Chapter 587 True Body

Yin Wushang’s self-detonation caused everyone to jump in shock. They were practically unable to believe their eyes. A Celestial had actually been forced to self-detonate.

Seeing the sky full of blood mist, all their hearts felt heavy. However, Long Chen smiled coldly and his hand was raised, pointing out a finger.

“You want to use your self-detonation to mask your soul escaping? You’re too immature. Lightning Finger!”

A bolt of lightning shot out of Long Chen’s finger, piercing through the blood mist to strike a transparent figure.

That figure had almost completely merged into space. It was very difficult to notice it with the naked eye. That was Yin Wushang’s soul.

Yin Wushang had abandoned his physical body in hopes that his soul could escape. Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of just how abnormally powerful Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was. There was no chance he could escape Long Chen’s senses.

The very instant he had self-detonated, Long Chen had already seen through his intentions. Seeing that lightning arrow shoot straight at him, Yin Wushang let out a roar of despair.

“Long Chen, just wait! I will definitely tear you apart limb by limb!”


The lightning arrow pierced through Yin Wushang’s soul, and his soul immediately exploded, filling the sky with runes.

The world trembled when those runes appeared. The spectators all sighed with emotion upon seeing them.

Those were Yin Wushang’s core runes, in other words, a Celestial’s core runes. Those runes were nourished inside the Celestial’s body, and they were able to draw out the support of the Heavenly Daos.

But once a Celestial died, those runes would be absorbed by heaven and earth, forever disappearing from this world.


Just as those runes were about to disappear, the primal chaos bead in Long Chen’s Dantian suddenly began to rapidly circulate.

Long Chen was startled, as he wasn’t the one urging the primal chaos bead. It was acting on its own. But even after a while, it didn’t seem like anything had happened.

“Long Chen, you actually killed my Yin family’s junior master. You definitely won’t have a good death!” Yin Qing roared hysterically from a distance.

Her expression was extremely contorted with hate. With Yin Wushang’s death, she would definitely receive a harsh punishment. Perhaps her life was also over.

Originally, she had succeeded in seducing Yin Wushang. She had hoped to rise within her family’s hierarchy with his support. But now, everything was over for her.

For a moment, the entire battlefield was silent. Within hundreds of miles, the only person was Long Chen, his blood-red saber resting on his shoulder, his black hair fluttering in the wind. He gave off an indescribably domineering feeling.

Long Chen was too lazy to bother with Yin Qing’s furious roar. His only regret was that Yin Wushang had self-destructed, and his spatial ring had also been destroyed with him.

Yin Wushang was definitely rich beyond his imagination. But his spatial ring was also peak grade, and it contained his divine sense.

When he had self-destructed, the spatial ring had also self-destructed with him. He hadn’t left a single thing to Long Chen, so he was a bit vexed.

However, at least he had released some of his sullen furies. With a Celestial’s life as a sacrifice, he trusted those fallen brothers would still be able to laugh within the nine springs.

“Long Chen!”

Mu Xue ran over to him and wrapped her arms around him, sobbing.

At this point, the others also came back to the battlefield. Zi Yan stared at Long Chen. “That person is dead, and you’ve avenged your enmity. But is your heart really at peace?”

Long Chen gently patted Mu Xue before turning to Zi Yan.

“Miss Zi Yan, the two of us are people in two different worlds. Don’t use your grand and aloof eyes to evaluate my actions in the mundane world.

“You are not me, and I am not you. Can you say what my heart feels? I don’t care if my actions are right or wrong. All I want is to have a clear conscience, which I have. Miss Zi Yan, I owe you a favor. If I have a chance in the future, I will definitely repay it.

“But I’d ask you not to argue with me about this kind of subject. I, Long Chen, am a vulgar and coarse person of the mundane world, and my temperament isn’t so good. I can easily say something rude to you, and that wouldn’t be good for either of us!”

As soon as he heard Zi Yan’s words, Long Chen’s temper flared. She wasn’t him. She hadn’t been chased down like a dog by Yin Wushang. She hadn’t had that many hot-blooded brothers be killed. Of course, it was easy for her to judge him.

But no matter how he put it, if it hadn’t been for Zi Yan, Mu Xue would still be in Yin Wushang’s hands. Then Long Chen wouldn’t have been able to fight him with his full strength.

Furthermore, even if he could have defeated Yin Wushang, he wouldn’t have been able to kill him. It could be said that Long Chen truly owed Zi Yan a great debt, and so he didn’t want to taint their amicability.

Otherwise, Long Chen had ten thousand ways to retort to Zi Yan. Well, most likely, over nine thousand nine hundred and ninety of those would involve cursing.

Long Chen was no upright gentleman, nor was he some Daoist scholar. When he was in a temper, his words weren’t always polite. It was all too likely for him to say something offensive.

Zi Yan nodded. “Then I won’t disturb you any longer. If you have free time, you can come to my Immortal Intoxication Pavilion. I’ll definitely treat you.”

Long Chen cupped his hands. “Many thanks for your hospitality. If I have time, I’ll definitely go.”

No matter what, Zi Yan had helped him a great deal. He had to at least say something courteous.

“Hypocrite,” Yu Tong muttered. Zi Yan gently bumped her arm to get her to stay quiet.

Seeing Long Chen’s slightly awkward expression, Zi Yan said, “I’ll take my leave now. But I should tell you that Yin Wushang isn’t truly dead. What you killed is merely his clone.”

After saying that, she and Yu Tong left. But her final words shocked everyone.


Long Chen’s heart shook. How was that possible?

“Long Chen, well done, truly well done, hahaha!”

The middle-aged man walked over with his people. “That really was a world-shaking battle. Marvelous, truly marvelous!”

Long Chen looked at that man. There was an unconcealable smile on his face. Obviously, he was the greatest winner of this battle.

“Your smile is really slutty. It’s even sluttier than those prostitutes. The heavens really were blind to allow a person like you to cultivate. I really can’t understand why you didn’t just go prostitute yourself from the beginning. Why bother cultivating? The goal of cultivation is to get stronger. Why would you get stronger first and then prostitute yourself? You city people really are fun!” said Long Chen.

The middle-aged man’s expression sank, and the dozens of experts behind him prepared themselves to fight at any moment.

“Let it go, who do you think you’re trying to scare? You cowards, don’t bother acting! If you really had the guts, you would have already taken action last time,” said Mo Nian. “Long Chen, let’s go. Your brother will hold a great celebration for you. You really were too badass today. Now I feel like the pressure is even stronger. With your current growth rate, after twenty more years of bitter cultivation, you’ll probably be able to get halfway to my level.” Mo Nian patted Long Chen on the shoulder.

Long Chen looked at him disdainfully. “Even if I bitterly cultivated for a lifetime, I probably wouldn’t be able to reach the realm your skin has reached!”

“Hahaha!” At some unknown time, Liu Zongying had also arrived. Hearing their words, she couldn’t help laughing.

“Long Chen, it’s unexpected for you to be this powerful. Now I’m almost regretful that I’m engaged to Mo Nian,” she said.

Long Chen’s scalp turned numb upon being stared at by Liu Zongying. Such a manly woman wasn’t someone just anyone could enjoy. It was best for her to stay with Mo Nian.

“Haha, I have no objections- aiya!”

Mo Nian let out a miserable cry as Liu Zongying grabbed his neck, glaring at him.

“Bastard, am I that lacking? You want to kick me out? Give up any thoughts of that! Even if you rot, you’ll still have to rot in my hands. That’s your fate, understand?!”

“I… I…” Mo Nian turned purple, unable to say anything.

“Junior sister Liu, if you continue like this, your fiancé will choke.” Even Long Chen’s heart clenched. This was too violent, wasn’t it?

“It’s fine. Mo Nian’s been choked for so many years; he has greater resistance than anyone else. Let’s go back now!” Mo Yunshan pulled on Long Chen, bringing him back to the city.

Now, even Long Chen agreed with Mo Nian that Mo Yunshan wasn’t his father. It seemed he didn’t really care about his son’s life or death.

It was a good thing Liu Zongying was only doing a demonstration. Now that Long Chen had left, she released Mo Nian; however, she still tightly wrapped her arm around his, not letting him leave.

The middle-aged man hesitated, but in the end, he held back, allowing them to go.

Yin Qing was left standing alone. It was only after a while that she reacted. Even as a member of the Yin family, she hadn’t been aware that Yin Wushang had a clone.

Now, she went wild with joy and quickly rushed into the city, borrowing Qingzhou City’s transportation formations to return to the Yin family.

The Yin family was far from Qing Prefecture. They were separated by two prefectures, and they were situated within a mountain range.

They occupied a space of almost three thousand miles. There were thousands of mountains in their territory, and clouds curled around them. The spiritual qi here was extremely abundant.

This was the Yin family’s ancestral lands. From an aerial view, it could be seen that these mountains formed a huge formation that enveloped the entire land.

Once such an enormous formation was activated, then even Sea Expansion experts wouldn’t be able to barge their way in.

However, such an enormous formation exhausted plenty of spirit stones just to maintain. Not only was it a defensive formation, but it was also an immense spirit gathering formation, providing the Yin family with a dense concentration of heaven and earth’s spiritual qi.


A small mountain within the Yin family exploded. The treasures, resources, and exquisite buildings on it were all blown to bits.

“Long Chen, if I don’t tear you apart piece by piece, I won’t be called Yin Wushang!!!”

This furious roar shook the heavens. Yin Wushang was standing in the ruins of the mountain, his expression incomparably sinister, his eyes red, and endless killing intent surging out of him.

This was Yin Wushang’s true body. His furious roar immediately startled the entire Yin family...

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