Chapter 583 Heaven’s Wrath

Long Chen snorted coldly and he was like a phantom, appearing in front of Yin Wushang in an instant. His blood-colored saber released a loud cry as it slashed down.

This was just a simple slash. But with the support of the divine ring, it seemed like it could cut apart the whole world.

His actions caused everyone’s hearts to tremble. They were all cultivators, and there was not one of them who wasn’t afraid of the will of the Heavenly Daos. That was a reverence that came from the depths of their souls.

The instant Yin Wushang had summoned the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, every expert here, despite being separated by a hundred miles, still felt boundless pressure, and they even had an urge to kneel.

But Long Chen was not the slightest bit discouraged in the face of the Heavenly Daos. On the contrary, his aura became more and more valiant.

“Hmph, although you’ve gotten stronger, it still won’t change your fate of being killed today!”

Yin Wushang’s sword became like the sun, its harsh light piercing into people’s eyes. A berserk aura erupted.

“What?! Yin Wushang is capable of activating a Xiantian weapon?!”

People let out startled cries. Wasn’t it said that only Xiantian power could activate a Xiantian weapon?

“That’s only for ordinary people. Celestials are the favorites of the heavens, and their blessing allows them to borrow the energy of the Heavenly Daos, transforming that energy into Xiantian power,” explained an elder.

This was the most ridiculous aspect of Celestials. It was like you were on a racetrack with someone, but the judges were biased to one side, and they could change the rules at will. Just how would you compete with them?

That was what Yin Wushang was doing by activating a Xiantian weapon. Although he could only control some Xiantian power, it was enough to activate the true power of the Xiantian weapon.


The saber and sword clashed together, and the ear-piercing sound caused the world to shake.


The two of them both roared at the same time, pouring all their power into their weapons, wanting to send their opponent flying.

This was a fight for the initiative. In a battle of experts, each little bit had to be fought for. Every bit related to their life or death.

Whoever was able to send their opponent flying would immediately take the superior position. It was very likely that under a continuous barrage, that person could kill their opponent without them ever having a chance to reverse the tides.

As the two of them increased their strength, the divine ring behind Long Chen began to rapidly spin, and Yin Wushang’s Heavenly Dao runes became turbulent. The entire space was growing contorted because of their strength, seeming like the end of the world.

“Heavens, just what kind of power is this?!” exclaimed a horrified late Xiantian expert.

Although such a person was unable to compete with the top experts, he could still count as a big figure in Qingzhou City.

However, in front of these two clashing auras, he felt himself to be as miniscule as an ant. Either one of them could kill him without the slightest effort.

If it was just Yin Wushang who was capable of that, then fine. Celestials were peerless heavenly geniuses. No one would be unconvinced if they were suppressed by them.

But Long Chen was different. He had no aura of the Heavenly Daos on him, but he was still able to fight Yin Wushang, and there was no sign he was at a disadvantage.

All of them were horrified. Space was twisting around that sword and saber, and the ground was constantly trembling. They could almost sense the fury of the Heavenly Daos as they assisted Yin Wushang to try and kill Long Chen.

However, the divine ring behind Long Chen’s back released an ancient and desolate aura that stubbornly resisted the will of the Heavenly Daos.

Currently, Long Chen’s eyes were icy and emotionless, looking like a devil who had descended upon the world.

“Long Chen…”

Mu Xue looked at Long Chen, pain filling her heart. She knew she had always misjudged Long Chen.

The reason why Long Chen had refused to join the Muxue Mercenary Unit, the reason why he didn’t want to get too close to them, was all because he was afraid of what was happening today.

It wasn’t that Long Chen was emotionless, but that he couldn’t allow himself to feel so many emotions. That was because doing so would cost him a painful price.

Since Zi Yan’s arrival had changed the situation, the smartest option for Long Chen would have been to immediately leave. Even if he wanted to get revenge, he should have waited, doing his best to increase his strength as much as possible before settling the bill with Yin Wushang.

However, he wasn’t able to wait. The deaths of the Muxue Mercenary Unit’s warriors had caused him to become furious, to become crazy, and he wasn’t even able to wait an extra second.

Long Chen’s pain was no less than what she felt. Thinking of those brothers who had died so tragically, Mu Xue felt like needles were stabbing into her heart, and her tears streamed down.


Both of their auras were still continuing to grow stronger. The ground trembled and the void rumbled. The originally sunny day was now covered by endless black clouds. Boundless pressure descended from the sky, causing everyone’s expressions to change.

“Is this the wrath of the heavens?”

Looking at the endless black clouds in the sky, all of them trembled. In the face of the heavens’ fury, no one would be unafraid.

Mo Yunshan’s expression also changed. Looking up at the black sky, he felt boundless pressure. That will could cause a person to despair.

Furthermore, they were just at the edge. Long Chen was the main target. The pressure he must be under was unimaginable.

Everyone was looking up at the sky with horror. Only Zi Yan and Yu Tong were still calmly looking at the two men fighting.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, do you see this? This is my current strength! I can already bring down the wrath of the heavens!

“I really do have to thank you for that! Last time, it was only because of the fury you gave me that I was able to comprehend this new way to use the Cry of the Heavenly Daos.

“To thank you, I’ll let you experience what a Celestial is, and what true strength is! Be suppressed!” Yin Wushang shouted coldly, and the void trembled. A formless energy crashed down on Long Chen.

The ground beneath Long Chen’s feet became covered with cracks. It appeared like an icy river that had received a heavy impact, and countless web-like cracks spread.

“Long Chen’s about to be defeated. He can’t resist this power.” People saw Long Chen had sunk into the inferior position.

“This Yin Wushang is too terrifying. Not only does he have the support of the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, but he can even invoke heavenly fury, borrowing the power of the Heavenly Daos to kill Long Chen. That’s practically cheating!” Some couldn’t help sighing regretfully.

“Long Chen really is an idiot. Did he think that with just that little power he could challenge a Celestial? Isn’t that just asking to die? Maybe he’s addicted to fame,” sneered one person.

“Idiot, what fame? Do you want to try and get famous? In front of a Celestial, you wouldn’t even dare fart, but you still like to talk bullshit.” Quite a few people immediately ganged up on him.

That person really was an idiot. Here, all of them were ordinary cultivators. They felt envy towards Celestials, but they also felt hate.

The fact that Long Chen, someone who was an ordinary cultivator, was fighting a Celestial made them feel like they were fighting as well. No matter how you put it, Long Chen was relying on his own power to tell everyone that Celestials were not unrivaled.

Whether he lived or died, he would leave behind a glorious battle achievement. To fight a Celestial in the same realm, just who could manage to do that?

So countless people immediately cursed this person. If they weren’t busy paying attention to the battlefield, that person would probably have been beaten to death.

With the tide-like power crashing down on Long Chen, his arms trembled slightly and the cracks on the ground grew even wider.

“Crap, Long Chen’s about to be suppressed.” Mo Nian’s heart sank.

“Big sister, I’m begging you, please save Long Chen! I know you definitely have the strength to do so.” Mu Xue suddenly turned to beg for help from Zi Yan. She actually knelt down, unwilling to see Long Chen die.

“There’s no need to be like that. Quick, get up.” Zi Yan pulled Mu Xue up.

“Big sister, please, save him. Long Chen is a good person. I was the one who implicated him. If he dies, I wouldn’t even have the courage to keep living.” Mu Xue choked back sobs.

Of the Muxue Mercenary Unit’s twenty-plus members, seven had died in the first clash. There were also people who must have fallen while they were fleeing for their lives. Because everything had been too chaotic, she also didn’t know how many of them were still alive.

For Mu Xue to lose this many of her close friends, if Long Chen also fell, she really would feel like she had no more reason to continue living.

Seeing Mu Xue’s miserable expression, a bewildered light flashed over Zi Yan’s eyes. She knew that the relationship between Long Chen and the Muxue Mercenary Unit was limited to just an accidental meeting on a mission.

Originally, when Long Chen had still challenged Yin Wushang to a battle after Mu Xue had been saved, she had thought that Long Chen was just using her kidnapping as an excuse. Of everyone present, only she was able to sense Long Chen’s terrifying power.

Her impression of him was that he was a valiant and ruthless person, someone who felt that the lives of humans were as insignificant as blades of grass. Such people were very difficult to form friendly relationships with.

But Mu Xue made her aware of another side of Long Chen. Her cultivation method was special, and she was able to clearly grasp a person’s emotions. With Mu Xue’s current cultivation base, there was no way she could fool her.

Zi Yan could sense other people’s emotions, easily seeing through their inner hearts, but Long Chen was the only exception. There was some kind of mysterious energy in him that caused her special abilities to fail.

Mu Xue’s heartfelt words caused Zi Yan’s heart to shake. If Long Chen really was an emotionless person, how could there be people who so sincerely cared about him?

Could it be that Long Chen’s challenge against Yin Wushang wasn’t because of his selfish desires, but because he truly wanted to get revenge for those ordinary mercenaries?

“Miss Mu Xue, don’t worry.” Zi Yan gently consoled her, but she didn’t say any more.

Others were unaware of what she meant by ‘don’t worry’. But Mu Xue was delighted. In her opinion, Zi Yan was definitely an extremely amazing figure. If she said not to worry, then she really could let go of her worries.

Mu Xue was unaware that Zi Yan’s ‘don’t worry’ wasn’t because she would interfere, but because of something else.

In the distance, the skinny middle-aged man was frowning slightly. It was unknown what he was thinking, but it seemed he didn’t like the current situation.


Long Chen was finally unable to bear Yin Wushang’s terrifying power. The ground beneath his feet crumbled, and he was sent flying back. A large ditch was cut into the ground. Everyone’s hearts shook. Had Long Chen died just like this?

“Hahaha, die!”


Yin Wushang’s sword pointed to the sky, and an incomparably powerful ray of Sword Qi slashed down on Long Chen.

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