Chapter 590 True Heart

After releasing the little girl, Long Chen revealed a long needle that was stabbed into his chest. That needle was black as ink, and black qi was spreading through his flesh at a rate visible to the naked eye. It was obvious that this was an extremely terrifying poison.

Zi Yan saw that the girl’s terror had disappeared to be replaced with calm. She looked at Long Chen with a gaze that invoked pity, a gaze that made it impossible for anyone to suspect she would actually kill someone.

As for the doll in her hand, there was a hole in it. Obviously, it was no doll but a killing mechanism.

“How could it be like this?”

Yu Tong looked from the girl to the black needle in Long Chen’s chest; her heart filled with indescribable pain.

“Do you hate me?” Long Chen slowly kneeled down and calmly looked at this girl, gently rubbing her cheek.

The girl was very beautiful, looking like she could have been cut out of jade, appearing like a flawless porcelain doll. 

“I know that of the people I just killed, your father and mother were probably amongst them. Do you hate me?” Long Chen asked again.

The girl shook her head. This handsome face in front of her had just seemed like the face of a death god, but now in the blink of an eye, it was the face of a big brother figure, making her feel warm and safe. A trace of panic flashed in her eyes.

“I am the Killing God’s follower. We aren’t afraid of death. Our deaths just allow us to return to the embrace of our god. Slaughter is our divine mission. We don’t know love, and we don’t know hate. We live just for slaughter.” The girl suddenly summoned the courage to speak as if these words gave her the courage to face Long Chen.

But for such emotionless words to come from a three-year-old girl was truly chilling.

Zi Yan and Yu Tong’s hearts jumped. Such a young child had already been imbued with such an ideology?

“Who told you this?” asked Long Chen.

“This is the Killing God’s guidance.”

“Have you seen your Killing God?”


“Then how do you know this is the Killing God’s guidance? How do you even know it exists?” asked Long Chen.

“You… you can’t blaspheme the Killing God! You can kill me, but you can’t blaspheme the Killing God!” raged the girl.

Long Chen looked at this little girl’s furious expression and smiled slightly. “Looks like you really are a devout follower. But your eyes tell me you’re a bit nervous and afraid.

“You are trying to use another kind of strength to force yourself to go against your own heart.

“Killing a stranger is something you feel is evil, is wrong. You are trying to use the strength of your god to erase that feeling of wrong.

“Unfortunately, your god’s strength isn’t strong enough. It is unable to erase your guilt or remorse. Compared to a god’s strength, the strength of the heart is much greater… cough…”

Long Chen coughed up two mouthfuls of blood. That blood was black. Even Long Chen’s face was turning black.

“Big brother… you…” Seeing Long Chen like this, that girl finally revealed a slightly disturbed expression. She opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say.

“I won’t die, so you don’t need to worry. In truth, the very moment you were thrown over, I already saw your panic and unease. That indecision you revealed back then was completely different from terror.” Long Chen smiled.


“Don’t you think I’m very stupid?” Long Chen mocked himself, gently stroking the girl’s hair. “Seeing you reminds me of a certain person. She should be even younger than you. But I trust she’s definitely just as cute as you, so I couldn’t bear to kill you.

“The reason I didn’t kill you isn’t because I’m kindhearted. I just like acting in accordance to my heart. I do what I want to do.

“So no matter what I do, no matter how many people I kill, I’m able to bear it. I can sleep with my conscience at rest.

“Little sister, remember your brother’s words. There’s no such thing as true right or wrong. Just act according to your heart… Cough, that way… you can live happier.” Long Chen once more coughed up blood.

“Big brother…!” Regret and sadness appeared in that girl’s eyes.

Long Chen pulled out the needle. There were horrifying barbs all along the needle, and broken pieces of Long Chen’s insides were still stuck to it.

Long Chen slowly closed his eyes, and the primal chaos space released endless life energy. The blackness spreading throughout his body instantly returned to normal, and the injury on his chest slowly closed. In just a single breath, he had fully recovered.

That poison was fatal to others, but it was nothing to Long Chen. As long as he had life energy left, he could force it out of his body without even needing antitoxin pills.

Furthermore, this was a poison that focused on the physical body. But Long Chen’s physical body had reached a level that even he wasn’t sure of.

“Big brother… are you leaving?”

“Yes, I still have many things to do. Goodbye.” Long Chen turned and walked away.

“Big brother Long Chen, I… I’m Little Yu-er!” That girl suddenly courageously shouted.

But Long Chen had already disappeared past the end of the street. It was unknown whether he had heard it or not. A disappointed expression appeared on her face.

Suddenly, an old woman who appeared to be in her fifties rushed out of the crowd. She had originally been cowering in a corner, but once Long Chen left, she rushed forward, picked up the girl, and disappeared almost instantly. Startled cries rang out. So there had actually been another assassin hiding.

Seeing the direction which the old woman had gone, Yu Tong sighed. “Long Chen must have noticed her long ago. But he didn’t kill her. He must have wanted her to bring the girl away.

“Just what kind of person is Long Chen? Sometimes he’s a merciless killer, slaughtering people like a bloodthirsty devil king.

“But he also has times when he is kindhearted and acts so foolishly. If he had been unable to block that poison, wouldn’t he have lost his life just now? Did he only act this way so that we would see it?”

Zi Yan shook her head. “With Long Chen’s character, he would disdain doing such a thing. It’s just like he said. He doesn’t care about right or wrong. He just acts according to his heart. So he does many things that seem foolish to other people, but he always has a clear conscience and doesn’t care about other people’s opinions.”

“The heart?” muttered Yu Tong.

“Don’t think about that. Perhaps that’s a feeling that only such a legendary existence can have. We’re unable to experience it,” said Zi Yan. But after saying that, she couldn’t help feeling that Long Chen’s future would be lamentable.

Long Chen’s only possible ending was to be destroyed beneath the Heavenly Daos. He walked a path that was impossible to walk to the end. That was because what he was facing was the heavens.

“Sister, what was the Killing God that girl mentioned? How come I haven’t heard of it?” asked Yu Tong.

“Her Killing God isn’t a true god. Our Immortal Palace’s secret canon has records of one hundred and eight true gods. But there is no record of a Killing God.

“Our Immortal Palace had countless powerful experts that appeared over successive generations. But only the ninth divine emissary relied on her own strength to rise into those rankings, becoming number one hundred and three.

“These assassins cultivate slaughter techniques. Those aren’t true divine arts, and their auras are completely different. However, their fighting style truly is similar to that scum from the divine world, En Puda! Perhaps they are leftovers from his Dao,” said Zi Yan. But when she mentioned En Puda, contempt and ridicule appeared on her face.

That kind of expression very rarely appeared on the normally calm Zi Yan. In other words, this En Puda definitely had to be an exceptionally despicable existence.

“Sister’s knowledge truly is great!” praised Yu Tong.

“Your mental realm isn’t high enough to read the secret canon yet. Once you reach that realm, you’ll naturally have the qualifications to look through it. However, you’ll have to prepare yourself. When you see those recordings about the immortal era, it will bring about a practically destructive impact to your Dao-heart. If you aren’t able to endure it, it would be a catastrophe for you!” warned Zi Yan, a complicated expression appearing on her face. There was even a trace of sadness in her eyes.

“Well, let’s not talk about that for now. We’re going to leave tomorrow. Junior sister, let’s stroll around and buy some trinkets from this mundane world. I’m sure our fellow disciples in the Immortal Palace would be delighted to see those!”

Long Chen was feeling a bit depressed. Looking at that girl’s innocent and pure eyes had made him think of his own sister that he had never met.

Calculating the time, she should almost be two years old. She was only a bit younger than that girl. However, his sister should be growing up completely carefree under his parents’ pampering. But seeing this girl, who also should have been pampered by her own parents, being raised into a killing machine, Long Chen felt pain inside.

Despite knowing that this girl had also been an assassin who had wanted his life, he had foolishly spared and forgiven her. Even Long Chen didn’t know why he would be that foolish, but he really was unable to kill such a naive child.

Her kind of belief was truly terrifying. That kind of belief could make a person lose their rationality and become crazy. The assassins from the Bloodkill Hall were truly a bunch of madmen.

Previously, Long Chen had thought they were just idiots. Even after he had killed so many of them, they still didn’t know how to retreat.

Now he sneered inside. They treated themselves as slaughter weapons. Whether they killed or were killed, they would feel no terror. They treated death as returning to the embrace of their god? Then fine, the next time he saw them, he would send them all directly to their god for free, letting them have a celebratory reunion.

Long Chen was weary of these days. No one could be on guard forever. His only option was to give them a painful lesson in order to cease their neverending entanglement.

As he walked, he didn’t sense any more assassins. Most likely, their attack was over with that one wave. Seeing the Huayun auction house before him, Long Chen directly entered.

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