Chapter 589 Assassination

After Long Chen left Mo Gate, the people on the street who saw him immediately fled to the edges as if they had just seen a death god.

Long Chen was startled at first, but then he realized that although many people hadn’t seen the battle yesterday, there had definitely been quite a few people who had recorded the whole thing with photographic jades.

Perhaps in all of Qingzhou City, there were only a few who didn’t know who he was now. Long Chen couldn’t help shaking his head. Acting as if he didn’t see these people, he continued forward.

He might have killed Yin Wushang, but he didn’t feel the slightest joy. Yesterday, Liu Zongying had explained the secret of Yin Wushang’s clone.

For ordinary experts, after they reached the Xiantian realm, they could condense a clone. For example, back in the Righteous and Corrupt battle of the 108th monastery, Ling Yunzi’s clone had appeared.

In reality, those kinds of clones were just spiritual clones. Using a secret art, he had condensed his Spiritual Strength into a clone.

That clone would then be nourished for many years to make it stronger. However, it was not truly solid. It only possessed a tenth of the strength of the main body.

Furthermore, if those kinds of clones encountered any powerful impacts that surpassed their limits, they would automatically explode.

Such clones were only used as supplementary aid. Their actual use was very limited. So most people didn’t use them for anything.

This spiritual clone was also known as a false clone. But Yin Wushang’s clone was known as a true clone. It was a solid body.

The greatest advantage of those clones was that they were still connected to their master, but it was a physical body that was separate from the true body. Condensing such a true clone not only required an ocean’s worth of resources, but it also required the true body to receive an extreme amount of pain.

The pain of the soul and physical body being torn apart required an incomparably firm willpower. Otherwise, it was possible for someone to directly go crazy from the pain. Liu Zongying had also tried condensing such a clone, but she hadn’t been able to endure it in the end and had given up on it.

Such clones possessed around sixty percent of the true body’s strength. For Yin Wushang’s clone to already possess such terrifying strength, it could be imagined just how powerful his true body was.

However, experiencing that endless pain and exhausting all those resources wasn’t for playing around.

Because the clone and true body were connected spiritually, the true body could stay secluded and cultivate while the clone went around fighting and experiencing dangerous situations.

What the clone experienced, the true body could also experience. So this way, the true body could stay in while still undergoing all kinds of tempering.

Furthermore, Yin Wushang was a Celestial, and his clone had even possessed the ability to use the Cry of the Heavenly Daos. That was because Yin Wushang had poured in a portion of his core energy into the clone.

That core energy could also grow and mature inside the clone through cultivation. Yin Wushang’s goal had been to wait until he reached the peak of Meridian Opening and then merged with his clone. Reaching the pinnacle of perfection, when he attacked the Xiantian realm, he hoped to advance from a rank one Celestial to a rank two Celestial.

But Long Chen had destroyed his clone’s soul. Even those core runes had been destroyed, completely destroying his hopes.

It was obvious that Yin Wushang was definitely crazy with rage now. The Yin family would quickly make some large movements. Yin Wushang definitely wouldn’t let things off just like this.

However, Mo Yi had already said that Long Chen didn’t need to feel any pressure. The Mo family didn’t fear any enemies, and when he had said this, his tone had been extremely confident. It seemed he really didn’t place these enemies in his eyes, which allowed Long Chen to relax.

At the same time, he understood why Mo Yi would want Mo Nian to make so much trouble. It was because the Mo family truly had that confidence.

Although Long Chen didn’t know that skinny middle-aged man’s background, he was sure he was an enormous figure. But Mo Yi still didn’t care about him.

That wasn’t carelessness but confidence. Furthermore, with how long Mo Yi had lived, he definitely wouldn’t play around with the Mo family’s life and death.

Long Chen had been walking with his head down, all kinds of thoughts swirling in his mind. He suddenly realized that he had gone the wrong way. Raising his head, he saw a grand building in front of him. He had actually unconsciously walked to the Immortal Intoxication Building.

He supposed that it was because he was so unfamiliar with this city. Bitterly smiling, for some unknown reason, he suddenly thought of Zi Yan’s veiled face. He shook his head, turning to leave.

“Eh? Isn’t that Long Chen? He comes to see us? Did the sun rise from the west today? Oh, he’s leaving?”

Yu Tong and Zi Yan had originally been standing next to the window to look at Qing Prefecture’s scenery. Tomorrow, they would be leaving. No matter what cultivation base you reached, once you became familiar with an environment, leaving would always cause a sense of loss.

Zi Yan was startled. Looking at the figure that was leaving, an emotion that was difficult to describe welled up inside her. The feeling was sour.

She didn’t know whether that feeling was because of pity for Long Chen’s past, or grief for Long Chen’s future. Or perhaps it was some other feeling. 

“It seems he just got lost,” said Zi Yan.

Long Chen had only just walked a few dozen meters when more and more people began to appear on the street. Suddenly, Long Chen’s heart shook.

An old man pushing a small cart was walking by Long Chen’s side when a slender sword suddenly appeared in his hand, and he stabbed it directly toward Long Chen’s back.

He struck like lightning, and his sudden attack was extremely vicious. Most importantly, his disguise had been extremely realistic. It had been practically impossible to sense that he was actually a Meridian Opening expert.

He only released his aura when he attacked. But reacting at that time would be too late. His sword was already pressed against Long Chen’s back.

However, his sword ended up hitting nothing but air. The instant Long Chen was about to be struck, he had jumped forward a dozen meters.

He had just narrowly avoided the old man’s sword. A cut had appeared on the back of his robes.

“Assassins!” Long Chen was startled. These damnable fellows had actually appeared here.

As soon as the old man had attacked, the people on the streets screamed and fled.

But two more swords also came stabbing toward Long Chen just after he had dodged the old man’s attack. Their incredible speed was shocking.

The two of them attacked even more exquisitely, taking action just as Long Chen dodged. With Long Chen still in the air from his jump, it was like he was sending himself toward their blades.


Blood splashed as their swords shattered. The two of them had been slashed apart by a saber.

As Long Chen killed the two of them, he felt a burst of pain from his ribs. A slender longsword had stabbed through his skin.

That sword was extremely sharp. It had to be known that Long Chen’s physical body had reached an abnormally powerful point. Even ordinary Xiantian weapons were unable to easily injure him.

But that person’s blade only pierced two inches into his body when he felt a powerful force block him, making it so he couldn’t push it in any further.

Long Chen’s saber was already slashing toward him. He hastily released his sword, about to run.

But just before he released his sword, his body turned numb as a powerful electric current surged into him.

Blooddrinker slashed through that person’s body. That immense force directly turned him into a bloody mist.

The street was extremely chaotic. After killing that person, Long Chen felt a burst of numbness from his ribs. That person’s sword had contained poison.

“Mommy…” A little girl who appeared to be only three years old held her small doll, sobbing. She was clearly too terrified to move.

As for her mother, it seemed she had forgotten her in the chaos. During this slaughter, she had just been crying on the street on her own.

Suddenly, she let out a startled cry, as the old man who had first sneak attacked Long Chen picked her up and threw her at Long Chen. At the same time, his aura was fully released as his sword came stabbing toward him.

Although he only had the cultivation base of a peak Meridian Opening expert, in that instant, he had activated some kind of secret art. That sword’s power would not lose out to a late Xiantian expert’s attack.

Most importantly, in that instant, space twisted as over ten new experts appeared, all of them releasing their strongest attacks on Long Chen.

Long Chen had actually, unconsciously, stepped into a death trap. These people were all elite assassins, each of them possessing extraordinary killing power.

Furthermore, these assassins all worked together flawlessly. Their completely unscrupulous assassination techniques didn’t even give Long Chen a chance to release his aura.

Zi Yan and Yu Tong saw that these assassins were using that innocent girl as a trump card. With the power they had released, they would clearly kill the girl along with Long Chen. Long Chen’s hands were truly tied now.

In this kind of situation, that girl would definitely die. Let alone an ordinary person, even a Xiantian expert would be blown to bits by such a fierce collision.

Seeing that terrified girl flying toward him, Long Chen hesitated. In the end, he reached out his hand and caught her.


At the same time, over ten sword attacks landed on Long Chen. That terrifying force caused the entire street to shake intensely.

Countless bits and pieces of rubble flew into the air. What shocked Zi Yan and Yu Tong was that Long Chen had used his own back to block their attacks.

Furthermore, Long Chen hadn’t released his aura. His entire back was a mass of blood, but the girl in his embrace was still alive.

Zi Yan and Yu Tong’s hearts shook. Long Chen didn’t dare circulate his spiritual qi to defend because he was afraid of killing the girl. In order to protect the girl, who was a complete stranger to him, he had actually allowed himself to take heavy injuries.


Suddenly, Long Chen’s saber released a scarlet wave that crashed down on those black-robed assassins.

The sound of flesh exploding rang out in the streets, and the air reeked of blood.

For a moment, the entire world was silent. Many people were hiding in the distance, filled with horror.


Long Chen pointed his finger, and a few people that were hiding in the crowd were killed by bolt after bolt of lightning. Countless screams filled the air as people fled.

Long Chen killed seven people like this before his gaze landed on a quivering old woman. He hesitated for a moment and turned away from her, slowly putting down the girl in his embrace.

But once he released the girl, Zi Yan and Yu Tong became filled with disbelief, and they tightly covered their mouths with their hands.

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