Chapter 575 Condensing the Life Fate Star

The pill furnace let out an intense rumble. The pill furnace was shining, and the entire room was lit up. Runes actually appeared on the pill furnace.

“Hehe, as expected, Huo Wufang really had money. This pill furnace actually has inscriptions on it to reflect the energy.”

Long Chen smiled. This pill furnace’s runes could increase the quality of the medicinal pills refined in it.

However, ordinary medicinal pills were unable to cause these runes to activate. Only when refining higher tier medicinal pills would they appear.

Gently opening the lid, a pillar of light soared out. That beautiful light filled the entire room with color.

Nine medicinal pills lay there. Light revolved around them. They had nine rings, looking like nine little serpents swimming around the medicinal pills.

Most shocking of all, not even the slightest pill fragrance appeared in the air. That was because all the medicinal energy had been locked inside the medicinal pills.

“Nine-ring high grade pills. Hehe, that’s already the limit of high grade pills.” Long Chen was filled with excitement.

This furnace of pills not only proved he had the strength of a Pill Emperor, but most importantly, it showed he was able to control the Earth Flame.

Long Chen had been completely focused on cultivating recently. He had basically stopped practicing his alchemy. But with his Pill Sovereign memories, his skills didn’t grow rusty. On the other hand, because his cultivation base continued to grow, his alchemy arts also continued to improve.

Pill Apprentice, Pill Adept, Pill Master, Pill King, Pill Emperor. Each of these tiers represented that the alchemist could refine the corresponding medicinal pill tier.

However, not everyone who could refine fifth tier medicinal pills could be called a Pill Emperor.

In order to reach the Pill King level, you had to be able to refine a ringed fourth tier medicinal pill. As for a Pill Emperor, the requirements were even harsher. You had to refine a five-ring fifth tier medicinal pill to be able to call yourself a Pill Emperor.

Pill Emperors were extremely grand existences. Any power would treat them like a treasure.

For example, in the Mo family, their alchemist could only refine three-ring pills, but they were still viewed extremely importantly. Their salary was very generous.

Those people couldn’t even call themselves a Pill Emperor but already received such treatment. A true Pill Emperor would have been swarmed by people wherever they went.

There was no way around it, as Pill Emperors were just too rare. Furthermore, ninety-nine percent of this world’s alchemists were gathered at the Pill Tower.

Through the alchemist guilds, the Pill Tower managed to draw in practically every alchemist. The non-affiliated alchemists in this world were too rare.

Furthermore, in all of the Pill Tower, although there might be countless alchemists capable of refining fifth tier medicinal pills, those who could refine five-ring pills were extremely rare.

As for those who could refine nine-ring pills? Perhaps in all of the Pill Tower, there wouldn’t be a single person capable of that feat. Even their strongest alchemists would only be able to refine eight-ring pills. That was already the limit.

Furthermore, those who could refine eight-ring pills had to rely on luck to do so. Perhaps in thousands of furnaces of pills, they would only produce a single eight-ring pill.

Those eight-ring pills would normally be saved for themselves, used to show off. They were rarely sold.

As for Long Chen’s furnace of pills, there were four nine-ring pills and five eight-ring pills. If that was made known, it would definitely shake the entire alchemy world.

“This is all because of the Earth Flame. Otherwise, there’s no way I could have completely sealed the medicinal energy when refining. Seven rings would have been the limit,” sighed Long Chen.

The Earth Flame was truly too powerful. Most importantly, it had full trust in Long Chen. It worked to its full abilities to cooperate with him. That was the only reason they could achieve such a perfect result.

Long Chen hadn’t refined this Earth Flame. Instead, he had allowed it to keep its spirituality, allowing it to keep its own emotions and thoughts.

This action of his allowed him to reap immense benefits now. If he had refined it instead, then that would have erased its spirituality. The Earth Flame would have become a ball of dead flames.

Then relying on just his own strength, he might be able to use the power of the Earth Flame to fight, but he would have found it impossible to use it for alchemy. The Earth Flame was too strong, and there was no way he could control it perfectly with his current strength. 

But now, the Earth Flame had its own life, and after all Long Chen’s nourishing, it had grown even stronger and more friendly toward Long Chen. Their minds were connected, and it would cooperate to do whatever Long Chen wanted.

Only this kind of situation was able to allow him to use a berserk Earth Flame to refine pills. It seemed that in countless years, Long Chen was the first person able to control an Earth Flame for alchemy at only the Meridian Opening realm.

Picking up one of the nine-ring Life Fate Pills, Long Chen swallowed it. It instantly dissolved the moment it reached his stomach, transforming into nine serpents of energy. Under Long Chen’s guidance, they rushed directly to the YongQuan acupoint on the bottom of his right foot.


When the nine serpents reached his YongQuan point, they ferociously collided, exploding and forming a small whirlpool.

Once that whirlpool formed, a terrifying aura soared. The ground beneath Long Chen’s foot became covered with cracks.


Long Chen’s room exploded. That terrifying aura spread throughout Mo Gate, and even the entire city shivered.

“What’s going on?!” Even Mo Yi came out to see Long Chen standing on the ground, the buildings around him blown to smithereens.

“I don’t know! Long Chen just said he had to borrow a private room.” Mo Nian was also completely shocked.

Long Chen’s eyes were closed, qi waves violently surging out of him, causing space to tremble. Boundless energy shot out in every direction.

“It seems Long Chen is cultivating a kind of incredible Battle Skill.” Mo Yunshan examined Long Chen’s aura.

However, he felt that this guess was a bit off. Normally, Battle Skills were all released outside the body. But Long Chen’s aura was merely leaking out from inside him. He wasn’t deliberately releasing it.

That discovery made him even more shocked. Just what kind of Battle Skill would be this terrifying with just the aura that leaked out? 

Mo Yi narrowed his eyes. After not saying anything for a long time, he finally said, “This Long Chen’s future accomplishments might reach the point where we don’t even have the qualifications to look up to him.”

“What? That strong?” Mo Nian’s heart shook. It had to be known that this grandfather of his never praised anyone. For him to say something like this was especially shocking.

“Nian-er, this world will belong to you youngsters in the future. That manifestation you showed me reminded me of our Mo family’s first patriarch’s manifestation.” Mo Yi looked at Mo Nian emotionally.

“Father, you mean…” Mo Yunshan was startled.

“Don’t say it!”

Mo Yi warned, “You can’t say that to anyone. In any case, Nian-er is the hope of our Mo family soaring and retrieving our old splendor. Everything will be up to Nian-er.

“As for this Long Chen, he has a strange aura that isolates him from inspection. Even I am unable to see through the changes to his body’s spiritual qi.

“Once he grows up, he’ll be a figure that can shake the entire world. The entire world will change because of him.”

“Grandpa, why would you evaluate him like that? Didn’t you just say that I was pretty badass? Why can’t you praise me?” Mo Nian was a bit dissatisfied. Why would his grandfather not praise him but someone else’s child?

“Because of Long Chen, you might turn into a legendary existence in the future. However, child, you’re too disappointing. You are adaptable, but you lack a domineering spirit.

“Although you like to show off in normal times, making yourself seem different from others is not domineeringness. True domineeringness isn’t displayed on the outside, but something you keep in your bones.

“As for Long Chen’s domineeringness, it’s something that has sunk into his flesh and blood, and even his soul. In fact, I almost have a feeling that he is inharmonious with the world as if he wants to turn the entire world into his enemy.

“Such a person is fiercely domineering, someone who would rather break than bend. According to reason, such a person is not suitable for growing in accordance with the Heavenly Daos and will be rejected.

“So while I said that once he grows up, he’ll be able to cause the entire world to shake, this kind of person will find it very difficult to ever grow up,” sighed Mo Yi.

“What do you mean?” Mo Nian’s expression changed.

“With Long Chen’s temperament, not only will he incur hatred from others, but he will also incur envy from the heavens. He’s the opposite of you.

“You’re too cowardly, while Long Chen is too fierce. Your cowardliness will let you live longer, but at the same time, your chance to stand at the peak of the martial path will greatly decline.

“As for Long Chen, he’s too dauntless. Not only will he have to face all kinds of trials, but he’ll have to endure the natural selection of the Heavenly Daos. The chance of him growing up is miniscule. It would be best if the two of you could combine your attributes,” said Mo Yi helplessly.

He continued, “However, Nian-er, don’t try changing Long Chen. That’s absolutely impossible. Any expert has a determined Dao-heart. Even if they experience thousands of tribulations, even in death, their Dao-heart won’t change.

“What you need to do is simply learn from him some more. What is domineeringness? That’s what you’re lacking the most.”

“But Long Chen, he…” said Mo Nian worriedly.

“That’s the Dao he chose for himself. No one can change it. Furthermore, any Dao, if you walk it to the peak, can bring you to the point of immortal godhood.

“Within the Dao, there’s no such thing as high or low, right or wrong. Nor is there any such Major Dao or Minor Dao. The only thing that matters is whether a Dao is suitable to you or not. Choosing your own Dao is the best choice.

“The Heavenly Daos are elusive. Who dares say they truly understand them? Long Chen’s Dao isn’t necessarily wrong, and our Dao isn’t necessarily right. We just need to see how far we can walk.

“So Nian-er, don’t have so many worries and don’t do anything senseless. Trying to change him isn’t helping him but harming him,” warned Mo Yi.


With a final explosion, the violent qi waves faded and Long Chen slowly opened his eyes. An excited glint shone within them.

“A single Life Fate Pill was able to condense the embryonic form. The power of nine rings is truly great. Now it’s time to condense the true Life Fate Star.”

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