Chapter 569 Inhumane People

“Mister Mo Nian, what is the King Dao?”

Long Chen’s heart shook slightly. Yu Tong’s words all contained profound meanings that made it difficult for them to reply.

As for Mu Xue, she sighed with relief. If Yu Tong had asked her this, then she really would have been unable to reply. It would have been too embarrassing.

“The King Dao is the way of the king, a ruler’s path. To use wisdom to control strength that does not truly belong to oneself is the King Dao,” said Mo Nian.

Yu Tong nodded. “Then what is the Hegemon Dao?”

“The Hegemon Dao? That really is hard to explain. The way of the hegemon in itself is a noun. When used in terms of the martial path, it means to be incomparably domineering, for your haughtiness to soar into the clouds, to rather break than to bend. I don’t know whether what I’m saying is correct or not.” Mo Nian was lacking confidence this time, as he didn’t really understand what Yu Tong meant.

“Mister Mo Nian’s reply is very good. In truth, you don’t need to worry. Our cultivation path is different from other people’s. We rely the most on comprehension.

“So we will ask many people these kinds of questions. We will also receive all kinds of answers. These answers are all precious to us.

“I will ask one final question for you. What is the Humane Dao?” Yu Tong smiled.

Hearing her explanation, Mo Nian was much more at ease. “I feel like the Humane Dao refers to those scholars who spend their lives teaching and have no enemies. In truth, people’s hearts tend to be treacherous. Absolute power infatuates people, and they forget what it means to be humane. Trying to use the Humane Dao on a group of evil people is like a rabbit trying to reform a hungry wolf. It’s just nonsense.”

Mo Nian clearly was extremely disdainful towards this Humane Dao. Right now, the world was one where only strength was respected. If you blindly believed in this Humane Dao, you were just courting death.

“Many thanks for your pointers, mister Mo Nian. Your unique knowledge and experience were greatly beneficial to me. I’m extremely grateful.” Yu Tong surprisingly bowed towards Mo Nian.

Mo Nian also hastily bowed. “Miss Yu Tong is too courteous. My little learning is nothing. Long Chen is the truly wise one. He’ll definitely give you an even more marvelous answer.”

Seeing Mo Nian’s evil smile, Long Chen had an urge to beat him. This brat really never gave up any chance to set him up.

Mo Nian’s reply had already been very similar to Long Chen’s viewpoint. Now if Long Chen said something similar, it would be like slapping himself in the face. Mo Nian had intentionally raised him high into the air so that he would fall from the heavens. This brat was too evil.

“Oh? Mister Mo Nian’s opinion is already very similar to my own. Now I really want to hear mister Long Chen’s unique viewpoint.” Yu Tong looked at Long Chen with anticipation.

The other two women also turned to look at him with a hopeful light in their eyes. They were all hoping for a different response than Mo Nian’s now.

“Originally, I thought I concealed myself enough. However, your all-seeing perception has managed to notice my superiority. Then fine, I can answer junior sister Yu Tong’s questions. Furthermore, I guarantee my answers will be different from anyone else’s. However, I have one small, small request. If my answers truly are different from anyone else’s, then junior sister Yu Tong, could you please let us experience a song from you?” smiled Long Chen.

Fuck, this guy’s skin really is thick. Mo Nian cursed inside, but excitement still rose in his heart. He had heard that if one’s answers to their questions satisfied them, they would play a song for that lucky guest.

Being blessed by a song from the Immortal Intoxication Building’s ladies was a great honor. It seemed each time they played a song, it would shake all of Qing Prefecture.

However, Mo Nian also was a bit vexed, because his answers might have satisfied them, but it hadn’t reached the level where they would play a song for him.

“It seems mister Long Chen is very confident. That’s fine. As long as your answers are different from everyone else’s then I can play a song for everyone,” promised Yu Tong.

She smiled, but her smile was full of confidence. Obviously, she had posed these questions to countless people. She had received tens of thousands of answers, and many of them were basically the same thing. She didn’t believe that Long Chen could truly answer her in a completely different way.

If even one of his answers was similar to someone else’s, then it wouldn’t be worth her playing a song.

Countless people looked at Long Chen with ridicule, wanting to see how he would humiliate himself.

“Then mister Long Chen, what is the Dao?”

“This so-called Dao is to take other people’s things without them knowing and without telling them. That is stealing,” said Long Chen.


Now it was Mo Nian’s turn to spit out his wine. Long Chen had actually switched the Dao with stealing. That was absolutely shameless.[1]

The three women turned expressionless. This answer was truly unique.

“That is not the Dao.” Yu Tong shook her head.

“Stealing is also a Dao, so why can’t it be called the Dao?” Long Chen smiled.

That left people speechless. They didn’t know just how they were supposed to argue. Long Chen was clearly misrepresenting right and wrong, yet it was impossible to retort.

“Hmph, swine.”

“A black heart with the learning of a bumpkin. Just a vulgar clown that would amuse the lowest of commoners.”

“Shameless to the peak. Too inferior to even be shown in public.”

Countless taunts rang out. Long Chen looked at those people and smiled coldly. Go ahead, keep acting.

Yu Tong was somewhat speechless. Long Chen was too wicked. She had never run into someone with such a temperament. He was practically a scoundrel. The good impression she had of him immediately faded a great deal.

“Then what is the King Dao?” she continued asking.

Long Chen pointed to those people outside the screens. “To directly smash pompous people.”

Those people’s expressions immediately changed to become fury. Long Chen was provoking them.

“What is the Hegemon Dao?”

“To smash those who aren’t pompous together with them.”

“What is the Humane Dao?”

“To give a warning before you smash them.” Long Chen answered without even thinking about it.

Mo Nian and the others were dumbfounded. How could he reply like this? Long Chen’s head really was capable of the strangest thoughts.

Over half the people on this floor immediately stood up, glowering at Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you are courting death!”

“Mo Nian was correct. This Humane Dao is just nonsense to trick children. Junior sister Yu Tong, just look at their sinister expressions. They’ve finally exposed the darkness in their hearts. That refined and cultured appearance before was just an act. I was right, right?

“That’s why I said high-class isn’t faked. Just look at their eyes; they clearly want to hack me to death. Just from that, it’s obvious they have no humane heart. So they’re all inhumane people,” said Long Chen frankly.

Yu Tong was speechless. Seeing those people furiously glowering over, it was obvious they were on the verge of going berserk. That last insult of his had been truly intolerable, especially for a man.

“Fine, no matter what, mister Long Chen’s answers truly were different from others. I admit defeat. Let me present this song, Gazing at the Mountain in the Clouds. I hope everyone will enjoy.” Yu Tong took out an ivory flute.

This flute was like jade and covered with beautiful lines. Deep within the flute, lines roved around as if it had its own life.

“Damn, even her flute is a Xiantian weapon? Just what is the background of this Immortal Intoxication Pavilion?” Long Chen’s heart shook.

Everyone else was also shocked. Although they were mostly Meridian Opening experts, they all possessed an extraordinary status. They could easily tell this flute was not ordinary.

Those people who had stood up immediately sat down. Being able to hear the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion’s ladies play a song was too rare. It only happened once every few years.

Yu Tong gently raised her flute. In that instant, she seemed to become a completely different person. She was enveloped by a Dao charm. Despite clearly being there, it was as if she had become illusory.

When she blew into the flute, a sweet sound rang out and everyone saw a scene appear before them: a young maiden looking up towards a majestic mountain. Immortal Qi curled around that mountain as it soared into the clouds.

As she played, the scene also revolved, making people feel like they had flown into the scene and were looking up at this mountain.

In front of this towering mountain, they felt themselves to be a miniscule speck of dust. As the music played, they felt as if they were slowly flying closer to the mountain.

Although they were clearly approaching the mountain, they felt as if the mountain was still as far away as ever, so far away that they would never be able to reach it. That was an incredibly mysterious feeling that shook their hearts.

Suddenly, the final note played and the scene before them disappeared. However, everyone’s expressions were still filled with shock.

That towering mountain had not been a true mountain, but a kind of Heavenly Dao. Yu Tong had drawn everyone into an extremely special state that allowed them to comprehend that Heavenly Dao.

Everyone listening seemed intoxicated. Only Long Chen had no reaction. He had no idea why these people seemed so infatuated.

Although he had also seen that scene with the mountain, he hadn’t felt any reverence for that towering mountain.

On the contrary, he had an urge to cut down that mountain with a single slash of his saber. That was an automatic reaction from deep within him.

“Fairy’s divine abilities have benefited us greatly. We are endlessly grateful.” Quite a few people stood up and bowed to express their thanks to Yu Tong.

Fuck off, wasn’t it all my work? Without me, would you have even heard a fart? But you don’t thank me, instead wanting to fight me? You inhumane idiots! Long Chen curled his lips, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.

Yu Tong looked at Long Chen. “Mister Long Chen’s answers truly were different from everyone else’s. However, it seems you have taken advantage of me. Your answers didn’t truly have any substance behind them, correct? Perhaps you owe me an apology!”

“Substance? That is your opinion. However, I do not feel like I was speaking nonsense just now. That is my, Long Chen’s, Dao! Miss fairy, you use music to peer into the heavens, cultivating using sound. This is incredibly profound. But do you think that other than your Music Dao, other Daos are unable to reach the pinnacle, immortal godhood?” asked Long Chen.

His words lacked politeness, causing everyone’s expressions to change. Mo Nian was stunned. Had Long Chen gotten angry?

[1] 道 dao: The Dao. 盗 dao: stealing, plundering. (Both are fourth tone.)

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