Chapter 584 Shocking Change

The Sword Qi surged into the sky, seeming like it could cut through the river of stars. That terrifying attack didn’t just contain Yin Wushang’s power, but also the destructive will of the Heavenly Daos that would make anyone despair.


The sword fell, and the long ray of Sword Qi shattered the ground. A gorge a hundred miles long appeared in front of everyone.


When the dust scattered, people were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped to the ground.

Long Chen was still standing at the front of the long gorge, and his blood-colored saber was blocking Yin Wushang’s sword without budging.

His expression was as calm as water. It was still the same Long Chen, but his current aura made every one of them feel terror.

Astrals winds surged out of the bottom of Long Chen’s feet, forming a current around his body that soared into the clouds.

Two stars had appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, but they weren’t the same as they were before. A faint shadow had appeared between them.

It was also a star, but that star wasn’t lit.

Long Chen was currently unable to bring out the full Three Star Battle Armor, because the Life Fate Star had not reached perfection. But even so, the increase in his strength made him ecstatic.

“Yin Wushang, you’re still so senseless. It seems the lesson I gave you last time wasn’t enough. If at that time you had used your full strength from the start, I would never have had a chance to flee. And now, you’re still this conceited, refusing to reveal your full strength. This time, your attempt to probe my strength will be your downfall, because from you, I know that the so-called Celestials are not truly capable of bringing out the will of the Heavenly Daos. That’s just a smokescreen,” sneered Long Chen.

“You… what are you talking about?!” Yin Wushang was shocked and infuriated. He hadn’t expected Long Chen’s power to have reached this level, and he was filled with panic.

It wasn’t just Yin Wushang who was startled. Everyone was startled, especially by Long Chen’s last line. Celestials were using a smokescreen?

“Those runes around you are not the world’s runes, but runes you nourished within your body. Those are not true Heavenly Dao runes. They are simply carriers.

“You use those runes to connect with the surrounding energy of the Heavenly Daos, and through that close connection, you are able to borrow heaven and earth’s power.

“Furthermore, the amount of power you can borrow is limited, and linking to the Heavenly Daos exhausts the energy of your core runes. Have you not noticed that your core runes are already no longer as stable as they were before? That’s the best proof,” said Long Chen coldly.

Everyone looked towards Yin Wushang, and people couldn’t help letting out startled cries. “He’s right! When Yin Wushang first summoned his runes, the runes were as stable as a mountain in the air. But now they’re beginning to quiver. Is that from exhaustion?”

“If that’s true, then Celestials aren’t truly unrivaled! Once their core rune energy is exhausted, wouldn’t they be the same as an ordinary cultivator?”

“So that’s how it is! As expected, the things in legends can’t be trusted. Those legends of how Celestials were protected by the heavens and had unending power as long as the heavens existed were just to dupe people.”

“Long Chen’s pretty amazing to be able to see through the truth of a Celestial so quickly. Yin Wushang’s core runes are already starting to run out of energy. Doesn’t that mean Long Chen has a shot at winning?”

The uproar from the crowd was immense, as they had never heard of ordinary cultivators fighting a Celestial in the same realm. That was because no one was stupid enough to go challenge a Celestial.

“Hmph. Not bad. Celestials truly do exhaust their core energy in order to connect with the energy of the Heavenly Daos. But so what? Do you really think my strength will begin to decline like this? Hahaha, you’re too childish. I’ve still yet to chop you in half. My core energy is far vaster than you can imagine,” sneered Yin Wushang.

“Oh, is that so? Then let me see just how vast your core energy is! It just so happens I want to familiarize myself with my new power!”


Long Chen’s saber shook, and countless blood-colored runes appeared out of it. With Long Chen pouring his energy into it, Blooddrinker also released its own power.

Long Chen roared, his voice like thunder. Stamping on the ground, the earth exploded and Long Chen shot forward like a bolt of lightning at Yin Wushang. He wielded his saber with both hands as he mercilessly slashed it down.


The ground crumbled as if a meteorite had descended from the heavens. A large wave spread through the ground.

Yin Wushang’s body shook intensely. Long Chen’s strength was too great, and it felt like a mountain had crashed into him, turning his arms numb.

He had only just managed to block this first attack when Long Chen’s second slash followed. His aura actually superimposed with the energy from the previous attack.

Yin Wushang hastily blocked, and he was no longer able to keep his body stable. This time, he was forced back dozens of meters.

“Not good!” Yin Wushang immediately remembered that Long Chen seemed to possess a saber art that allowed him to superimpose his strength. Each slash of his saber superimposed with the energy of the previous slash. Once he managed to force back his opponent, his next attack would be even stronger.

Long Chen’s third slash didn’t give Yin Wushang any time to think. This slash seemed like it could cut apart the river of stars and separate all of heaven and earth.


Yin Wushang was sent flying like a shooting star, digging a mile-long ditch in the ground. Yin Wushang was shocked and infuriated by Long Chen’s terrifying growth rate.

Last time, if he had been even slightly serious, he would have killed Long Chen. But just how much time had passed? Long Chen’s strength had already reached the point that he was an even match for him. Not only was he infuriated, but he also felt fear.

“Heavenly Dao Suppression!”

Yin Wushang roared furiously, and his runes multiplied, looking like an ocean that filled all the space within several miles, forming his own domain.

Within this domain, he was the master. Unless his opponent was a Celestial, anyone would be suppressed within this domain. Here, the power of his enemies’ attacks would be halved, while his own attack power would double.

“That’s a Celestial’s strongest technique, and it’s almost the most shameless. I wonder if Long Chen can handle it?”

Amongst the spectators were countless geniuses who had their own pride. But in the face of the Heavenly Dao domain, which was practically cheating, they could only helplessly sigh.

Previously, Yin Wushang had intentionally not used this domain, only using the will of the Heavenly Daos to increase his own strength. However, now he was truly using his greatest killing technique.

“No one has the qualifications to use the same move against me twice.”

Long Chen sneered and directly pierced into Yin Wushang’s domain. In that instant, he felt some kind of indescribable restriction wrap around his body.

“Under my suppression, you still dare boast shamelessly. Go on and just die!” Yin Wushang shouted, his sword slashing down on Long Chen.

The distant spectators could clearly see what was happening. Countless Heavenly Dao runes instantly pasted themselves onto Yin Wushang’s sword when he attacked. That was the support of the Heavenly Daos.

As for Long Chen, he was surrounded by Heavenly Dao runes. Those runes seemed like chains, keeping him tightly bound.

“Berserk Lightning Possession!”


Suddenly, Long Chen’s body became covered with violet lightning. It seemed like a lightning armor, and it released a loud rumbling sound.


This scene caused everyone to let out startled cries because those lightning arcs surrounding Long Chen actually shattered the chain-like runes wrapped around him.

Yin Wushang’s pupils shrank. Those runes were his core runes and a Celestial’s greatest support. He had never heard of someone being capable of breaking them.

Furthermore, he also vomited a mouthful of blood. The powerful attack he had been preparing to launch also caused a backlash.

As his core runes, they were connected to his mind and soul. Their destruction was a powerful blow to him.

Previously, when the lightning serpent had devoured that lightning monster in Long Chen’s tribulation, it had fallen into slumber. It had only awoken yesterday, delighting Long Chen. Today, he saw it really was effective.

His current thunderforce was practically too strong. Furthermore, with the lightning serpent’s growth, its spirit had also matured. It was the same as the Earth Flame, and it worked with Long Chen of its own accord. He didn’t even need to use his spiritual qi to control it. With just a thought, the lightning serpent would fight alongside him.

Yin Wushang suffered a powerful shock, but Long Chen was fine. His saber came slashing down on Yin Wushang.

With his mental state in a mess, Yin Wushang’s hasty block was unable to completely block Long Chen’s saber. Despite rapidly retreating, this saber still cut through his shoulder, his blood spraying out.

“Heavens, Yin Wushang is injured!”

Blood dyed half of Yin Wushang’s body. Blooddrinker was too sharp, and this attack had almost cut off his arm.

“Long Chen is actually a lightning cultivator? But why is that lightning capable of resisting the Heavenly Dao runes? Isn’t that heaven-defying?” People were horrified. The mandate of the heavens could not be violated, and the Heavenly Daos could not be defied. But Long Chen used his own actions to tell everyone that anything was possible.

Zi Yan, who had been calm previously, became completely shocked upon seeing the lightning on Long Chen’s body.

“That’s… heavenly tribulation… lightning…”

Zi Yan recognized that boundless destructive will within the lightning. It was clearly tribulation lightning, not ordinary lightning!

Heavenly tribulation lightning truly was able to resist Heavenly Dao runes. But heavenly tribulation lightning contained a boundless destructive will. How could it be subdued? That was absolutely impossible.

But Long Chen was standing there with thunderforce forming an armor around him. He seemed like a god of lightning, majestic yet berserk.

Even Mo Yunshan and Mo Nian’s hearts shook. Long Chen actually still had such a strong trump card.

After injuring Yin Wushang with one attack, Long Chen didn’t stop. He had already arrived next to the shocked Yin Wushang.

But he had only just done that when his expression suddenly changed. He hastily dodged to the side. Suddenly, he felt an intense pain in his chest.


A black light pierced through Long Chen’s chest and out his back, bringing with it a rain of blood.

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