Chapter 581 Once More Battling Yin Wushang

Long Chen’s words contained boundless killing intent, and they shocked everyone present. Long Chen was actually proposing a deathmatch with Yin Wushang!

That was different from before. Before, Yin Wushang had been worried Long Chen would refuse to fight him, and that was the reason he was willing to ruin his reputation. He had wanted to use a hostage to force the fight.

To experts, reputation was nonsense. In front of absolute strength, reputation was the cry of the weak.

The martial path was one of competition, and only the winner was the king. No one cared about the process, only the result. That was the only reason Yin Wushang would use such contemptible methods despite his status.

But now, Mu Xue had been saved by Zi Yan. There was nothing he could threaten Long Chen with. However, Long Chen had still challenged Yin Wushang, a powerful Celestial, to a battle.

In other words, Long Chen had taken the initiative to challenge Yin Wushang. That was a completely different concept from before when Yin Wushang had been worried Long Chen would refuse to battle him. Long Chen was planning on killing Yin Wushang.

“Long Chen, don’t be impetuous. The Cry of the Heavenly Daos will form an absolute suppression against you. You have no chance of winning,” said Mo Yunshan.

His old man really had been correct. Long Chen was too domineering, doing whatever he wanted without regard to the conclusion. Despite knowing it was a trap, despite the problem already being resolved, he actually took the initiative to jump in. That was folly.

“Hahahaha, good, good! Long Chen, you have guts. Then let’s have a life and death battle. Let me see just how much you’ve grown during this time for you to become this brave.” Yin Wushang laughed and began to walk forward.

This sudden turn of events shocked everyone. Originally, they had assumed that this matter would end here because of the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion’s Zi Yan. But now it was a complete reversal.

“This Long Chen truly is powerful, and he can fight across realms easily. But does he really think that that’s enough for him to challenge a Celestial? Then he has gravely mistaken,” sighed an elderly man in the crowd. He obviously didn’t think Long Chen had any chance of winning.

If Long Chen was also a Celestial, then that would be another matter. But it was as Mo Yunshan said: Long Chen would be suppressed by the Cry of the Heavenly Daos. 

Under that suppression, anyone in the same realm and even those in the realm above would be crushed by the Celestial. That was the terror of Celestials.

Previously, when Long Chen had killed Wang Yishan with one attack, that was nothing more than coincidence. Risking his life to take a life, he had relied on nothing more than his own life-preserving measures.

But in front of a Celestial, such tricks were far from enough. So no one present thought Long Chen would win.

“Long Chen…” Mo Nian said nervously.

“Mo Nian, my temperament isn’t the same as yours. The path I walk is different from yours. I know what I’m doing. This is my Dao. Yin Wushang has gone too far, humiliating my friend and killing my brothers. Today, of the two of us, only one can leave this place alive. You don’t need to try and change my mind. Today, we’ll see which one of us has a hardier life.” Long Chen stopped Mo Nian and began walking towards Yin Wushang.

Mo Nian still wanted to say more, but he was stopped by Mo Yunshan. Zi Yan looked at Long Chen, also wanting to say something, but in the end, she held it back and also retreated along with Mo Yunshan and the others.

That middle-aged man also led his Xiantian experts back with him. This region was left to Yin Wushang and Long Chen.

Everything within dozens of miles of the Hidden Dragon Abode became silent. The only ones left were Long Chen and Yin Wushang who were staring at each other.

“Long Chen, are you aware? Originally, I should have long since gone to kill you. However, because of some trifling matters, your death ended up being delayed. Otherwise, you would have already died,” said Yin Wushang.

“It should be because you were busy planning your cooperation with the power targeting the Mo family, correct? It seems they want to draw you into their camp as well, working with the Yin family to crush the Mo family. However, it seems your current actions are part of your own last minute plan. Most likely, you found that your cooperation wasn’t favorable enough, and you weren’t able to wait long enough. That must be why you used such shameless methods to draw me out,” said Long Chen.

Yin Wushang narrowed his eyes, slightly shocked. “I didn’t think you would know so much. It seems the Mo family is also busy investigating this matter.”

Yin Wushang had concluded that it was the Mo family who had told this to Long Chen. Long Chen was entirely correct. As soon as he had heard Long Chen had appeared in Qing Prefecture, he had rushed over. However, he had been drawn into another plot.

There was a strong power that was preparing to target the Mo family. The high level members of the Yin family had told Yin Wushang to postpone his plans.

However, it had taken too long for both parties to negotiate their cooperation, and Yin Wushang had run out of patience. Thus, there was this trap today.

“However, there’s one thing that you’re wrong about. The reason I have to kill you is because I’m about to advance. Right now, I’ve reached the peak of the third Heavenstage of Meridian Opening. I’m preparing to attack the fourth Heavenstage.

“You might not be aware, but Celestials are different from ordinary cultivators. We require a flawless Dao-heart. Only then can we perfectly merge with the Heavenly Daos.

“But previously, you managed to escape from my clutches. That left a stain on my heart.

“Although it is just a small stain and I’m only advancing a minor realm, for insurance, I’ve still decided to kill you before advancing, not letting my Dao-heart receive the smallest imperfection.

“The current me is still the old me. But if I advanced to the mid Meridian Opening realm, my strength would explosively grow, and at that time, even killing you would be unable to wash away the stain in my heart. That stain might affect my future. So sorry, but today, you must definitely die!” said Yin Wushang.

The millions of experts spectating were all startled. It seemed Long Chen had already fought with Yin Wushang, and Long Chen had managed to escape.

“Yin Wushang, do you still remember what I said to you before?” asked Long Chen lightly.

“Unfortunately, I really am not in the habit of remembering other people’s words.” Yin Wushang shook his head.

“In the Xuantian Supermonastery, I told you that with Han Tianyu’s death, the enmity between myself and the Yin family was over. But if you dared meddle with me again, I would personally exterminate your Yin family.

“Now, you’ve really done well. Not only did you try and kill me, but you even took your anger out on the innocent, causing them to lose their lives. The enmity between us has already reached the point where only one of us can live.

“So whether or not it’s sincere, don’t apologize. I won’t accept it, and furthermore, when I destroy your Yin family, I also won’t apologize.” Long Chen looked at Yin Wushang calmly, but behind that calm was a terrifying killing intent.

Hearing this, those spectators burst into a clamor. Exterminate an ancient family? Had Long Chen gone crazy?

Ancient families had an inheritance that stretched back for countless years. They were huge existences with powerful foundations. Let alone Long Chen, even another ancient family wouldn’t dare say such a thing.

“Hahaha! Even at this time, you still like to boast. However, I’ve already gotten tired of it. You can die now.”

Yin Wushang suddenly roared, his voice shaking the sky like thunder. He extended a hand, and the void trembled. People were horrified to see countless palms emerge from his hand, and they filled all of heaven and earth. A terrifying pressure arose, seeming to want to crush Long Chen to dust.

As soon as he attacked, he used such a terrifying attack. That one attack caused every Xiantian expert here to be horrified.

This attack had sealed every direction. There was nowhere to run. Most horrifying of all, these palm-images were not just illusions, but solid bodies.

“Then let’s see just who will die today!”

Long Chen felt no fear in the face of those palms. With an icy snort, he punched, and a thunderous explosion rang out that caused heaven and earth to tremble.


The palm-images disappeared. Long Chen’s fist had collided with Yin Wushang’s palm. The ground quivered.

After Long Chen’s fist blocked Yin Wushang’s palm, Yin Wushang smiled coldly and caught hold of Long Chen’s fist.

“You still haven’t improved at all. Die!”

Yin Wushang’s aura completely erupted, and astral winds surged, causing everyone’s expressions to change.

The ground suddenly exploded, and a terrifying qi wave spread from the two of them. The Hidden Dragon Abode was the first casualty. It was instantly blown to bits.

“What a terrifying aura. This is the power of a Celestial?”

“That Long Chen is also terrifying. He managed to block it.”

Those distant spectators were horrified. As Yin Wushang’s aura was released, Long Chen’s aura also gradually grew.

It was like two dragons were racing to pierce out of the clouds. However, no matter how Yin Wushang tried, the two of them were still tied. He was unable to suppress Long Chen.

As their auras crazily climbed, terrifying astral winds raged, instantly reaching the spectators.

“Not good!”

They hastily retreated, but there were some who didn’t react fast enough. They could only circulate their qi to defend, but they were still sent flying by those gusts.

Heaven and earth seemed to have become a maelstrom. As their auras increased, those astral winds only grew stronger.


Long Chen and Yin Wushang were both blown back by their opponent’s strength. But they had only just touched the ground when they once more shot towards each other.

A blood-colored rune appeared on Yin Wushang’s forehead. As soon as that rune appeared, everyone present felt like they were unable to breathe, and they felt as if their blood had turned sluggish.

“Bloodline suppression!”

People let out startled cries and fled even further away. They couldn’t help being horrified. Even this far away, Yin Wushang’s bloodline suppression was still able to have such a terrifying effect. Then just how much pressure was Long Chen under?

After summoning his bloodline power, Yin Wushang’s aura once more grew, causing heaven and earth to shudder. At the same time, a sword appeared in his hand, and he had already leaped into the air, viciously slashing it down on Long Chen.

It looked as if even space was being torn apart by this slash. Pressure erupted in all directions.

Suddenly, a blood-colored light shone, and a blood-red saber emitted a cry like a beast awakening, meeting Yin Wushang’s sword.

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