Chapter 577 Kill Without Mercy

“Zhang Wu? What happened?”

Long Chen saw it was the Muxue Mercenary Unit’s Zhang Wu. Currently, he was covered in blood and had an anxious expression.

“Long Chen, leader Mu Xue was captured by others!”

“What?” Long Chen and Mo Nian were both startled.

“Today, our Muxue Mercenary Unit went outside the city to handle some small things. But we didn’t expect a group of masked people to attack us midway. We… we… as soon as we clashed, several of our brothers died.

“Leader Mu Xue ordered us to return and tell you. She activated her crystal bone to block those experts.

“However, they were too strong. Leader was still captured. At the time, I was fleeing for my life, and I don’t know just how many others managed to survive.” Reaching here, Zhang Wu couldn’t hold back from sobbing.

“Do you know who did it?” asked Long Chen.

“They were masked and wearing black robes to hide their identity. However, when leader Mu Xue fought with them, she killed one of them and a badge dropped from his pocket. It was someone from the Giant Eagle Stronghold,” said Zhang Wu.

Long Chen’s expression was dark as he said to Mo Nian, “Let’s go. We’re going killing.”

Mo Nian asked, “Who are we killing? They wore masks intentionally to not leave any evidence. Once you get there, do you think they’ll admit to it? It’s better for me to discuss it with my old man!”

“Mo Nian, ah, Mo Nian. Tell me, are you a coward?” Long Chen icily spat that out before pulling on Zhang Wu. “Let’s go. Bring me to the Giant Eagle Stronghold.”

Mo Nian hastily caught up. “Fuck, how am I a coward? I’m just worried that even if you go, you’ll have to leave dejected.”

“What is there to be dejected about? I’m going there to kill people, not to catch criminals. What evidence do I need? If you’re my brother, then just don’t say anything. Quietly follow me to kill those people. I’ll let you see what that Hegemon Dao is,” said Long Chen icily.

“Fine, brothers should stick together. I’ll follow you,” sighed Mo Nian.

He remembered what his grandfather had told him. Long Chen was too domineering, while he was too cowardly. If the two of them could complement each other, it would be perfect.

“Zhang Wu, since Mo Nian is accompanying me, there’s no need for you to lead the way. You can stay at Mo Gate. If the others are alive, they’ll definitely come here to find me. You’ll receive them. No one would dare do anything to them here,” said Long Chen.

“Long Chen, I beg you, you must bring back leader!” cried Zhang Wu.

“Don’t worry. Even if I have to risk my life, I will bring back leader.”

Long Chen and Mo Nian disappeared from Mo Gate. When the two of them left, a person hastily went to report the matter to Mo Yi, who was in a room with the other higher-ups of the Mo family.

“Let them go. Children need to grow up in the end. That child Mo Nian is too smart and cautious. He hasn’t suffered enough in his life, which is why his growth is so slow. He always does things too safely and doesn’t possess enough daring. This time, our opponent is clearly intentionally provoking us. Let’s just watch what idiocy they’re up to now,” said Mo Yi.

“Do we need to make any preparations?” asked Mo Yunshan.

“No need. In front of absolute strength, plans and intelligence are useless. All you need to do is watch out for those two children in secret. Unless you have to, don’t reveal yourself,” said Mo Yi.


Mo Yunshan bowed to Mo Yi and then left.

Within the Immortal Intoxication Building, Zi Yan was looking at the private letter in her hand, frowning. “You obtained it this quickly?”

“It’s because someone else already asked the Shadow Gate to investigate everything about Long Chen. When I went, I just directly bought the information again,” said Xiao Lu.

“Oh? Someone asked the Shadow Gate to investigate Long Chen? To have such abilities, this power must not be ordinary,” said Zi Yan.

“You’re right. It was done by the Yin family. I had to use my identity plate for them to tell me that,” said Xiao Lu.

Zi Yan read through a great deal of information written in the letter. An incense stick’s time later, she sighed. “So when Long Chen was a child, he had to endure all kinds of suffering from people, and then later, he obtained some kind of unknown opportunity, soaring like a meteor.

“From the Phoenix Cry Empire to the Xuantian Monastery and then to the Jiuli secret realm, he forced his way through all his obstacles, using the most direct and simplest way to crush all his enemies beneath his feet.

“In the Jiuli secret realm, he ended up being the enemy of the Righteous and Corrupt paths, and it’s said he obtained quite a few treasures in the secret realm. Many people are hidden in the dark, keeping watch over his every move. No wonder he is so guarded.”

“However, I feel like this Long Chen’s character is very good. He cares about his people and is willing to even risk his life for them. But as for his enemies, he will cut them into a thousand pieces with his blade. Although he is vicious, he hasn’t lost what it means to differentiate between kindness and enmity,” said Xiao Lu.

“Differentiating between kindness and enmity is fine, but such actions do not conform with the Heavenly Daos. Resentment will not fade because of slaughter. Instead, it will only grow stronger.

“Those who were killed will be dead, but their pain will be left to their family, their friends. Thus, the seeds of hatred are planted and will grow limitlessly.

“That’s why the current world has turned into its current chaotic state, and it has even affected the Heavenly Daos. After our Immortal Palace’s inheritance was severed, successive generations of our palace masters poured their sweats and their tears in an attempt to connect with the Heavenly Daos and restore our inheritance.

“However, other than those immortal era paintings, nothing useful was left behind. That’s the only reason we have to go out for tempering and examine the numerous aspects of the world. It’s in the hope that in our lifetimes, we can grasp the laws of the Heavenly Daos and find the true meaning of the Dao,” sighed Zi Yan.

“But what does that have to do with Long Chen?” Xiao Lu did not understand.

“Long Chen was able to form a resonance with the paintings. That means he’s someone who has a destiny with our Immortal Palace. But of those many paintings, he only formed a resonance with the ninth divine emissary. It really is a pity.

“However, no matter what, we still need to keep observing him. Perhaps we’ll be able to comprehend another side of the Heavenly Daos from him,” said Zi Yan.

However, she felt uncomfortable inside. Ever since she had started cultivating, her heart had been calm like water. Even facing death, her Dao-heart had never wavered.

But on that day, Long Chen had used his mental strength to forcibly escape from her artistic realm, snapping her zither string and giving her a backlash.

From that moment on, Zi Yan’s heart was no longer able to stay calm. An indescribable fluctuation was present within her, and no matter how she tried, she couldn’t completely erase it.

That both shocked her and gave her a trace of fear. That was because the devil star her master had seen in her future had finally appeared.

Of course, toward this illusory and empty thing known as fate, people naturally felt a kind of resistance. At the same time, they would feel a bit of curiosity. Zi Yan was no exception. She wanted to see just how this so-called devil star could influence her.

“Oh? This aura, isn’t it Long Chen’s?”

Shock flashed across Zi Yan’s eyes. She put on her veil and disappeared from the Immortal Intoxication Building.

“Long Chen, the Giant Eagle Stronghold is up ahead. Have you figured out what you’re going to do?” Mo Nian pointed to a huge castle up ahead.


The two of them moved quickly, crossing dozens of miles in just a moment to stand in front of the Giant Eagle Stronghold’s castle.

This dazzling castle was hundreds of miles wide. Gold and jade shone in their glory, and the entire castle almost looked as if it had been made of gold.

“What person dares come here? Idlers should distance themselves from my Giant Eagle Stronghold!” Over ten guards were standing in front of the castle. They called out a warning when they saw two people rapidly approaching.

Their response was an immense saber-image that slashed down on their gate.


The huge gate exploded and a terrifying qi wave erupted. That wave contained many flying stones, and countless cries rang out from within.

“Who dares cause a ruckus at my Giant Eagle Stronghold?!” Furious roars rang out, and countless figures rushed out of the castle.

Within the dust and rubble, Long Chen slowly walked forward; his saber rested on his shoulder, his killing intent surging.

“Hand over Mu Xue, or I will kill you all without mercy.”

His cold voice echoed throughout the castle. His icy killing intent was not concealed in the slightest, and it caused their hearts to shiver.

“Brazen brat, you want to frame my Giant Eagle Stronghold? Kill him!” Dozens of Xiantian experts charged at Long Chen and Mo Nian.

“Idiot, you forgot to change your clothes.” Long Chen looked towards a person in black robes and a bamboo hat that concealed his face.

That person’s expression changed, and he was about to say something when a celestial blade mercilessly slashed towards him.


A dozen people surrounding him were all sent flying, wildly vomiting blood in the air.

“Since you don’t want to hand her over, then don’t blame me for starting a massacre.” Even as he said this, Long Chen had already shot forward like a bolt of lightning, appearing beside a Xiantian expert and slashing down his saber.

That Xiantian expert’s weapon was cut in two along with its master by Long Chen’s blood-colored saber.

Long Chen noticed that Blooddrinker’s spirit was coming out of its dormant state as his own strength increased. It was becoming sharper and stronger.

Furthermore, he sensed that after killing this Xiantian expert, Blooddrinker transmitted a feeling of excitement to him.

That made Long Chen think of how the barbarian expert had bestowed it the name ‘Blooddrinker’. So it was actually capable of drinking the blood of experts to strengthen itself.

However, Blooddrinker seemed to have suffered a heavy loss. When that barbarian race expert had turned to dust, it had expressed an intense feeling of sadness, and then afterward, Long Chen hadn’t sensed any further emotions from it.

Only once his cultivation base had reached Meridian Opening had Blooddrinker revived slightly. The feeling Long Chen had was that it greatly desired to kill experts.




In front of their shocked eyes, Long Chen seemed to be like a crazy devil in human form. He was constantly shuttling back and forth, focusing on reaping the lives of the Xiantian experts.

Those Meridian Opening and below, who had been prepared to join in, all fled in fear. Seeing this scene, how could they possibly dare go forward?

Most terrifying of all, Long Chen’s blood-colored saber was able to easily destroy Xiantian weapons! There was no way to block him.

“To cause a ruckus at my home, you really are courting death!” A furious roar rang out, and an immense fist-image filled the sky, bringing with it boundless pressure as it crashed down on Long Chen.

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