Chapter 594 The Decisive Battle

“Sorry, but our Huayun auction houses have a responsibility to keep the identities of our sellers confidential for their own safety. Please forgive me for not being able to answer you!” said Yao Niming.

On one hand, they truly did have a responsibility to keep it confidential. But on the other hand, Yao Niming really did not know just who had sold this divine soil.

Zheng Wenlong had merely handed it to him and said it was from a mysterious client. Since it was given to him by Zheng Wenlong, then it meant Zheng Wenlong was sure it came from a clean origin. He hadn’t asked any further.

“Keep it confidential for their safety? That person definitely has to be an enemy of my Yin family and was intentionally trying to harm us! If you refuse to answer-”

“Then you’ll raze down my auction house? Alright, please go ahead. I welcome you to raze it down at any time,” sneered Yao Niming. He directly ignored them, pulling Yao Niqian back into the auction house.

The spectators also sneered inside. This elder from the Yin family was definitely used to using his status to suppress others. But he should first be aware of who his target was. The Huayun Sect was an enormous existence that even dared to challenge the Pill Tower. For them to open their mouths to say they would raze down their auction house, they really had to want to die.

They weren’t polite because they were afraid of you. They were polite because they had professional integrity. Now the Yin family had truly done it. With the Huayun Sect ignoring them, it was like they had just slapped themselves.

“Brave warriors from the Yin family, don’t be afraid. Raze down their auction house. I’m very optimistic for you.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Look at how many people you have? If you just left things like this, wouldn’t you have just turned into a bunch of little turtles? What would happen to the face of the Yin family?

“Go on. Hot-blooded heroes, use your fists to smash their entrance. Let us see just how amazing an ancient family is. I’m cheering for you.”

Many people cried out, trying to incite the Yin family’s people to attack. Of course, they didn’t dare reveal themselves and simply shouted from the shadows.

This was a typical case of bystanders not being afraid of seeing a big mess. Furthermore, they had long since grown tired of the Yin family’s arrogant manner.

The elder’s expression was cold, and he had an urge to kill, but he also didn’t dare to do so. In the end, he brought his people away with a gloomy expression.

“Damn, no way? He’s this cowardly?”

“He came so ferociously, but now he’s leaving so hurriedly. What a weakling.”

The spectators were disappointed. The good show they had anticipated had ended like this. Most disappointing of all, they weren’t going towards Mo Gate but outside the city.

“Wait, isn’t that direction where that mysterious power is located?”

“What? Is the Yin family about to join hands with that power to target the Mo family? Then that really would be dangerous for the Mo family.

“That really is possible. Long Chen killed Yin Wushang’s clone. I heard that completely ruined his plan of advancing to a rank two Celestial. Their enmity is now set in stone. Now that Long Chen is hiding in Mo Gate, the Yin family has to break through Mo Gate to kill him.”

“The Mo family is probably doomed this time around. But it really is curious. From the start, they’ve ignored everything happening, minding their own business as if they’re not nervous at all. It’s impossible to tell what they’re thinking.”

The power targeting the Mo family had finally revealed its face in the battle at Hidden Dragon Abode. But that middle-aged man and his group of experts were truly mysterious, and they hadn’t fought.

However, there were people who guessed they were definitely on the level of an ancient family, or they wouldn’t have been able to work with Yin Wushang.

If that guess was correct, then in the face of two ancient families, the Mo family would definitely be destroyed. There was no suspense at all.

However, the calmness that Mo Gate was displaying was truly unfathomable. Most importantly, the Mo family still had yet to go out and ask for help from anyone. They were completely silent.

Qing Prefecture had already begun to become chaotic. Following the destruction of the three great powers, Mo Gate had become the sole ruler.

But now Mo Gate was being threatened by two other powers. Quite a few outer powers saw the opportunity to stretch their hands toward Qing Prefecture.

There were even some powers that slowly began annexing the businesses left behind by the three great powers. That was clearly a provocation to Mo Gate.

But Mo Gate still didn’t react. In fact, some powers forcibly seized some small parts of their territory, and Mo Gate still didn’t make a sound.

As a result, the things the three great powers left behind became a complete mess, as many smaller powers tried to absorb them. In fact, some even looked like they might reach the same power level as those three great powers.

They were all just waiting for their chance. Once Mo Gate was destroyed, they would instantly enlarge their territories. They weren’t thinking of becoming the ruler of Qing Prefecture. They were just hoping to get as many benefits as possible before the new ruler was established.

Once the Yin family’s experts left, the others also scattered. Qingzhou City became deathly silent. It was filled with the feeling of the calm before the storm.

Today, Long Chen’s mood was very good. As soon as he left his seclusion, he heard a piece of news that raised his spirits. The Yin family’s fruit trees had begun to wither.

Everything was going as expected. The Yin family’s people were truly too greedy. Did they not understand the concept of not putting all your eggs in one basket?

That divine soil might have allowed them to produce a great deal of Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruits, but that was no different from killing the chicken to get the eggs. Now the Yin family had truly been given a grievous blow.

With their lifeline severed, with no further income, the Yin family was definitely acting like ants in a hot pot.

Furthermore, what excited him even more was that after eating a ridiculous number of pills, the Life Fate Star had finally reached perfection.

That meant he could finally summon the Three Star Battle Armor. Then the effect of the Heavenly Dao Suppression would reduce even further. With the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, Celestials were unable to suppress Long Chen.

“Young master Long Chen, the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion’s Zi Yan sent you a gift.” One of Mo Gate’s guards respectfully handed Long Chen an embroidered case along with a letter.

“Zi Yan?” Long Chen was startled. Why would she send anything to him?

Opening the case, he saw a photographic jade. There was nothing else. Opening the letter, he saw a single line of graceful words.

“Our meeting in the mortal world was like a dream. I played my first song to listen to your heart. Now that I’m returning to my world, I leave this song to calm your soul," read Mo Nian. "Damn, is this a love letter?"

“Are you a ghost? When did you get here?” Long Chen saw that at some unknown point, Mo Nian had appeared behind him.

“Hehe, Long Chen, how skillful. That Zi Yan actually wrote you a love letter. Hurry, let’s see what’s inside that photographic jade!” said Mo Nian.

“Well, she left this just for me. I don’t think you- fuck, how are you so fast!” Long Chen had only gotten half his words out before Mo Nian activated the photographic jade.

An image appeared in front of them. Within that image was a white-robed woman sitting beside a zither. She appeared extremely noble.

Willowy eyebrows, eyes like autumn water, and skin like jade. She was like a sacred goddess, noble and grand.

“This… this is Zi Yan? How beautiful!” exclaimed Mo Nian with wide eyes.

Long Chen’s heart also shook. This woman had to be Zi Yan. That kind of mannerism was something only she possessed. But this time, she had taken off her veil.

Suddenly, her lithe fingers gently plucked the zither’s strings. A sound like immortal music floated out, one that penetrated deeply into the heart and cleansed the soul.

Following the music, Long Chen felt as if he had forgotten all his fury. His heart became calm and peaceful, no joy or worries, no fear or anger.

It was like a pair of soft hands were gently comforting his heart. It made him forget all his vexations, allowing his soul to reach a state of true calm.

After an unknown amount of time, the image faded. The two of them were still standing there, lost in some mysterious realm.

“Ah, this Zi Yan really is a goddess-like woman. After listening to this song, I feel like my mental realm has advanced a great deal! Long Chen, you really have some good luck,” said Mo Nian enviously.

“What good luck? Don’t you understand what she’s saying? She’s already left Qing Prefecture. From now on, we’ll truly be people in two different worlds,” said Long Chen.

“Hehe, don’t put this away so fast. Good things should be shared. Let me copy it. Wait, damnit, it’s not possible to copy it!” Mo Nian had taken out a photographic jade and wanted to copy it. But he found that the photographic jade Zi Yan had left was something he had never seen before, and he couldn’t copy it.

That made him incredibly vexed. This song was extremely beneficial to a person’s soul. Occasionally listening to it could allow a person’s realm to rapidly advance. It was practically a divine song.

But no matter how thick Mo Nian’s face was, of course he wouldn’t fight with Long Chen over it. That was a gift someone else had given him. He could only watch as Long Chen put it away.

Long Chen felt a trace of gratitude toward Zi Yan. This photographic jade wasn’t very useful to him, as he walked a different path from other people.

But Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and the members of the Dragonblood Legion could all use this song. By listening to this song, their mental realms would surpass their cultivation bases.

Seven days later, a piece of news rocked the Qing Prefecture: Yin Wushang’s true body had arrived.

Obviously, Yin Wushang was planning on having a battle with Long Chen. He wanted to kill him as revenge for his clone.

Qing Prefecture was in an incredibly tense state. That heavy atmosphere made it hard for people to breathe.

Mo Yi sent orders for Mo Nian and Long Chen to not go outside. At the same time, the Mo family’s secluded experts also came out.

This was the first time the Mo family entered a true battle state. All their experts were gathered, waiting.

What startled Long Chen was that the Mo family actually had over four hundred Xiantian experts. That was an extremely powerful lineup. The curtains to an immense battle were about to be raised.

Long Chen could sense just how warlike the members of the Mo family were. Even their blood was beginning to heat up.

“Old ghost Mo Yi, let’s have a decisive battle in front of Scorched Earth Forest! Get the fuck out there!”

Suddenly, a shout resounded throughout all of Qingzhou City.

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