Chapter 579 Hidden Dragon Abode

Long Chen, who was practically bent in half due to Wang Yishan’s attack, suddenly straightened and stood up in front of everyone’s horrified gazes.

Now everyone was truly dumbfounded. His physical body had actually been able to receive a full-strength attack from a half-step Sea Expansion expert.

If they hadn’t personally seen it, none of them would have believed it. But even though they had personally seen it, there were still many people who suspected their eyes had broken.

Resting his saber on his shoulder, Long Chen walked over to Wang Yishan’s bisected body.

Wang Yishan’s attack truly had been very vicious. It had broken quite a few of Long Chen’s bones, and his inner organs had been basically destroyed.

However, he had the primal chaos bead. The huge trees in the primal chaos space had already matured by this time. Their life energy was like an ocean, and just extracting an insignificant amount of it allowed him to fully recover.

Long Chen found that ordinary attacks were unable to exhaust much of the trees’ life energy. Only Dao injuries required such a huge amount of life energy to heal.

That was also why Long Chen had needed to spend so much time healing after his battle with Yin Wushang, but now, it only took a breath to heal.

“You…” Wang Yishan was a half-step Sea Expansion expert. Although he was almost ready to be placed in a coffin, he still had powerful vitality. Even cut in two, he wouldn’t die immediately.

“Speak. Where is Mu Xue?” asked Long Chen icily.


Suddenly, Long Chen’s saber cut through Wang Yishan’s throat. After cutting off his head, Long Chen shook his head. “Actually, I don’t need you to speak. That’s too strenuous. There’s still one alive over there.”

Long Chen took Wang Yishan’s head and his spatial ring. He arrived at Mo Nian and Sun Changshou’s battlefield.

“Where is Mu Xue?” asked Long Chen.

“This matter isn’t related to me! I just helped a bit! If you let me off, I’ll immediately tell you…” Seeing Long Chen also come over on top of Mo Nian, Sun Changshou was terrified.

“I’ll give you to the count of three. If you won’t tell me, you’ll die. One! …Two!”

“I’ll tell you! Mu Xue was sent to the Hidden Dragon Abode! I-”

A blood-colored saber cut off his head as he pled for his life. With how much of his attention was diverted by Mo Nian’s arrows, he didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

His head flew high into the air. Time seemed to slow down as that head spun in the air.

Another half-step Sea Expansion expert had been killed. That was an existence that stood at the peak of Qing Prefecture. The masters of the three great sects had all been killed.

Long Chen caught Sun Changshou’s head. “I’ll use your heads as a sacrifice to the Muxue Mercenary Unit’s warriors.”


Suddenly, an azure light flew out of Sun Changshou’s head and fled.

“Hmph, your Spiritual Strength is pretty strong. You want to steal a body for rebirth? Just wait for your next life.” Long Chen raised a finger, and a bolt of lightning smashed the azure light to pieces.

That was Sun Changshou’s soul. He had abandoned his physical body, hoping to eventually find another body to take over. Unfortunately, he had no chance.

Everyone felt a chill. Long Chen was too vicious, not leaving the slightest leeway for them.

“Let’s go. You know where that Hidden Dragon Abode is, right?” asked Long Chen, putting away Sun Changshou’s head.

“That place is…” Mo Nian’s tone was grave.

“Even if it is a cave of dragons and tigers, I’ll still go,” said Long Chen.

“Fine then. Fuck, if we’re going to cause a ruckus, we might as well make it a big ruckus. I’ll also throw caution to the wind.” Mo Nian clenched his teeth, and he led Long Chen out of the city.

Once they left, Mo Yunshan also disappeared amongst the crowd. The others also began to rush towards the Hidden Dragon Abode.

The news that the top experts of the three great sects had been slaughtered spread throughout Qingzhou City. These powers that had dominated for countless years had been completely uprooted.

Now that their strongest experts had been killed, then even if the Mo family didn’t do anything, just the smaller powers that had been suppressed by them would divvy up their territories for themselves.

Hearing that Long Chen and Mo Nian were going to the Hidden Dragon Abode after killing the three great powers’ masters, countless people began to rush outside the city.

Even some of the restaurants and taverns in the city closed their doors. They had no choice because even their chefs and workers left to watch the excitement.

The Hidden Dragon Abode was in a secluded place three hundred miles south of the city. The scenic lakes and mountains were beautiful and charming here.

The Hidden Dragon Abode was a mysterious existence. It was rumored that its background was terrifying, but it never fought with others, simply quietly sitting there. No one knew their true strength.

There had been some people who had tried testing the Hidden Dragon Abode’s strength, but without exception, those people had all disappeared.

It was said that even Mo Gate would never go provoke the Hidden Dragon Abode. Just like that, the Hidden Dragon Abode had quietly sat outside the city for centuries.

When Long Chen and Mo Nian arrived there, they saw the peaceful abode. It definitely had the flavor of a hidden cultivation world.

However, Long Chen wasn’t in the mood to look at that. He saw the large gate up ahead. Seeing the three words, Hidden Dragon Abode, written on the top, he slashed out his saber without hesitation.


The immense gate crumbled. A mocking voice came from within. “Long Chen, you really are rude. You should learn some manners before you come out in public.”

Hearing that voice, Long Chen’s heart sank. He clenched his saber and slowly advanced forward.

Going through the ruined gates, he walked thousands of meters before he arrived at a small, elegant pavilion. Three people were sitting within the pavilion.

These three people were all people Long Chen knew. One was Yin Wushang, one was Yin Qing, and the last was Mu Xue.

Mu Xue’s face was pale as paper, and she was sitting motionlessly. Obviously, some kind of restriction had been placed on her body. Her eyes were filled with endless hate.

When she saw Long Chen, tears streamed out of her eyes, appearing incomparably pitiful.

“Beauty, why are you crying? Are you unhappy to be invited over as a guest by me?” Yin Wushang smiled at Mu Xue and reached out a hand to wipe Mu Xue’s cheek.

“Yin Wushang, I really never expected you to be this shameless. The enmity between the two of us should be settled between the two of us. Within the Immortal Intoxication Building, I already said that if you wanted to die, you could find me at any time, not the people by my side.” Long Chen glared icily at Yin Wushang.

At this time, countless people also arrived and watched from a distance. Seeing Yin Wushang and Mu Xue, they all immediately understood what was going on.

“What are you talking about? If I didn’t do this, would you have come? With you hiding like a dog in Mo Gate, how else was I supposed to make you come out? So don’t blame me. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself. However, it’s not like I’ve done anything to junior sister Mu Xue. I just invited her over as a guest,” said Yin Wushang lightly.

“A guest? Does inviting a guest require killing people?” raged Mo Nian.

“Killing people? Oh? How come I didn’t know about that? I didn’t kill anyone. I just had some people go invite miss Mu Xue. Who killed anyone? Tell me, and I’ll definitely execute them,” said Yin Wushang.

“You…!” Mo Nian was about to explode in rage. This was clearly quibbling.

Long Chen icily said, “Release Mu Xue. We’ll have a life and death battle. Today, only one of us can leave this place alive.”

“Long Chen, you should let me fight instead. He’s a Celestial, and you’ll be suppressed,” said Mo Nian hastily.

Long Chen shook his head. “You’re too cowardly. You have no heart to kill him. If you fight with him, there’s a ninety percent chance you’ll be killed.”

“Hahaha, Mo Nian is it? Don’t think that you’re unrivaled just because you became a Celestial through your ancestral inheritance. Against a Celestial that awakened naturally like me, you are just a dreg. Long Chen’s right: I can kill you as easily as killing a dog,” said Yin Wushang icily, disdainfully looking at Mo Nian.

Mo Nian’s eyes turned red. Long Chen’s words had already been hard enough for him to accept. But Yin Wushang’s words were a naked humiliation.

Long Chen patted Mo Nian on the shoulder. “A battle isn’t won by showing off or bragging. Instead, it’s a cruel fact that it is whoever is more vicious that lives.

“You haven’t experienced enough, and you don’t understand what it means to have the heart to kill. So when you fight, you end up losing out a great deal.

“A true battle is not as simple as who is stronger and who is weaker. Instead, it’s all kinds of different contests against your enemy, and once your enemy grasps your weak point, you’ll receive a flurry of fatal attacks until you die.

“The current you is not his match. That’s not because you aren’t as strong as him, but because you don’t have enough determination, determination to kill your opponent no matter what. You still don’t understand what hate is. This battle is mine. Pay close attention.”

There was no need to doubt Mo Nian’s strength. Long Chen could sense his power. But the amount of power a person could release in a battle was a different concept from their absolute strength.

As for Yin Wushang, he was a true expert who had fought and killed. In terms of that mental realm, Mo Nian was unable to compare to Yin Wushang. If they fought, it was very likely he would be killed.

Even if he wasn’t killed, such a miserable defeat when he was so high-spirited about merging with two Heavenly Daos seeds would be a grave impact to Mo Nian.

“Release Mu Xue,” said Long Chen.

“Sorry, Mu Xue is my guest. It would be rude of me to send her off as soon as she came. I think I’ll return junior sister Mu Xue after our battle. Although I didn’t invite her to a meal or tea, treating her to a spectacular performance is also pretty good,” said Yin Wushang lightly.

He was clearly worried that after releasing Mu Xue, Long Chen would immediately back out. After all, who would foolishly just send themselves to their death?

So he had to keep Mu Xue in his grasp. He had already investigated Long Chen. He knew his weak point, and so he didn’t mind the infamy if he could draw him out.

Killing Long Chen was imperative to him. Not only was that because of his secrets, but it was also because of their previous battle. That loss was a stain on his cultivation career, and he needed to wash it away.

“Shameless and despicable. You’re clearly using a person to extort others, but you still make it sound so pompous. Do you have any face at all Yin Wushang?!” raged Mo Nian. Yin Wushang lacked any of the manners of an expert.

“Boy from the Mo family, this is the Hidden Dragon Abode. It’s not a place you can be wanton in. If you want to shout nonsense, you should return to your Mo Gate. If you continue, don’t blame me for taking the place of your family’s seniors to teach you a lesson.”

Suddenly, a group of people walked out from the depths of the Hidden Dragon Abode. The person leading them was a middle-aged man who looked icily at Long Chen and Mo Nian.

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