Chapter 578 I Came Here to Kill

“I didn’t come here to cause a ruckus. I came here to kill.”

Seeing that huge fist-image, Long Chen knew that the Giant Eagle Stronghold’s master, Luo Yingxiong, had come. With an icy snort, he slashed his saber at that fist-image.


The ground trembled intensely, and Long Chen was blown back dozens of meters by the fist-image, cutting a long ditch in the ground before stabilizing.

However, Long Chen was pleasantly surprised. That fist had been the full strength attack of a Xiantian weapon, but he had relied on just his physical body to receive it.

Although it had been a bit difficult, and his hands felt numb now, that didn’t stop him from feeling delighted.

It had to be known that when he had received Luo Yingxiong’s attack previously, he had drawn on Blooddrinker’s power. Although Blooddrinker’s power was mighty, it was also very demanding on his spiritual qi.

But now, relying entirely on his physical body, he had managed to receive the same attack.


Everyone present was dumbfounded. Just what kind of power was that? How was it possible for him to rely on his Houtian power to block a Xiantian weapon?

Long Chen raised his saber again, charging straight at a stupefied Luo Yingxiong.

“Hand over Mu Xue!”

“Bastard, what nonsense are you talking about?!” Luo Yingxiong was both startled and furious, hastily raising his hands to block. He wore a special set of gloves which was his best Xiantian weapon.

“Since you don’t know, then you can go die,” Long Chen shouted coldly, and his blood-colored saber released a heaven-shaking cry as it slashed down on Luo Yingxiong.


Blood flew. Everyone was horrified to see that although Luo Yingxiong’s gloves were fine after receiving Long Chen’s attack, his arms had been broken into pieces.

Luo Yingxiong shrieked and fell back. As for the other Xiantian experts, they were all terrified. They were caught between charging forward and fleeing for their lives.


Long Chen’s second slash mercilessly slashed down, his aura locking Luo Yingxiong down.

Buzz. Luo Yingxiong formed a hand seal, and a copper statue of an eagle spreading its wings appeared before him. Long Chen’s saber slashed down on the statue’s head.

The huge bronze statue was smashed into the ground, the ground crumbling. A terrifying qi wave instantly destroyed the surrounding buildings, and the Giant Eagle Stronghold’s experts were directly sent flying.

Luo Yingxiong vomited a mouthful of blood, and his body actually became covered with cracks, looking like porcelain on the verge of shattering. His blood seeped out of those cracks, appearing incredibly frightening.

“Your tortoise shell is pretty hard. But I don’t believe I can’t break it!” Long Chen shouted, Blooddrinker already raised high in the air.


A sudden shout rang out, and two figures charged at Long Chen. One was the Pure River Valley’s master Sun Changshou, while the other was a wizened elder, the Sky Cry Mansion’s Wang Yishan.

“Piercing Cloud Arrow!”

A huge arrow shot straight at the two of them. Even before the arrow arrived, space released an intense rumbling as if heaven and earth were about to be pierced through by this arrow.

Sun Changshou and Wang Yishan’s expressions completely changed. They had never imagined Mo Nian’s strength had reached such a terrifying level.

Most terrifying of all, Mo Nian’s arrow contained the might of the Heavenly Daos. They were immediately locked down by heaven and earth, unable to dodge.


The two of them were horrified. In the face of that arrow, they roared and took out their weapons, smashing them at the arrow.


The two of them were forced back by Mo Nian’s arrow. They were both horrified, glaring at the distant bow-carrying man.


Suddenly, another explosive sound rang out, and all of Qingzhou City trembled. Dust surged out like a tsunami.

The Giant Eagle Stronghold was razed down by this terrifying qi wave. Those ancient buildings were turned to powder.

When people recovered their sight, they were horrified to find that Luo Yingxiong’s huge statue had crumbled.

As for Luo Yingxiong, he had disappeared. They were unable to sense his aura, and they were unable to even find a piece of his body.

The Giant Eagle Stronghold’s people were all white as paper. It was unknown who screamed and fled first.

Following one person, a chain reaction started as people fled for their lives. Now that their master had been turned into just a bloody mist, not even his corpse remaining, who would dare make Long Chen their enemy?

Now, Long Chen pointed his saber at the horrified Sun Changshou and Wang Yishan.

“Hand over Mu Xue.”

Sun Changshou and Wang Yishan’s expressions immediately became exceedingly ugly, and they icily said, “What do you mean, hand over Mu Xue? We don’t know what you’re talking-”


Not waiting for them to finish, Long Chen’s saber released a blood-red light into the sky and then slashed down mercilessly on the two of them.

“Bastard, you’re courting death!”

“Intolerable bullying!”

Sun Changshou and Wang Yishan were infuriated. Long Chen completely ignored their explanation, treating their words as just farts.

Wang Yishan roared and smashed his staff at Long Chen. Sun Changshou was about to attack as well when Mo Nian appeared in front of him. His bow shot a ray of black light straight at him.

“Your opponent is me.”

Sun Changshou was startled and hastily raised his sword to defend. However, he didn’t expect Mo Nian’s arrow to quiver slightly, and that his attack suddenly disappeared. Before he could react, an irresistible force sent him shooting out.

“Rain of Arrows Falls on the Heavens!”

Mo Nian’s bow shook, and countless runes on it lit up; millions of arrows shot out at Sun Changshou.

Those arrows were like bolts of lightning. Not only were they incredibly fast, but they also sealed all of heaven and earth. There was nowhere to go.

Sun Changshou released his full strength, his sword turning into a sky full of sword-images to block.

But a miniscule arrow slipped through a small crack in his defenses, directly piercing through his thigh and bringing about a rain of blood.

“What? Sun Changshou is already injured with just one attack?” This huge fight had long since drawn over countless spectators. But as soon as they arrived, they saw a scene that shocked them.

Long Chen was fighting with Wang Yishan, while Mo Nian was fighting Sun Changshou. It had to be known that those two were half-step Sea Expansion experts. Other than the Mo family, they stood at the peak of Qing Prefecture’s martial path.

But now, the two of them were blocked by two youngsters, and from their current positions, it seemed they were being suppressed. Who wouldn’t be shocked?

Within the crowd, Mo Yunshan was wearing a bamboo hat to conceal his face as he watched. Seeing Mo Nian fight like a god of war, he was filled with pride.

Mo Nian had completely adapted to his Celestial strength. He knew how to use the energy of the Heavenly Daos to make his attacks even sharper. It could be said that Mo Nian’s current combat abilities were not one speck below his own.

The thing that gratified him the most was that not only had Mo Nian’s disposition begun to change, but even his fighting style had changed. He was starting to develop his own domineeringness. That was what made him the happiest.

“Long Chen uses very domineering means. He directly went over and demanded them to hand over his friend without asking any questions. When he didn’t receive a reply, he just directly started a slaughter.” Yu Tong and Zi Yan were hidden, but they had seen everything from the start. They felt Long Chen to be too domineering.

If there was some kind of misunderstanding here, wouldn’t he have made an enormous mistake? Could it be that after killing the innocent, he wouldn’t feel the slightest bit guilty?

Zi Yan sighed and didn’t say anything. She just quietly watched. She couldn't figure out what kind of ending Long Chen wanted through his actions.


Long Chen’s saber viciously slashed onto Wang Yishan’s staff. Sparks flew, and an immense explosion rocked the heavens. Long Chen and Wang Yishan were both blown back.

However, Long Chen immediately stamped on the ground and charged forward again. His imposing, bold, and domineering actions caused everyone’s hearts to shake.

Furthermore, at this time, his saber was cutting through the ground as he charged, making it so no one could tell when or what his next attack would be.

The current Long Chen seemed extremely odd. He seemed like a fool who knew nothing about martial arts, someone relying purely on brute strength to risk his life against others.

Wang Yishan coldly snorted and swept his staff sideways, aiming for Long Chen’s waist.

However, he had only just sent out this attack when everyone was shocked to see Long Chen ignore this staff and also sent his saber slashing towards Wang Yishan’s waist.


“He wants to die together?!”

“Has he gone crazy?!”

Everyone was dumbfounded, even Mo Yunshan. No one would have imagined Long Chen would act like this. Mo Yunshan didn’t have time to save him at this point.

“Hehe, you want to fight like this? Alright, I’ve already lived for so many years. You think I’d be afraid of you?” Wang Yishan sneered. Long Chen wanted to force him to change his attack? Keep dreaming.

But then seeing Long Chen’s icy and mocking expression, Wang Yishan finally had a bad feeling. Long Chen wasn’t trying to force him to change moves, but truly trying to kill them both.

Wang Yishan had lived for many years, but the longer a person lived, the more they cherished their life. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have done such outrageous acts to extend his lifespan.

However, he didn’t have time to change his attack. He could only watch as Long Chen’s saber approached his waist.



In front of everyone’s horrified gazes, Wang Yishan’s staff smashed into Long Chen’s ribs, and the sound of bones breaking rang out loud and clear. Long Chen’s body changed form from this attack, and he was sent flying back.

But before he was sent flying, his blood-colored saber cut Wang Yishan in two at the waist.

“Long Chen!”

Mo Nian let out a furious roar. He wanted to go see if Long Chen could be saved, but Sun Changshou suddenly erupted into a frenzy of attacks, holding him back.

The entire crowd sighed with regret. A youngster with limitless potential had actually chosen to bring down a practically fossilized old man at the cost of his life. No matter how they looked at it, it wasn’t worth it.

“Long Chen…”

Yu Tong and Zi Yan also had never expected Long Chen to be this stupid. It had to be known that Wang Yishan had struck with his full strength. The fact that Long Chen hadn’t been blown into a bloody mist was already beyond their expectations. However, there was clearly no way for him to survive.

For some unknown reason, seeing Long Chen’s contorted figure caused an indescribable pain to appear in Zi Yan’s heart. Had he died just like this?

“What?!” Suddenly, people let out shocked cries.

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