Chapter 574 Timely Assistance

“Zheng Wenlong, your efficiency really makes me prostrate myself before you in admiration.” Long Chen cheerfully looked at the medicinal ingredients in the spatial ring.

Not only had all the ingredients for the Life Fate Pill been gathered, but there were also dozens of practically extinct medicinal ingredients that Zheng Wenlong had managed to find.

Long Chen directly sent all these medicinal ingredients into the primal chaos space. Those withered plants immediately began to revive and germinate.

“Ah, Long Chen, you have to take care of yourself for your brother. I invested a huge sum of money into you. Right now, I owe my sect a huge debt.

“If you end up in an unexpected accident, then I won’t even be able to repay that debt in my lifetime. So Long Chen, you have to live at least a hundred years- no, it would be best if you could live forever.” Zheng Wenlong looked at Long Chen with a complicated expression.

Whether it was the ocean’s worth of Bone Tempering Pills he had provided Long Chen or these incredibly precious medicinal ingredients, Zheng Wenlong had used his own authority to give them to Long Chen.

Up to the current point, the amount of capital he had invested in Long Chen far surpassed the profit Long Chen had given the Huayun Sect. Therefore, Zheng Wenlong owed an immense debt.

“Hehe, brother Wenlong, don’t worry. Good people don’t have long lives, but scoundrels live for a millennia. Someone like me is fated to live over a thousand years.” Long Chen laughed.

“Then that’s good. Otherwise, this business of mine really will end up sinking. Last month, we began selling the Bone Tempering Pills, and our total sales…” Zheng Wenlong took out a piece of paper for Long Chen.

“Don’t give this to me. Just looking at it gives me a headache. In any case, I know that even if you take out my portion of these sales, I still owe you a huge sum. Trust me, in the upcoming period, I will slowly repay this debt. I definitely won’t let you end with a loss.” Long Chen smiled.

“Alright, then I will continue using my full authority to provide you with the resources you need. Let me say it again, I swear on the Wealth God’s name that I won’t cheat you even a single copper,” swore Zheng Wenlong.

“This time, I called you because I want to resolve the Mo family’s current crisis. I’m sure you’re aware the Pill Tower is using the Mo family to show their power after being viciously slapped in the face by your Huayun Sect.

“These idiots want to kill the chicken to warn the monkey. I hope the Huayun Sect can cooperate with the Mo family. After all, the Mo family has a great number of businesses and plenty of resources. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

“Furthermore, without a further supply of medicinal pills, the Mo family might be fine temporarily, but no matter how large the mountain, they can’t survive forever like this,” said Long Chen.

“That’s no problem. Of course, my Huayun Sect’s medicinal pills are made to be sold. It’s the same no matter who we sell them to. As for Mo Gate, they truly are rich. We can cooperate.

“However, you also know that I’m very busy with the Bone Tempering Pills. I don’t have that much time, so I’ll arrange for Bai Ling to be in charge of our business with Mo Gate.

“You know that Bai Ling is very meticulous. She’s much more suitable for handling this than me,” said Zheng Wenlong.

“Haha, you don’t have time, so you send your wife to help?” laughed Long Chen.

“Cough, brother Long is joking. We… it’s still too early.” Zheng Wenlong actually reddened when mentioning Bai Ling. It seemed even businessmen weren’t so proficient when it came to matters of the heart.

“I don’t mind who’s in charge. In any case, I’m very confident with how the Huayun Sect handles things. Other than this, I have a new money-making project I want to discuss with you,” said Long Chen wickedly.

“Oh? What project?” Zheng Wenlong’s eyes lit up.

“Hehe, I’m sure brother Wenlong recognizes what this is.” Long Chen took out a fist-sized fruit.

“Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit?!” With his vision, Zheng Wenlong naturally recognized it at a single glance.

But in truth, one Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit was not enough to make him this shocked. However, this particular fruit was glistening and plump. It had clearly just been picked from the tree.

Spatial rings might be known for having static spaces, and things theoretically would stay fresh. But such high grade spiritual fruits would still end up losing their essence in spatial rings, their light fading and their bodies becoming withered.

However, this one was still completely new. In other words, Long Chen had to possess a Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Tree.

Long Chen truly did have that tree, and not just one, but a forest of hundreds of them. This was all thanks to Yin Wushang’s generosity. That one fruit had reproduced limitlessly.

“Damn, you actually possess a Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Tree. If you sold it, it would go for an immense price,” sighed Zheng Wenlong emotionally.

He was really unable to understand Long Chen anymore. These fruits were things that only the ancient Yin family possessed. Each year, they would only sell a limited quantity, but that was enough to bring them an immense profit.

“How high of a price?” asked Long Chen.

“If such a treasure was auctioned, the price would at least be three thousand middle grade spirit stones. Ah, you might not be aware, but a single middle grade spirit stone is equivalent to one million ordinary spirit stones.

“Furthermore, that’s just the minimum price. If we were to advertise it and then hold an auction, it would draw over countless huge powers. I can’t estimate an upper limit, but I can see it going for over ten times that price,” guessed Zheng Wenlong.

“Really, it’s that valuable?” asked Long Chen, surprised.

“Of course! Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruits are the best ingredients for Meridian Opening Pills and by a lot!

“There are quite a few peak powers that aren’t lacking any money. All they want is the best.

“So the Yin family only sells a portion of their stock. They keep the rest for themselves, or they sell them in private. If others want to obtain them, it depends on their relations,” explained Zheng Wenlong. Only rare commodities had value.

“Then brother Wenlong, if all the Yin family’s Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruits died suddenly, and then we auctioned a Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Tree, how high would the price go?” asked Long Chen.

“That’s impossible! The Yin family relies on their Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees to support their entire family. They care more about them than their own wives, and experts guard them every day. They definitely won’t die,” said Zheng Wenlong.

“The reason their trees haven’t died yet is because they haven’t run into me. If they had, those trees would have long since died. Brother Wenlong, let’s cooperate for this business transaction. If this transaction succeeds, perhaps I’ll be able to directly pay back all the money I owe you.”

Long Chen whispered a few things into Zheng Wenlong’s ear. Long Chen’s plan almost made Zheng Wenlong’s eyes pop out of his head, and it was his first time bursting into profanities, “Fuck, how could we do that?!”

“I’ll bring out the resources, you put in your auction power. As long as we manage to sell that thing, hehe, we’ll have a one hundred percent success rate,” said Long Chen confidently.

“But, if that succeeds, the Yin family will go crazy! They’ll come find trouble for our auction houses. Although we’re not afraid of them, our reputation will take a hit. We can’t do that.” Zheng Wenlong shook his head.

“What are you afraid of? I’ve already thought of all that for you. Just saying you are acting on behalf of someone else to sell it, and that this product’s effect is unclear. Whoever buys it has to take the risk if they want it.

“First display its effects, then auction it with a low starting price. Once it’s auctioned off, sign a contract with the buyer.

“On the contract, say that this item is mysterious and you’ve only tested its temporary effects. As for its true, long-term effects, it needs to be slowly researched by whoever buys it.

“Then that’s all. Whether or not the buyer will use it is up to them. That way, your auction house won’t have to bear the slightest bit of responsibility,” said Long Chen.

“But I still feel like this is inappropriate.” Zheng Wenlong was still hesitant.

“What’s inappropriate about it? Let me ask you, if I was your client, could I have this auction house take my place to auction something off?” asked Long Chen.


“Then isn’t it fine? Right now, I’m your client, and you’ll just be an intermediary who’s taking a cut in the profit. I’m the one really selling the product, and you’ll create a contract. Then everything will be complete,” said Long Chen.

“Fine, I’ll do it. Long Chen, don’t end up harming me.” Zheng Wenlong bitterly smiled. This was his first time doing such a thing.

“Don’t worry, don’t you know what kind of person I am? When would I con my own people?” Long Chen patted himself on the chest confidently.

“Alright, then I’ll start working on it immediately.” Zheng Wenlong nodded. Since he had agreed, he would get to work immediately.

After sending off Zheng Wenlong, Long Chen also got to work. He began focusing on the primal chaos space, urging those medicinal ingredients to grow.

Once the medicinal ingredients recovered to a certain point, he split them into many pieces and buried them in the ground again.

The primal chaos space’s soil was just too miraculous. Ordinary herbs would die from being split apart, but in the primal chaos space, they could continue growing.

In less than two hours, another large medicinal field had appeared in Long Chen’s primal chaos space. However, these herbs were still too young.

Three days later, the first wave of ingredients finally matured. Long Chen had Mo Nian lend him a private room, and he began to refine.

He didn’t know what tier the Life Fate Pill was, but according to the difficulty and the flame requirements, it should count as a fifth tier medicinal pill. A fifth tier medicinal pill wasn’t too difficult for the current Long Chen.

A blue flame appeared over Long Chen’s palm. A terrifying heat caused space to twist as if this world was about to be ignited.

“Little fellow, you have to be a bit more obedient. When we work together to refine pills, you can’t cause any trouble.” Long Chen looked at the flame in his hand nervously.

This time, Long Chen was planning on using the Earth Flame to refine. Previously, his cultivation base hadn’t been high enough to control it meticulously. The slightest slip had burned all the ingredients into ashes.

Now that he had advanced to Meridian Opening, his Spiritual Strength had also grown stronger. Furthermore, after nourishing the Earth Flame all this time, it had also grown slightly.

According to reason, the stronger an Earth Flame grew, the more difficult it would be to control. However, his Earth Flame had its own spirit that could work together with Long Chen to control the heat.

The flame seedling swayed slightly. The flame serpent tattoo on Long Chen’s arm lit up. Long Chen smiled and he gently sent the flame into his pill furnace...

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