Chapter 570 Running Into Yin Wushang Again

“Fairy Yu Tong, with all the things that exist in this world, there are innumerable Daos. What is the correct Dao? What are the wrong Daos? What Dao cannot be followed to the peak?” asked Long Chen.

“...” The three women were startled. This question of his was even sharper, and they were unable to reply.

“You don’t have an answer, but neither does any of the people here. Even gods and devils are unable to answer this question.

“Within the legends of the immortal era, gods and devils fought an immense war, and immortals and ghosts fought for dominance. The bones of gods piled into mountains and the blood of immortals flowed like rivers. Why is that?

“The Immortal Dao, the Devil Dao, the Ghost Dao, the God Dao. Which one of them doesn’t consider itself to be the true and correct Dao?

“If their Daos were all correct Daos, then what are these other Daos we have now? Just which Dao is supreme? Where is the supreme expert with their supreme Dao?

“Why is it that the culture of the immortal era has disappeared now, severing our inheritance? I’ll trouble fairy Yu Tong to tell me, what is the Dao? What is the King Dao? What is the Hegemon Dao? What is the Humane Dao?” asked Long Chen.

Long Chen couldn’t help feeling anger inside. His original intention wasn’t to release his anger on her.

But when Yu Tong called his Dao into question, it was a kind of humiliation. That wasn’t something he really cared about, but the pride within his soul had gone berserk.

After merging with the Pill Sovereign memories, as Long Chen’s cultivation base had grown, the will within him influenced him less and less. But today, Yu Tong’s words had made that will furious.

Yu Tong’s face was red, and she almost felt dizzy. There was no way for her to retort to Long Chen’s words because his words were entirely correct. If there really was only one correct Dao within the innumerable Daos, how could there be gods and devils, immortals and ghosts?

As Long Chen said these words, his image was also reflected on the wall of a private room.

The pavilion master looked at Long Chen and sighed, “It’s no wonder he formed a resonance with the ninth divine emissary. Even his viewpoint of the Dao is almost identical to hers.

“Back then, the ninth divine emissary said that the Heavenly Daos were tyrannical and that she would walk her own Dao. Her words were viewed as blasphemy against the heavens, and she was attacked by countless experts.

“However, her Dao-heart was as stable as a boulder, and she was determined to walk her own Dao. She faced the cultivation world head-on, slaughtering out her own path. However, that path was too bloody…”

The veiled woman said, “Yu Tong’s Dao-heart isn’t stable enough. Long Chen’s words caused a flaw to appear in her Dao-heart. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We go out for tempering to experience this world’s countless Daos and increase our comprehension. Daos are not differentiated by strong and weak, high or low. It seems Yu Tong needs more tempering.”

The pavilion master looked at her with praise. “Ah, Zi Yan, your level of comprehension is truly admirable. Within the Illusive Music Immortal Palace, when it comes to comprehension, there probably isn’t anyone else who can compare to you in the junior generation. Perhaps there will come a day when you can lead us back to our splendor in the immortal era.”

“Pavilion master is too courteous. There are countless geniuses within our Illusive Music Immortal Palace. I don’t want to compete with them. I just want to have the freedom to pursue the Music Dao. As for what realm I can reach, that will be up to fate,” sighed Zi Yan.

“Oh, another person came?” Zi Yan suddenly saw another person appear in the scene.

Just as Yu Tong was at a loss on how to reply, an icy voice rang out. “Even someone who is not a Celestial dares spout lies about the Heavenly Daos? Truly an ignorant insect. Long Chen, you really know how to boast shamelessly.”

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. He saw two people appear at the entrance to this floor. Obviously, they had heard his words while they had been coming up.

One was a young man in extravagant robes and a jade belt. He wore a golden crown on his head, and he was outstandingly handsome. The woman beside him was slightly older, but she was a late Xiantian expert.

“How coincidental. I never expected that you, Yin Wushang, would also come here,” said Long Chen lightly.

He really hadn’t expected Yin Wushang to appear here. However, this was Qing Prefecture, the Mo family’s territory. He didn’t believe Yin Wushang dared to cause any trouble here.

Hearing that this was Yin Wushang, everyone’s expressions changed. Evidently, they had heard of him.

The various large powers all had Celestials. However, they didn’t tell the other disciples who they were because they were afraid of giving them a blow to their confidence.

If people learned of Celestials too early, then many of them would lose confidence in cultivating. Celestials were the favorites of the heavens. That was practically cheating.

But the people present were all rather prestigious geniuses. They naturally had the qualifications to learn about some things.

It was precisely because they had heard of him that they were so shocked. They hadn’t imagined that a legendary Celestial would appear at the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion. It had to be known that Celestials were all kept hidden by what power they belonged to, and those powers wouldn’t easily reveal them.

“It’s no coincidence. I came because I heard you were here. Last time, I let you escape. This time I’ll take your little life. I don’t believe you’ll have the luck you had last time.” Yin Wushang walked up to Long Chen, not concealing his goal at all.

The people here felt quite refreshed upon hearing that. They had long since felt Long Chen was displeasing. Now that a Celestial was targeting him, they almost applauded.

“Take my life? Hehe, those who want to take my life only get one chance. Once that chance is over, it’ll never come back again. Last time, in our one against one, you still didn’t have the power to stop me from leaving. Now that I’ve advanced to Meridian Opening as well, do you still feel like you’ll have a chance?” Long Chen shook his head.

Now they were unable to believe their ears. Long Chen had already fought with Yin Wushang, and apparently he had only been at Bone Forging back then. They were really unable to imagine how Long Chen was able to escape Yin Wushang in that situation.

Yin Wushang was a Celestial, someone unrivaled within the same realm. Fighting across realms was incredibly easy for him. These people might have dared to insult Long Chen, but they didn’t dare say a word in Yin Wushang’s presence.

Their insignificant abilities were useless in the face of a Celestial.

“Last time you were just lucky. Otherwise, not even ten lives would have been enough for you,” sneered Yin Wushang.

“You really have lived for nothing. How are you even a Celestial? Luck is also a kind of strength. If you still don’t understand that, it seems you really haven’t grown up at all during this time. According to your own logic, if you hadn’t been lucky and she hadn’t saved you, there would no longer be a Yin Wushang in this world,” said Long Chen.


A person who had been sipping his wine shook, and his wine cup shattered on the ground.

That sound was like the sound of a hammer smashing viciously into their hearts. They couldn’t bring themselves to believe Long Chen’s words.

From his tone, it seemed he had been the one to defeat Yin Wushang. Everyone was filled with shock, and those that had ridiculed him before began to sweat.

As for that person who had challenged Long Chen to a deathmatch, he was paralyzed. If Long Chen had agreed, he would have long since gone to another world.

Although Long Chen’s cultivation base wasn’t apparent, they all knew Yin Wushang was a true expert. Would someone who could speak with someone like Yin Wushang really just brag? Furthermore, if Long Chen was bragging, then Yin Wushang wouldn’t just accompany him in his bragging. 

For a moment, the entire hall was deathly silent. However, Long Chen and Yin Wushang were both glaring at each other. The atmosphere was tense with hostility.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect that you had such glorious battle achievements! Why didn’t you tell me?” Mo Nian stood up and patted Long Chen on the shoulder.

“Is there anything glorious about it? It was just a scuffle. And in the end, I was the one who fled miserably,” said Long Chen.

Yu Tong looked at Long Chen. She realized Long Chen was an open and straightforward person. He said whatever he wanted to say. He didn’t even bother concealing his own disgrace.

That made her feel a trace of admiration for him. She had truly gotten a bit angry when Long Chen had responded to her and put her at a loss for words.

Now she realized that his words were reasonable, which was why she had no retort. For her to get angry because she had lost some face meant there was a problem with her Dao-heart. It seemed she still needed more tempering.

“Hmph, if you hadn’t fled quickly last time, you’d already be dead.” Yin Qing finally opened her mouth.

Long Chen was too lazy to speak to her. He only spoke to Yin Wushang because he had the qualifications to face him. But Yin Qing was no longer on the same level as him.

Long Chen didn’t say anything, but Mo Nian did. “Hey, when you come here, you have to spend your own money to eat. Don’t think that if you stand next to us, we’ll give you our scraps! If you have nothing else, leave and stop holding us back from our meal.”

“Hmph, someone from a second-rate family does not have the qualifications to speak to me… what?” Yin Wushang was suddenly filled with disbelief. “You… you…”

“What, did you think no one else could become a Celestial?” sneered Mo Nian.

“Hahahaha, how unexpected! Even a declined family was able to use their inheritance to give birth to a Celestial. Hehe, however, relying on an inheritance instead of naturally awakening still makes you trash. Even if you’ve become a Celestial, you’ll be the lowest-ranking Celestial. Is that worth being proud of?” Yin Wushang suddenly laughed.

Mo Nian was furious, but he was held back by Long Chen. “When a dog barks at you, will you bother talking reason with the dog? Have you already forgotten what you said about the King Dao and Hegemon Dao? For such people, use your fists, not your mouth! Come, let’s keep drinking.”

Yin Wushang and Yin Qing’s expressions became exceedingly ugly, but this place was the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion, and they didn’t dare attack here. Furthermore, they had their own reasons for coming to Qing Prefecture this time. They could only temporarily endure.

“Everyone is a guest of the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion. Why must you get angry here? How about I play everyone a song to enjoy instead?”

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