Chapter 58 Mountain Splitting Battle-Ax

All the private rooms had a secret passage. After the guests in the private room successfully won an item, someone would come to bring that item to them.

There was no need to be like the people in the crowd who had to personally go behind the stage or to handle the transaction after the auction ended.

The person who had come in was precisely the one who had pulled Long Chen into participating in the auction, Fu Gui. He was holding a foot-long case with ten stalks of Starfusing Grass that shined brightly like the stars.

“Young master Long Chen, here are your goods.” Fu Gui respectfully handed the case to Long Chen.

To tell the truth, today was the most exciting day of his life. According to the Huayun Pavilion’s rules, after subtracting a few business costs, he would obtain one percent of what Long Chen had spent.

Just the money which Long Chen had spent just now had given him enough to spend the rest of his life without having to worry about money ever again.

Long Chen carefully examined the case. Each stalk of Starfusing Grass had over ten starry spots.

Starfusing Grass would gain an extra starry spot for every hundred years it was preserved. Thus, its age was something that was obvious at a glance.

Although some mishaps had occurred today and he had a stomach full of anger, he had at least managed to obtain his goal, so it had all been worth it.

Only after putting the case away inside his spatial ring did he relax. All the Starfusing Pill’s ingredients had finally been collected. He could now start refining it.

“Young master Long Chen, please wait a moment.”

Seeing that once Long Chen had stood up after collecting the Starfusing Grass, the astute Fu Gui immediately knew that he was planning on returning to his home.

“What? You want me to stay? But I’m penniless right now,” laughed Long Chen. He was itching to go refine pills. It was better to resolve Chu Yao’s matter as soon as possible.

“You’re our guest, and when I was coming over just now, my boss said your credit limit could be raised by another thirty million. So if you see anything you like, feel free to bid,” smiled Fu Gui. He handed a crystal card to Long Chen.

Now Long Chen had two special crystal cards. But the twenty million on the other card had already been completely used up.

The Huayun Pavilion had a special rule. Everyone participating in the auction would have to transfer their gold coins to the Huayun Pavilion in exchange for a credit limit.

But they could only do that once. Once the auction started, you could not exchange for a higher credit limit. That was why most people would exchange as much money as they possibly could at the beginning in order to increase their spending limit.

If you didn’t buy anything or your credit had yet to reach the limit, the Huayun Pavilion would return your money to you without taking the slightest percentage.

So every single person here had their own crystal card with all their money on it. Once the auction was over, the Huayun Pavilion would immediately take those cards back and deduct what they had spent. It was a very efficient process.

For those like Long Chen who had used up all their money, the rule was that they could no longer add to their funds. But obviously, the higher-ups of the Huayun Pavilion had opened a special backdoor for him.

Long Chen hesitated for a moment as he looked at the crystal card in his hand. Originally, he had been planning on going back to refine since he had no more money. Watching others spend while you had no money was also a kind of torment.

But now that he had more funds, he truly was interested in the items that had yet to be auctioned.

“Fu Gui, we already have an agreement that you won’t immediately demand money from me if the things I gave you don’t sell. I can’t immediately return the money that you loaned to me in that case.”

“Don’t worry, my boss has said that if those pills don’t get auctioned off, the loan will just be written off as a gift to you,” smiled Fu Gui.

Long Chen was startled. “Who is your boss?”

“Hehe, sorry, but this little one cannot reveal that. Please don’t make it hard on me,” apologized Fu Gui.

Although he was a bit puzzled, Long Chen still decided to stay. He really was interested in the later items of the auction.

After Fu Gui left, the auction paused for a moment and began to serve tea. Whether it was to the auctioneers or the guests, this kind of tense atmosphere truly did use up a lot of energy.

Such a huge auction naturally had to give its guests some breaks. Only then would they have the energy for the even more intense bidding later.

Otherwise, if everyone was exhausted, the auction would have a weak finish. Obviously, the Huayun Pavilion had already made preparations to avoid that.

After a two hour break, the auction once more began. Calculating the time, the auction had already gone on for two whole days.

Due to the competition being too intense, no one had really felt the time passing. Every item brought out was even more precious than the ones before it, and the bidding became increasingly hostile. The prices naturally shot up wildly as well.

This was especially the case with Yao Niqian’s ‘encouragements’. It was as if everyone had taken some kind of drug that made them go wild.

Looking at the impassioned crowd, Long Chen couldn’t help but feel some admiration. After two days of auctioning, this Yao Niqian had figured out the majority of the people’s temperaments, and now the atmosphere was completely under her control.

Shi Feng, fatty Yu, and the others had all been exposed to the grandness of the world. Even after these two days of auctioning, none of them were the slightest bit tired.

Although none of them had the money to enter the competition, just watching those impassioned sky-high bids was stimulating on its own.

“The next item is the Mountain Splitting Battle-Ax.”

As she said this, a battle-ax was carried to the top of the stage. But everyone was shocked when they saw it.

Naturally, they all knew what battle-axes looked like. But they had never seen such a battle-ax before. It was absolutely enormous!

That double-edged ax head was at least five feet long. It was as thick as an arm and possessed an imposingness that was absolutely terrifying.

“Mountain Splitting Battle-Ax. It was made from golden sand, and its hardness is unmatched. It weighs two tons and is a symbol of power and martial might. It is said that it was the weapon of a divinity, and placing it within your estate will scare off any spirits or ghosts. The starting price is two million.”

Dozens of nobles immediately began to bid.




In truth, the battle-ax might be considered more of an ornament than anything else. Weighing two tons, it would be a miracle if you could even hold it, let alone wield it in battle.

But Yao Niqian was not wrong; such a domineering battle-ax would definitely be a symbol of your status and power. The nobilities especially were interested in such an item.

“Shi Feng, help me shout my bid,” said Long Chen quietly.

Shi Feng was startled. “That’s just a household item. What are you buying it for?”

“Don’t worry about it, I have my own use for it. Help me bid. If I do it myself, then that idiot woman will come to look for trouble,” said Long Chen.

At the very first moment he saw that Mountain Splitting Battle-Ax, he had thought of a certain huge figure - Wilde.

With Wilde’s physical strength, he should be able to use the battle-ax properly. That ax’s weight was something extremely hard to find in other weapons, and it was also incomparably sturdy. It was practically perfect for Wilde to use.




The last bid was Shi Feng’s. When others heard Shi Feng make such a high bid, they all shook their heads.

Although it might possess a domineering might, it was simply an ornamental piece. Three million was already too high of a price. Three million fifty thousand was already something others were unwilling to bid against.

Xia Baichi had been waiting to shout her own bid against Long Chen when she heard the voice coming from Long Chen’s private room. But hearing that the voice wasn’t Long Chen’s, she hesitated and didn’t bid against it.

It was already the later stages of the auction. The wares being auctioned were becoming increasingly better, and if she ended up using all her credit limit, she would only be able to watch as those good things were taken away by others.

Although she was suspicious that it was actually Long Chen, she wasn’t completely certain, and after debating it for a moment, she still decided not to interfere.

Long Chen celebrated when he saw the Mountain Splitting Battle-Ax be obtained so smoothly. Unfortunately, this item was something they were unable to bring into their private room, so Long Chen had to personally go get it.

Long Chen followed the secret channel to below the stage. There were a dozen men guarding that place.

His pupils contracted slightly when he saw them. Those people were actually all Blood Condensation experts.

Just an auction already had so many experts. Then what was the true strength of the Huayun Pavilion?

Long Chen arrived in front of the Mountain Splitting Battle-Ax. Looking at the huge battle-ax that was even larger than he was, he was truly stunned.

Reaching out a hand, he slowly rubbed the handle. He noticed that he was almost unable to wrap his hand around that handle which was as thick as an arm.

“UP!” Long Chen used his full force in an effort to raise that battle-ax. It shook slightly and slowly rose into the air, but after just rising it for three inches, it fell back down to the ground with a crash.

The shelf that was originally holding it was immediately smashed into pieces. A huge explosion followed as it fell to the ground.

“Who would have thought that young master Long Chen possessed such divine strength. It really is admirable.”

Those guards had all been watching Long Chen. Originally, they had been looking at him with some disdain as he had spent so much on something that was only ornamental.

But seeing him actually able to raise the ax with just one hand caused all their disdain to disappear.

And even though he had dropped it in the end, it was still completely shocking. They were all clear on just how heavy it was. It required at least two people using their full strength to raise it like that.

But Long Chen had succeeded in lifting it slightly with just a single hand. Plus, he had been holding it from the handle. The kind of force required to lift it from there was difficult to even imagine.

That was why they had all opened their mouths to exclaim their admiration.

Long Chen shook his head and bitterly smiled, “This thing really is just an imposing ornament.”

“Who said it wasn’t? It’s so heavy; just who could manage to use it?” One of them nodded.

After confirming the huge ax’s heaviness, Long Chen no longer showed off anything. He directly stored it within his spatial ring. 

Returning to his private room, Long Chen’s indifferent expression became one of delight. That ax was definitely something Wilde could use.

If he had used his full force, then even he would have been able to use it. But it would exhaust too much of his strength. Fortunately, Wilde wasn’t the same. His physical body was the most abnormal one Long Chen had ever seen, and physical strength was his main forte.

With this battle-ax, even without using spiritual qi, his battle strength would be absolutely terrifying.

As time passed, the later items became even rarer and more precious. Natural treasures of heaven and earth, cultivation techniques, and medicinal pills, they were all available. The prices became even more frightening. There was practically not a single item that was sold for less than five million gold coins anymore. 

“Everyone should look carefully at our next item.”

An exceptionally confident smile appeared on Yao Niqian’s face. She raised her hand, showing off what she was holding. 

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