Chapter 592 The Yin Family’s Fury (Teaser)

While Long Chen was in seclusion, news that he had killed Yin Wushang rapidly spread throughout the other prefectures.

Furthermore, the photographic jades of Long Chen’s fight had been endlessly replicated and sent to sects both large and small. Essentially anyone with any status received a copy.

As a result, some people made a killing. Just by selling photographic jades, they made an immense profit.

As those photographic jades spread, Long Chen’s name began to shake the surrounding prefectures. There were very few people in those prefectures’ cultivation world that didn’t know his name.

Previously, he had fought against the top experts of the Righteous and Corrupt paths in the Jiuli secret realm. That had already spread his name.

But this time, it was even more terrifying. Even a Celestial had been killed by him. Was Long Chen trying to defy the heavens?

However, along with the news of Long Chen’s battle with Yin Wushang, another piece of news also spread. It was about an enormous power that was planning on targeting the Mo family.

Many powers were extremely curious just what kind of existence would dare challenge the ruler of Qing...

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