Chapter 576 Divine Soil

Long Chen hadn’t expected that condensing the embryonic form of the Life Fate Star would cause such a huge disturbance. But it was a good thing the Mo family was on his side. Mo Yi ordered everyone not to mention this topic again.

In a different private room, Long Chen continued to condense the Life Fate Star. Condensing a complete Life Fate Star required an ocean’s worth of medicinal pills.

However, now Long Chen didn’t need to worry about that. He had his miraculous primal chaos space that gave him unlimited medicinal ingredients, and there was no sign he would run out.

He also had the Earth Flame that worked together with him. After the first experience, their second refinement went even smoother.

What Long Chen was shocked about was that the Earth Flame’s spirit actually remembered the fluctuations of his flame when he refined pills. The second refinement only required half the time.

Furthermore, in that second furnace of pills, there were six nine-ring Life Fate Pills. That had made him go crazy with joy.

Nine-ring pills were the pinnacle of high grade medicinal pills. On the surface, it only sounded like one more ring than an eight-ring pill.

But in reality, this single extra ring represented that the medicinal pill was almost perfect; all its essence had been locked in. Its medicinal effect would be several times greater than that of an eight-ring pill. It could be described as terrifying to the peak.

Medicinal pills were just that miraculous. The slightest increase in energy could cause heaven-toppling changes to the medicinal effect. They couldn’t be judged according to common sense.

Consuming a single nine-ring Life Fate Pill had the same effect as consuming over a hundred ordinary high grade Life Fate Pills.

That greatly reduced the amount of time he needed to condense the Life Fate Star, giving him precious breathing room.

As for Mo Nian, he was directly sent to his room by his grandfather. He ordered him not to run all over the place and focus on stabilizing his cultivation base.

This time, Mo Nian was very obedient, swearing that until he could use his Celestial strength, he definitely wouldn’t go out.

Mo Nian’s attitude had been extremely gratifying to his grandfather. But in truth, the little fellow only wanted to hide from Liu Zongying.

While Long Chen and Mo Nian were in seclusion, the Huayun auction house held a grand auction for countless rare and precious oddities. It caused an immense commotion.

Furthermore, for the final item of the auction, that seductress auctioneer Yao Niqian took out a thousand-year-old Sea Spirit Fruit Tree.

That kind of tree could count as precious, but compared to some of the previous items, it was clearly slightly lackluster.

However, when Yao Niqian took out a pile of yellow soil and placed it under the tree, every person was struck dumb.

The fruit tree actually began to bear fruit right in front of them. In less than an incense stick’s time, the entire tree became covered with fruit. Everyone practically went crazy. That was a heaven-defying item!

Yao Niqian explained that this was something a mysterious client had asked the Huayun auction house to sell. There was only a total of five thousand square meters of it. That amount was a bit shocking.

However, this soil was a one-use item. It required a spirit gathering formation to activate the life energy in the soil, and then it would allow vegetation to rapidly grow. But once the mysterious energy within the soil faded, it would become ordinary soil.

Furthermore, this soil was something they had never seen before. Even the Huayun Sect’s master appraisers had been unable to determine its origins.

For now, they only knew this much about it. Because it was something unknown, they warned everyone to be cautious if they wanted to buy it. Any risk would be their own responsibility.

This particular auction was given to everyone as essentially a ‘gift’. And so they started the price off at the low price of thirty middle grade spirit stones.

Hearing that price, the entire crowd practically erupted in bids. The bidding surpassed a thousand in just a moment.

It had to be known that middle grade spirit stones didn’t just contain much more spiritual qi. More importantly, they contained the laws of the Heavenly Daos. A single middle grade spirit stone was worth one million low grade spirit stones.

One thousand middle grade spirit stones was a number that could frighten a person to death. An ordinary Xiantian expert could work for a sect for a decade before obtaining a single middle grade spirit stone. That was how precious they were.

Most terrifying of all, this was just the start. In front of this heaven-defying divine soil, no one was able to keep their calm.

Any large sect had their own medicinal fields. They had their own specific rare medicines. Using this soil to vitalize those precious medicines would give them an incredible profit.




It was like they weren’t even spending money, but simply trying to shout a higher number than anyone else. Even Yao Niqian felt like her heart was about to leap out of her chest.


In the end, a voice startled everyone out of their fervor. When they saw the speaker, none of them dared say another word.

That person was the Yin family’s junior master, Yin Wushang. Originally, he hadn’t been present at the auction, but once he had heard about the divine soil, he had immediately rushed over. As a result, with a single bid, he made everyone silent.

On one hand, eight thousand middle grade spirit stones were truly a bit too much for some powers. That price was not something they could handle.

The other reason was that it was Yin Wushang. They immediately thought of the Yin family’s Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit. That made everyone immediately give up.

Their own precious medicines which they had been planning on growing could not even compare to the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit’s value. No matter how much money Yin Wushang spent, he would get it back. But it was different for them. At a certain point, there would be no profit at all.

It was better for them to stop while they still could, leaving behind a good impression on Yin Wushang. Just like that, Yin Wushang easily gained this ‘divine soil’.

However, Yao Niqian had Yin Wushang agree to sign a contract in front of everyone. This life-giving divine soil’s effect could not be 100% confirmed. They were only selling it on behalf of someone else.

Purchasing this divine soil posed a certain amount of risk. Therefore, the auction house would keep Yin Wushang’s eight thousand middle grade spirit stones there for one month.

During that month, if Yin Wushang felt there was something off with the divine soil, then within that one month’s time limit, he could return the divine soil and the auction house would return his money, also returning the divine soil to its owner. However, they would take a five percent service charge.

This contract made everyone raise a big thumbs-up to the Huayun Sect for how they handled their business. They truly were meticulous.

For an unknown item, they didn’t just sell it off and say whatever. Instead, they gave the buyer the greatest guarantee. A month was enough time to determine the truth about the soil.

This contract also won Yin Wushang’s praise, and other than the eight thousand middle grade spirit stones, he also directly gave ten middle grade spirit stones to Yao Niqian. That money-spending style shocked everyone. The Yin family’s people truly had money.

As for Yao Niqian, she was unable to conceal her delight. In truth, she was unaware that what she had sold Yin Wushang was not some divine soil, but an extremely terrifying soil.

For safety, Zheng Wenlong had handled everything by himself. Only he knew what was happening.

After the auction, all of Qingzhou City returned to an extremely quiet state. However, many people sensed that behind this quietness, a storm was brewing.

That was because the Giant Eagle Stronghold, Sky Cry Mansion, and Pure River Valley had begun gathering their experts. Although they kept their movements quiet, there was no way they could keep them concealed.

Furthermore, considering how many people the three great powers possessed, there was no way they could keep it top secret. Although they announced to the outside world that they were just making some adjustments, that just made it more conspicuous.

Ten days later, Long Chen walked out of his private room. His gaze was now electric, and his aura had become reserved.

If Long Chen could be described as a sharp blade being unsheathed on the day that he had condensed the embryonic Life Fate Star, then the current him had been resheathed, his sharpness hidden. However, the current Long Chen felt even more terrifying, because once this blade was unsheathed, rivers of blood would flow.

During this time, Long Chen didn’t know how many pills he had consumed. He estimated that it would have to be counted in the hundreds. He had had to regrow those precious medicines several times.

Right now, the Life Fate Star was in the condensing state. The star had received enough energy and needed to rely on circulating its own power to digest that energy and reach its fully condensed state.

This was the first time such a thing had occurred in Long Chen’s experience. The Life Fate Star was fully saturated, and he needed to wait for the Life Fate Star to fully condense itself. That wouldn’t require any pills.

Perhaps it was that the pills he had consumed this time were too high grade. When he had condensed the FengFu Star and the Alioth Star, the medicinal pills hadn’t been able to keep up with the demand. But this time, the supply had exceeded the demand.

However, once it finished condensing, he would still need to continue consuming Life Fate Pills. That was because after the star condensation, he needed to undergo the nine star transformations. Only then would the star reach its perfect state, and only then would he be able to summon the complete Three Star Battle Armor.

Moreover, in the past few days, as the Life Fate Star gradually grew, Long Chen felt his body completely transforming.

He felt like each one of his cells was growing stronger. His strength was growing explosively, and even he was unaware of what level it had grown to. He was preparing to go find Mo Nian to exchange some blows.

But what Long Chen hadn’t expected was that Mo Nian had also exited his seclusion. As soon as he came out, he went to find Long Chen. As a result, the two of them ran into each other.

“Tch, little brat, how dare you go on a rampage in my Mo Gate? Is it that you don’t place this junior gate master in your eyes?” Mo Nian provoked Long Chen.

Long Chen noticed that Mo Nian’s original aura had completely disappeared. It seemed he had already completely merged with those two Heavenly Dao seeds and become a true Celestial.

“I really look down on you. Don’t learn from those idiots outside. If you want to fight, then just say it directly. But first of all, it’s been many days since I ate. How about we find a place to fill our stomachs first?” suggested Long Chen.

“Now that you mention it, I’m also pretty hungry. Then should we go to the Immortal Intoxication Building? Although it’s expensive, there really is nothing that can be said about the food,” said Mo Nian.

“The food might be good, but let’s not. I don’t like going to that place. Let’s go to your restaurant instead. The restaurant across the street is pretty good.” Long Chen shook his head. He definitely didn’t want to face people like Yu Tong and Zi Yan again.

To tell the truth, Yu Tong was an extremely rare beauty, and while Zi Yan had been veiled, Long Chen could tell she definitely had to be very beautiful as well. However, Long Chen disliked their temperaments. As for why he didn’t like them, he wasn’t able to describe it clearly. In any case, he disliked it.

Mo Nian didn’t force it since Long Chen didn’t want to go to the Immortal Intoxication Building. He and Long Chen changed their clothes and had just left Mo Gate when a panting figure rushed over. “Long Chen! Something’s happened!”

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