Chapter 580 I’ll Help You Out

That middle-aged man was extremely tall, but he was also especially thin. He almost seemed like a bamboo pole, giving off a strange feeling.

However, his voice was like a loud bell, shaking people’s eardrums. They clearly sensed he was only using his ordinary voice, but each word slammed into the depths of their souls.

Long Chen and Mo Nian’s hearts shook. This person’s aura was extremely condensed and vast like an ocean. He gave people a pressure like standing before a mountain range that extended beyond the horizon.

“He should be half-step Sea Expansion, but his cultivation technique is special. He’s definitely terrifying.”

Seeing this person, Long Chen was shocked inside. He had seen Shui Wuhen’s attack, and so he was able to identify the aura of a Sea Expansion expert.

Although this person hadn’t reached the Sea Expansion realm, his aura felt like surging waves crashing over them, making it so they couldn’t even breathe.

Although Long Chen knew this person was doing it on purpose, he was still suppressed by his aura. It was lucky that Long Chen and Mo Nian were strong enough, or just this pressure would make an ordinary Xiantian expert kneel before him.

“Hmph, who do you think you are to teach a lesson to my son?”

A cold snort rang out, and a figure appeared before Long Chen and Mo Nian, blocking that pressure.

“Father!” cried Mo Nian.

Mo Yunshan was filled with hostility and battle intent. He glared at that man, his bow shining and his aura gradually climbing. “You want to fight now? It just so happens that my hands are also getting itchy.”

But that thin middle-aged man merely smiled. “It seems the current master of your Mo family isn’t you, correct? With your cultivation base, it seems you wouldn’t even be able to support your family.”

Mo Yunshan glared icily at him. “You want to test my Mo family’s strength? Don’t waste your time. My Mo family won’t reveal our strength easily. But when we do, we’ll strike like lightning, and rivers of blood will flow.”

“Hahaha, I hear your Mo family’s old man has some health problems. It couldn’t be that he has already died, right?” sneered the middle-aged man.

“Fuck your mom…” Mo Nian couldn’t help releasing a torrent of curses.

“Nian-er, men should use their fists instead of their mouths. Don’t just wildly shout abuse. Learn from Long Chen,” shouted Mo Yunshan.

After chiding him, Mo Yunshan turned back to this middle-aged man. “If you want to target my Mo family, then bring it on! Don’t play this kind of senseless game.”

“Haha, I’m not playing any game. It’s just that this junior friend from the Yin family wanted to exchange some pointers with someone.

“As his senior, I have to at least come out to bear witness to his fight. Otherwise, if when someone has lost but refuses to admit it and turns hostile-”

Long Chen suddenly interjected, “You bamboo senior, have you grown so tall that your head is lacking oxygen and you’ve begun to spout nonsense?

“It’s clearly Yin Wushang who seized my friend to force me to fight with him. I’ve already agreed to fight, the precondition being that he first releases my friend. Just what dung pit did you crawl out of for your ears to be full of crap? You didn’t hear what we just said? Right now, the main point isn’t the battle, but for Yin Wushang to first release my friend. Then the battle will immediately start, and it won’t end until one of us is dead!”

Long Chen’s words were sharp, and he was pointing at the middle-aged man as he cursed him. Killing intent erupted from the middle-aged man.

But in the end, he still forced his killing intent back down. He had only revealed himself in order to force whoever was from the Mo family to appear. Now he had achieved that. The rest was up to Yin Wushang.

Yin Wushang sneered at Long Chen. “Long Chen, you are still lacking any upbringing. I’ve already said I invited junior sister Mu Xue to be a guest. Once she’s properly appreciated our battle, she naturally can leave. But if I release her now, wouldn’t that mean I had seized her against her will?”

Shameless to the peak. Every spectator was unable to watch. Who couldn’t see through such obvious extortion?

Long Chen glared at Yin Wushang icily. He wasn’t afraid of fighting with Yin Wushang, but Mu Xue was a great worry.

Yin Wushang clearly was trying to keep her as a trump card. Furthermore, with this trump card in his hands, Long Chen would be unable to use his full strength. In that case, Long Chen had no assurance in being able to defeat a powerful Celestial. Long Chen was stuck in an impossible situation.

“Of course, Long Chen, you can also refuse. Don’t worry, I definitely won’t do anything to junior sister Mu Xue. In my eyes, junior sister Mu Xue is incredibly beautiful and refined. And I’m also not married. Now, junior sister Mu Xue has already stepped into the Xiantian realm, and she is entirely able to increase the number of my Yin family…”

“Shut up!” Long Chen’s furious cry was like divine thunder, and his killing intent exploded.

“I can shut up. But it’ll be up to your next choice,” sneered Yin Wushang.

Just at this moment, a musical voice rang out. “To use a person’s companion to extort them, is that what it means to lose the Humane Dao?”

Two women gracefully walked forward, looking like two fairies who had descended onto the world. They seemed to be walking slowly, but each step seemed to shrink the earth, and they arrived at the front in a moment.

Both Long Chen and Yin Wushang were startled, never having expected that they would appear here.

These two were Yu Tong and Zi Yan. Zi Yan was veiled, and she was the one who had spoken just now.

“Miss Zi Yan, with your grand status, you shouldn’t be involved with the mundane world. Don’t you think acting like this is inappropriate of you?” asked Yin Wushang.

“Long Chen and I are acquaintances. I don’t want to see such a scene play out. I wonder if mister Yin Wushang can release that girl for my sake?” asked Zi Yan.

“Sorry, but I think you’ve misunderstood. Let me say it again, I never kidnapped miss Mu Xue-”

“You didn’t kidnap her? Then why have you sealed her cultivation base? Why is your friend’s hand pressed against her back so that with a single surge of spiritual qi, she can kill her? If that doesn’t count as kidnapping, then would it only count if there was a knife against her throat?” Yu Tong couldn't help shaking her head.

Yin Wushang hadn’t expected Yu Tong to be able to see through that. Even the fact that Yin Qing and Mu Xue were sitting together hadn’t escaped her eyes.

“Hmph, you shouldn’t be too meddlesome,” sneered Yin Wushang.

Zi Yan shook her head and sighed. She said to Yu Tong, “Go save that girl.”

Yu Tong suddenly disappeared in front of everyone’s shocked gazes. When she appeared again, she was already in front of Mu Xue.

“Slut, fuck off! If you dare come over, I’ll immediately kill-” Yin Qing suddenly stood up, her hand pressed against Mu Xue’s back.


The sound of a zither rang out, and Yin Qing suddenly became still, unable to move. She was like a statue, allowing Yu Tong to take Mu Xue away.

“Leave her behind!” Yin Wushang was shocked and he roared furiously, about to attack Yu Tong.

But another two twangs of a zither caused intense fluctuations in heaven and earth. Yin Wushang was horrified to see that the laws of heaven and earth seemed to form chains around him, and he was trapped.

“Break!” He roared furiously and his aura erupted, breaking all the restrictions. But he saw that at this time, Yu Tong had already brought Mu Xue to Long Chen’s side.

Originally, when Yu Tong had taken action, the middle-aged man had thought about interfering, but in the end, he decided not to. He sensed something that intimidated him from Zi Yan.

“Long Chen, they…”

Being released from her restrictions, Mu Xue involuntarily threw herself into Long Chen’s embrace and sobbed. Thinking of her brothers who had died, she hated her own powerlessness. “It’s my fault. I wasn’t able to protect them.” Mu Xue’s choked sobbing was filled with grief and hate.

“It’s not your fault. I was the one who implicated you all.” Long Chen tightly held Mu Xue. Thinking of those brothers he had eaten with, drank with, slept with, boundless killing intent soared out of him.

“Mu Xue, go rest. A debt of blood must be paid with blood. I’ll properly settle the debt with them.” Long Chen patted Mu Xue on the back and handed her to Mo Nian. He then looked at Zi Yan and Yu Tong. “I, Long Chen, owe you a favor.”

Zi Yan nodded. She softly said, “Do you really think only slaughter can resolve hatred?”

“Don’t ask me such profound questions, because I don’t know the answers, and I don’t want to know the answers. All I know is that whoever hurts me has to be exterminated, because I don’t want to suffer that pain a second time. My Dao is simple and direct. I will act according to my instinct. I don’t care about good or evil, right or wrong. All I want is to use my life to protect the lives of those I care about the most. As for other things, I’m not interested,” said Long Chen.

“But, have you ever thought that if you continue like this, you’ll never get a chance to rest? Hate will bring hate, and you will forever be facing more enemies. The Slaughter Dao is not a true Heavenly Dao.” Zi Yan looked at Long Chen and sighed.

“That’s because people haven’t been strong enough. If I was strong enough to defy the heavens, then I would be the Heavenly Daos. Then could you still say my Dao was wrong?” asked Long Chen.

His words caused everyone to be dumbfounded. Those words were too brazen. He actually dared publicly say he would defy the heavens? Could it be that Long Chen didn’t hold any reverence for the heavens? He wasn’t afraid of dying under heavenly might?

It had to be known that after reaching the Xiantian realm, cultivators would increase their comprehension towards the Heavenly Daos, and so they would feel more reverence for the Heavenly Daos. That was because they became increasingly aware that compared to the Heavenly Daos, a person’s strength could only be described as a speck of dust.

Within the cultivation world, there was no one alive who dared be so disrespectful to the heavens. That was because those people had already long since been buried in the ground.

But Long Chen was still alive. That was practically a miracle. Long Chen’s reply made it so Zi Yan was unable to say anything.

If others had said such a thing, Zi Yan would have only laughed it off, thinking it was just disrespectful bragging.

But now that such words came from Long Chen, their flavor was different. Long Chen was full of confidence, making it so no one would question his resolve.

After replying to Zi Yan, Long Chen turned to the gloomy Yin Wushang. “Now it’s time to settle our debts. Didn’t you want a battle to the death with me? Fine, I’ll help you out!”

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