Chapter 597 Divine Ring Shakes the Firmament

“You can’t Long Chen! That’s his true body. The clone you killed before only had fifty percent of his strength.”

Mo Nian knew that the difference between a true body and a clone was immense.

On the surface, it might seem like a clone possessed fifty percent of the strength of the true body, and so the true body’s combat abilities would only be double of it. But in reality, the true body would be able to fight ten such clones.

That was because each increase in strength led to immense changes in combat strength. Such a thing could not be calculated by numbers, which was why Mo Nian hastily tried to talk him out of it.

“Long Chen, did he kidnap your family?” guessed Mo Yi.

Long Chen didn’t reply. Putting away his father’s saber, he walked out toward Yin Wushang.

“Do you know, you really shouldn’t have infuriated me. Because you did, I’ll do something frightening.”

“Hahaha, frightening? Just how frightening? You’re just a damnable ant that should have already died. You killed my clone, so today, you’ll definitely die. Hehe, and I’m not afraid to tell you that not only is your father in my hands, but even your mother. And of course, that little girl is also present.

“You know, your little sister really is not bad. She’ll definitely grow up into quite the beauty. Hehe, once you die, I’ll help you to accompany her letting her be my slave. I’ll take your place to-”

Suddenly, Long Chen’s hand viciously slapped across Yin Wushang’s face. That terrifying strength practically caused space to explode.

Originally, Yin Wushang had just been quietly communicating with Long Chen, and in doing so, he had walked closer so that their words could be more private. As a result, this slap across his face was truly quick.

No one had expected Long Chen to suddenly attack and send Yin Wushang flying. He had already leaped after him as well.


A blood-red saber appeared in Long Chen’s hand. A blood-colored qi wave filled the sky, and endless killing intent boiled. His saber came slashing down on Yin Wushang.

“Cry of the Heavenly Daos!”

Heaven and earth shook as countless runes appeared in the air around Yin Wushang, forming a sea-like defense.

“Break!” Yin Wushang’s sword slashed out, and the runes in the air actually gathered onto the sword.


That runic sword smashed apart Long Chen’s saber-image, and without pausing, it continued toward Long Chen.

Long Chen hastily raised his saber to block, but his body shook intensely and the ground beneath his feet shattered. He was sent flying straight back.

“His true body is so much stronger than his clone!” Mo Nian was shocked by this power.

Yin Wushang was surrounded by runes as he stood there with his sword in his hand. He appeared like an emperor looking down on others, icily arrogant.

His clone’s Heavenly Dao runes had only been able to fill an area of a mile around him. But his true body’s runes had increased this range by ten times.

Furthermore, those runes were constantly revolving around his body as if they were alive, constantly absorbing the energy of heaven and earth for him.

“This Yin Wushang really is terrifying. Although I’m also a Celestial, I probably wouldn’t be able to last more than a hundred exchanges with him,” said Liu Zongying.

Although such words were a bit embarrassing to say, it was the truth. Yin Wushang’s true body was too strong, so strong that it caused a person to despair.

This grand manifestation was giving Yin Wushang endless energy. Other than a true Sea Expansion expert, no one would be able to challenge him.

“Grandfather, maybe we should-” said Mo Nian.

“Divine ring!” Suddenly, a furious roar rang out through the sky.

A powerful aura surged into the sky, and a pillar of light blew apart the black clouds from Yin Wushang’s manifestation. 


Yin Wushang had brought forth heavenly fury with his manifestation which had covered the sky with black clouds. But this pillar of light pierced through the black clouds, and the clouds were rapidly forced back. The sky now appeared extremely bizarre.

Above Yin Wushang, the black clouds were still turbulently roiling. But above Long Chen, it was sunny. It was like two worlds were clashing, neither capable of suppressing the other.

“Just what Battle Skill is this?! It is actually able to resist the Heavenly Daos! Even the manifestation of heaven’s fury is being blown back!”

Seeing this scene, everyone was flabbergasted. This was heaven-defying!

Even Mo Yi, Lin Chengdian, and the bald elder were shocked. They had experienced many great battles; thus, Long Chen and Yin Wushang’s strength weren’t anything special to them.

But the two of them had brought forth world-shaking manifestations. Yin Wushang was a Celestial, so for him to be able to draw out the power of heaven and earth was reasonable.

But Long Chen was not a Celestial. Using just his own strength, he was forcibly breaking the restrictions of heaven and earth, forcing back Yin Wushang’s manifestation. Despite having lived for countless years and being extremely experienced, their hearts pounded. Just what level of strength was this?

As for the bald elder, he was also incomparably shocked at first, but it was soon replaced with a smile. However, this smile was extremely sinister. Long Chen’s secrets, the secrets which allowed him to be this powerful, would belong to his Yin family soon.

Space was rumbling, and qi waves surged out like furious waves.

“What… terrifying strength…” The Mo family’s experts were actually not able to bear their auras and all retreated. 

The power surging out of Long Chen shocked them and also gave them an extreme sense of danger. If they were too close, they felt like their lives could be lost at any moment.

A huge divine ring had appeared in the sky. This divine ring was split into three colors. The middle color was yellow, and it was bordered by red and orange.

The middle color was stationary, but the other two colors were rotating in opposite directions.

Following their rotation, the world rumbled and changed color. Long Chen was standing in front of the divine ring, his clothes and black hair fluttering in the wind.

With his blood-red saber in his hand and furious killing intent pouring out of him, he seemed like a berserk god of death.

“Die!” The ground beneath Long Chen’s feet erupted. He had already shot forward like a bolt of lightning.

Blooddrinker released a cry as its runes lit up, and a blood-red saber-image soared into the sky.

This saber-image was over a mile long, looking like a celestial blade that could cause even gods to shiver. It slashed down ruthlessly upon Yin Wushang. Even the void was cut apart, and an unpleasant screech was emitted.

Everyone’s expressions changed. That wasn’t just because of this saber’s power or because of its aura, but because of the will contained in this saber. It had actually absorbed all the murderous aura within heaven and earth, not leaving a single drop.

This saber was influenced by Long Chen’s will, and each person present felt a sense of death from it.

“What terrifying killing intent!” Just how many people had Long Chen killed to condense such a terrifying level of killing intent?

It had to be known that killing intent was something that would increase by absorbing the resentment of the person you killed. It was a kind of special aura that would condense within the bones.

Once a person was infuriated, once they went berserk, that killing intent would be released. In other words, it would unleash endless resentment that would terrify most people.

Seeing Long Chen’s saber slashing toward him, Yin Wushang roared and the Heavenly Dao runes around him suddenly compressed, forming a strange image behind his back. That was the image of a huge ancient beast.

At the same time, a mark lit up on his forehead. His aura crazily grew and a terrifying pressure shot out. He slashed his sword toward Long Chen’s saber.


The ground exploded, the black earth rippling like it was liquid.

Both sides had to hastily defend against this wave of earth. This wave contained Long Chen and Yin Wushang’s power, and it had the power to shatter mountains.

The Xiantian experts struck by this wave of earth were miserably blown back, shocked. Was this the strength of Celestials? It was truly terrifying.


Two weapons were currently clashing, their owners icily glaring at each other. They both roared, releasing their greatest strength. 

A blood-colored rune appeared on Yin Wushang’s forehead. He was actually igniting his ancestral blood to increase his power. The runes around him surged turbulently, and his power crashed down on Long Chen.

“Three Star Battle Armor!” Long Chen cried out inside and the FengFu Star, Alioth Star, and Life Fate Star, which had been crazily circulating, suddenly paused. Light soared out of them, pouring toward the primal chaos bead in Long Chen’s Dantian.


The ground shook intensely, and cracks covered it. They started off as small cracks, but they quickly grew to become several feet thick, revealing a bottomless abyss.

“Wha… what?!” Every person was struck dumb. Just what level of strength was this?

Suddenly, Yin Wushang vomited a mouthful of blood and was blown back. He then continuously coughed up more blood in the air, and even the ancestral mark on his forehead dimmed. 

“How is that possible?!” The elder from the Yin family was appalled. Yin Wushang was not only a rank one Celestial, but the hopes of the entire family had also been placed on him. They had spent over ten thousand years worth of savings on him to make him into the greatest genius.

But even now that his true body had descended, he was still unable to defeat Long Chen. That was something this bald elder was unable to accept.

If this continued, it would be impossible for them to achieve their main goal, which was to have Yin Wushang kill Long Chen to maintain his pure Dao-heart. That was even more important than exterminating Mo Gate.

But Yin Wushang had to personally kill Long Chen. If others did it, that stain in Yin Wushang’s heart would never be washed away.


Just as everyone was still completely shocked that Long Chen was able to force back Yin Wushang, startled cries rang out. At some unknown point, Long Chen had appeared like a phantom in front of Yin Wushang, his saber mercilessly slashing down.

Blood splashed and the entire world turned still.

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