Chapter 594 The Decisive Battle (Teaser)

“Sorry, but our Huayun auction houses have a responsibility to keep the identities of our sellers confidential for their own safety. Please forgive me for not being able to answer you!” said Yao Niming.

On one hand, they truly did have a responsibility to keep it confidential. But on the other hand, Yao Niming really did not know just who had sold this divine soil.

Zheng Wenlong had merely handed it to him and said it was from a mysterious client. Since it was given to him by Zheng Wenlong, then it meant Zheng Wenlong was sure it came from a clean origin. He hadn’t asked any further.

“Keep it confidential for their safety? That person definitely has to be an enemy of my Yin family and was intentionally trying to harm us! If you refuse to answer-”

“Then you’ll raze down my auction house? Alright, please go ahead. I welcome you to raze it down at any time,” sneered Yao Niming. He directly ignored them, pulling Yao Niqian back into the auction house.

The spectators also sneered inside. This elder from the Yin family was definitely used to using his status to suppress others. But he should first...

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