Chapter 585 Bloodthirsty Soulseek Thorn


Everyone let out a startled cry. That black ray had pierced through Long Chen’s chest too suddenly.

It was like that black light had simply appeared out of nowhere. There hadn’t been the slightest warning.

Long Chen lowered his head and looked at the hole in his chest. Blood wildly poured out, and a bone-chilling cold spread throughout his entire body.

“Long Chen, you truly are strong. However, you still aren’t my match. Last time, I was careless and received a heavy injury, so I never got a chance to use this move. Hehe, how is it? The taste of my Bloodthirsty Soulseek Thorn is not bad, right?” A nine-inch black thorn appeared in Yin Wushang’s hand.

“Ah, I forgot to tell you. This Bloodthirsty Soulseek Thorn was refined from a Xiantian Magical Beast, the Bloodthirsty Hedgehog’s spikes. Once it pierces you, your blood will be like a river whose dam was destroyed, and all your blood will pour out until there’s not one drop left in you. Long Chen, it really is regretful, but you’ve lost,” said Yin Wushang.

Quite a few people’s expressions changed upon hearing about the Bloodthirsty Hedgehog. Legends said that it was a species from ancient times. Each of its spikes was poisonous, and a small injury could even kill a Xiantian expert.

However, the Bloodthirsty Hedgehog was essentially extinct. It was unexpected that Yin Wushang would actually be able to refine its spikes into a weapon.

“Long Chen, due to your great deeds, today I’ll let you taste the pain of ten thousand needles piercing your body.”

Suddenly, the void trembled around Yin Wushang, and tens of thousands of Bloodthirsty Soulseek Thorns appeared around him.

“Heavens, this Yin Wushang is too terrifying! With that many Bloodseeking Soulseek Thorns, who could even fight him?!”

“Die!” Yin Wushang roared, and forming a hand seal, those tens of thousands of Bloodthirsty Soulseek Thorns shot straight towards Long Chen, appearing like black lightning.

Everyone was horrified. This attack was something none of them could block. But they saw that Long Chen’s expression was still calm.

“It really is unexpected that you can use them like soul items.” Long Chen really hadn’t expected Yin Wushang to possess such a move. At the same time, he realized just how lucky he had been to get away last time. “However, this is still not enough to kill me!”

Space trembled and a fist-sized scale suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s hand. As soon as that scale appeared, the space around it began to distort.

The scale rapidly grew, becoming dozens of meters long, protecting Long Chen.

Those tens of thousands of thorns ruthlessly smashed into the dragon scale, and in front of everyone’s shocked gazes, the scale released a green light that completely destroyed all those Bloodthirsty Soulseek Thorns.

“Impossible!” Yin Wushang was appalled. Those Bloodthirsty Soulseek Thorns had been bitterly created by his family’s master craftsmen. His seniors had spent endless blood to nourish them for them to have their current power. They were even able to threaten Sea Expansion experts.

But in front of that scale, they were unable to endure a single blow. Not only did that make him startled and furious, but it also made him feel a kind of terror.

The dragon scale shrank back down, revealing Long Chen’s calm expression. No one was able to grasp what he was thinking inside.

What made Yin Wushang feel despair was the fact that the hole in Long Chen’s chest had already fused back together. The injury inflicted by the Bloodthirsty Soulseek Thorn had actually been healed?

“Do you still have any other ultimate abilities?” Long Chen icily stared at Yin Wushang, his voice completely emotionless.

“What is that scale?!” roared Yin Wushang.

Long Chen raised Blooddrinker and pointed it at the heavens. A cold Saber Qi suddenly soared, cutting apart the black clouds in the sky.

“Split the Heavens!”

A mile-long saber-image appeared, seeming like a heavenly blade as it slashed down on Yin Wushang.

This attack’s aura engulfed the entire world. In front of that saber, Yin Wushang felt himself to be as miniscule as an ant.

“Bastard, don’t think you’ve won just like this!” Yin Wushang roared with fury, and he crushed a talisman.

Countless runes condensed in the space before him, forming an immense shield.

This shield was three hundred meters wide. The instant it appeared, even the world trembled.

“It’s actually a talisman created by a Sea Expansion expert!” cried someone. That talisman clearly had the aura of a Sea Expansion expert. Its defensive ability would be absolutely shocking.


The saber-image slashed down on the shield. Space trembled intensely, and a burst of light erupted where it struck the shield. Runes blew up into the sky.

Yin Wushang’s talisman managed to block Long Chen’s attack. However, the impact caused him to wildly vomit blood. He was filled with horror.

It had to be known that this talisman had possessed ten percent of the strength of a Sea Expansion expert. But it had been destroyed.

Furthermore, he had sensed some strange energy in Long Chen’s attack that caused his talisman to lose a portion of its defensive strength. It was extremely odd.

“Do you still have time to be distracted? I really admire your stupidity. The second attack is coming,” said Long Chen with a touch of ridicule.

At some unknown time, a foot-long ball of flames had appeared in Long Chen’s hand. Space twisted around it as if it was about to be ignited.

“Earth Flame?!” cried the spectators. Other than an Earth Flame, no other flame could possess such a berserk will. It practically seemed like it wanted to incinerate the heavens and vaporize the seas.


A large Snow Wolf appeared behind Long Chen. That Snow Wolf let out a heaven-shaking roar, and opening its mouth, a huge sphere of wind blades shot out.

At the same time, Long Chen flung out his ball of flames. Little Snow’s wind sphere instantly enveloped Long Chen’s flame sphere.

Little Snow had been constantly resting in Long Chen’s spiritual space during this time. What shocked Long Chen was that after passing his tribulation, Little Snow’s cultivation speed had multiplied, and he had already reached the late fifth rank.

The fire and wind sphere rapidly grew, becoming a mile wide. This was many times larger than it had been before. One reason was that Little Snow’s strength had grown so much greater, while the other was that the Earth Flame had also been rapidly growing.

The instant that wind and flame sphere merged, heaven and earth became silent. Yin Wushang became filled with endless terror. He had already been locked down.

Those distant spectators all turned numb. Just what kind of attack was this for its pressure to be so terrifying?! 

“If you don’t want to die, then quickly run!” Mo Yunshan suddenly roared, and pulling Mo Nian, he fled into the distance.

Zi Yan hesitated a moment, and she also pulled away a shocked Mu Xue. At the same time, that skinny middle-aged man brought his people away as well.

Seeing these top experts fleeing, the others hastily fled for their lives. That sphere caused them to feel endless terror. This distance was still not enough to protect them.

Yin Wushang’s hair stood on end. He immediately recalled his miserable condition after receiving this attack last time. But now this attack’s power had increased by ten times. He was filled with regret that he had forgotten to guard against this attack.

“Ancestral spirit, hear your descendant’s call! Lend me your strength. Ancient Blood Divine Shield!”

Yin Wushang placed his finger on his forehead, and a drop of his blood flew out, forming an image in the air around him. His expression was solemn and respectful.

Following his chant, endless Blood Qi erupted from his body. That Blood Qi condensed into countless runes, which then tightly wrapped around him, forming a layer of armor.

Furthermore, outside that armor, his Heavenly Dao runes once more condensed, forming an outer barrier.


Yin Wushang only just had time to create these two layers of defense when Long Chen’s attack viciously smashed into his outer barrier.

That immense force caused the entire world to violently shake. Some of those distant spectators stumbled and reeled, almost falling to the ground. They hastily looked back.

Endless flames formed an immense mushroom cloud at the center of the battlefield. Terrifying wind blades and flames were rapidly spreading.


Terrified screams rang out because they realized those wind blades and flames were rapidly approaching them.

With the previous warning, they had already begun running, and they were already over two hundred miles from the battlefield. But looking at the current situation, it seemed they would still be devoured.

Quite a few people felt like their souls were about to flee from their bodies in terror. If they were enveloped by those flames, then let alone their lives, they wouldn’t be able to keep a single part of their corpses intact.

From the center of the battlefield, waves of wind and flame spread in all directions like a tsunami. Several of the people fleeing were so scared that they began to cry for their parents.

They had long since forgotten that they were high and mighty cultivators. All they knew was that they were about to lose their lives.


Finally, there was someone who the wave of flames caught up to. However, he didn’t die. He was merely almost burnt to a crisp.

After traveling so far, the flame wave had already weakened enough. Many people only managed to keep their lives because of this.

However, anyone who was enveloped by the flame wave had their clothes turned to ashes and their bodies charred black. The smell of burning flesh came from them, and they appeared incredibly wretched.

Only now did everyone get a chance to breathe, and they hastily looked back towards the battlefield. Their jaws involuntarily dropped.

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