Chapter 565 Peak Grade Brother and Sister

That voice was slightly familiar. Long Chen hastily turned back to see a woman wearing robes that did nothing to hide the immense mountains and deep valley on her chest.

That woman looked at Long Chen with an extremely moving flirtatious gaze, along with a smile that was not really a smile.

“It’s you?” Long Chen’s jaw dropped.

This woman was precisely the previous master auctioneer from the Phoenix Cry Empire’s Huayun Pavilion, the enchanting Yao Niqian.

After two years, her face hadn’t changed in the slightest. However, her body had become even more well-rounded. Seeing her again after all this time made Long Chen feel a bit nostalgic.

He recalled the auction that had occurred in the Phoenix Cry Empire. The scenes of him competing against Marquis Ying and the others appeared in his mind.

“Ah, so you actually remember me. I really must be fortunate.” Back then, Yao Niqian had tried to pull Long Chen into the Huayun Sect. However, he had ignored her enticements, causing her to feel like she had lost face. Now, seeing each other after two years had passed, she truly was happy.

“Miss Yao is peerlessly enchanting. Other than someone who has gone senile with age, it would be impossible for anyone to forget your appearance in their lifetime,” laughed Long Chen.

His words caused Yao Niqian to laugh too. That laughter caused two mountains to tremble and create immense waves. Just seeing such a thing would make a person dizzy.

She was truly an enchanting seductress. Her charm and allure made him think of another person.

Yue Xiaoqian was also extremely charming and alluring. However, her beauty was something hidden within her bones, and completely different from how Yao Niqian displayed it for all to see.

Yue Xiaoqian’s beauty could shake a person to their core. Even if a person knew it was dangerous, they wouldn’t be able to resist her. It was like a single gaze from her could make a person be willing to kill themselves for her.

“Long Chen, you really are an attractive person. I hear you’re currently extremely amazing, a big figure whose name can shake the seven prefectures,” laughed Yao Niqian.

“No matter how big I get, I can’t get as big as big sister. You are this prefecture’s auction house’s big boss. It really is worth celebrating!” When he said ‘big’, he stealthily glanced at her chest, believing what he said to be the absolute truth.

“Hehe, Long Chen, looks like you’ve also grown up a bit,” laughed Yao Niqian.

His stealthy peek was unable to conceal itself from her. However, Long Chen’s skin was extremely thick, and he laughed mischievously.

“I’m not actually the boss here. Here, let me introduce you, this is the boss, my big brother.” Yao Niqian pointed towards a man in his late twenties standing beside her.

Now Long Chen was really speechless. Was it because this big beauty had blocked his line of sight, or was it that this brother of hers simply had no presence? Even after talking for this long, he hadn’t noticed that someone else had been beside Yao Niqian.

“Hello, Long Chen. I’ve long since been looking forward to meeting you. I am Yao Niming,” said the man.

“Sorry, you said your name was…?” Long Chen thought he had misheard.

“Yao Niming,” the man repeated.

Now that Long Chen had heard it clearly, he had an urge to prostrate himself in admiration towards this brother and sister’s parents. This was truly vicious.

They named the daughter ‘Give Me Your Money’, while they named the son even more directly: ‘Give Me Your Life’. This brother and sister were practically a pair of fiendish stars that would take people’s money and lives.[1]

“Haha, it’s definitely an honor to meet you.” Long Chen could only fake a laugh.

“Let’s go. This large hall isn’t suitable for talking.”

Yao Niming selected a private room for the three of them to sit. Long Chen got straight to the point. “I came here because I have two things I’d like to ask for your assistance with. One is that I need some medicinal ingredients I want you to gather for me. This is very urgent, and whether you have it yourselves or they’re in other people’s hands, as long as there’s a price, help me buy them. The other matter is that I need to see Zheng Wenlong to talk about a few things. These matters are both important, so I’ll entrust them to you two.”

He then handed a sheet toward them. “For now, I’ll be staying at Mo Gate and I won’t be leaving in the short term. If you have any news, I’d ask you to immediately inform me.”

These two matters were extremely important to Long Chen, especially those medicinal ingredients. Those were the things he needed the most, as they were the ones needed for the Life Fate Star.

After handling this matter, Long Chen said goodbye to this brother and sister from the Yao family. Seeing that it was already afternoon, Long Chen hastily returned to Mo Gate.

As expected, Mo Nian had already started to grow impatient. “Brat, where did you run off to? Don’t you know we have something important to do?”

Long Chen disdainfully glared at him. “Is strolling through a brothel really something important?”

“Fuck, you absolutely can’t say such a thing in the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion! They’ll definitely throw you out, and even I can’t protect you. In fact, I’d probably be thrown out with you!” cried Mo Nian hastily.

“What kind of situation is that? They’d even throw you out?” Long Chen was startled.

“That Immortal Intoxication Pavilion isn’t some brothel of prostitutes. It’s a place to listen to music and cultivate your mind. Furthermore, the background of the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion is very frightening. Even I don’t know the specifics. In any case, my old man severely warned me not to cause any trouble at the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion,” said Mo Nian.

“Listen to music? There are no other items on the program? Then isn’t that a bit boring?” asked Long Chen.

“Hehe, the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion is the place to listen to music. But the Immortal Intoxication Building isn’t. There are a lot of pretty girls who will accompany you.” A wretched expression appeared on Mo Nian’s face. That meaning was evident.

“Now you’ve confused me. Aren’t the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion and the Immortal Intoxication Building the same place?”

“The building refers to the whole building, but the pavilion is the top floor of the building. The difference between the two of them is immense.

“The Immortal Intoxication Pavilion has master musicians whose musical skills are incredibly profound. It’s not just music; it has reached the realm of the Music Dao. Aiya, well, you wouldn’t understand even if I said those things. Let’s talk more about the Immortal Intoxication Building.

“There, you can eat and drink as much as you want, and there will be places where you can get some girls to accompany you. However, it’ll cost a bit more.

“Furthermore, if you want a girl to accompany you, it’s not as simple as paying some money. They have to have a favorable opinion of you, or they won’t accompany you to discuss the Dao while you eat.” Just talking about the Immortal Intoxication Building made Mo Nian’s heart itch.

“How curious. Just which party is the guest?” Long Chen was a bit speechless. It was the girls who decided who they went with?

“Hehe, you just don’t understand. This Immortal Intoxication Building isn’t somewhere just anyone can enter. The first requirement is that you have to reach at least the Bone Forging realm.

“Furthermore, you must have extraordinary talent and outstanding combat abilities. It’s best if you have a specialized skill in some area. That way you’ll have something to say when discussing the Dao with those beauties.

“If your strength is too low and you have no eloquence, even if you went, you’d just have to sit by yourself the entire time, because all of them will ignore you.

“Think about it. If you went in with a group and all of them had beauties accompanying them, but you were just foolishly sitting there by yourself, how difficult would that have to be?

“So, anyone who enters the Immortal Intoxication Building has to have at least some status. Otherwise, they’re people who are spending a great deal of money just to watch. Those people spend money just to get in on the fun,” laughed Mo Nian.

Long Chen now realized that his brothers from the Muxue Mercenary Unit were most likely only going to watch the fun. Just that would raise their status.

After all, mercenaries were considered the lowest rung of society. In truth, they all wished to climb to a higher level.

“Hurry up and change into some more elegant clothes.” Mo Nian randomly threw out a pile of clothes for him to choose from. There were all sorts of colors and designs. They were all made of the best kind of materials.

Mo Nian was different from Long Chen in that he paid particular attention to his clothes. Their builds were similar, so in the end, Long Chen chose some traditional black robes.

“Seriously? You’re going to wear black at night? Are you thinking of committing murder?” asked Mo Nian upon seeing the color Long Chen had chosen.

“I like black. Maybe because it doesn’t get dirty so easily, so it’s more comfortable.” Long Chen ignored Mo Nian’s criticism and put it on.

“You know, you really are suited to wearing black. It looks quite tough. The outside matches the inside,” praised Mo Nian.

Wearing the black robes, Long Chen possessed another kind of charisma. Perhaps it was a kind of mysterious sense of danger. The feeling was hard to describe.

“Tch, are you cursing me for having a black heart?”

In any case, this was Long Chen’s first time wearing such fine material. It was extremely comfortable to wear, and it was also very durable. It wouldn’t easily tear even if someone attacked him.

After changing clothes, the two of them left Mo Gate. The higher-ups didn’t even ask where they were going, simply letting them do whatever they wanted.

The Immortal Intoxication Building was located on the west side of the city. Long Chen and Mo Nian saw that the sun had only just started falling to the west. By the time they walked to the Immortal Intoxication Building, the sky would have darkened and it would coincide with dinnertime.

“Long Chen, once we get to the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion, you should match the kind of eloquence I use. You have to act more refined and elegant. Don’t lose face,” warned Mo Nian.

Long Chen looked at Mo Nian with a somewhat suspicious expression. “How come I feel like you’re a bit nervous? This couldn’t be your first time going, right?”

“What nonsense, how could it be my first time?” raged Mo Nian. But seeing Long Chen’s untrusting expression, his confidence faltered and he admitted, “In truth, I’ve gone over ten times, but… it’s my first time entering the Immortal Intoxication Building.”

“Tch, so those times you went you just watched from a distance?” said Long Chen disdainfully.

“We’re both brothers, so stop exposing me. It’s not like you don’t know about that person. I don’t have the confidence.

“But this time is different! Now I’m a Celestial. Although I didn’t awaken innately, with the energy you gave me, I definitely won’t be any weaker than her!

“So now I don’t need to be afraid of her. I’ll go all-out, using my actions to prove that I, Mo Nian, am… rising!” Mo Nian clenched his fists.

“Eating with female entertainers counts as rising? How amazing.” Long Chen raised his thumb in ‘praise’.

“Are you even my brother? Why do you have to keep undermining me? This is just my first step! My next step will be to…”

“Don’t think about your next step for now. It’s not like you can beat your fiancée yet. Aren’t you afraid she’ll come to give you a beating?” asked Long Chen.

Although Mo Nian had absorbed two Heavenly Dao seeds, he was still in the process of merging with them. He would need some time before being able to use the strength of a Celestial.

“What would I be afraid of? The power is within me and can’t run away. Furthermore, she’s not present for the next few days. If I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to live freely, hehe, that would be too wasteful! Haha, we’ve arrived!”

Mo Nian suddenly stopped. At some point, the sky had already darkened, and a brightly lit building appeared in front of them.

[1] Sister: 姚妮芊 Yao Ni Qian. Sounds like 要你钱, literally Want Your Money. 

Brother: 姚尼铭 Yao Ni Ming. Sounds the same as 要你命, literally Want Your Life. This doesn’t exactly mean to take lives, and it’s kind of a hard expression to translate, but in this case, it’s more like that his parents named him to be someone who would take a person’s everything that they ever had in their life. So not just their money, but every single possession they had. Although, their life is also one of their possessions.

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