Chapter 586 Slash After Slash

Originally, the surroundings of the Hidden Dragon Abode had had some small lakes and some beautiful scenery. But now, all of it was gone. Everything within hundreds of miles was scorched earth.

The ground had been turned to black rock. Steam still floated out, emitting a strange scent.

At the center of the battlefield, Long Chen and Little Snow were still calmly standing there, not moving the entire time.

Long Chen had already advanced to Meridian Opening, and he had also condensed the Life Fate Star. He was a completely different person from when he had first fought Yin Wushang.

Even after using this wind and flame attack, Long Chen still had the majority of the Earth Flame energy within him. So when his attack had erupted, he had used that energy to protect himself and Little Snow.

Yin Wushang was standing in front of Long Chen. However, it appeared as if his entire body had been turned to charcoal.

In the end, those two layers of defense he had created had not been able to withstand Long Chen and Little Snow’s combined attack. However, with them, he had just managed to keep his life. But his aura was now very weak.

Long Chen sensed his remaining spiritual qi, and he found that he had less than twenty percent left. The continuous battles and then having to face off against the Heavenly Daos had exhausted him greatly.

However, twenty percent of his spiritual qi was enough for him to do many things. Taking a breath, he rested Blooddrinker on his shoulder.

Step… step… step…

Long Chen walked over the scorched rock-like ground. That sound was like the overture of a death god.

“Yin Wushang, back in the Xuantian Supermonastery, I once warned you that with Han Tianyu’s death, our enmity had come to an end. However, you didn’t listen to me, and you even tried to kill me. Not only that, but you despicably used others to kidnap my friend, causing my brothers to die. Did you ever think that this would be your ending?”

Long Chen’s voice resounded throughout the entire battlefield. Those tens of thousands of experts could all hear the killing intent and fury within it.

Long Chen’s saber slashed straight down on Yin Wushang.

Yin Wushang’s practically charred hands lit up with runes, and he raised his sword to forcibly block it.

In front of everyone’s horrified gazes, Yin Wushang’s arms shattered, and his sword was sent flying into the distance.

“Long Chen, I don’t believe you’ll dare to kill me.” Yin Wushang tumbled back hundreds of meters and crawled up, shouting, “If you kill me, my Yin family won’t let you off. Even your Xuantian Supermonastery can’t protect you. Not only you, but your friends and your parents will all be exterminated.”

Yin Wushang was finally terrified. Long Chen’s strength had surpassed his imagination. After that previous attack, his spiritual qi had essentially hit rock bottom.

Furthermore, he had used his essence blood to summon his ancestor’s spirit. That secret technique was extremely taxing for him to use. However, in that situation, he had had no choice but to use his Ancient Blood Divine Shield.

“Yin Wushang, it seems you still don’t understand me. I never submit to any threats, nor do I fear any threats. If it had just been an enmity between the two of us, perhaps I could have spared your life. Unfortunately, you stretched your claws towards the people by my side.”

Reaching here, Long Chen’s killing intent burst to a new high. “You’ve touched my taboos. In your eyes, perhaps they were just some mercenaries, but in my eyes, they were my life and death comrades-in-arms. Let alone a disciple from an ancient family, even if you were the son of a fucking god, I would still kill you today as vengeance for them!”

Long Chen’s voice rang out like thunder, causing heaven and earth to rumble. That voice contained endless hatred and killing intent.

“Long Chen, you’ve gone crazy! Our Yin family’s strength is not something you can understand. Are you not afraid of the Yin family’s fury? With your strength, do you think your family can endure it?” Yin Qing, who was standing beside the skinny middle-aged man, finally opened her mouth.

She was finally afraid because it seemed Long Chen really wanted to kill Yin Wushang. Furthermore, this middle-aged man didn’t have any intention of interfering.

That made her realize that this man’s goal was to borrow the hands of the Yin family to attack the Mo family together.

But Yin Wushang was impatient because he was on the verge of breaking through. Furthermore, he had never wanted to join their battle. That didn’t have the slightest benefit to the Yin family. His target was merely Long Chen.

In the end, Yin Wushang had decided to target Long Chen despite the middle-aged man’s objections. However, that man had still decided to help him a bit.

Now Yin Qing realized this middle-aged man was truly an old fox. Whether or not Yin Wushang won, this battle would benefit him.

If Long Chen lost, then when he was about to be killed, the Mo family would definitely interfere. Furthermore, with him present, the Mo family would definitely have to use their full strength. That would reveal the truth about the Mo family’s current power.

If Yin Wushang lost, then he would just watch without lifting a finger. If Long Chen could kill Yin Wushang, then it would be even better for him. That way, he would have succeeded in forming an enmity between the Mo family and the Yin family. 

Although Long Chen wasn’t a member of the Mo family, he still received their support. The Mo family would definitely have to receive the Yin family’s rage, and he would be the greatest beneficiary.

Furthermore, he also had his own reason: Yin Wushang and Long Chen had agreed to a life and death battle in front of this many people. With that many people watching, he couldn’t interfere, or it would bring about their anger.

Although the Yin family would also hate him in their hearts, that was a matter for the future. His only goal right now was to overturn the Mo family.

Long Chen’s saber once more fell. Yin Wushang used his last strength to condense a runic shield in front of him.

But that shield was shattered with a single blow. Yin Wushang vomited blood and flew back. His new arms, which he had formed from Heavenly Dao runes, once more shattered.

While Yin Wushang was still miserably flying back, Long Chen appeared beside him like a phantom, his blood-colored saber slashing out again.

Blood splashed. The entire world seemed to move in slow motion as that saber cut him in two at the waist.

Everyone was horrified. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin falling. Would a heavenly genius really die just like this?

“Heavenly Dao Recovery!”

Countless runes appeared over Yin Wushang’s bisected body, merging them back together.

“What?!” Seeing that he was actually able to reconnect his body, everyone was dumbfounded. That was too inconceivable. This reaction was very normal, as even Long Chen had been shocked back then.

Yin Wushang’s body had only just merged back when a yellow talisman appeared in his hand. That talisman released spatial fluctuations. It was clearly a teleportation talisman.

This place was different from the Jiuli secret realm. Within the thousand major realms, there was a spatial suppression that made ordinary teleportation talismans useless.

But Yin Wushang’s teleportation talisman was an extraordinarily precious thousand major world teleportation talisman. Although it could only teleport a few thousand miles, it was his last chance.

However, as he crushed the talisman, a blood-red saber severed his arm.

That teleportation talisman merely teleported away his severed arm. The rest of Yin Wushang remained.

Long Chen’s saber once more slashed towards Yin Wushang’s newly merged waist.


“Heavenly Dao Recovery!”


“Heavenly Dao-!”




Every time Yin Wushang used his Heavenly Dao energy to reconnect his body, Long Chen would slash down his saber.

After three times, Yin Wushang’s core energy was gone, and he could no longer recover. He was filled with terror and panic.

Long Chen rested his saber on his shoulder. Yin Wushang was lying on the ground.

“Yin Wushang, didn’t you always like to look down on others from your high perch? Aren’t you someone who views himself as a ruler that can dictate other people’s lives? Don’t you value the life of a human as little as a blade of grass?

“Now I see terror and panic in your eyes. How laughable. So you were always afraid to die?

“Then you should know just how much those people you killed also wished to live.

“When you ordered others to take their lives, did you once think of that? They had nothing to do with you. Why did you want them dead?

“If you had the ability, why didn’t you just directly attack me? Why did you have to stretch your sinister claws towards the people by my side? Can you answer me?!”

Long Chen pointed Blooddrinker at Yin Wushang. His eyes were scarlet, and he seemed like a furious death god. Endless killing intent poured out from every inch of him.

“Long Chen, let me off. The differences between us can end here. I can compensate you with a great deal of resources- AHH!”

Long Chen’s saber stabbed into Yin Wushang’s chest, raising the upper half of his body into the air. He icily glared at him.

“Compensation? What are you going to bring out as compensation? Your life? Did you think your one rotten life was worth the same as the many lives of my brothers?”

Long Chen’s veins were bulging, and his furious roar rang out in everyone’s ears. Mu Xue shook and she tightly clenched her lips. She did her best to hold back her tears, but thinking of her brothers’ miserable deaths, they still escaped out of her control.

“I… I....” Yin Wushang’s arms were destroyed, and all that was left of him was his upper body. Long Chen’s saber had pierced through his body. He opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say. It was because he knew that even if he begged for mercy, it wouldn’t change Long Chen’s determination to kill him.

“Don’t you feel that your life is very valuable? Then let me tell you, I’ll be using your head as an offering to my brothers’ heroic spirits!” roared Long Chen.


Yin Wushang suddenly burst into a crazy laughter, disdainfully looking at Long Chen. “Long Chen, I admit that I’ve lost. But if you really think you can take my head, you’re very, very wrong!” 


Suddenly, Yin Wushang self-detonated. A cold smile appeared on Long Chen’s face.

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