Chapter 567 Fake Playboys

Within a remote private room of the Immortal Intoxication Building, a sandalwood incense burner was filling the room with a faint fragrance.

There were two people sitting on a prayer mat. One of them was a beautiful woman who appeared to be in her thirties. The other was wearing a bamboo hat and a white veil that covered her face. However, her lithe figure made it obvious she was a woman. The two of them were looking at each other.

“Pavilion master, why did you call me over?” asked the veiled woman. Her voice was clear and melodious, almost sounding like music.

“Just now, Xiao Lu[1] reported that Long Chen has come to our Immortal Intoxication Building,” said the older woman.

“It’s not odd for him to come here.”

“Yes, it’s not odd. Such a small matter is not worth disturbing you. However, there’s something more important. Xiao Lu said that Long Chen formed a resonance with the ninth generation heavenly music divine emissary.”


“The painting of the ninth divine emissary formed a resonance with him. When I heard that news, I didn’t believe it. But Xiao Lu said she was absolutely sure.

“Those paintings in the corridors are of our Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s top experts from the immortal era.

“Now, the splendor from the immortal era has already been destroyed. The only complete inheritance we have left is those paintings.

“Each of those paintings contains the Dao charm of those almighty seniors, all in hopes that our disciples will be able to use our seniors’ Dao charm to comprehend their own Daos.

“However, those paintings in the corridors are not the original paintings. During the process of copying them, ninety-nine percent of their charm is lost. But Long Chen was still able to form a resonance with the ninth divine emissary. It seems Long Chen’s temperament must have something in common with her,” sighed the pavilion master.

“That really is hard to believe. It’s said that the ninth divine emissary had an odd life. She possessed an innate heaven-defying divine music that was specialized towards the path of slaughter.

“She fought her whole life, slaughtering gods and devils. The corpses that fell at her hands piled up like mountains. Her killing intent was so strong that it could make even the sky bleed blood and all things quiver.

“The ninth generation divine emissary was also the only person from our Illusive Music Immortal Palace who slaughtered supreme experts from the Righteous path. It really is puzzling how Long Chen could form a resonance with her,” said the veiled woman.

The pavilion master nodded. “This Long Chen seems to have a lofty and unyielding character, someone who cares about relationships and emotions. That doesn’t make him seem like a bloodthirsty monster, so it is odd. When you and Yu Tong watched Long Chen fight, did you sense anything in particular?”

The maiden shook her head. “He was extremely powerful, his strength comparable to Celestials. But there is a strange energy within him that isolates him from being spied on. My heavenly music arts were unable to sense his true mental state. Perhaps my cultivation level is just too lacking.”

“Your heavenly music arts have already reached the fifth level. Even ordinary Sea Expansion experts are unable to conceal themselves from your senses. This Long Chen really is odd.”

“Does pavilion master have any plans?” asked the maiden.

“This Long Chen has no relation to us. However, since he could form a resonance with a painting of a divine emissary, that would mean he should have some kind of destiny with our Illusive Music Immortal Palace.

“However, of our 4948 paintings, he only had a resonance with the ninth divine emissary. I don’t dare act blindly. I’ve already had Yu Tong go probe Long Chen. I’ll make a decision after,” said the pavilion master.

“You had Yu Tong go?” The maiden was speechless. It seemed that girl was very interested in Long Chen!

Long Chen was now incredibly hungry. These delicacies piled before him and the fragrance they emitted possessed a fatal attraction.

Just as Long Chen was finally preparing to take action, a burst of fragrance blew over and three practically transcendent, azure-robed beauties appeared in front of Long Chen and the others.

Mo Nian was delighted upon seeing that, but Long Chen was startled and asked, “It seems we haven’t ordered any ladies yet-”

Before he could finish speaking, Mo Nian covered his mouth, seeming to want to choke him to death.

Long Chen, you really are a bastard! Did you really take this place to be a brothel?! You don’t order the women here! Mo Nian was afraid Long Chen would continue offending them, so he refused to release him.

The Muxue Mercenary Unit’s members forgot their hunger and hastily stood up. They had never expected the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion’s ladies would honor them with their presence, and furthermore, three had come at once!

“Are you trying to choke me?!” Long Chen pushed off Mo Nian. That bastard had not only covered his mouth, but also his nose.

These three women were slender and elegant. They were all outstanding beauties, but most importantly, they possessed a kind of elegance that would make others feel ashamed of their inferiority.

Let alone the mercenaries, even Mo Nian felt a bit inferior in the face of these three women.

The three of them were like flawless jade. They were pure and holy. In front of them, no matter how prideful the person, anyone would feel inferior. That kind of formless quality was something no one dared to blaspheme.

“Can we sit here?” asked one of them, gracefully bowing.

“Ah… ye-, yes, of course! Please!” Mo Nian was bewildered, not knowing what to do. Even his voice stuttered.

“Then we’ll trouble you.” That woman smiled slightly. That natural and simple action was extremely pleasing to look at.

The three of them sat in different places. One of them sat beside Mu Xue, causing her to feel overwhelmed.

Another sat beside Mo Nian, while the one who had spoken, the most beautiful of them all, sat beside Long Chen.

Their arrival caused the atmosphere to become a bit unnatural. All the mercenaries were now uncomfortable as they sat, twitching, not knowing what to do. No matter where they placed their arms, they felt odd. They had an urge to quickly leave.

They felt like just sitting with such sacred and grand women was a blasphemy. At the same time, they also felt a profound inferiority.

“Hello. I am Yu Tong,” greeted the woman beside Long Chen courteously.

Long Chen gulped down his saliva, his voice a bit unclear. “Hello, I’m Long Chen. I’m sorry, but I really am hungry. You guys can chat amongst yourselves. And please, go ahead and eat if you want. We won’t make you pay.” Long Chen waved his chopsticks, his meaning that they could pick from whatever food they wanted from the table.

Mo Nian’s face immediately darkened. Long Chen’s actions were too rude, making him feel disgraced. He was afraid they would leave in fury.

It had to be known that these ladies here were not female entertainers who accompanied people as they ate and drank. They only came to people they thought highly of. Long Chen’s attitude made it seem like they were coming for food.

Outside of the screens, countless red eyes were glaring towards them. Those eyes were filled with envy. Their table had become the focal point of the whole room.

Long Chen’s actions caused that woman to laugh. Her laughter was extremely beautiful, causing people to feel very comfortable.

“Mister Long Chen, you really possess an interesting character. Handling things magnanimously without bothering about trifling matters makes a broad-hearted man of character.” Yu Tong smiled.

“Flattery, flattery. If you want to choose a husband, someone like me is really the top choice. Miss Yu Tong, your vision is really amazing.” Long Chen gave Yu Tong a thumbs-up.[2]

Shameless, too shameless. He had actually twisted her words to make himself sound amazing. Mo Nian was speechless.

Yu Tong hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so shameless, and her face turned slightly red, a trace of anger flashing within her eyes. She had never run into someone like this.

“Hmph, such a coarse person was actually able to enter the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion? What an insult to high-class people like us.” Outside the screens, someone finally couldn’t endure it anymore.

“Correct. They’re just a bunch of peasants who are trying to pose as cultured people by coming here. Did they think obtaining a bit of dirty money made them amazing? Maybe they should consider their own status first,” agreed another person.

Although their voices weren’t loud, this hall contained only a few people, and it was extremely quiet. Their words were heard clearly.

The mercenaries’ expressions sank. Those people’s words had touched on one of their nerves. Mercenaries always had a degenerate status. There was no place for them in the cultivation world.

Being ridiculed by these people made them furious. However, they were also embarrassed, unable to say anything back.

Mo Nian’s expression also sank. These people were too much. They hadn’t even given him face. Insulting Long Chen was also insulting him.

He was just about to say something when Long Chen opened his mouth first. His seat was on the edge of the table, and he could see through an opening in the screens to see the two people who had just spoken.

“What is high-class? What is low-class? Does spending your family’s money to come to eat here make you high-class? Does relying on your own strength to obtain money to spend here make you low-class?

“Being envious of others and putting on airs ostentatiously makes you high-class? Us acting open and candid, magnanimously saying what we want, makes us low-class?

“What kind of act do you think you’re putting on? Even if you spray perfume all over yourself, it won’t conceal the stench of scum coming from you.

“The ones trying to pose as cultured people here are you. You fundamentally don’t understand what high-class is. Let me tell you: high-class is not faked; it’s the acting of playboys like yourselves that is faked!” said Long Chen.

Only now did Long Chen understand why these idiots had come here to act like refined scum. It was all to get these ladies’ favor.

The ladies here all possessed a natural high-class Dao charm. That kind of charm was very peculiar, and it made people feel inferior.

They were the truly high-class ones, while this group of idiots had only come to act like playboys. Now they wanted to laugh at others for being vulgar? They definitely hadn’t taken their medicine before leaving the house.

The three women couldn’t help being amused by Long Chen’s cursing, especially his last sentence. Despite knowing they shouldn’t, they couldn’t stop a chuckle from escaping. They hastily covered their mouths, but it was too late.

“Bastard!” One of the two men stood up and pointed at Long Chen. “Brat, I challenge you to a deathmatch!”

[1] Little Green.

[2] When Yu Tong says ‘man of character’, she says 大丈夫. Long Chen takes part of it, the 丈夫, which means husband, so it’s like Yu Tong said he would make a great husband.

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