Chapter 593 Demanding an Explanation

Yin Wushang’s clone had been killed. This news was like a bucket of ice water that splashed onto the Yin family’s hearts.

There were no more than five people in the Yin family that had even been aware Yin Wushang had possessed a clone. It was an absolute secret. But when Yin Wushang erupted from his secret room and roared, the Yin family had been startled out of their delight.

The divine soil might be miraculous, but its use was limited. Yin Wushang was the true hope of the Yin family soaring. If nothing unexpected happened, then when Yin Wushang merged with his clone, it would have been almost certain that he could advance to a rank two Celestial.

A rank two Celestial was even closer to the Heavenly Daos. The Heavenly Daos showed even more care for them, and they would be able to walk even further on their cultivation path.

The Yin family had entrusted all their hopes to Yin Wushang. But that hope had been destroyed by Long Chen.

For this matter, even the Yin family’s patriarch had come out of his seclusion, immediately ordering all the Yin family’s experts to gather.

But just at that moment, a second piece of grievous news struck. The divine soil’s ‘divine nature’ had faded, and as a result, the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees were beginning to slowly wither.

That news scared the life out of the Yin family. The Yin family had no medicinal fields, they had no mines, nor did they have any businesses. The majority of their income was focused on these Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees. It could be said that those trees were the Yin family’s lifeline.

When they saw that all of them seemed to have gotten sick at once, even their leaves wilting and falling, the Yin family had immediately leaped into action.

They tried activating spirit gathering formations to their peak all over the trees. Endless life energy poured into them, but those trees didn’t show any signs of getting better.

What the Yin family did not know was that this ‘divine soil’ came from Long Chen’s primal chaos space. That soil possessed a mysterious energy, and Long Chen was able to use his spiritual qi to stimulate the soil, allowing vegetation to rapidly grow.

However, the divine soil that Long Chen had sold had some extra spice he had added. That spice was the strange black soil at the center of the primal chaos space.

Ever since he had obtained the primal chaos space, he hadn’t given up investigating its powers. He found that its ordinary yellow soil possessed a mysterious energy, and even if that soil left his primal chaos space, as long as there was spiritual qi, it could also stimulate the growth of vegetation.

However, the effect was much, much worse than when it was in the primal chaos space. Furthermore, the soil’s energy was limited. After a point, no matter how much spiritual qi you poured in, the soil would lose all its effect.

The yellow soil only contained a certain amount of power. Once that power was used up, it would just be ordinary soil.

As for the black soil, it possessed an annihilation aura. It was the exact opposite of the yellow soil. One was life, while the other was death. They were two extremes.

Furthermore, the black soil was much more terrifying than the yellow soil. Its effect was a hundred times greater. This time, Long Chen had meticulously planned out his con.

Once the Yin family had placed the divine soil onto the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees, the trees would not only be nourished by the yellow soil, but they would also be infected by the black soil.

However, because he had used so little of the black soil, it was suppressed by the yellow soil at first.

But once the yellow soil’s energy was used up, the black soil’s death energy would no longer be suppressed.

Because there was so little of the black soil, it would release its power slowly. But once it started, the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees would be powerless to resist. In less than a day, they had begun to wither.

By the second day, their leaves had begun to fall, and three days later, those trees were completely bare, like a beauty that had taken off her clothes.

According to reason, a beauty that had taken off its clothes would be even more moving. But if that beauty had lost all her life energy and become a withered old hag, one without any hair, it really was difficult to appreciate her beauty.

In three days, the Yin family’s trees had all reached their last breaths. The Yin family’s patriarch had actually coughed up three mouthfuls of blood and directly fainted.

Now, all of them panicked. With their patriarch unconscious, they had no master. The Yin family’s higher-ups immediately called for a meeting.

They all agreed this matter was a trap, a trap targeting the Yin family. They needed to get an explanation from the Huayun auction house.

Even the matter of Yin Wushang’s clone being killed was temporarily set aside. They had to handle this matter first. As for Yin Wushang, his soul was injured with the death of his clone, and he needed a few days to rest.

This matter was too critical. Before their trees completely died, they had rushed their way to the Huayun auction house to figure out what had happened. Just who had entrapped their Yin family? Once they found that culprit, they would force whoever it was to hand over the antidote.

The Yin family had even sent out a half-step Sea Expansion expert to get an explanation. The only reason they hadn’t sent out their full forces was because no matter how arrogant they were, they wouldn’t dare attack the Huayun Sect like that. They were only seeking an explanation.

But the Yin family’s members were truly too furious. Their attitude was too rude, causing Yao Niming to be extremely irritated.

Hearing the story from this elder, Yao Niming was apologetic, but he said, “Senior, I will represent the Huayun Sect to express my understanding and sympathy, but this matter can’t be blamed on my auction house…”

“What nonsense! It was your auction house which sold it! If I don’t blame you, who am I supposed to blame!” raged the elder.

Despite his good temperament, Yao Niming couldn’t help getting angry now. He icily said, “Senior, please pay attention to your tone. We businessmen rely on amiability to do business, but we’re not people that anyone can insult.

“When we sold this divine soil, my auction house made it extremely clear that its background was unknown and it was impossible to appraise. That divine soil’s true effect was unknown, and we only sold it on behalf of someone else.

“Buying that divine soil posed a certain amount of risk, so the buyer had to be cautious. Furthermore, my auction house kept the spirit stones paid for it for one month so that if Yin Wushang felt the divine soil had some kind of problem, he could return it during that one month for a full refund.

“Now, it’s already half a month after that limit. We’ve already given the money to the seller. Do you think it’s suitable for you to come ask for a refund now?

“The contract is right here. It’s written in black and white and is very clear. My Huayun auction house never cheats anyone and always acts sincerely.

“For you to curse me like this over and over, saying my auction house harmed your Yin family, I’d say that you are insulting and provoking my Huayun Sect. It seems you have to give me an explanation!”

Yao Niming was finally furious. He had run this auction house for many years, and this was the first time he had encountered such a situation. He icily glared at the elder from the Yin family, not even calling him senior anymore.

“You… you… What a bunch of nonsense! You’re forcibly twisting the logic. Your auction house’s divine soil was clearly poison soil set to intentionally harm my Yin family! All my Yin family’s fruit trees are on their last breaths, and you want me to give you an explanation?!”

“If your distinguished self is able to read, you should be able to clearly read what’s written on this contract.

“You bought this voluntarily, and it is written right there that this divine soil could be dangerous and that the buyer had to be cautious.

“Your Yin family only saw the benefit but forgot the danger. After getting an advantage you like to brag about your riches, but after suffering a disadvantage you come out to hurl abuses on the streets?” said Yao Niming.

“Big brother…” said Yao Niqian.

“Sister, don’t worry. They came here to provoke us, so saying this doesn’t count as breaking the rules. As businessmen, of course we have to be polite to our customers. But if some scoundrel comes here to act shamelessly, we can’t just blindly endure it. Even if they want to complain, I can accept their complaints. But I trust the sect will not allow us to simply be bullied,” said Yao Niqian.

“You!” The Yin family’s elder turned purple with rage, his whole body trembling.

After talking, it was as if it was their Yin family that had become the contemptible little people. With the contract in Yao Niming’s hands, with the personal signature of Yin Wushang, there was nothing he could do.

“Your Yin family has suffered quite a bit of damage. Due to my humanitarianism, my auction house can return the transaction fee we took. But that is my greatest concession,” said Yao Niming.

Those experts hiding in the dark couldn’t help nodding their heads. The Huayun auction house’s way of handling things truly had nothing to nitpick about.

Originally, with this contract, the Yin family had essentially just come here to cause trouble for no reason. The auction house had already said they were unable to determine the origins of that soil, and that it was dangerous.

But their Yin family had seen the possible profits and hastily used it. Now that they suffered for it, they immediately turned hostile. That truly was despicable.

In comparison, the Huayun Sect, such an enormous existence, didn’t use their power to suppress them in the slightest despite the Yin Family coming to find trouble for them.

Under the Yin family’s rude cursing, they had still replied politely, even agreeing to return their commission to them. In other words, they would have lost any profits they had made from this transaction, wasting all their work.

This kind of attitude was truly admirable. It was no wonder the Huayun Sect’s reputation was so good. This magnanimity won them the good opinion of countless experts.

Now these experts found the Yin family to be even more despicable. They, a grand ancient family, actually wanted to blame someone else for their own mistakes. They were truly shameless.

“They laugh so heartily when they win, but they cry like babies as soon as they lose. Haha, how interesting.” An old senior who was drinking wine in a distant restaurant sneered.

His voice wasn’t loud, but these people’s cultivation bases were so high, they could clearly hear his voice even from dozens of miles away. Furthermore, his voice was very gentle, as if he was an ordinary person just chatting normally.

His words shocked everyone. They were shocked by his guts, but they were also shocked by how strong he had to be to dare offend the Yin family.

The Yin family’s elder was enraged, and he was just about to curse this person when he saw the sword on his back. His expression changed, and his curses were swallowed back into his stomach.

Seeing his expression, quite a few people felt a chill. To be able to insult the Yin family and make them not dare to retort, it seemed this senior’s origin was quite powerful.

The Yin family’s elder snorted and ignored that senior, instead turning back to Yao Niming.

“My Yin family isn’t lacking that bit of money. Tell me, who sold that divine soil?”

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