst of his enemies. They raised their weapons to defend, but they were horrified to see that each arrow had the same strength as a full strength attack from a Xiantian expert.

With this many arrows concentrated together, there was simply no way to block. Dozens of Xiantian experts were all turned into a bloody mist.

“Hahaha, nice job son!” Mo Yunshan was filled with delight. Mo Nian had finally begun to reveal his domineering side.

“All half-step Sea Expansion experts, focus your attacks on Mo Nian and Long Chen. The others-”

This person only managed to get half his orders out before a spear smashed toward him. He hastily tried to defend, but as a result, the spear smashed apart his weapon along with the upper half of his body.

“What?! There’s another Celestial?!”

The Lin family panicked as they hadn’t expected the Mo family to actually have another terrifying Celestial.

That person was Liu Zongying. Heavenly Dao runes filled the air around her, and wherever her spear struck, no one was able to block it. She was like a fierce tigress hunting them down one by one.

Within this chaotic battle, Long Chen shot straight for Yin Wushang.

“Bastard, release my family!”

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