Chapter 592 The Yin Family’s Fury

While Long Chen was in seclusion, news that he had killed Yin Wushang rapidly spread throughout the other prefectures.

Furthermore, the photographic jades of Long Chen’s fight had been endlessly replicated and sent to sects both large and small. Essentially anyone with any status received a copy.

As a result, some people made a killing. Just by selling photographic jades, they made an immense profit.

As those photographic jades spread, Long Chen’s name began to shake the surrounding prefectures. There were very few people in those prefectures’ cultivation world that didn’t know his name.

Previously, he had fought against the top experts of the Righteous and Corrupt paths in the Jiuli secret realm. That had already spread his name.

But this time, it was even more terrifying. Even a Celestial had been killed by him. Was Long Chen trying to defy the heavens?

However, along with the news of Long Chen’s battle with Yin Wushang, another piece of news also spread. It was about an enormous power that was planning on targeting the Mo family.

Many powers were extremely curious just what kind of existence would dare challenge the ruler of Qing Prefecture. In their curiosity, quite a few experts rushed over to Qing Prefecture, preparing to watch the excitement. At the same time, they wanted to see whether Long Chen was as strong as the stories said he was.

Although they had seen the images in the photographic jades, photographic jades only recorded image and sound. It was impossible to feel any aura. So watching them always felt a bit unreal.

Qing Prefecture was in a turbulent time. Experts gathered from every direction, causing the atmosphere in Qing Prefecture to become different.

Several days later, a serious piece of news spread. The Yin family’s experts had descended onto Qing Prefecture, and they furiously rushed into the city.

This caused a huge ruckus in Qingzhou City. Seeing how furious the Yin family was, they all anticipated an immense battle with the Mo family.

After all, Long Chen had killed Yin Wushang’s clone, severing his path of advancing to a second rank Celestial. That was an immense enmity.

Dozens of the Yin family’s experts were led by a half-step Sea Expansion expert. Seeing their soaring killing intent, everyone knew that a terrifying battle was about to begin, and they all rushed out to watch.

“Bastards from the Huayun auction house, get the fuck out here! Today, if you don’t give me an explanation, I’ll raze your auction house!”

What no one had expected was that the Yin family didn’t go find trouble for the Mo family but went directly to the Huayun auction house instead.

The Yin family’s expert had blocked the entrance to the Huayun auction house. From that posture, it seemed they wanted to destroy the entire building. That startled everyone.

It had to be known that behind the Huayun auction houses was the Huayun Sect. That was a huge existence that dared to even challenge the Pill Tower. Just what was the Yin family planning to do?

“What have these esteemed guests come for?”

The people who came out of the Huayun auction house were Yao Niming and Yao Niqian. They were also very startled. They hadn’t heard of anyone coming to find trouble for the Huayun Sect in many years.

However, according to the Huayun Sect’s rules, they always had to smile while they received guests. Unless those people actually attacked, they had to treat them as guests.

“Bastards, your Huayun auction house actually dares to harm my Yin family! That divine soil you sold to us is actually toxic!” roared the elder from the Yin family.

His words startled everyone. They suddenly recalled how Yin Wushang seemed to have bought some miraculous soil for an enormous price from the Huayun auction house over a month ago.

It was said that this soil had shaken all of Qing Prefecture. Unfortunately, many people only learned about it after it had been sold, and so they hadn’t had a chance to see its effects in person.

Now hearing this elder’s furious roar and his twisted expression, it seemed there was something fishy going on.

“Senior, if you have something to say, you can say it inside. It’s not suitable to shout in the streets,” said Yao Niming very courteously. He wanted them to converse inside. After all, as a businessman, he had to pay particular attention to amicability. But having them hurling abuses at the entrance was not good for their reputation.

“Tch don’t bother lying. You little peddlers, if you don’t give my Yin family an explanation, we’ll raze your Huayun auction house right now!”

A touch of anger appeared on the Yao siblings’ faces. Calling them peddlers might not be taboo, but it was definitely extremely offensive to them.

It was the people from the Pill Tower who liked to mock the Huayun Sect by calling them peddlers. However, only people from the Pill Tower had the power to say such a thing.

Now that the Yin family also dared use it, it was too much. Adding on their attitude, the time for pleasantries was over.

The Huayun Sect had existed for countless years. Other than being suppressed by the Pill Tower for a moment, there was no other power that dared be so unbridled toward them.

Yao Niming smiled and said, “Senior from the Yin family, I only call you senior due to the principle that guests must be respected. It doesn’t mean I’m afraid of you. If you want to raze my Huayun auction house, then please go ahead. I won’t stop you. I want to see just how many days your Yin family can exist in this world after doing so!”

He waved his hand and stepped aside, his meaning that they could go ahead. He wouldn’t stop them!

The elder from the Yin family turned gloomy. What he had said just now had just been words. He knew what kind of existence the Huayun Sect was. That was an enormous existence that dared challenge the Pill Tower. He wouldn’t dare to break even a single vase in their auction house.

However, the Huayun Sect’s disciples were all so amicable and had good temperaments. They rarely provoked anyone. That was what had made him so unbridled.

But now it was obvious his provocation had infuriated Yao Niming. Yao Niming’s thoughts were clear: you want to show off? Go ahead. I want to see if you dare accept the wrath of my Huayun Sect.

Now that he had said such big words, and with so many experts now watching, he became extremely awkward. If you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off.

Yao Niming looked at his awkward expression and decided not to make things harder on him. After all, he was a businessman. Unless it reached the point of no return, he wouldn’t offend a guest.

“Senior from the Yin family, this little one was a bit impolite just now. Please forgive me. However, saying that my Huayun Sect would harm you is a bit too much. My Huayun Sect always conducts itself openly, fairly, and honestly, cheating no one. Nothing of the sort has happened in many years. If there are any problems, I’m sure we can resolve them. It seems releasing your temper like that isn’t able to solve anything, right?” said Yao Niming.

Those hidden experts had no choice but to admire Yao Niming. This was the essence of the Huayun Sect. It was clearly the other side that had deliberately provoked them, but the Huayun Sect was still tactful, giving them face.

He was clearly giving this elder of the Yin family a way out. In truth, the enormity of the Huayun Sect was something everyone knew. There was no need for Yao Niming to be this gentle. The fact that he had, showed his business philosophy. He definitely wouldn’t use power to suppress others.

“Hmph, isn’t it all because of your Huayun auction house’s wares? That was no divine soil! It was practically a demonic soil, causing my Yin family’s Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees to all wither and be on their last breaths. Speak, don’t you feel like you should take responsibility?!”

Although this elder knew Yao Niming had given him face, he was still shouting furiously. With a wave of his hand, a large tree appeared in front of everyone.

That large tree was over thirty meters tall. But now it was completely bare, with not a single blade of leaf on it. It was impossible to tell that this was a Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Tree.

Furthermore, seeing how withered it was, it seemed its lifespan had reached its limit.

“This is my Yin family’s Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Tree. It was originally flourishing, but now… Your Huayun auction house must give me an explanation!”

Seeing that tree, Yao Niming and Yao Niqian jumped in shock. Such a large Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Tree had to be countless years old.

That tree’s vitality had truly reached an end. But there was nothing else that could be seen from it. Yao Niming frowned. “Senior, I don’t understand. This tree died from old age. It has clearly reached the limit of its lifespan. What does that have to do with my auction house?”

“What nonsense! The limit of its lifespan?! How could over three hundred of my Yin family’s Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees reach their limits at the same time?! Each Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Tree has a lifespan of over ten thousand years. Of the trees we bitterly raised, only half had reached an age of ten thousand years. Tell me, how could they all have reached their limit at the same time?” raged the elder from the Yin family.

Even his eyes turned red now. Originally, when Yin Wushang first returned with that divine soil, the Yin family hadn’t directly used it to stimulate the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruits.

They had first tested it on hundreds of various medicinal ingredients. They found that under the support of a spirit gathering formation, as long as spiritual qi was injected into this divine soil, those medicinal ingredients would rapidly grow. An incense stick's worth of time was equivalent to decades of growth.

Even so, the Yin family hadn’t immediately tested it on the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees. They did over half a month of testing, finding that no matter what plant they used, there was no problem at all.

After that, they finally chose one old tree that was just a few centuries from reaching its limit as an experiment.

What had made them go crazy with joy was that this old tree seemed to revitalize, flourishing with life.

The divine soil released a miraculous energy that allowed that old tree to quickly bear fruit. And in just three days, the tree had produced over a thousand fruits.

As a result, the Yin family went crazy with joy. In just three days, the fruits they had gathered from that one old tree was equivalent to ten years of the other three hundred trees combined. There was no way around that, as the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit matured too slowly.

The thing that made them the most delighted was that the old tree became filled with life energy, as if it had been completely reborn.

After that many tests, they were finally completely reassured, and they sprinkled that divine soil over the roots of every single one of their trees. 

Not only did they reap an immense amount of fruit, but their trees also began to flourish with life.

The Yin family wished they could obtain more of this divine soil, and they had even secretly sent people to investigate just who had consigned that divine soil for sale. They would pay whatever price to bring that person to their side.

If they could learn where that person had obtained this divine soil, the Yin family would definitely soar. But it was at this time that a piece of grievous news arrived.

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