Chapter 573 Fellow Brothers in Hardship

Long Chen’s expression was dark, and he felt an indescribable fury. He found it wasn’t just the heavens that were targeting him, but even people were too.

Whether it was Yu Tong or Zi Yan, although they hadn’t intentionally targeted him, their attitude toward him had been extremely irritating.

They were people isolated above the struggles of the mundane world. Of course, it was easy for them to preach peace. But wasn’t that just stupidity for him?

Back in the capital, how much had the Long family sacrificed for the nation? Long Tianxiao had fought on the bloody battlefield to protect the border for so many years. How much had he given to Phoenix Cry? What had he obtained in return?

Even if it was those in power that had been targeting the Long family, what about the commoners? What about the others in the city? When Long Chen had been bullied, they had just watched from the side. In fact, they had even added in their own insults.

Were they unaware that if Long Tianxiao hadn’t been standing in front of them, fighting a bloody battle to protect them, they wouldn’t even have the right to live peaceful lives?

No, they were aware. However, people enjoyed the benefits, but they didn’t know how to be grateful. Long Chen had long since seen through the essence of human nature. Now that someone wanted to use their textbook moral standards to comment on his actions, he had a stomach full of fire.

Long Chen had an urge to immediately find Yin Wushang and have a battle with him, as he felt incredibly stifled inside.

Although he didn’t know what origins the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion’s ladies had, he knew they were cultivators who came from a mysterious background.

That natural and peaceful Dao charm that came from their bodies made each one of them a fairy untouched by the turmoil of the mundane world.

But although these fairies had descended upon the world, what did they have to do with Long Chen? Had they come to try and enlighten him? To reform him? Was that a joke? Had he somehow become a heinous villain?

Just how many idiots were there in this world who also targeted him? Within the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion, those people had all been a bunch of posers. In truth, it was unknown just how filthy-minded they were. But instead of trying to reform them, they came to target Long Chen.

If it was someone else targeting him, Long Chen wouldn’t be this furious. But for Zi Yan, someone who stood aloof from worldly affairs, to actually try and ‘enlighten’ him, Long Chen was especially irritated.

“Bored people should mind their own business.”

Long Chen suppressed his fury and quickened his footsteps. He swore to never return to that place.

Seeing Long Chen’s figure disappear, Zi Yan sighed and returned to the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion. As soon as she returned, the pavilion master asked, “Did you talk to him?”

“I suppose.” Zi Yan gently pulled off her veil, revealing her beautiful face. However, her expression was slightly disappointed.

“What happened?”

“We just said a few words and then Long Chen left. Furthermore, his expression was frighteningly gloomy. He forcibly held himself back from cursing me.” Zi Yan bitterly smiled.

“Long Chen might look like a decent person, but how can he be so coarse?” The pavilion master shook her head.

“It’s not that he’s coarse, but that he’s extremely angry. It seems he is extremely disgusted with me,” sighed Zi Yan.

“Haha, that’s because he hasn’t seen the real you. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t be like this.” The pavilion master laughed extremely confidently.

“This Long Chen is extremely strange. He seems like a well whose surface is extremely ordinary. However, no one is able to see through that surface to see how much depth he has.

“It’s a mystery just how many things he’s concealing. You can’t say he’s a good person, because when he kills, his soul doesn’t quiver in the slightest. He doesn’t have the slightest bit of pity or sympathy.

“You can’t say he’s an evil person either, because he treats the people by his side so openly and kindly. He doesn’t even have the slightest guard against them…” Zi Yan looked out of a window, staring into the darkness.

“Zi Yan, whether or not Long Chen is your devil star, he currently has no relation with you. If you don’t want to kill him, then don’t provoke him. Your good intentions will just bring yourself harm and affect your Dao-heart,” warned the pavilion master.

“Yes, I understand. In any case, my tempering experience this time will end soon. I feel like my Dao-heart has almost reached perfection, and so I’ve accomplished the mission master gave me and can return to the Immortal Palace. This Long Chen shouldn’t be my devil star. Pavilion master, don’t worry, I was just a bit interested in him. I know to act properly!” said Zi Yan.

“Then that’s good. You are the head of our Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s four great immortal sprouts. The palace master has great hopes for you. Don’t disappoint her,” warned the pavilion master.

“Yes. I’ll leave now to rest.”

After saying goodbye to the pavilion master, Zi Yan returned to her own room. However, after a while, a green-robed maiden walked in.

“Big sister Zi Yan, you called me?”

“Yes, Xiao Lu, help me investigate that Long Chen. The more detailed the information, the better,” said Zi Yan.


“Don’t let the pavilion master learn about this,” said Zi Yan.


Once that maiden left, Zi Yan looked out the window. That was the direction Long Chen had left in.

“To cause my Dao-heart to shake like this, you are definitely my life’s foreordained devil star. Either I change you, or I kill you. Long Chen, I’m sorry.” A complicated expression flashed through Zi Yan’s eyes, and she sighed.

It was unknown whether or not the heavens were intentionally opposing Long Chen, but in any case, for the rest of his way back, he didn’t run into any other obstructions.

When he returned to Mo Nian’s courtyard, he saw Mo Nian was already back. However, now, Mo Nian’s face was badly swollen and his hair was a mess.

Seeing Long Chen so gloomy as he walked in, Mo Nian asked, “What, were you also beaten by someone?”

“Don’t even mention it. It’s too infuriating.” Long Chen shook his head.

“What, something this good actually happened? Quick, tell me. Let your brother be happy for a bit.” Mo Nian’s eyes brightened.

“The door’s over there. Scram.” Long Chen pointed.

“Ah, don’t be like this. We are fellow brothers in hardship. We should face our troubles together. Come, tell me your story,” pressed Mo Nian.

Long Chen told him about being attacked by experts from the Yin family and his conversation with Zi Yan. Mo Nian couldn’t help shaking his head.

“Is Yin Wushang an idiot? Why would he send those people to test you?”

“My guess is that they’re abandoned members. With such a large family, there are sure to be many fights. This kind of situation isn’t that rare. Those people were probably his competitors’ underlings. He used me to get rid of them,” said Long Chen.

“But then what about Zi Yan? Why would she target you? Hm, could it be that she didn’t take the right medicine today and ended up taking a fancy to you?” Mo Nian exclaimed suddenly.

“The door is over there…”

“Haha, it’s just a joke. My grandfather said that the Immortal Intoxication Building isn’t somewhere that just any sect’s disciples could go to for tempering.

“To study the world’s various aspects there, learning about the lives of thousands of people, to comprehend the innumerable Daos over heaven and earth, it seems whatever sect she’s from is quite a terrifying existence.

“In any case, my grandfather said that Mo Gate can’t provoke them. Unless something happens, I’m not to do anything to them. If that Zi Yan really wants to target you, it’ll be troublesome,” said Mo Nian.

“Tch, there are too many bored people in this world. I’m too lazy to bother with them,” said Long Chen.

“Hey, Long Chen, aren’t you known as having unrivaled pick-up techniques? Why don’t you use some of your abilities to win her over?

“Although we didn’t get to see her face, just from her temperament, it’s clear she’s a peerless beauty.

“Once you seduce her, not only will you have a beauty, but whatever sect she’s from will also be on your side. What a great deal!” Mo Nian’s eyes brightened.

“When did I ever say I have unrivaled pick-up techniques? Who did you hear that from?” Long Chen was somewhat speechless.

“Do you even need to ask? Just look at all those beauties by your side. They’re all so devoted to you, and you know how jealous women are. But you were actually able to get them to get along with each other. If this isn’t because of your amazing pick-up skills, what’s it from?

“Wait, no, this can’t be called skill. This is practically a heaven-defying divine ability. Ah, why couldn’t I have this talent? I can’t even get a single peaceful woman. Fuck, how depressing.” Mo Nian felt incredibly aggrieved.

“How did your fight with her go?” asked Long Chen. He was very curious about how Mo Nian had been beaten so miserably.

“How could it have gone? She chased me for half an incense stick’s time and then attacked. As a result, I lost by one move. However, this time, I lasted a whole hour against her without being beaten, hehe!” said Mo Nian.

“Not bad. Even though you haven’t adapted to your Celestial power, you were still able to hold on this long. Once you get accustomed to it, you’ll be able to completely suppress her,” praised Long Chen. Previously, Mo Nian had told him that when he faced Liu Zongying, he was usually beaten in just a few seconds. The fact that he could hold on this long was very impressive.

“Well, not exactly. The main point was that she was busy tying me to a tree before beating me,” sighed Mo Nian.

“The door is over there…”

“Tch, why can’t you let me make myself sound a bit better? Look at how miserable I look. But let me tell you, my strength really has greatly increased. I intentionally let her win this time. Although I still wouldn’t have been able to defeat her, I would definitely have had some ability to resist this time. However, I didn’t let her sense that. I’ll wait until I’m used to my new strength to make a beautiful reversal, declaring that the king has returned. I, Mo Nian, will forcibly soar to overlook the nine heavens!”

Mo Nian stood up, looking like a very majestic rooster, filled with confidence towards his future. Of course, if it weren’t for his swollen face, the effect would be a bit better.

“Alright, you’ve said what you wanted to say. Stop standing on the table. Being higher won’t actually let your soar anywhere,” said Long Chen helplessly.

Mo Nian jumped off the table and said, “Brother, this time, it really is all thanks to you. My grandpa personally examined my new Dao seeds.

“He said that normally, people can only merge with a single Dao seed. However, I was able to break this rule and merge with two. Furthermore, these two Dao seeds show no signs of rejection. Instead, they seem to want to merge, forming a mutation.

“According to my grandpa’s guess, my manifestation may be an extremely rare advancing Celestial manifestation. He said that in the future, I might not always be a rank one Celestial. I’ll be able to advance ranks!”

Mo Nian’s voice quivered slightly. His grandfather had actually told him to keep that as a secret. It was too important, but not saying it had been too stifling. He ended up telling it all to Long Chen.

Long Chen was startled by this news. Shui Wuhen had told him that Celestials were split into nine ranks, but she hadn’t said anything about them being able to advance. If Mo Nian’s grandfather was right, then wouldn’t Mo Nian be able to advance all the way to the ninth rank, in other words, a true Celestial?

“Hahaha, Long Chen, your brother really is about to rise. Don’t worry, in the future, your brother will look after you.” Mo Nian laughed.

Long Chen looked at Mo Nian’s wretched expression and couldn’t help but shake his head, feeling this promise wasn’t so reliable. It was best to still depend on himself.

The night passed silently. The next morning, Long Chen was surprised to hear that Zheng Wenlong had arrived.

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