Chapter 572 Different Daos

“Mo Nian, it seems you no longer want to keep living!” That figure was Mo Nian’s fiancée, Liu Zongying.

At this moment, Mo Nian had used his masterstroke, pushing Long Chen forward and then fleeing.

“Hey, sister-in-law, don’t hit me! I’m not Mo Nian!” Long Chen hastily cried out. At the same time, he gave Mo Nian a vicious cursing inside.

Just now, hadn’t he called him a brother? In the blink of an eye, he had sold him out. In midair, Long Chen didn’t have any great abilities he could use. Furthermore, that bastard Mo Nian had truly been evil. Long Chen’s posture seemed like he was trying to block Liu Zongying.

“The two of you can both rot in hell!”

Liu Zongying’s palm slammed into Long Chen’s chest, causing his blood and qi to flip inside him.

After pushing him aside, she saw Mo Nian had already disappeared past the end of the street. Liu Zongying let out a furious snort and shot after him.

“Sister-in-law, there’s no need to be this angry! Mo Nian only ordered two women, and all they did was hold hands.” Long Chen kindly ‘exonerated’ Mo Nian.

“Mo Nian! Today, if I don’t skin you completely, I won’t be Liu Zongying!” Her furious cry rang out from the distance.

“Good brother Mo Nian, I can only help you this much.” Long Chen simply looked in that direction.

Mu Xue and the others looked from the distance to Long Chen, their expressions odd. They didn’t know what they should say.

“Leader Mu Xue, you guys should get going. I’ll return to Mo Gate. You can come to find me if you need anything.”

After saying goodbye, Long Chen walked on his own towards Mo Gate.

Right now, he didn’t know where Mo Nian had gone off to enjoy his love. However, Long Chen didn’t have very high hopes for him.

Mo Nian had said that his grandfather had told him that his future growth would be unlimited. The manifestation Mo Nian summoned had those two illusory figures within him. That was not something an ordinary manifestation should have.

But while Mo Nian was filled with confidence towards his future, that was just his future. Currently, he still hadn’t gotten used to his new power, and he was not a match for Liu Zongying yet.

Thinking of Liu Zongying’s swift and decisive temperament, if she caught him, then hehe, the massage she would give him would definitely be very relaxing.

Oh? Long Chen suddenly sensed something odd. A cold smile appeared on his face, and he continued on his original path.

Currently, it was late at night. He was now in a desolate area. According to Mo Nian, this place was a slum. Over ten years ago, a minor epidemic had erupted here, and many people had died. That was why no one had lived here in the past few years.

If they hadn’t been rushing, Mo Nian wouldn’t have brought Long Chen through this desolate area. Long Chen was unfamiliar with this city, and so he could only go back according to their original path.

Suddenly, a cold light shot straight towards Long Chen. Long Chen tilted to the side, and that cold light shot right past him.

But he hadn’t expected the cold light to suddenly explode. A burst of light blinded him.


Over ten black-robed figures rushed out from every direction.

All their weapons attacked Long Chen at the same time. They were incredibly fast and crafty, taking advantage of when Long Chen was blinded to try to kill him immediately.


Those people’s weapons collided together. All their weapons ended up hitting nothing but air. They had actually pierced an afterimage, and they immediately had a bad feeling.

A ray of scarlet Saber Qi slashed towards three of them. They didn’t even have time to react before they were cut in two.

Only now did everyone else react, viciously attacking Long Chen.

Long Chen blocked their attacks with another slash of his saber and fell back, icily looking at these people. “You should be Yin Wushang’s chess pieces, correct? He sent you to test me?”

These people were all masked. They were also all Xiantian experts. Furthermore, they didn’t seem like ordinary Xiantian experts. Long Chen sensed a familiar aura from them.

“Kill him!”

The person in charge shouted, and all of them once more charged at him. This time, they completely released the power of their cultivation bases, and a terrifying pressure shook the void.

Long Chen’s saber slashed out again. The void seemed to cry from his power. Their weapons were all forced back by a single swing of his saber.

“This senseless probing can end here.”

Suddenly, a ball of flames appeared in Long Chen’s left hand. It was only the size of a fist, but as soon as it appeared, a terrifying heat caused all the space within a mile to twist and warp.

“Not good! Run!”

“Sorry, it’s too late.”


The flame sphere exploded amongst them, instantly enveloping everything within several miles.

This was the flame energy from Long Chen’s Earth Flame. Under Long Chen’s continuous nourishing, the Earth Flame had continuously grown stronger. This attack now was practically apocalyptical.

Those people didn’t even have a chance to scream before being burned to ash.

Several miles outside the battlefield, a man was holding a photographic jade and recording everything.

Seeing those terrifying flames, cold sweat covered him. He blessed his luck that he had been ordered here, or he would also have died.

When the flames finally scattered, an area of three thousand meters had been completely burned to nothing. Even the ground had disappeared, leaving a huge crater.

“Something’s wrong!”

That person suddenly let out a startled cry, as he realized that not only had those people disappeared, but even Long Chen was nowhere to be seen.

“What’s wrong? I don’t see anything?” Long Chen appeared behind him, looking at the battlefield.

“Long… Long Chen!”

That person immediately turned pale as paper, and he suddenly took out a dagger that emitted a blue light as he stabbed it towards Long Chen’s chest.

That blue light was actually a kind of Antiaris poison. Choosing to use this weapon at this close distance was definitely his best option. The fact that he could instantly make the most correct judgment at this time meant this person was a true expert.

But as his dagger was about to reach Long Chen’s heart, it stopped.

A large hand was clenching his throat, and a domineering spiritual qi had sealed his body, making it so he didn’t even have the ability to move a finger.

“I really can’t understand why Yin Wushang would send you people to your deaths like this. Even if he wanted to test me out, he should have sent stronger people.

“Or is it that he is looking down on me, thinking I’m the same person he managed to chase down? Did he really think a few random people could probe my strength?” Long Chen icily looked at him.

He really was unable to understand why someone would do something so foolish as to vainly send their own people to their deaths.

Or was it that these people were disobedient or he didn’t like them? Did he want to use Long Chen to get rid of them?

“Long Chen, spare me! I had no choice! I was ordered! I have a family, children…”


Long Chen slightly increased his strength and directly snapped his neck. At the same time, he forcibly dispersed his soul.

His corpse fell from his hand. His eyes were popping out and open in death.

“Have you seen enough?” asked Long Chen, clasping his hands behind his back.

After he said that, a figure slowly walked out from the darkness. She was slender and lithe, a white veil covering her face.

“Why did you have to do this? He already begged for mercy, and his courage was already broken by you. He wouldn’t be your enemy ever again. Why couldn’t you give him a path to live?” This woman was Zi Yan.

“Is that your Humane Dao?” Long Chen didn’t reply, instead asking her a question.

“Every person has a humane heart. However, it is deliberately hidden by themselves. Why don’t you try releasing your humane heart? Only then can you release other people’s humane hearts, creating a cycle of virtue. If that happened, this world would no longer be the way it is,” said Zi Yan somewhat regretfully.


Long Chen suddenly raised his head and laughed, his laughter extremely crazy. “Junior sister Zi Yan, have you heard of a certain story?

“There was once a crown prince who stood at the top of the city walls. He looked down on those countless starving refugees whose crops had failed. They were crazily digging out grass and pulling off tree bark to allay their own hunger. At the same time, many of them died from starvation.

“That crown prince asked the chancellor beside him: why don’t those people eat some meat if they’re so hungry?”

Zi Yan shook her head. “I’m not judging your actions while trying to stand high above you morally. I just-”

Long Chen sneered, “You aren’t judging, but you are tactfully criticizing. As expected, you really are a high-class person. These methods really are different from what a low-class person like myself can think of.

“The heights we stand on are different. Your parents, your family, they’re safe. But I’m different. If I am weak, if I am compassionate, I will bring pain to those close to me.

“You say he’s innocent? Then when he tried to kill me, did he once think about my father, my mother, my family?

“According to you, his courage was broken by me so he temporarily wouldn’t be enemies with me anymore. But can you guarantee that if his master ordered him to kill my family, he definitely wouldn’t go?

“Why don’t you say something? Is it because you can’t guarantee that? Let alone you, even a god is unable to change a person’s nature.

“Since there’s no guarantee, why can’t I kill him? He had a murderous heart towards me, so why must I take the risk to have a humane heart for him?

“Why would I bring pain to the people by my side? Why would I bring pain to myself? Isn’t that just too stupid?” sneered Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you’re too extreme…” said Zi Yan.

“Whether or not I’m extreme is my own affair. Miss Zi Yan, I won’t bother you about how you tried to peer into my secrets previously. This matter ends here. You and I are people in different worlds. I don’t care if you have good intentions towards me. I’d ask you not to meddle in my matters, or we’ll become enemies.”

Long Chen left this final sentence before turning and leaving. The only one left was Zi Yan, standing in the darkness of the night.

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